Healing and Meditation Sessions - through the teaching of Bruno Gröning
Healing and Experience Reports:
After Bruno Gröning's death in January 1959 the most of his friends, followers and worshippers thought: It is over now! He died, he is gone and thats sorrowful but not changeable. But then it was revealed that the healings and also help in all life states continued...up till today. Thousands and after thousands of people got help and healing through his teachings after Bruno Grönings death. So his words came true:
" All people must die - so do I - one will put my body into earth, but I don't will be dead! And who is calling me then, I will come and help and heal -  if it is the will of God! And everybody will receive help and healing through his own."
                                                                                                   Bruno Gröning
Following healing and experience-reports are printed here in kindly accordance to the originator to share them with other help-seekers.


M-F. V. 
Help and healing after intestinal obstruction and peritonitis : January 22, 2014, Montreal Canada 

For a long time I was told that my intestine was too long and I had to watch closely my diet, not to be constipated to avoid cramps. Usually these cramps manifested themselves when I was very stressed with either worries or unspoken disagreements. Keeping disagreements within, I knew, was my weakness.

In October 2013 I went to Spain for a spiritual gathering with Bruno Groening. While in Spain, I developed unbearable pain after severe constipation, comparable to contractions before delivery! I did not pay too much attention to the pain, thinking it was the onset of a strong “Regelungen” (regulation process). I waited in that state five days praying to God and asking Bruno, the group also prayed for me and I hung on without abandoning. On the plane, I could hardly breathe and I thought I was going to  have a heart attack . All along I prayed Bruno, Gisèle prayed too and Bruno was with us. Upon arrival in Montreal I got admitted to Emergency and I was operated the same day.
 I am a rebel and I have been very cautious towards traditional medicine for many years.  At the emergency room I let go my apprehensions and felt safe. I decided to put my trust in the entire hospital staff, I was no longer afraid. As if to comfort me in my decision, I felt the strong presence of Bruno and saw him standing by my stretcher, dressed in a plaid brown jacket.
Just before surgery, my friend Christina quickly slipped a photo of Bruno in my socks. Thanks Christina!   Under anesthesia, during the entire operation, I saw a magnificent spectacle. I saw a 180 ° panorama of golden colored sky, with golden earth, full of golden flowers. It was breathtaking! I was in a state of divine grace, serenity and ecstasy. A feeling of total happiness pervaded me, I felt like a child discovering a new toy. Infinite beauty appeared before my eyes!

My healing after the operation was not straight forward as I expected. After surgery, my healing was delayed considerably due to complications in clearing out internal infection in my abdomen. As the complications compounded, I was beginning to doubt profoundly my convictions. Did Bruno abandon me after all this? What was the purpose of all this? At one point, I was so discouraged, that I was ready to abandon everything with spirituality. But then again, I reasoned to myself, what did I have to lose? After much reflection, I concluded this was a test.  So, I continued to pray, meditate, listen to inspiring music and always held the picture of Bruno in my hand. I felt supported by so many communities, friends and family here and abroad and I held on! I held on to Bruno, as if he was my ramp, while I fell in a steep bottomless vacuum. And the collateral help continued to grow. Despite my difficulties, I came across wonderful people: the nurses, the attendants, technicians performing CT scans and ultrasound, the doctors, and patients in my room. This is when I realised that I was still being helped by Bruno.       

 Again, I thought I would heal faster than everyone. Alas it was not to be! After the operation, I could not breathe too well. An abscess was discovered under the diaphragm and they had to insert a drain. To ease the breathing, they had to remove 1.5 liters of water from around my left lung. The drain was removed and I was discharged. The oral antibiotic was not working and the abscess grew back.  10 days after I was hospitalized again to place a second drain! The universe was testing me! Over the Christmas holidays I was discharged with a drain, a half healed surgical wound and a pick line to administer a super strong antibiotics three times a day! This had to happen to me! I, who never believed in drugs! Finally the healing came on January 22 2014.   


 My husband has completely changed. All his life he has been a workaholic. He now is very much in the moment, participating actively cooking, cleaning, very caring and he is more present in his relationship with me. Since we sold our property in France, my relationship with my sister was quite strained and we never spoke spontaneously on the phone in the last ten years. She called me on her own at the hospital and the relationship has now been healed.  I believe she was afraid to loose me. A close friend, who never spoke to me in the last five years after her husband's passing away, is back to mend our friendship. A guide and a good friend, who initiated us to the Teaching of Bruno, came back to see me at the hospital. Our relationship was strained due to a difference of opinions.   


 I had my doubts before, but this is certainly a “Regelungen”. Over the last 10 years I had problems with constipation due to a mechanical problem in my large intestine. Almost half of its length was not attached to the abdominal walls.  I did not know this. Through the surgical intervention the mechanical problem has been solved once for all. Bruno held my hand and brought me to the surgical solution, which I would have otherwise resisted, I am certain!   I am now aware that one must consult a doctor when in doubt. Bruno's unconditional help is always there for support. I now take care of my emotions and I do not hold them within.  I express them when it's time while maintaining my positive spirit.  


 Throughout this experience, I realise, I was surrounded by love and prayers of my family, my close friends and kind souls from different groups of meditation in Canada and abroad. I was carried by each one of you, through your prayers and love to pass this test.   Thank you Bruno to have taken care of me, guiding me to the operation and bringing me back to life. I have learnt to let go my control! I have confidence in this life, my guides, Bruno and God! 


Just got this Email from friends (names does not matter)

Good afternoon, Petra,

So grateful to you for having this web page . From this  web page my   husband  got his healing , also "Dove" the bird which was born not able   to walk after listening to Bruno's  voice  from your web page , while  sitting in Einstellen for her with her in my lap, she was healed and   started walking . 

She was healed in  one day, she started walking  first time the next day.. 2 years did passed from my husband healing   and 1 year from the day the Dove was healed. So you understand how   both my husband and I, we  are very grateful that you are there and doing this.


Experience Report

  A moment in time on the way to healing, 
 from Steve , USA 

 From the first day of being introduced to Bruno Gröning at my introduction of September 9 2012 I have slept with the book  "I Give You a Little Wisdom of Life" , volume 3 , and have found my dreams to be very specific. They have been very clear and vivid about my life and the demons that haunt me. Some of the emotions have centered around fear, fear of the medical word and there systems when dealing with insurance and proper payments etc.. Authority vs the people. Bruno had been in my life for months before this via YouTube . I have been doing Einstellen every day , twice a day and also listening to the introduction CD that I was given. 

Whenever a thought comes to me of pain or stiffness or discomfort and limitation I have a chat with Bruno about taking the burden from me that I have carried for so long. Sometimes I feel a sense of an answer coming back to me , a feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of warmth of being lifted. A week after my introduction I went to my second community meeting and was given the 2012 special edition of the success reports. Since that time I read and read. Today I finished reading all the reports and realized something. Many things. Most important among the new awareness was a deeper tangible sense of goodness and evil. In spending my life so far in service and being aware to the phrase in the bible , " get thee behind me  Satan " a new experience and more powerful way was being reviled to me in choosing good vs evil. 

 What is evil ? How subtle is evil ? Is evil more invasive then I thought ?  THANK YOU BRUNO GROENING FOR THIS. 

 In reading the reports or listening to the CD I knew that Heilstrom was being given but until I finished the report on the car accident in Italy that hurt a golden retriever at his ankle joint I did not realize how much I was receiving. I cried upon feeling the beauty.                The feeling of God watching and His desire to heal us from our burdens.   

 One of the things I realized was that I had just read story after story about the difficult conditions that many people live with. Comparing them to mine at times, looking for an answer at times, handing it to Bruno  as I went along. I was aware at times they did feel uncomfortable but what I was aware of more then that was a feeling of heart and love for the human condition. 

The uncomfortable turned into grace and the awareness of the Heilstrom and a sense of wholeness I felt from each story.  All people became one , the outward appearance was just that what we see and perceive  from our perspective. Goodness and evil effect all equally. The choice is ours and the  free will is our tool to build or destroy. Bruno's acceptance of all people and all states of health was something as a trained energetic healer that I so appreciated . Only Jesus the unconditional love and acceptance of all health conditions that  I saw at the hands of Bruno Groening. There are others that have walked among man but Jesus is the man I have studied , so know of him more.  Thank you all the other masters that have brought god and healing. 

 I can not turn my wrists out, a condition I have had for as long as I can remember. Something that you need to do during Einstellen. It hurts when I try. My Chriopractor says that the muscles in my arm are tight stoping this range of motion. Others have said to me that I am guarding myself. What is my body telling me ? I do not know when my wrists will open up I just know I am aware of something in my body that is calling me to open , something that is held tightly. I cried when reading of the golden retriever and felt a deep sadness for the next few hours I was aware of a deep feeling of feeling unsafe. I do not no where it comes from exactly , I have my story but the story does not matter. The feeling got worse and all I felt was lost in it, all I did was look into Bruno's eyes and breathed. 

 During this time I started to do Einstellen again and was thinking of Emotional Regelungen or as I call it now ER. Then laughed at the title of the TV show. That I have felt tingles and pain in my body and I am aware of the evil that was in my body as well as the present limitations but also aware of some ability for new movements although stiff and not full of the ease I once had , new movement. The ER has come and gone a few times lasting a few hours at the most and then passing with a new feeing. Good and evil I have discovered are not just concepts but subtle feelings in the body. Listen and feel them , know the sensation of them , be able to hand over the evil to bruno and embrace the goodness , this is what I tell myself. A sense of tightness or a grace of fullness, a yuck or a joy , a gift or a burden.              

 " My body can not heal till I put evil into proper perspective and become the goodness."               

Quote by me.   I wonder if I will ever have a Physical Regelungen PR in the future but in the moment it does not matter. I feel the Heilstrom like a sponge that is soaking up energy. Sometimes I had to stop reading as I felt I could not take in anymore and sometimes I felt thirsty and could not get enough. It is enough to know that ER is working in me. I in and of myself with all my wisdom of 58 years know nothing and thank Bruno for his goodness and love. 

Steve, U S A



Healing Report of Andreas R., Germany

Adreas R., my 49 year old brother in law, suffered from a stroke in September 2012. One morning, his supervisor found him (who for his (entire) life (time) is being thalidomide-disabled, in that his arms are very short, the legs normally developed) in a completely desolate state with disorientation and lying on the floor. She immediately called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital in the same place. Because of his disability, however, there was not much they could do for him there, and a short time later, he was flown by helicopter to a specialist clinic in Lippstadt. The way it looked, he could not speak, not move, and the doctors said that we would probably not see him again the way as we knew him. A three by three centimeters wide area in the brain was considered to being affected by a blood clot and one would have to expect the worst. We friends in our meditation group started off a (phone)call action, and all of us adjusted us firmly in favor of him, prayed very intensely to God for Andreas and asked Bruno Gröning for mediation during the night.

We visited Andreas in Lippstadt 5 days later. He was able to walk again without obstruction, yes even run. And he could speak again, even if he was searching one word or the other, when it did not occur to him right away.
This however, has likewise disappeared completely after a few weeks. He is fully recovered. The physicians are mystified. He told us that on the night after the attack, as we all prayed for him, the feeling in the limbs came back and everything in his head returned to normal. This is inexplicable from a medical point of view. Today, he functions again completely normal in all his movements, and in speech and comprehension during communication.

Andreas himself did not know anything about Bruno Gröning or his teaching and is not very interested in spiritual things, but he is very helpful with others. For that, we thank God from the core of our hearts and Bruno Gröning for help. THANK YOU!

Petra (the Admin.)


Healing with the photo of Bruno Gröning

Chi Chen Y., Taiwan 

(wrote per E-Mail following report:)

1. Healing of my son's ear

My six-year-old son Eric suffered from the swelling of Preauricular fistula of his right ear about at late March. 

First, I took him to see a doctor. The doctor gave the medicine "Antibiotic" to my son and said if he didn't recover, he needed small surgery. He took the medicine about two weeks and then I stop him from taking the medicine because the swelling area was just became smaller and didn't vanish. From the beginning of his suffering, I put the small pictures of Bruno on his ill part and in his pillow. 

Petra, her friends and I do the pray for my son(passing the energy to him). Tell all of you the truth, I sometime felt uneasy in this period of time. But I saw the photo of Bruno and asked myself to come back to be positive again. The swelling part was becoming bigger in this area. At the one night of middle April, my son was jumping on the bed. Suddenly, much Pus came out from his ill area. There were several times for Pus to come out in the following days. 

At 5/3, I took him to see a doctor. He said my son's ear was healthy. 

Dear friends, the energy of photo is real. The meditation is also important. When you are feel helpless for some trouble and you really need help but there is nobody near you, you can watch the photo and ask Bruno for help. I write this report because I really got help by this way. And I don't give you any advice for any trouble because It depends on you(your will). But when you spend some time understanding the method of absorbing the divine energy, you can open your heart and try to do it. The photo will make the meditation more strong and stable. Thank Bruno. Thank God."

2. Healing from lung problems of my father in law:

My father in law got the lung problem at about March and was sent to hospital. He lived there about four days.

I gave the photo (of Bruno Gröning)  to him and had told something about Bruno to him about two weeks ago. I told him to put it in the pillow or took it with him. 

Last Saturday, he suffered from fever and lung problems and was sent to hospital again. At first, doctor let him X-ray the lung. After the photo of X-ray came out, the doctor said my father in law was not worse. After two hours, he took some medicine and went home. Last Sunday, he totally recovered. I asked him if he used the photo always. He said "yes". 

It is really magical for this case. So I tell him to go on using it. Share it with you and Thank Bruno, Thank God.

3. Healing from Asthma attacks of my daughter

My 3 year old daughter often catch a cold last year. I and My wife had to take good care of her when she got a cold because Asthma attack would happen in the following of cold. When it really occurred, we just could take her to the doctor and doctor would give her Steroid. When I knew that the picture had energy, I always put it near the chest or back when she fell asleep. It is so magical that from then on, she almost gets no cold. Even sometimes she coughs and seems to get a cold. Then I will put the photo on her. Next day, no cough happens. So it is not just a psychological effect. It is real in my family. 

When you really want to try the photo, just keep somethings in mind. (1) open your heart (2) ask Bruno for help (3) Let Bruno to do the work (4) be patient.  Good Luck and Love
Healing from “grief after son’s death” and
“broken tendons on both shoulders”
Nouria S.
N.S.W.   63 years old                   July 2010
In August 2004 my son lost his life instantly in a car accident  and I was unable to accept this loss, I was consumed by grief and it did not get better with time, at times I thought it will be better if I was dead also and became prone to depressive moods and once I even contemplated suicide. My faith in God which I have always had didn’t help me in this instance, and nothing I did or experienced over the following 5 years could ever erase my deep suffering. 
The same year of my son’s death I had a fall and broke the tendons in my right shoulder, in 2007 I broke the tendons in my left shoulder also This left me with restricted movement and pain after any kind of lifting or raising the arms. 
In 2009, I was persuaded by a friend and went to an introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groening. I sat at the front row with my friend and as soon as I fixed my eyes on the picture of Bruno Groening I felt a strange feeling of warmth, this feeling intensified with time, I then became convinced that something was happening in my body and I asked Bruno Groening to release me from the grief over my son’s death, afterwards I started to sweat intensely until I was completely wet from top to bottom. 
That night, I kissed my son’s photo as usual before going to bed, and for the first time in 5 years I didn’t feel deep heartache when looking at his dear face, I felt happy and free from the burden and I couldn’t comprehend it. Since then, I have been able to experience joy in life. 
 In October 2009, I felt deep pain on my left shoulder while doing “einstellen” (absorbing the healing stream) in another session and since then I regained movement on that shoulder and the pain vanished, and in December of the same year my right shoulder became healed also.  I had never asked for the physical healings and yet those were granted to me as well.  I thank God for these blessings and for His son Bruno Groening who mediated for me, he; Bruno has became my life-saver and my friend forever, THANK YOU DEAR GOD!

Healing from Heroin-Addiction, Hepatitis A, B,C
I started to smoke Hashish and Marijuana at the age of 15. Later I experimented with everything else theat was available /pills and trips) and, after about a year, I started to inject heroin. Soon all my time was devoted to acquiring the drugs. In 1976 I was in hospital for three month  with jaundice (Serum-hepatitis B) and very often had pressure in my right upper stomach and was continally tired. As soon as I was discharged I began injecting myself again. By 1977 I only weighed 48 kg and made up my mind to stop. Twice I underwent long term therapy, but each time I broke away before the treatment was completed and by 1979 I had relapsed again. In 1983 I switched to Hashish and Captagon, a strong stimulant, taking Heroin only when I had plenty of money. I could not stand life without any drugs and had depressions. Life seemed hopeless and without joy, always without money...
I joined Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in October 1985. Two month later I experienced the healing energy very intensely during hearing to a tape with Bruno Grönings original voice. Next day started an intensive general cleansing with vomiting, diarrhoea, aching limbs, pressure in the area of my liver, tiredness and depressions.
3 days later I was better and full of the joy of life. I never injected Heroin again, never took Captagon or other tablets since then. All afflictions and discomforts have disappeared. 1987 it was established that my liver values were completely in order. I have never touched drugs again. I completed a vocational training in the profession of Management Assistant in Office Communication and worked regularly until 2008 in a public office in Germany.
A great THANKYOU to Bruno Gröning but also to my beloved teacher Mrs. Grete Häusler, who cared for me during a time of doubts and who never lost hope to get through with her strong faith. May this Lady be honoured by me in this way .
Healing from Back Pains
In 1991 I came in contact with the teaching of Bruno Gröning in Hamburg, Germany. I went to an Introduction Session and one explained me the techniques how to absorb the Divine Energy, which Bruno Gröning called “Healing Stream”.
During that time I was in an apprenticeship of a Naturopath and I was also interested in other spiritual methods of healing.
At the beginning when the session starts I asked myself if this is really something for me because I found it too simple; and I didn’t feel anything. But the atmosphere was very peaceful and relaxing and so I stayed until the introduction was finished. One hour later the real Healing Session started and the room was filled up with ca. 50 people. I placed myself into the last line in the back.
The Session started with a nice classical music, but unfortunately this music didn’t belong to my favorite, because I was a fan of Rock Music. In that time I also suffered from strong back-pains. When I listened to the music, I started to feel a certain stream like an electrical current flowing through my body. It was very relaxing and refreshing but at the same time almost doping me like in a rush.
Suddenly I noticed a very strong stabbing in my back. It was a feeling like somebody screws me a sharp metal item into my spine next to the place where ever I felt the back pains before. This was so painful and strong that I jumped on my chair every time.
Simultaniously a lot of energy flushed in showers through my body – this was really a phenomenal experience and I was very amazed!!
The Session was finished after 2 hours with continuously stabbing and streaming of divine power. I was so occupied with myself that I didn’t notice what was spoken in the front.
When I left the room all pains were gone, and I felt refreshed and verymoved.
From that day on I “tuned in” to the divine stream every day twice at home and sometimes I felt the same pain in my back during meditating.
Almost 8 weeks later the back pains had vanished completely and many small other problems at my body as well. But the most important thing was that I had the feeling of coming home and a wonderful feeling of love, protection and divine guidance which I never experienced before in such intensivity. The back pains never came back until today.
I thank Bruno Gröning in the bottom of my heart that he healed me and that he connected me again with the divine source and is further helping me in all my concerns.

Peter R.
Healing from chronic insomnia
E. R., Warilla, NSW, AUSTRALIA
For thirtyfive years I suffered from chronic insomnia. It all started in my mid-twenties and a doctor started prescribing sleeping tablets. Soon I was taking double doses of pills as my metabolism became accustomed to the drugs. After two years of feeling groggy in the morning, I decided to step down from medication, but it was too late, I was addicted and couldn't sleep without it.
I, then tried, Hypnotherapy, and that worked for the first night only, after realising that I couldn't afford to be hypnotised every two days, I went to another doctor and asked his help. He then described sedatives, milder then the sleeping pills, but I had to take twice the dose to sleep at least six hours. Soon I gave up trying to clean up and resigned myself to be on medication forever. Of course, the quality of sleep on drugs it's not the same as a natural way of switching off at night.
Twenty-five years later due to drug abuse, the medical profession was forbidden to prescribe addictive drugs unless absolutely necessary. Then my nightmare started, as I was refused help from doctors, and I had to lie shamesly about dying relatives to inspire pity and get 20 pills of mild sedatives, but as patients went into a central computer I was then labelled and addict and firmly refused medication.
I started on natural alternatives and it was quite useless, so for another ten years I was functioning on three or four hours sleep, and my health deteriorated rapidly. I became prone to infection, colds and allergies and my energy levels were on the ground.
I went to a session of Healing with Bruno Gröning and that same night I slept seven peaceful hours, as I continued with the sessions at home and in a group, the quality of rest at night improved daily. That was only five month ago. I now sleep normally and I hae energy and joy of life. Gone are the headaches and mental confusion.
I thank God for putting in my path Bruno Gröning and his teachings.
Ely R.
Healing from pains in Broken Leg
At Easter 2007 I fell off a ladder, actually the ladder collapsed while I was at the top, the result being I broke my right leg in 2 places. The tibia required 2 pins and the fibula required a plate and 4 pins inserted.
After several month of physio, acupuncture and remedial massage I was still experiencing a lot of pain, swelling, restricted movement and discomfort (a lot of heat in the ankle) in bed. I actually had to sleep with my leg hanging over the side of the bed without bed clothing over it. I walked with a limp and found my whole body becoming unbalanced due to the restricted movement. I only had about 40 % to 45 % ankle movement.
When I went back to the surgeon he explained that I should get about 80 % to 90 % movement back in time and there will always be little discomfort, restricted movement and swelling due to the amount of metal inserted. A way to overcome this is could be to have the pins and plate removed, but there would be no guarantee and although the bones have knitted successfully they could re-brake!
So away I went a little disconcerted and continued doing the physio exercises at home and having remedial massages once a month. This continued for the next 2 years with very little improvement, not so much pain, and movement in the ankle to maybe 60 % on a good day and less swelling and heat at night.
Then I went to a Bruno Gröning Spiritual Healing and Meditation Session at Oak Flats on the 19/04/09. During this session, although i felt very relaxed, carefree and invigorated, I can`t say that the improvement in my leg was immediate, but I did feel a different kind of heat in the ankle, as if a small electric current was running through it. At the third or fourth session I started to get small muscle spasms and tingling heat, like the heat from dry ice, down my right thigh, leg, ankle and foot. When meditating at home this continued and still does on occasions.
Now 5 months later the pain has diminished to a slight discomfort, the swelling is almost non-existent, the movement in the ankle is up to about 95 % and the heat at night has all but gone. My body balance is almost back to normal and I can do almost all normal things that I was not able to do 5 month ago e.g.: Jog on the beach, bend down or squat down to do gardening or clean the car.
Pretty basic stuff I know, but when you have been unable to do them for a while it feels very good. Because of this improvement my general health has also improved and I don`t get as tired or fatigued as before.
Therefore, as I continue to receive the divine power from God through the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I feel that my health can only get better. I bless the day my wife saw the ad in the local paper and we went to Oak Flats and met Peter and Petra who introduced us to this simple but effective teaching.
Terry R.
An Unexpected Healing from Tooth-pain
Recently I had a healing that was rather a surprise to me...
I developed a toothache during a weekend when no dentists were open. I don't like to take painkillers if I can avoid it - and so I keep and take a small amount ofpropolis (a natural tree-resin gum) - which gives some relief if retained in the mouth; however the relief is rather slow and variable.
I was feeling 'twingy' and very fed-up on the Monday morning after about 30 hours of intermittent pain. When I got up and tried to sit for meditation, I found that I could not concentrate due to the tooth pain, and returned to lie down in bed after only ten minutes.
Lying on my back in bed, I realised that even if I could do nothing else, here I was able to open my hands and tune-in to the healing energy as I have been shown.
For some reason, I felt comfortable and relaxed doing this, and was able to concentrate
and to ask for the healing energy to enter me. My awareness drifted away rather quickly, and I was apparently asleep for a couple of minutes.
When I returned, after a very short time, I slowly became aware that there was now no
pain in the mouth, and that I felt rather well.
After this pleasant surprise, I rested for a while, hardly daring to believe in my good fortune. After I arose, I touched my face around the area that had been painful and found only a slight numbness there; a feeling like a mild version of the dentist’s anaesthetic.
I was able to eat a normal breakfast of toast and honey with a cup of tea, that morning, and later to eat lunch after 1pm - all without any pain.
I feel most privileged and grateful for this rapid miracle healing, which occurred almost immediately when I opened my hands to receive the healing energy, and asked Bruno Groening to intercede for my help and healing.
Jack.D, Chester, UK
DISTURBANCE DURING SLEEP                                                                 
For the last five years or more, I have been woken from my sleep on many nights, aware that something was happening to me. However, I wouldn’t know exactly what caused me to be suddenly awake. I would wonder about it, and usually move to change my position slightly.
On starting to move, my internal body energies would seem to “boil” - especially in the legs and lower torso. It was as if some large energy field was leaving me in a hurry…
I began to suspect vampiric activity, or some form of energy intrusion from a discarnate, when this happened night after night, after night. I got frightened - at times rather much so - and wondered what was really happening to me. I prayed sincerely to God, to Jesus, to other teachers and - since my Introduction in March 06, - to Bruno Groening. My friend, - sleeping in a different room in the same house, was unaffected and remained completely unaware of my nightly struggles.
I sought advice and help from experts in several different countries, at different times, and had some help to reduce these intrusions. Invariably they re-started after a time. The lady who gave me the best and clearest information was also able to strengthen my own boundaries, (aura) which succeeded in keeping “him” out for some months. I heard from her the story about the soul of a man who had passed away in an agitated mental state and who still frequented the building, (a block of four small houses joined together). I learned the history of this man, his disposition, his fixed ideas, and the circumstances of his death (a suicide).
I had the house ‘cleared’ twice by different professionals, and special prayers and other measures were used. However, he remained present, moving around within the dwellings, and was able to enter my sleeping body at will, which would wake me up, sooner or later, with the familiar sensations. I would also pick up his anxieties and thought patterns - which added to the unpleasantness of these episodes. Eventually, my terror changed to indignation, and I would chase him out, threatening all sorts of dire consequences to make sure he went. However, I was powerless to prevent the nightly intrusions, and I worried about it, wondering what on earth he was doing getting inside me?
In the Autumn of 2007, I was running out of countermeasures, and went to order a ‘black light’ bulb to keep on all night, as I had heard that ghosts avoid this special light frequency. That night, before retiring, I remembered some CD’s of Bruno Groening speaking, which I had converted to mp3’s, loaded into my mp3 player – but had, as yet, never played. I took the player to bed with me, and - whilst tuning into the healing energy - for an hour or more listened with interest to the voice of Bruno. It was like being in the same room as him. I must have fallen asleep at some point, for I later woke up. The voice tape I’d been listening to was finished or the batteries had emptied by now; instead I heard a voice speaking in English.
Drowsy, I caught only the last four words “...has been taken away”.
Bruno, of course, speaks only in German.
I lay there for a while, wondering if I had imagined it, and whether anything had been taken away…but soon went back off to sleep again, when I was sure that I was not being “attacked”.
The intrusions ceased from that night onwards, and have not recurred. I sense that the dwelling is now free from this disturbed being, and I believe that I received help from Bruno and his assistants, because I prayed to him, asking for relief.  I am very grateful for my now undisturbed sleep and my peaceful nights. I’m sure that this other soul is - or will eventually be - very glad that he was helped, too.                  
  Jack D. Chester. UK.

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