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Mrs. T. H. tells her connection to Bruno Groening   


9th of September 1949

during the afternoon before the NIGHT of the GREAT HEALINGS happened.in front of thousands of people waiting at Traberhof near Rosenheim,


Bruno Gröning:
My dear seekers of healing! 
When I walked upon this land a few days ago, I came first here on this balcony and saw the terrain in front of me and in fact I already had the same image before my eyes, as I now see it before me. 

I will not speak of my fight. No, it is not a fight; it is a matter of course  that I've got my way to transmit the healing of our Lord God to you all, who had waited for years to be cured. 

Great applause of listening people. - 

In short words: I 've had no quiet hour, and I give this up for my further entire life. I am now just here for you and feel obliged to give my whole life for your health. (...) 

It isn't necessary that one or another reports his suffering to me. I know much, much more than anyone person can only think. If one or another has found the way to me and asked for help for his family, without telling me, who was the sick one, where he lives, what kind of suffering he had, so I was able and am able further, to describe those patients closely about their sick bodies; as I also am able to say what a kind of human child each person is, with all of his  passed life up to this hour. Everything I've told him and I was able to take off the disease from the shoulders also of those people on the remote way by saying: "Go answer the phone or try to connect with this patient as soon as possible". So the patient was healthy;  but for this purpose, one has to pay the utmost confidence to me! 

There are also cases that doctors have come to ask for help for their seriously ill patients and I told them what kind of  diseases they've had and I've told them that they should look at the clock, that from this hour the patient received his health. This was confirmed many times by the doctors. 

I'm not talking to you, to make propaganda for me; no, but, as elsewhere, to help people and to heal people. This assistance, this healing happens only in the name of God. Not I am doing it; I am nothing, the Lord God is everything! 
There are people who believe that if they come to me, then they have to sacrifice days or even weeks and as long to wait here until they are completely healthy. No, that's wrong; that's mistrust. "Who distrust that one remains," I told you, and say it today. And who has faith, that one goes home. And so I wish to you all -  as you stand here - the best health. Detach from disease and receive health. This will be done in the name of God! -

  - Applause of the people listening -

You don't need to have any mistrust, when you just feel nothing at this moment. Mostly it happens immediately. But you have firstly to make yourself free from your sins; free from your wickedness, to take up health. I'll give you to know that health is something big, something good and that it is purely divine and Lord God will not touch on those human bodies that are not yet freed from sins or on those who not thinking to enter the path to God . 

- Thank shouts from the crowd. - 

You are not obliged to thank me for this  - thank all the Lord God!

 - Applause by people listening. - 

I am willing to help all people - to heal all people. Everybody of you has to pay attention and shouldn't say, "Mr. Groening, help me!" Pay attention and observe yourselves; take up the health into your body. Then everything is done. There won't be one, there won't be  ten, there will be hundreds or even all of you who get healed; some earlier, some later. But please pay attention. I have said that you  once have to be selfish in life (that is, when it comes to your healing) and that means to be healthy.


It is nothing new when one has been paralyzed for 10, 20, 30, 40 years, that he can now get up at once walk. 
It's nothing new that people who have never had the eyesight for 30, 40 and 50 years, now suddenly can see again or that people who were hearing impaired or deaf their lives long, yes, even people who had no eardrum, they got back their hearing ability. It's up to yourself! I will remain here for a while and wait until here and there and everywhere will happen something. 

Source: Bruno Gröning Stiftung


Vegetarian Universe No. 10 of October 1953, p. 6 –  
Complete text version created from the original layout 

Once again: Pros and cons Bruno Gröning
by Anny Baroness Ebner von Eschenbach
Bruno Gröning and Baroness Anny Ebner-von-Eschenbach (left)
 As a member of the Circle of Friends to Bruno Gröning and a longtime vegetarian and subscriber of the "V.U." (Vegetarian Universe, journal) I want to help you with this letter, to give a truthful answer to those who are upset about that an article appears in "V. U." about "the nonvegetarian and smoker Bruno Gröning". 
 I just had the opportunity to personally converse with Mr. Bruno Gröning about the answer by your editorial in the August sequence 8 of "V. U.". I read him your little response items, after having assured him that the same is written in a decent, even generous spirit, because he refuses to waste his time and thoughts to negative force, mobbing hostility. A sufficient number of these have indeed emerged in recent years, and I also had one of this kind with me ("Münchner Merkur". 7 July 1953, under the paragraph "diary").  
 After the sentence of your "V. U. "- article:"Bruno Gröning, as important as he is, would be much more significant as a vegetarian and Non-smoker", Bruno Gröning said: "Yes, that's true, but what does my even greater skill help me, if I do not get the possibility of having cleared the way to me for the healing seekers and when I cannot transfer the healing power! I do smoke and drink coffee exactly for the reason that I can retain the current which often comes over me with such power. Previously, I therefore, even used to drink alcohol, but this was completely switched off by me. I also already smoke less, and do not depend on cigarettes.
 Vegetarianism I fully affirm, because I stand against the killing and destruction of life. Through me, many were already converted into vegetarians, yes, even rawfoodists." "Yes," I said, "that's right. Recently, I spoke with a Rosenheim resident, who told me that he rejects all killing of animals since a meeting with you, was converted into rawfoodist and has transformed his entire life style into Nature connectedness. " 
 Mr. Gröning continued speaking: "I barely eat anything at all, because only a few mouthfuls are sufficient to saturate me, exactly like I need no sleep. When I eat, I get tired. I then eat only matching foods, many vegetarians suffer just from the too-much and too-various-food. 
 I can prove that my body does not accept the strong poisons of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine, I'm never sick, I master my body. Not because people want it from their point of view I shut off these deficiencies, but when it is necessary for me, it happens." 
 Mr. Gröning allowed me to make this conversation available for you.       I myself would like to add some observations. Bruno Gröning is constantly on the go and always comes together with people from all kinds of society layers the guest of whom he then usually is. Thus, often he does not want the hosts to face difficulties by requiring from them a certain type of food. In most cases, he eats nothing, is however pleased when being offered nuts, fruit and salads.     
 He consumes much liquid, especially apple juice and mineral water and, as he once told me, this is his diet simultaneously and in addition this is conditioned by the current, the heat of which would burn him otherwise.   I was pleased with your generous response to the letters, because we friends felt some concern that some ignorant individuals would again gossip about Bruno Gröning in an irresponsible, mercenary manner.
Only those can assess and understand Bruno Gröning reasonably, who can rise to the spiritual level of selfless, self-sacrificing, devotional love for suffering humanity, to whom he sacrifices his whole personal life, only to help, to have the human brothers and sisters find their way back to their divine origin and thus also to their health.   Since we (also Mr. Gröning) are opponents of vaccination, then I would like to report also a case which I personally experienced lately and pick out from among other healing cases of our Bruno Gröning community.
 A grandmother asked me for help through Bruno Gröning for her grandchild in Carinthia, who since smallpox vaccination in 1952 had terrible convulsions and high fever and thus, was slowly lingering increasingly ill. No doctor could help. I asked Bruno Gröning for distant healing of the to me unknown child, and he gave me an "addressed" (a blessed or consecrated) object. This we sent to Carinthia. The child touched the object and has since been freed of all ailments. The parents stood in front of a miracle.

 After eight weeks, they sent a written affidavit medicinal report after they had observed the child further and found that it had increased from day to day forces and that of the ailments nothing had occurred., and he gave me an "addressed" (consecrated) object. This we sent to Carinthia. The child touched the object and has since been freed of all ailments. The parents stood in front of a miracle. After eight weeks, they sent a written affidavit medicinal report after they had observed the child further and found that its strength had increased from day to day and that of the ailments nothing had occurred any more. 
 Bruno Gröning never demands anything for aiding assistance, and the parents had already spent a fortune in medical expenses for the child. You see from this brief report that the "sacred" lines of the "V.U." even become more "sacred", if you make these lines, available in favour of such a great person and skilled individual, like Bruno Gröning and finally publish the "essentials" about Bruno Gröning.  
 With warmest regards, 

Anny Ebner von Eschenbach

by Hella Emrich, 1976

An amazing experience-report:
Peter Klingelhöfer, Kochel, 1960

Lecture of 3rd of October 1958 
(13 pages)

This complete tape is known under the name: "The Ant", Karlsruhe, 5th October 1957 (57 pages)

This complete tape is known also under the name” The Evangelist”, Pirmasens 1957(15 pages)




GRÖNING IN GRAZ 5 -  A series of articles by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal" [Man and Destiny] Part 5, 1954

GRÖNING IN GRAZ 6 -  A series of articles by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal" [Man and Destiny] Part 5, 1954
Baroness Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach


Declaration about the past life of Bruno Gröning


From the book "Powers of Spirit"
For this reason and with friendly permission of Alfred Hosp we publish here a 9-page reading rehearsal from the book "Powers of the Spirit":


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