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August 9, , 2018

Bruno Gröning - a great healer from 1906 - 1959


"Trust and have faith -
 it helps, it heals the DIVINE POWER"

Bruno Gröning


“Weren't it the people who let His work waste, that He has created for us and let it rotten? Of course! They haven’t considered it any longer. Nature isn’t important for them any longer; the unnatural, the worldly (material), this is all they are concerned about.” (5/10/1957)

“Plants and animals incorporate the natural, the Divine powers in them, as far as they have not been removed from nature by human beings.” (handwritten)

“And one who believes it possible to escape from nature, that our Lord has created for us so beautifully, shall go wherever he or she wants to go. It was believed that one could differentiate the one from the other by turning his or her back on nature and by climbing the steps of culture. This is not true, there is the error, this is what people are missing: Nature.”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bruno Groening, born on May 30th (or 31st?) 1906

Bruno Groening's mission was a call for a great TURNAROUND.
He said:

"My activities only serve the fact to lead all people on this earth back to the right path, to the divine path, that is the great Turnaround. I am healing  to know all people well again." (Handwritten)

"One thing I know for you is that there is much good deposit for you. (...) But you have to go back the wrong way to receive the good again, and the farther you have left the good path, the farther you must walk back. " (03.10.1058)

"I'm just here to tell you the truth of how God has everything well-equipped for us, for each person, and that we just have to follow Him and accept what God has chosen for us."

"I knew why I had to come, why it was necessary, I do it for you!" (19.09.1950)

Michel Pépé
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"I am here and everywhere at the same time"

by Dr. Kurt Trampler in his book "The Great Turnaround" 

this often misinterpreted word by Bruno Gröning contains the key to understanding his cures. Gröning does not claim to be physically omnipresent. Inhuman and invisible - similar to a radio wave, which one also can not see and yet can be received with suitable devices, independently of spatial distances - Gröning's healing wave is present all over the world. Whoever is able to receive them has a constant connection with an inexhaustible stream of life.

Gröning himself likes to compare with the radio, in order to make the unexplainable of his work at least somewhat more comprehensible to man. He calls himself the strong Sender of a healing wave. Every human being, he explains, has the receiving device within to absorb this curative current in himself - if he only adapts properly to it. As you can not hear the station of Munich with a radio, if you have turned the setting knob to Berlin, you can not receive the "transmitter Gröning", if you put the mysterious gear of your own soul on the greed for material goods or doubting, demanding thoughts far from God. If one wants to hope for healing in this way beyond all medicine, one must be ready to pray and receive the grace of God. But one must also be able to silence (calm down) the confusion of one's own thoughts - to switch off all that could disturb the pure reception of the healing current.

The healing wave of Groening is world-wide, omnipresent. It is up to us to give them their entry.

The divine path 

"I want to lead people back to the true divine path, I have built the bridge to this path, and this way you can all go, then you have everything, so my work here on this earth, I want to transform man, many are indeed and I can’t be angry with him, and if there is anything good in him, I can’t leave anything untried to help him, for all of you should be brought back to the true divine faith. They are all to go back the true divine path, so that you may keep and keep the connection to the Lord God ..."

With these words to those seeking healing, Bruno Gröning outlines that, as the essential of his calling, he does not so much feel the healing of diseased bodies, but rather the healing of sick, alienated souls.

"How did it come about at all," he asks, "that man has become sick?" The original man was not sick, men have become bad, worse and worse from generation to generation, and wickedness has spread so far it is no longer possible to live, quarreling, and quarreling, even in the families, more war than peace among the peoples, the worries brought about the human suffering of mankind, and they have so deeply rooted that men must be ill One of them has lost his faith in God, but he who descends from the divine path also comes from his health. "

This finding of the direct connection between God's faith and health, between God's alienation and illness, is repeated in Gröning's words. It is the spiritual foundation of his entire activity, and the recognition of this foundation is the first personal prerequisite for the healing that every helper seeking needs to bring.

Bruno Gröning: "Whoever is ready to enter the path to God, I can heal, to be a true man again, to show that man is living with God in his works Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love Lord God, I must be a model, I must show that I am a good man, I am healed to know all men well, and that is why I am doing this. "

The best minds of our time have recognized the crisis of humanity in the overthrow of the order of values. All great cultural religions see the highest value of life in the oneness with God, followed by a gradation of all other values. They assign the lowest level to money and to material goods. In the human order, or rather, the order of the present, the greed for money and power seems to occupy the highest stage, and all human activity seems to be subordinated to the uncovered profit-seeking. An eerie suction into the abyss.

The mysterious switchgear of man.
Can Groening heal any man who is ready to live by faith in God? Basically yes! Experience has, however, taught that there are a number of important rules whose observance greatly favors the reception of the healing current. The comparison with the Radiowelle (radio wave - as external as it is, of course) may facilitate again understanding. Those who open themselves up to faith have certainly set themselves right "to the broadcast of Groening", which is, in fact, a mediator of a divine current. Now it has to switch on again, that the reception is pure and without interference and takes the correct way through the receiver.
Whether Gröning is physically present, or whether a patient remotely adjusts himself to his healing wave - in both cases the healing seeker must only be a recipient.If he wants to be the sender even in the slightest degree at the same time, no disturbing recording will occur. Now, it is also scientifically demonstrated by measurements with the finest instruments, that we send very weak waves in the next circle by thought-action. If you want to receive the "Heilwelle" (healing current) Gröning’s as strongly as possible, you must deactivate all disturbing self-thoughts during this time. Disturbance is primarily a matter of doubt, curiosity, but above all the thought of one's own suffering. He who thinks of his own suffering holds fast to it.
"Whoever loves his illness, sits on it - then I can’t take it off," says Gröning. 

How precisely this statement of Gröning is true has proved to be due to thorough series observations. In the case of one and the same suffering, a complete cure has been achieved there, if the patient were able to shut off the thought of his own ego, his cares, and his illness, while other patients who were not capable of holding their suffering. It goes so far that healing seekers, who have suffered several health problems, lost those that they did not think of and kept the suffering they dealt with. If Gröning "enters" the patient's disease for purposes of control for control purposes, those symptoms do not appear in the clinical picture to which the person concerned has thought. Accompanying persons, too, can cause the same disturbing effects by doubting and rejecting or too worried thoughts of suffering - often enough an immeasurable aggravation of the work of Gröning!
"Yes - what am I supposed to feel?" ask many patients. This question is better left unanswered, because no patient should be suggested to something. Instead, the patient should, as soon as he has silenced the idea of his own suffering, carefully listen to the slightest change in his feelings. Because these changes are the first signs that a sufferer responds to the healing wave of Gröning at all. These sensations may be of a very different nature-one feels temperature changes, the other something similar to electrification; in one case the pain subsides, in others new pain (“Regelungen” pain!) occurs. Not what you feel is, first of all, the essential, but that you take a change that is the impetus for the health reversal.

Fields of Fortune
Secret Garden
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The Mission of Bruno Gröning
from "The Mental-Spiritual-Healer, 1960)

This is about the experience from the 24.4.1959:

On the 24th of April in 1959, three month after his earthly death, BG spoke in a circle, which seriousness excludes all possibilities of doubt.

Bruno Gröning was not only heard, but also seen clearly in his astral-body. During the message all attendants felt the strong power in the room. 

Mrs. Josette Gröning, who also was attending, recognized through certain incidents or occurrences, which touched the personal sphere, explicit the spirit, respectively the soul-body of her former husband.
For people, who never had heard about such possibility, it may sound strange or weird. But the Catholic Church has the imagination firmly positioned in their magisterium, that the soul of human is immortal. Besides that, they know the term of “lost souls”. These are creatures, which with their astral-bodies- humans have got throughout esoteric knowledge, that there are twelve of them- are bound on to certain places. Sensible or sensitive persons, are in general able, to sense invisible appearances. Between them are also priests, nuns, nurses and so on, who often reported such occurrences. Look, for instance into the very interesting booklet from Mr. Wilhelm Otto Roesermüller:”Don’t forget about the poor souls,” (Price DM 2,50, published by the Lichthort, Marschalken-Zimmern, über Horb/M)
“Lost souls” are creatures, which have done bad or evil things, and in follow are bound on with their soul to the place of their crime, or can only move in a certain region. These creatures very often get into touch in spiritual circles and beg for help or release. But we explicit underline, that the following lore is not made in a spiritual circle.

The description “lost souls” cannot be used for Bruno Gröning, just to mention it in order to guard against confusion.
He, in fact was seen in a radiant pure way. It is only pity that he cannot “appear”, to those, who battled him all his life-time. This would have been very curative for them!
B r u n o  G r ö n i n g:

“…if somebody would ask, what my mission was, one should always say:  
To carry the sickness of other people, take over karma, which had been given to me.
I always emphasized: “Give your sickness to me (or: hand your sickness over to me) and meant by that, without telling everything - because many words are not always good. That now I have incurred the sickness of those people.
If someone follows this path, it is difficult and signed from many fights, because, when karma gets taken away from a human, when someone is bearing the cross, then he cannot look like a human, who doesn’t do that.
So, I had put the sickness on me and carried the fullness of the scores of sickness through the years.  And nobody should say: „Yes, why couldn’t he helped himself?” This question has been asked.

If I would have followed another path, I could have helped myself, but I have consciously taken the sicknesses on me, very consciously taken, with the help from “it”, from which I was always talking about. When this “it” stretches out the hand and says, give me your sickness, and the servant knows, what it means, then everything streams towards him. He absorbs it and the cells of the body, the visibly ones, will be saturated with the plenty of theses sicknesses. I bearded my cross, an invisible cross, for other people, which left it’s physically marks.
And this is how the gone sicknesses have to be recognized, not as a common illness from the mainstream of people, but as a conscious taken and assimilated disease.

Although my time was up. I was called back to serve greater tasks. The physicians were wondering about, what happened in spite of the organic changes. They were astonished, I still could walk, still eat; the communication was easy for me, and that seeming miracles occurs until almost in the nick of time. That wouldn’t have been thinkable, if it would have been the illness, which the mainstream knows as cancer. But it was another cancer; it rises through carrying the sicknesses of others.
All those, who never thought about it, why I couldn’t help myself, they may think it over. My body cells had carried the sicknesses, and they were growing. All the sicknesses were changed and particularly dispersed into the so called “nothing”, the” no more existing”. And because I was always allowed to take away diseases with the help of “it”, which was radiating through my body, which serving tool I was. So, I was constantly filled up not only at my neck, but mainly, where the liver, gall, stomach and the intestinal region is.
One has to be able to digest the diseases; “it” has to digest them. When there was found something inside the liver is a sign. 

I have very consciously cleaned the sick ones with the help of “it”, and as a tool to prop up and reassure them and to switch over inside them. I only talked to them a few words, for drawing their attention on this and that, for drawing their concentration and their thoughts apart from my person, so that I could then absorb their diseases.

If everyone apprehends that, they will not ask. 

And when they now grasp it, I can act more freely and my hands were no longer bound on throughout earthly paragraphs. Then they will discover, I am among them!
They only have to open their selves and they will feel me! They only have to devote their heart to the “It-Current”, this invisibly all radiating healing-power, then they will still feel IT, and sometimes even stronger than before!

Take attention on this signs and miracles!
Always yours truly servant


Garden of the Roses
Kenio Fuke
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We wish to all friends, visitors and readers all around the world a blessed, lucky, healthy new year with many moments of joy and light. 

Bruno Gröning: 

“The entire world has listened attentively: There is a person who performs miracles! First people called him the miracle doctor. This person is able to do something; he has demonstrated it often already. Go there; just go there! O.k. - how would a person think what would happen? He or she thought that they would actually stand in front of a doctor who would meddle with him or her. No; this is not how it would be at all. This is a complete misconception. I want nothing more than by means of the Divine power to give back to human beings, what they have lost. I want to bring the human being back to where he or she once has been: on the Divine path.”

Silens Nox
Nativity Story (Movie)
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Hotel Höhensteiger 1957
Christmas Celebration 1957 with Bruno Gröning in Rosenheim, Germany
When it got about, and people heard of these Christmas Celebrations in the presence of Bruno Gröning in Rosenheim, then more and more people announced that they wanted to attend. So the community leader looked for a bigger hall, and then those celebrations were held in the village of Saint Peter, near to Rosenheim.
Then, there quite a lot of other preparations that needed to be made. We were keen to stick countless home-made golden stars made from golden paper onto the big Christmas trees, and we made many traditional fir bundles for the tables. For every table in this big hall the community leader had made pyramids out of tinfoil balls, which were fitted with red candles. One year, I made a large number of golden tinfoil angels for every wall light, that were trimmed with green fir sprigs. It was marvellous to look at, this big hall with the Christmas trees on the stage, with the table finery and many candles and the golden foil angels on the walls.
And then the hall slowly filled up. Everybody came from the community in Rosenheim and still many, many other people from the local and also distant areas, from Munich, from Tölz - I really cannot list all of the towns and places; friends also came from Austria and from Italy. The hall was filled up to the very last place and then we waited… Often we waited for hours, because you should know that every year Bruno visited every community personally, in the high North, in Central Germany, in Austria, - during these couple of weeks in the Advent time. He also made many home visits to people who invited him, because they themselves could not take part in a Christmas celebration in any community, usually because of their physical disabilities.
   This waiting period for our great friend was filled with lovely music from records, and with helpful talks that the community leader gave, because these were also many newcomers amongst us. These people did not yet know what is necessary for them to be able to receive the Divine energy, the goodness of which is around us all, so that any evil or negativity in the body or the being is banished and disappears.
   …And finally the time arrived and Bruno Gröning arrived with the board members of the Association, slowly walking through the hall to the sounds of the "Halleluiah" from "Händel’s Messiah". His beaming blue eyes found and grasped every single one of us and it was as if a wave of grace for every one came with him....
After the greeting by the community leader a record with carols was put on again. There spoke again other board members and, in the meantime, BRUNO GRÖNING lighted the candles on his place and from this burning candle then all other countless candles on the tables and in the trees on the stage were lighted.

Some small inserts were given by friends and occasionally over and over again our nice German carols on records were played until then the big moment came and BRUNO GRÖNING entered the stage and held his speech to us.
During such a talk soundless silence was in the big hall and each of the persons present felt appealed quite especially from HIM, thus as he sees to everybody to the bottom of the soul and his words are valid completely alone only for me. I saw some people weeping quietly, however, these were not tears of grief, but the soul delivered by weeping of bad experiences of the last time; however, without exception the whole hall was fully from beaming, happy people after such a talk, and I am convinced, it took place in everybody , after which he had required and asked for.

These hours were marvellous. BRUNO GRÖNING explained to us above all what the birth of CHRIST means for everybody single from us; he drew the attention to the fact that just about this party, the mercy, the goodwill of God on the whole humanity prevails and I remember that he asked once quite spontaneously „Who can speak the stanzas of the song “Silent night, holy night” by heart, without melody." I am quite honest; I have not announced myself because I was not sure that I would have been able to do it. These weight-bearing sounds of this song are familiar to us from childhood and if we think that just text and melody originated from two simple men, and now it is sung in the whole world into all languages.

Our friend knew certainly what sounds just in this song in warmth and love and which blessing lies on it, a blessing which is valid not only for German-speaking persons, but to all people on this earth. At that time a friend got up, I see it still like today, the main teacher Preußler from the community Rosenheim, and spoke fluently the text of the song, as well as it has wished. BRUNO and this recollection gives me the impulse that I do now at this moment the same one and I ask you everybody to take up this text of the marvellous song word by word in yourselves.

We wish to all our friends a wonderful 
Christmas Time.....


Alfred Hosp refers in a session (comm.hour) 
from 7th of July 2001 in Graz, AUSTRIA

My teacher, Bruno Gröning, had well-instructed me, and I learned nine years with all my heart and full of verve. He draw my attention to the fact, that we only can be happy and content for good, if we know, who we are, from where we are coming and what's our life-task. And we only can be happy and content, if we are sure, that after the death of the body we will going on existing as a spiritual being.  He told us, we will be as conscious as we had been on earth, one could even say, we will be even more conscious as we are now on earth.
He often asked people for their age. Also even Ladies. Of course, that wasn’t very liked by them, asking Ladies for their age. But it was BG’s intention to shock them knowingly. They spluttered embarrassed, that they were about more than fifty or sixty years old.

“No”, said BG, “I don’t want to know that. I don’t want to know the age of your body”; I want to know, how old you are yourself?
Thereupon it was always a bashful silence. He then would have said, people don’t know their age. They don’t know, they are spiritual-beings like immemorial. This here is only the body, which has been given by the courtesy of God, to be in a position to fulfil their tasks. So less you think about it and as more you feel, and let the feeling speak, as more you will get to know, who you really are in fact, namely a spiritual being.

A spiritual being is never-ending. Human has got a body for this life, to learn spiritually and mentally.
How shall we learn? We learn from the consequences of our thoughts, the results of our deeds and from the consequences of our fears. Also our grave concerns become autonomous and afflict us negatively. You don’t have to think I never had fear.
There had been times I even had a lot of fear, but afterwards I noticed, that it just came true, what I was afraid of and thought there would be no way out.
One never should be afraid, that there is no way out! In this very moment, when you cut off yourself, when you think, you don’t want go on and you are not able to go on. In this moment you will cut off yourself from life.
BG said: ”Life is God” so, while one is having fear, one will cut off himself from God and one will drop out from divine protection. It is all a matter of vibration and we self-determine in which vibe we live. If we have fear, we will cut off ourselves from divine energy. If we are afraid of something, we will tighten it. If we listen to bad words, we will lose the connection to the divine.
We are getting uneasy, we will get afraid, and we are without spiritual guidance. Although it is so important to remain under the spiritual guidance.
If there is an essential change in our life: let us say a related person had passed away, you can’t get it by logic. That is why so many people can’t get over a stroke of fate.
It is fair and it should be to take care of the graves of the decedents, I always pontificate them as the foregone, and to think of them in love and honour.
But it is not ok, mourning about the foregone. We have to come so far to say ourselves: human comes, resides and leaves again.
It is also not correct, as preachers use to say, we had been dust and ashes and we will become dust and ashes again. By here only the body is meant, the spirit is going on; he lasts and is further existing.
There is a saying from Goethe’s “Mephisto”: “The soul of man is like water: it comes from heaven, it returns to heaven and down to earth it must go. Forever alternating.”

As the saying at the beginning tells us, the soul of man is like the water. I had let written that on the tombstone of my wife, because once it also will be my last home. If you know what the saying means, any mourning will be gone. You know, water drops from the sky are there for moisturizing the plants. Thereafter it will ascent again, for dropping down again to give new life.
When a child is born, means when it wants to incarnate, a soul is starting to come down on earth from heaven, for collecting new experiences again. While you are living on earth, some years more or less, you should always remember, the real home is the spiritual home.
And we should use our feeling, our thinking, and our personality, our body as tools, to do the right, to gain certain experiences. If you watch yourselves, how much our thoughts are influencing us and our environment, we should learn the lesson from.
You also shouldn’t join a group, just to look for something. It is for real. There are so many spiritual groups, and people participate, in the belief that, instead of doing it theirselves, the group leader should do that for them. That is what I have heard again and again in several communities within Bruno Groening circles. Therefore Bruno Groening often asked: ”What leads you to join us?” Then often there was an uneasy silence. Then he always asked again. People should have the guts, to say, what lead them to join in. One said, because it is so interesting, others said, because they had already heard a lot about Bruno Groening and so on. Bruno Groening has ascertained, they are too shy to tell the underlying reason, namely that evil has leaded them to him. Bruno Groening meant behind that word, a special kind of feeling, a special kind of thoughts.

Everything, what kicks us out of harmony, such as: negative thoughts, feelings…that is the bad and leads human into trouble. On the contrary, everything, which leads to calmness, peace, to harmony and health, and makes life liveable: That is the good.
Each one should ask himself, how often he serves the good, the harmony and how often he lets himself down from thoughts, so that he becomes a picture of misery.
At first man should think about, what it means, God is almighty; that HE rules all. People ask, why don’t they trust in God, why don’t they believe in Him, while He is almighty? The answer is often that they are so sick that even dear God can’t help them. Where there is faith?
That is the problem, since Jesus Christ was on earth, to comprehend, all can come to order, if you connect yourself with this great, harmonic energy, which we call God.
The body is such a wonderful thing, if you know just a little bit about its function;  you will know, all can come to order and will come to order. Not for nothing BG often told, the body is a miracle.
The healing itself isn’t a miracle; it is the grace, given by God. If human is doing the right thing and think the right; if it is possible from the karma of this human, then the healing will be given.
It is the plane truth; no one is able to heal; only God can heal. Healing is sanctification.
If you watch yourself and recognize physical disorders, you should ask yourself, are you in mental-spiritual harmony? Are you happy and content with your life?
Often people wish their life would have already ended. Why do people live this "dog’s life"? It's only a matter of imagination.

We always want to achieve, what we imagine. Now let us once compare, what we wanted to reach when we were young: Today we have a complete different concept as back then. We are subjects to change. This is due to the aging of the body. We can draw our change of imagination with our awareness; if we accept the things, which we have to manage.
If we say, the situation now is like that and I will accept it, then we will have a different inner mind-set. Despair comes from doubt. BG said, we should not always doubt the good things. In May 1950 I got a notice from him in a roundabout way: 

“There are many things which cannot be explained, but nothing, which cannot happen.”

If we appeal to the omnipotence of God and express, we will commit to his omnipotence: now do with me as you like. I am trusting to what will happen now. Then it works. Most people pray in a wrong way. They say, "please, please, dear God, do this for me and that or send me bits and pieces, and if you do that, I will donate a candle in a church. But this is a real horse trade.

How often it went wrong, when someone made a pilgrimage, to find a mate. When the mate was found, after a time, some wants to get rid of their whish again. Therefore, be careful about your wishes!!
The right way would have been to trust that God will send the right mate, or, there is nothing to do, if she or he doesn’t come. The wish-fulfillment, which someone wants to enforce, is a very serious matter of attention! This often blows up into the face, because thoughts are full of energy and powerful!
There is no immaculate imagination. Or do you think, you would imagine your mate in future with all those little lacks, which sticks on him or her? Hardly likely. Therefore it is so urgent to let the wish be open ended. The question is, where remains the trust in the omnipotence of God?
What does “omnipotence” mean? Why is this or that wish not granted? Our wishes are from restricted material nature.
That means, we wish something, but do not know, what could be the consequence from our wish. It is important, to get so far, to say, it would be fine, but THY WILL BE DONE!

Who hasn’t collywobbles by saying “Thy will be done?” oh dear what could that be? But nevertheless I should have trust, that the thing what occurs will be the best for me in a spiritual way, for my spiritual growing.
--to continue...
                                                                                             Alfred Hosp


Lord, you are my light.
Poem by Maria Molina 

Thank you Lord for so much love that you give me.
You are in me, I am in you, you are truth.

You are my light,
You are My Sunshine.
You are my life.

Without you I am nothing.
Without you I want nothing.

Thank you Lord for so much love that you give me
You are in me, I am in you, you are truth.

You are my light.
You are My Sunshine.
You are my life.

Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord
Therefore love you give me.
You are in me, I am in you, you are truth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord.
You are my light, you are my Sun, you are my life, you are Love, you are truth.

Maria Molina
September 2, 2017


That was the "real" Bruno Gröning
Anny Baroness Ebner of Eschenbach
Open words of a honest, brave God-and truth seeker, who knew Bruno Gröning very well for many years, and who is entitled for a decisive judgement about him. 
(Reprint of „Spiritual Life“, Felix Schmidt, Cleveland 1/Ohio, P.O. Box, Journal June 1962)
Eugen Enderlen and Bruno Gröning 1950It happened in the year 1950 in the works of the natural health professional Enderlin in Munich, when I experienced Bruno Gröning the first time. On one hand I was drawn to this extraordinary man because of my big spiritual interest, on the other hand I was fed up from all the injections I further had been offered and administered by my former physician.
Encouraged through the study of occult and Indian wisdom  I knew theoretically, that there are sometimes people, who received special forces through training, and that they could be applied either for the benefit of Mankind or they could be misused for the own personal benefit through their individual attitude. Briefly worded it depends of their white-or black magical nature.
In the follow of many interfering newspaper reports I couldn’t assess clearly in which direction Bruno Gröning was acting. At one hand the journalists wrote that Bruno Gröning was a Saint, on the other hand again and again front pages appeared almost daily where he was branded as a “Devil”.
That was the matter why I stood in front of Bruno Gröning as a monitor, because I urgently wanted to know what kind of Man this holder of special forces is.
But I didn’t need monitoring very long, didn’t need to “prove” very long, I felt it in a matter of seconds: “That peaceful self-assurance, goodness, humility and patience is only possible for someone who is in deepest connection with God.”
So I came into deepest trust and soon I recognized happily that I was allowed to know a “real human being”, a man who practically embodied and represented all the knowledge I just knew theoretically.

My physical disorder (illness) gave way to harmony and order; yes, it was like a formal ejection of purulent discharges through nose and eyes. Within a short time I was free of all my afflictions which two male and one female doctor worked on in vain and never could figure out what it actually was.
I realized, that I’ve found a true teacher and therefore I visited all possibly attainable lectures of Bruno Gröning. Especially in the boarding house Weikersheim in Gräfelfing near Munich I had the opportunity to listen to one or two lectures almost every week.
This way I was allowed to experience almost unbelievable healings and listened to reports of healed persons with my own ears.
Just to mention a few:
A healing of a most severe heart disease of a woman from Augsburg. Out of her gratitude she brought suffering people in full buses to the lecture; another woman, who was healed from a brain tumor and already had a totally twisted face and she was very confused. From one to another lecture I could determine myself how she improved in her speech and how she got normal in her facial features.
Further I remember at a lady from New York, who was so grateful for the  remote healing of her daughter in a New York’s hospital, where she suffered from breast cancer.

I experienced with my own eyes and ears, how deaf persons got back their audition; how dumb got back their speech suddenly; how people troublesome limped in on crutches threw away their sticks during the lecture and went to Gröning with shoutings: “I can walk again free and without pain!”
They mostly ran out into the hall and happily climbed the stairs up and down!
But when they wanted to thank Gröning he always refused with the words: “ Don’t thank me, but God, and now display in your life to be true children of God!”
Sometimes they gifted him the crutches, and he took them and broke them through like matches without any effort. Strange, because they often were thick like a fist. Then I got aware which great physical forces stuck beside the spiritual ones within his rather small frame.
I witnessed boundless more and could draw up long reports about; but one thing seems to be as considerably special: Namely how Bruno Gröning devoted his time with great patience to those who obviously didn’t react to his forces. He displayed them the path to order in their thoughts and to alignment of goodness; over and over again he called them up to let go evil , and to get detached from Satanic influences, to get freed off for to reach out fort hem.
Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach (left) and Bruno Gröning with an unknown woman.Bruno Gröning spoke always in parables like wise men and teachers do. Those were adjusted always to the status of education of his listeners. So he trained the attendees to attentive concentration and everybody could feel: This concerns me!
Through many years I listened to almost one hundred lectures, and everyone was different. They all came out of his inner   inspiration and were not mentally compiled before. So he was able to speak directly to everybody’s heart. What a joy he had when he could help somebody! Not even once I witnessed him taking money for a healing, not even at the richest; yes, often he let give some money from any attendee to a poor one. When somebody came and wanted healing for money, Bruno Gröning rejected that person strictly with brusque words: “ I don’t sell divine energy!”
At those opportunities – and when people told some untruth – were the only moments that I watched him to become strictly, otherwise he was goodness himself, always friendly and kind; but mostly serious. Even in his humor there was always a certain kind of seriousness.
As you see those experiences looked completely different to some certain newspaper reports. Here I must mention, that there have been individuals around him, who initially offered their help and support for his work – but then suddenly started to derive a benefit from for their own interest. So in many cases friends became enemies.
How easy he would have punished his wrong friends of disposition with the greatest of ease, and I have to be honest, we true friends have wished this when we discovered, how his enemies degenerated in meanness and defamations. But also then we have heard out of his own mouth: „I love my enemies too! Evil will be caught up in it’s own nets. I just feel worry fort hem!“

However, sometimes I watched myself, how enemies turned into friends – mostly in the year 1949, when Bruno Gröning started his work as a spiritual healer in Herford – and I watched also, how they finally admitted to act against Gröning out of ignorance or influences from outside.  Some relapses into the old disease arose from those attitudes; but ruefully recognized the order in their bodies and their spiritual insights would recovered soon again through his help.
Always one had to ask Bruno Gröning for help out of an own desire, and he let everybody decide himself to accept his help or not. So it was a totally wrong assumption that he worked with hypnosis or suggestion. His teaching and his acting have been built up from the teaching of Christ. The commandment of the great Nazarene was his commandment as well: “Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself!”
It was wonderful, when he guided his friends through his deep knowledge and ability more and more closer to God’s consciousness. He always hit the core because he ever regarded everything out of a higher position. So in his conversation he always was predominant against Scientists, Professors, artist and clergymen. He often led them at solving problems with his simple 
pithily words.
Through his quiet and humble nature he never made any fuzz of his knowledge and that was the matter too, why he was often estimated as crude or uneducated by fluffy and worldly people.
In reality Bruno Gröning have been equipped with a knowledge that recognized far ahead into future and that extended into the deepest grounds of the human soul. That’s why some single leader from ethno-religious or philosophical sects came to his lectures and looked for connection to him. Therefore an understanding article appeared here and there at least about Bruno Gröning; but that was - taken as a whole – of course just a little drop on a hot stone by regarding the many defacing and fraudulent publications.
His joy was great when honest people supported him truly in his call to help the suffering, because his path was very heavy in this technical and material culture.
The spiritual goal of Bruno Gröning was not “only” the cure of ill bodies, but arose from a highest idealism to guide back humankind to a true life with and within GOD.
Out of this matter he appeared alone through his existence “thrilling” and “hostile” to those, who are living from disorder i.e. remoteness of God and who drew their income.
So he was unpleasant and inconvenient for evil and negative people; he was a thorn in the eye for evil, and thereon the only matter of the big, dirty and united spiteful fight against him. This fight was spiked with untruths, malices etc. and envy.
Many many people have been discouraged to visit him. The journalistic and sensational torsions and defamations inclusive of all the continually court proceedings as well as the wrong classification into the law of naturopathy conduced the influence of not independent-minded people, so that they turned away from him.
But I, who counted myself to the closest friends of Bruno Gröning, I am able to venture an objective judgement about the man Bruno Gröning after many years and experiences and deepest insights into his teaching.

This judgement is:
“The man Bruno Gröning was small in his physique, but the traversing DIVINE flowing through him was overly powerful within him and connected him with an inner knowledge full of wisdom; he was a God-surrendered being with inner assurance and ability, but remained a humble and Christian personality.”

In deeply gratitude and devotion I stay connected with Bruno Gröning ; my life have become so rich through being allowed close to him and to do any good to others. Furthermore I was guided through him into realization of the true life, not with words but with deeds of love and serving.


My work in public
Bruno Gröning (2nd July 1950)

I realize the fact that my public working from March 1949 amazed many people. Many wondered: Why didn’t Gröning appear earlier? My answer is that I have already been living for 43 years, and that I have been working since my childhood what I am now working publicly. Only, I have always done everything to avoid being dragged into the public.
I had already tried much earlier, always in a small circle, tried to educate individuals to the point telling them that I knew a man, (at that time I did not speak about that it was me, but implied my abilities to an unknown, third party) who, without having done medical studies, could heal almost all diseases under his own power. But my audience always took me for a nutcase, and just very few individuals have been able to understand me back then.
From time to time I had the opportunity to encounter single sick persons and, without them being aware of it, I took the disease off through words, by touching a sick body part or limb or an object from me was passed on to them. Later, I realized that at the same time I was helping not only a single individual, but also was capable helping several sick persons simultaneously, and that this, say type of treatment, was not difficult for me at all. Very secretly, I kept working constantly, and hardly any of my efforts were unsuccessful. The small circle of individuals to whom I came back then, was stunned of course and could not comprehend what was going on here. Rationally, it is not to grasp either.

Sick persons, who had received help from me, recognized and testified the fact without being able to give an explanation. The time that passed since, and with it, the accumulation of healings, turned me into a "large channel". Increasing numbers of individuals received the healing wave. I think I can claim, that everyone possesses a receiving station for this wave, only, the individuals have to know what they wants to receive. Sure, also earlier small healing stations existed, but in my opinion, they were limited in their power, were not unfolded, but were ousted as a result of their weakness and also dismantled.

To be brief, I would say comparatively, that I located the receiver of individuals and I am able to overhaul the human body, so to speak. For individuals who were healed by me, this is a matter of course, like the radio.

 I am also sending a healing wave without direct connection to the patient, ie, without me knowing of where the sick are. This is demonstrated by my healing at a distance. Those to whom my healing at a distance is not yet known, I briefly want to say the following about it:
When a person came to me as a petitioner in favour of a third party, a patient, I then never have asked about their disease. It is also completely indifferent where the patient lives. Rather, I have precisely described or have let being described by a third party (Grönium) the disease and have let being made a written record of the clinical disease details described. From hundreds of disease details presented to me of individuals unknown to me, to my knowledge none has been incorrect right into the very detail. In many cases, I have subsequently carried out the cure. I have then requested in each case to record in writing the exact hour of recovery. Then, I learned that the recovery exactly corresponded to the time I had given, without the knowledge of many of the patients, at the time of my actually carrying out their healing.
These healings, however, I could only carry out when I had some time at my disposal. In most cases, it was thus, that I said to the requesting seeker: "This man was sick ..." or "... has had the disease ..." or "... has been sick. Just drive or go home, your desire has been fulfilled. "
Not much different it is with the so-called mass healings at a distance. When hundreds or thousands were waiting for me in my absence, then I never have forgotten to instruct one of my closest staff members to inform the individuals waiting that I would carry out mass healings at a distance from time to time. At the time of healing at a distance I gave the relevant staff member the feeling in his body, that he knew exactly what time he had to give the message about the mass healing to the individuals, who seeked healing. In particular, from Traberhof many reports of healing are available from mass healings in my absence, where paralyzed, blind, dumb, or deaf individuals became healthy. Thereby, I want to have stated, that it is not necessary at all, that sick individuals have to be brought to me, but that they can receive their healing everywhere, even at home.

I have also executed a lot of healing at a distance by phone, without even having spoken to the patient myself. It is not different when I sometimes had some time at my disposal, that I picked the letter of a healing seeker, took it in my hand and (to say it in my own words,) have “addressed” it mentally. Later, it then turned out, that the healing occurred exactly at the time of addressing the letter.
I would like to point at all this that the healing wave, exactly like the radio wave is invisible to every human eye. As a transmitter I can never grant individuals the right to require anything from me.  I am sending the healing wave, which also the patient can receive, even without knowing that I am sending and what it is that I am sending. Many individuals commit the big unforgivable mistake, by – at the time, where they expect the healing – being too much keeping themselves occupied with their disease or the physical pain, unable to let go of it even for a minute, as I ask them, to listen within and receive my healing wave. Then, I am neither in a position at any possible time, to liberate these individuals from their suffering.
It is right when someone just observe the body, letting go for a few minutes of the suffering, also being calm mentally and being focused and quietly waiting for the receipt of the healing wave. Also, the ill person does not need to occupy himself with the thought that he must be brought to me.

Source: FREE ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT BRUNO GRÖNING (ed.): The gate to the path (Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim 1970) No. 06/07, pp. 9-11

Filled with Love
Daniel Kobialka
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The Healing Power of Gröning
Marga Lössner, 14.9.1949
Since weeks the public is out of breath by a phenomenon, which I just can’t ignore. Questions had been asked and the opinions are distinguishing a lot.
Please permit an old Lady to comment it, who is trying to search since forty-three years about exploration and awareness around spiritual entities.
We all feel to the bones, and also know it, a new time is coming, and everything has to become new, if it shall fit.  And with this new time, new kinds of healing are donated to us.

We can notice it from all these thousands of sick people, who are approaching to Bruno Gröning, and we will even see it more than ever, if we have a look at the armies of sicknesses, which academic medicine cannot cure and the restricted knowledge of human is helpless confronted to these severe illnesses.

Don’t get it wrong. It shouldn’t be against the physicians, they are not able to help. On the contrary most of them are even struggling honestly to help with their insufficient material resources for finding the correct diagnosis and with insufficient medicine to cure the suffering people.

Many of them really feel their work is in many cases an illusion und suffer for that. They are doing their duty. Sometimes they even do more than that.
Especially the panel doctors are feeling the untenable nature of their situation. Just the other day, a panel doctor, a diligent, excellent, young physician, was complaining, the health fund is ordering which medicine he has to prescribe
and which not und that he has to look, that the medicine is not exceeding the price: “I can’t gnaw it anymore, he declared, I do not take place anymore. I am looking for a new path.”
And now a Bruno Groening is coming and heals, heals without hard diagnosing and without medicine, heals easily, heals incurable people.
With what is this man healing? How is he doing that? He doesn’t fit into any drawer. This is the fatal.
He is healing with something invisible.
He is the medium of a one-of-a-kind radiation field.
He is healing with spiritual energy!
Many questions are now being put in public. What kind of energy is it? From where is this energy coming? Is it extendible to enfold a big number of humans? Can it be reduced? From which energies is it recruited? How does the healings happen? Is it suggestion? Is it hypnosis?
The science doesn’t know it. It tries to explain – but it is something, which cannot be reached by brainpower.
Well, if the “big ones” doesn’t know, we have to ask the “little ones”, from where this energy comes from. The common people say: It’s coming from our Lord!
Bruno gröning heals with spiritual energy!
This divine power is flowing through everything!
And as it is flowing through everything, it is also streaming through human. It is the energy from which keeps us alive!
BG is qualified and capable, as a humble and pure vessel, to take in this energy in an intensity, which is not given to the common people. It streams throughout him, and he is giving it altruistic to others, serving mankind und being dignified to this high grace.
Wherever this energy is infusing, there it is erecting everything and remedies everything. There it turns sickness to health, and disorder to order. The cells of the body have to bring order by itself, because this energy is health, and is order, as it is coming from God.
So more we open ourselves to this energy and ready to receive this energy, so more   this energy is able to effect.
 We, today’s people, have unlearnt, simply to kneel down and to become a child again and to be thankful in all gratitude and all childishness, what HE is donating us. Thousands of sick people respire. They can see a glimmer of hope, and this is named Gröning!
Oh, the cure doesn’t know, what suffering means, and the boundless permission to heal should be granted soon, very soon.
We cannot good enough thank the bigwigs, who confess to BG in public. They made themselves thereby more popular, as they already were. Bravo, Mr.Superintentdent X., Mr. Member of Parliament Y.! Also to Mr. Dr. Z., who works with Bruno and as a physician, he is unprejudiced and with a seldom vision he has brought himself into service to this outrageous new. Special thanks to you!

BG doesn’t need to have the title “Doctor of Naturopathy”. He will not appreciate the worth, because BG is a physician out of God, the qualification and the permission to heal, he has got from another authority.
To whom God gives the permission to heal, what shall people again permit him? Or do they even want to forbid, what God has allowed, so visibly allowed?? There we have to keep silent – and to accept this present thankfully and to accept the healings as what they are, namely as grace.
 BG is able to carry his sense of mission with the fullest authorization and with the fullest authorization he is convinced from his high mission and his divine task.
 From second side eyes it was detected, that a big stream of light is coming out of him and the ill rays are removed from people and thrown into space.
BG is appointed by God, who donates us His healing power through him, and we, namely the public services, should do everything, that he can live unhindered his high mission. Until now he couldn’t enfold yet completely.
 He will grow more and more into his mission, in case they don’t make him difficulties. Aside from his on-of-a-kind second sight, he will accomplish even greater healings as before, because he has count on God and only on God!
 Dear friends, one should not make the place, where BG heals, a fairground and the sad accumulation of suffering people not make a fun business.
Therefore is the considering of building healing locations to be urgent. One should not wait one more day to lead these many sick people to this God’s healing energy, for we don t know how long we may have BG among us, because he sacrifices himself in his devotion to human. 
He needs less sleep. He needs less nutrition. God’s energy strengthened him, when he is tired and God’s energy feeds him, when he is hungry. In face of these facts, we should see clearly – and we should no longer ask for scientific explanations.
BG doesn’t t fit into any scientific box! It is clear to see, there are for this divine energy no limits or distances and long-distance healings are just made as healing from striking distance.
I heard BG speak in T… I didn’t write it down, because I didn’t want to miss anything of this happening, of seeing and speaking BG. He only spoke single sentences. No word too much and no word too less. He made no chitchat. Behind every word were his whole belief and his personality.
I don’t belong to myself, he said, I bring myself into service completely to God.
I want to heal all people, whatever which religion, whatever which nation, for we are all children of God! After each sentence the thunderous applause of the mass breaks his speech. I was always a poor man and I will always remain a poor man- - God has made you heal.

IT is the best medicine. Believe in God! Tear out every dirt from you! Take in you Lord! It is him, who heals you! – The crowd sang: Good Lord, we praise you and we praise Your excellence! And one could feel it is true!
A catholic priest talked very beautiful words to the crowd, while Mr. Gröning was standing on the balcony.
A sunshiny happy father appears on the balcony. He has healed my daughter, and the young girl was walking on the balcony, to show, she is able to walk like a cured human. It had been infantile paralysis. She must have been carried upstairs before. And downstairs again paralyzed persons got up and walked...
BG does not only heal diseases of the mind. He also heals organic diseases, which by the way is confirmed in the expertise of Dr.X... The common people had been asking a long time: Yes, where was the psychogenic overlying complex at this duck? Or at this pony?
We want to thank BG for all he had done for the sick and to beg him, in spite of all; they already had attired him, to stay with us in X... Once again: let us modern people realize our intellectual arrogance and let us thankful take the healings as what they are: a Grace of God!

Gertrud Elisabeth Weiden (Publ.): "REFUGE OF LIGHT", Magazine for Universal Gnosis, dualistic spiritual knowledges and esoteric/holistic wisdom (Publishing for esoteric Science, Marschalkenzimmern, Blackwood Forest, Germany, 1963) No. 4, pages 147 - 153

Le reflets du silence
Michel Pépé
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Alfred Hosp, Talk, Graz, 15.02.2003

Man’s Personal Responsibility

Well, friends, now that we are all here, I would like to further explain some truths:  
It is always said that everyone has their own inner world, their own opinion, their inner conviction – although often it is no conviction – rather an opinion. So everyone sees the world in which they live in a different way, they also looks at their environment differently, and that causes problems. Why does so many different convictions, opinions and insights exist.
And this inner world is built up by the individual’s character, through one’s experiences and therefore it  follows that each one has a certain view, although it is certainly possible to have different views. However, the real truth is only in God - that is, in Divine Wisdom. Everything else is not a truth, dear friend, and one should be aware of this.
 As I wrote in the book, "the powers of the spirit," one should try also to look at a situation from another angle. Why is the person like this?  (what happened before) And Bruno said, we should always try to look at a thing from a different perspective: Why am I like this, why is the other different/not like me? Why do I have this or that in me?
Thus, man begins to think and he begins to learn – in theory at least.   It always depends on whether the person really wants to learn and that he wants to choose the path leading to the good/goodness etc.
now I will continue with the lecture on the subject of: Man’s personal responsibility.
There are a lot of people on earth, who say: This is how I am, I cannot change: take it or leave it. Now, however, I would like to invite /inspire you to think whether this is true.  In the spiritual realm,  we are responsible for everything.  Everything we think, say and feel  we are responsible. Nobody can take away our personal responsibility  my dear friends.  Yes, even if it felt great,  if it could be done, if you could say to someone …I will give you one hundred Euro and you will be responsible for me. That might be nice,  But with God there is only one…. Here lies the the truth,  which is this: man has  free will, and with free will comes taking personal responsibility for the choices he makes.
Therefore one should try to do his utmost to live a good life , to live in harmony and as far as possible not to  allow disharmony to take a hold over you.   A person’s spirit,  a person himself is like a memory chip, a storehouse!
Bruno has always made a distinction between body and mind.
And he challenged people to reflect on this connection. 
He sometimes asked people: How old are you?
Astonished, the friends answered and told Bruno how old they were, or how old they thought they were. Then he always said. "Yes, that's the age of your body, but how old are you?" Great embarrassment. What did he mean? "Yes," he said, "you do not know how old you are as a spirit, no one knows, and yet everyone is very old… ancient. Ancient my friends. "And so he encouraged people to reflect about themselves.
One is easily inclined to say,” I have pain”, or, “I have problems.” That is not the truth. The BODY has pain,and one feels the pain.  sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between what we are really experiencing and what the body is reflecting or  interpreting. This has the advantage, or the purpose, that from now on it is clear to us: a physical ailment is only physical in nature, never mental/ spiritual.

The moment we identify with the pain/the ailment, and say we are doing poorly, we are unwell,  we take in, we accept the physical and absorb it into our spirit, our spiritual reality.

And here we contribute to, we mess up our immortality.

Bruno said we should let go if the body is not in order. We should learn to recognize ourselves as immortal beings. And that’s when the problem begins, which I must mention again and again: a purely physical healing is not the ideal goal, not what Bruno wanted. Not only!
For every purely physical healing is indeed limited. the moment we give up the body,  the physical healing is gone.  But your spirit lives on. The (cause of the illness) It goes on.  Bruno said: the moment  we get the physical healing, we give up, we surrender the “ bad”  (what is not good), the burden, that what is disturbing /interrupting the good, if we give this up, if we can at the same time so change our ways, then we will not re-absorb the burden and we do not take it with us when we cross over.  And when both healings take place, the physical as well as the great turnaround, that we become a changed person, that we become good-natured, that we are no longer receptive to evil, that my dear friends is a total healing, and that is what Bruno Groening tried to bring about
Therefore he said: ”Also Jesus said: your belief has helped you, go now and sin no more, so that evil will not befall you again...”
A very old wisdom, Christianity was built up on this teaching, we are all Christians. That’s fine, but what are we doing, dear friends? Are we doing what Jesus taught, as we should be, my dear friends? Are we doing, what Jesus said? Are we following his teaching Jesus said  Love one another ? The message from Bruno also was: Love each other, be good to each other, be good to yourself, so that you also do not take in/absorb that is not good any burdens.”  
So why do we say that a person is responsible for himself?  This is because each is given free will.  Each person decides from his free will whether he will allow a good or bad thought to stay and to multiply in his mind, in his consciousness.
For this reason each person is responsible for whether he is doing well or not so well.
If we allow in and dwell on the same thoughts and feelings, I know, these thoughts and emotions can get very strong.  If  we do not fight against these thoughts and feelings, if we do not ask for help, thoughts and feelings can become so strong that they overwhelm us and we are then overwhelmed.  And this is the beginning of madness and why these thoughts do not pass, we can not understand how this could happen.

But I have to explain why this happens: my friends, everything we are conscious of, everything we absorb in us: feelings, thoughts, even sensations of the body,  if you do not reject óur thoughts, we store them.  But when we go deep with our prayers and ask for help, we learn this..
Drawing from the book If we do not say, "I do not want this thought!" it can be so strong that we cannot resist it. Each of us has had times, or have been in situations when he feels justified to have flipped and then, when he has cooled down, when he has calmed down, he shakes his head says: Well, I could have done without that.
We keep reacting like this, my friends. Until we have a deep inner wish that we stop this habit.

Have you ever observed that in the moment we are worked up we think differently, we follow a different logic  when compared to the times when we are calm? So not all logic is the same. And it is also true that we are not always right. When a person says he is right, or speaking the truth, but what is right, what is truth, what should it really be?
Dear friends, we often put up pointless defenses against imagined dangers.  In reality, however, it is only our perception or our imagination. Let's put this into perspective. We start climbing a mountain, going higher and higher, and reach the top. From here we look down,  and see the people as tiny dots in the valley, the houses are also quite small. And then we think: There that dot down there angered me, this dot here annoyed me. This dot left me feeling unbalanced.  We all have perceptions that accumulate, we would need to examine these continuously to ensure that they match reality.  You might ask yourself, it this the truth or is this something I only believe to be true? If we go higher still, we enter the orbit around which the earth rotates.  If we are astronauts, and are up there looking down on the earth. Oh, how beautiful the earth looks.
 Our blue planet,  that is our home, my friends. From above one could not imagine how much disaster and evil caused primarily by human beings on our beautiful planet earth. Seen from above, our beautiful planet could be seen as a creation of God. And no sooner than we come down again, the trouble begins. Why does the trouble begin, my friends?  Because we do not have the desire to rise above trouble.  A lot of things we need to learn to rise above.

And in this regard Bruno Groening spoke very strongly. He said, "Always live like it's your last day, that is. The last day of the body on earth. Why did he say that? This is a shocking statement: Live today as if it were the last day. But he is right. It is only then that we become conscious of how unimportant all this is that we make so important. For example, with my parents, I experienced that as old couple they always fought.  They fought every day. My mother had one opinion, and my father another. He always said, "You're an old crow, because you take everything so literally, you are so fussy, you get upset about every little thing!" 

Then my mother died suddenly. From one day to the next my father became a widower.  You cannot imagine how much he cried and … how upset he was. He did not have enough tissues to dry his tears. Then, the great remorse, my friends. The great repentance. And he said: Yes, if I had only known, I would have been different.
And this is what Bruno Groening meant when he said, "Always live as if it were your last day. Because then you will see so much as  unimportant.
 And this I remembered.  I have at least tried to keep peace with my wife.  Again and again I lived to live so that I would no regrets.

And this is how one should live that he or she has nothing to regret. Of course, there are also times of disharmony, and times when people have different opinions. But these should be smoothed out again and again.  One should always ask oneself, is this important?  What I have done today?  Is it at all worthwhile to get upset about something on this material level?
Bruno Gröning, Alfred Hosp and his wife LiloMy wife was very wise. She always told me: Freddy if your anger would benefit you, I would be angry together with you. But anger doesn’t help. Life isn’t the same every day, this is clear. But if you hold fast to the bad, if you think it is your right to hold on to the bad, then you have to realise, that you have left the good, the divine path.

There is a story of a famous English politician, I think it was Winston Churchill. He always said that when the people in Parliament began to argue and shout, he said, "Gentlemen, volume is no argument!" He was wise. But I know, my friends, very well, at some time a person’s temperament gets the better of him. But is that an excuse? Be careful, my friends. Temperament should be an incentive to create something good, to undertake something.

But if you allow yourself to get so angry and afterwards say, "My temperament got the better of me, this is a lazy excuse, because we are not willing to control our thoughts,  because we are not willing to ask ourselves perhaps: If it was really necessary? Well, my friends, I have often experienced, that one does great things quite well, and it can be discussed endlessly, but small thing, are not under control. Why? Because for so called great things, people think, I have to pull myself together, because a great deal depends on this... a lot of money ... but with little things, they cannot be bothered.  And that is why I say that man is responsible for himself,  resonsible for how he reacts. And it goes on my friends.
If it reacts incorrectly, it is stored in the brain. he reacts incorrectly once, he reacts twice incorrectly, and he will always reacts incorrectly, the brain remembers. The brain has a memory. And then when the person hears a word, a particular word .... raaaaaaage .... the brain gets into gear,  thinks it needs to provide the stress hormones, now I have to get upset, yes, because my master, the man, always got stressed in this situation.   I would need to support him, this time also, with hormones, so that he can cope.
This is the background. But whether  you are slow or fast ... if you are undertaking the big turnaround - and that was the main purpose why Bruno Groening was with us - we should change our ways, change what is not right in our lives. And we are not supposed to blame other people. Because if we do not blame others, we are able to recognize – to know oneself.  If we blame others we lose the opportunity to change, to complete the great turnaround. This is ancient wisdom, remember Jesus said, "Man always sees the splinter in the eye of the other, but he does not see the beam in his own eye."  Bruno said, for example during one of our community hours:
“My friends, don’t always look at others. Don’t always watch to see if what the other is doing is correct.  For once look at your own self! Pay attention to yourself. Then you will recognise the truth and do right in future.”
The human being is a creature of habit, Yes, I am used to this. But is this habit the right way? For example, when a person has a problem. Then often he is used to the problem.
Up in his head! Well, alright, the pain comes now and then, but that is how it is.  But should we really get used to evil? In the moment, we accept evil, my friends, it will be absorbed and placed in your memory. Everything, we accept will be stored. It is even stored when we deal with something that is not in our area at all. E.g. Now the situation of world peace, or the threat of world peace. The more we think that peace is threatened - even if we wish peace to be maintained - the more we think about it, the more energy we put into the threat. E.g. The churches have also made the mistake that they have dealt more and more with the Apocalypse, and that they were afraid of the end of the world. Here Bruno said, "This is not right, because man takes up what is wrong or evil, he deals with evil.. .
And there are people - not a few - who are always concerned with the suffering of Christ. Every year, Good Friday comes, and every year they partake in a sort of scourging, and so on and on.
But I would like to speak of something else, of the stigmas that some people have on the body. E.g. The lady, the Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth. She has been greatly revered for the stigmata she had, also that she did not need any food, etc.
We asked Bruno: Is that alright? How does that come about? And he said, "Yes, some people become so intensely engrossed in the suffering of Christ. They absorb the suffering of Christ, and then the body shows the stigma.
And the Bruno said quite clearly: 
Brother Klaus of Flueli Ranft, SwitzerlandOn the other hand, you may have heard of "Brother Klaus" in Switzerland. This was a holy man who withdrew from his family because he felt the call of God within him. He also did not need food. On any given day, he did not need food, because he lived from the power, the divine power.  Brother Klaus did not take on the suffering of Jesus, and therefore did not manifest the stigmata.  This Brother Klaus, who lived 400 years ago, became National Saint of Switzerland,  because since this time, the time that Brother Klaus lived there, has been no war in Switzerland. He united the Swiss.

He had such powers that in the town where he lived - well, the town is a few kilometers, he is also buried there.  Brother Klaus had such strong powers that once when a fire broke out, he only lifted both hands and the fire went out. There are such amazing spiritual powers, my friends, Powers of Good, if it is your wish to do Good.
But there are also people who still take in that which is not good, people who leave place (in their hearts or minds) for that which is not good.  And then the negative forces flow in (and take residence). Unfortunately, they are burdening themselves, they themselves do themselves harm, so to speak, because they are not able to devote themselves to the good, the divine.   Then one cannot say, because it is an incorrect thought, that God has sent me this negative condition.
God sends nothing that is not good/evil/negative.   This one has attracted to oneself.  God only sends healing, if one accepts the healing. Bruno said, if one proves oneself worthy.    Bruno also had some very strong thoughts: Bruno said
Man has no claim to healing, because man has brought the malady upon himself. And if, in spite of this man receives healing, it is because of the grace of God.  You have to imagine that, my friends.
And when Bruno Groening brought about a cure, he rightly said to me: "Do not thank me, thank God!"
And similarly, he said, "Your faith has helped you!"
It is always about having the right faith. Faith is a state of mind.
To remain in deep faith is to persist in the conviction that one lives in the power field of God. This is an experience, and if one is  doing well, one cannot say, yes, yes, I believe so and so.  yes, I believe there must be some higher power.

No my friends, that’s when you experience your first test, by way of some difficulty, the first test. And suddenly your faith is gone.
You do not know how deep your faith really is when all is going well, only when we fall flat on our noses, we know whether we really have a faith or whether we can dismiss or questions our faith because, what we had was possibly not faith at all.
 And there people go to the extreme and make a statement like: Yes, I am so ill, even God cannot help me any more!
On the one hand this is wrong but on the other correct it is correct. how does this work? People sometimes have contradicting /divided views.   One often talks of schizophrenia, that is, split consciousness … when the person can not remember one situation or another ... but how often, my friends, how often do we act schizophrenic?  Because we do not really think about what we blabber about all day.
My grandfather had a certain wisdom. He always said: Empty forces are jabbering, and their forces are rattling (to check meaning of idiom). He said that man should think about what he says. He needs to reflect, because one word can do a lot of damage.
One wrong word and everything goes wrong. And what more: this one wrong word, which one may regret a thousand times, your partner will remind you of your mistake.  This is then the punishment. You say "II did not mean that!" and your partner says "Yes, but you said it !" Yes, my dear friends: Also one should not hold a grudge. Whoever holds a grudge, whoever cannot forgive and forget, of course, they are holding on to that which is not good. 
And what about love?  

Where is this higher love, the love that forgives, one asks?  Higher spiritual love should be part of the journey, the journey  to own our responsibility. Who is to blame or who is responsible, if we cannot forget? only ourselves, my friends, ourselves, we cannot forget. And if the other tries, tries a thousand times, but still always gets to hear: "Yes, but at that times you said this...." Then one thinks that they cannot be bothered anymore!

So, in living together with people, it is necessary to have the right attitude. The right attitude to the good. The right attitude, not only to stand in truth about different memories, but also to take a stand in truth about the different remarks made. Do you understand, friends, what is the most painful? Is the fact that every word is weighed/tested/doubted. Every word.  Then one thinks it may be better to say nothing at all.

No, my friend, it is about one consciously taking personal responsibility. Practice consciously, my friends, and also ask, pray for peace in your heart, my friends, and that you can stay in this peace. (...) not your temperament, but your inner  peace...

If you lose your calm, never blame it on your temperament. Never, my friends. Both my parents were bad-tempered, easily angered. And I got this from both sides! What do you think I would have done if I did not have a non-disabled body? And yet, with the help of Bruno, I survived this situation. With the help of his teachings, and with the help of his explanations, I still have a little problem coping, but it will also pass away in the course of time. If you have the will, to always learn something new.

Mary goes to Jesus
Passion of Christ
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The Mystical of Easter

"I am the path, the truth and life"

Dear friends, 

we are in the Holy Week and in a few days is Easter. Our great friend Bruno Groening did not say much to religious festivals except for Christmas that we celebrate. However, a time witness I have learned,  told us to these festivals such as Easter or Pentecost we should take seriously and that they also have their destiny that way. 

I asked myself and also asked God what Easter means to me and at all why we are constantly reminded of this event to Jesus Christ, the crucifixtion and resurrection? 

What does Easter really mean spiritually? 

I don't want to speak only about the crucifixion, because this was such a  cruel and terrible event, is for me just a sign of how far people go and what they are capable to do in their blindness and in the insinuating evil delusion in which they do not stop in front of a human body. We see indeed very clear and precise in these days and age, in which we also weren't spared here in Europe from terror, violence and hatred. And so on many places of the worlds well.

Bruno Groening said: 

"The cross is the sin of the world, and the biggest FRIEND OF MANKIND was killed with it!" 

When Bruno Groening was in Lourdes, he has gone the way of the cross and stopped reverently before each station, standing there and taking in the whole scene. Finally, after the last station he said: "Now I have witnessed it all over again !"

Jesus Christ and Bruno Groening were persecuted and prohibited because they were telling the truth and the truth stood until the end and did not allow themselves be swayed, and because they showed up the people of past and present time that there is more than matter, more as suffering and drudgery, more than pain and despair, that there is rescue for us, there is a heavenly kingdom, in which we can all go back and be, sooner or later. And that there is a big loving Spirit or Father/Mother who loves us all and can lead us, if we allow it. 

This also lives in us .... but by the free will that God has bestowed on us, HE does not interfere with the madness, but all that leads us to that point, so that we can see it and recognize it ourselves.

Step by step and time by time more and more human beings will wake up and recognize the truth of life and love, dear friends, the more likely it will be an end to all terror and violence that we still need to see at time. Therefore, we must work to ensure dear friends, that people wake up to realize what it really is, why we are here on earth. We have - said in good German- "to get up the butt", and bring ourselves into order, so that we are able to apply the force  which is needed at first  to master our own lives and then to be able to help other people who are in need and who no longer know which way to turn.

Easter is about the resurrection. It is about the victory of the soul over the physical death. It is about the eternal living life, it is about the awakening, dear friends, may all people awake to love and life.

Petra Rüther

The Lord's Prayer
Singh Kaur (This is Universe)
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The Mission of Bruno Groening
from "The Spiritual-Mental Healer", 1960

This is about an experience on 24.4.1959

On the twenty fourth of April in 1959, three month after his earthly death, BG spoke in a circle, which seriousness excludes all possibilities of doubt.

Bruno Gröning was not only heard, but also seen clearly in his astral-body. During the message all attendants felt the strong power in the room. 

Mrs. Josette Gröning, who also was attending, recognized through certain incidents or occurrences, which touched the personal sphere, explicit the spirit, respectively the soul-body of her former husband.

For people, who never had heard about such possibility, it may sound strange or weird. But the Catholic Church has the imagination firmly positioned in their magisterium, that the soul of human is immortal. Besides that, they know the term of “lost souls”. These are creatures, which with their astral-bodies- humans have got throughout esoteric knowledge, that there are twelve of them- are bound on to certain places. Sensible or sensitive persons, are in general able, to sense invisible appearances. Between them are also priests, nuns, nurses and so on, who often reported such occurrences. Look, for instance into the very interesting booklet from Mr. Wilhelm Otto Roesermüller:”Don’t forget about the poor souls,” (Price DM 2,50, published by the Lichthort, Marschalken-Zimmern, über Horb/M)
“Lost souls” are creatures, which have done bad or evil things, and in follow are bound on with their soul to the place of their crime, or can only move in a certain region. These creatures very often get into touch in spiritual circles and beg for help or release. But we explicit underline, that the following lore is not made in a spiritual circle. The description “lost souls” cannot be used for BG, just to mention it in order to guard against confusion.

He, in fact was seen in a radiant pure way. It is only pity that he cannot “appear”, to those, who battled him all his life-time. This would have been very curative for them!

B r u n o  G r ö n i n g:

“…if somebody would ask, what my mission was, one should always say:  
To carry the sickness of other people, take over karma, 
which had been given to me."
I always emphasized: “Give your sickness to me and meant by that, without telling everything-because many words are not always good. That now I have incurred the sickness of those people.
If someone follows this path, it is difficult and signed from many fights, because, when karma gets taken away from a human, when someone is bearing the cross, then he cannot look like a human, who doesn’t do that.
So, I had put the sickness on me and carried the fullness of the scores of sickness through the years.  And nobody should say: „Yes, why couldn’t he have helped himself?” this question is been asked.

If I would have followed another path, I could have helped myself, but I have consciously taken the sicknesses on me, very consciously taken, with the help from “it”, from which I was always talking about. When this “it” stretches out the hand and says, give me your sickness, and the servant knows, what it means, then everything streams towards him. He absorbs it and the cells of the body, the visibly ones, will be saturated with the plenty of theses sicknesses. I bearded my cross, an invisible cross, for other people, which left it’s physically marks.
And this is how the gone sicknesses have to be recognized, not as a common illness from the mainstream of people, but as a conscious taken and assimilated disease.

Although my time was up. I was called back to serve greater tasks. The physicians were wondering about, what happened in spite of the organic changes. They were astonished, I still could walk, still eat; the communication was easy for me, and that seeming miracles occurs until almost in the nick of time. That wouldn’t have been thinkable, if it would have been the illness, which the mainstream knows as cancer. But it was another cancer; it rises through carrying the sicknesses of others.
All those, who never thought about it, why I couldn’t help myself, they may think it over. My body cells had carried the sicknesses, and they were growing. All the sicknesses were changed and particularly dispersed into the so called “Nothing”, the” no more existing”. And because I was always allowed to take away diseases with the help of “it”, which was radiating through my body, which serving tool I was. So, I was constantly filled up not only at my neck, but mainly, where the liver, gall, stomach and the intestinal region is.

One has to be able to digest the diseases; “it” has to digest them. That there was found s.th. Inside the liver is a sign. I have very conscious cleaned the sick with the help of “it”, and as a tool to prop up and reassure them and to switch over inside them. I only talked to them few words, for drawing their attention on this and that, for drawing their concentration and their thoughts apart from my person, so that I could then absorb their diseases.

If everyone apprehends that, they will not ask.
And when they now grasp it, I can act more freely and my hands were no longer bound on throughout earthly paragraphs. Then they will discover,  I am among them!
They only have to open up  themselves and they will feel me! They only have to devote their heart to the “It-Current”, this invisibly all radiating healing-power, then they will still feel IT, and sometimes even stronger than before!

Take attention on this signs and miracles!
                                                                                   Always yours truly servant


"The Mission of Bruno Gröning"  was printed in one of the early booklets of 1960s: "The spiritual-spiritual healer" whose editor was Bruno Groening's wife Josette Groening - working in a workgroup.


as long as available you may order this booklet in GERMAN language at 

"In this booklet, reports of Bruno Groening are constantly published, which illuminate the true personality and the true essence of the same. This will be a barrier against the slander of the mass media in the press and the resulting personal aversions or biased rejections on the part of many people, whom Bruno Groening did not even know himself.

Bruno Gröning, who was a practical Christian, who helped countless spiritual, mental, and physical sufferers by means of the divine power flowing through him, can not be regarded as a "self-sacrificing physician", as opposed to the harsh machinations of certain intolerant, “Charlatan"or "Quack" in the history. 

Rather, as a pathbreaker of future salvation, he must be given a corresponding place, and thus the necessary respect and acknowledgment must be given to his divine salvation."


LIFE IS GOD – What Does It Mean?

Extracts of a lecture given by Alfred Hosp on
 27th October 2001 in Judenburg

BG said several times in my presence: “I do not know much, but I know what people today do not know anymore.”
That shows us what a humble man BG was. We cannot determine what BG really  knew, but he said, he knows the truth. He told us, what is necessary to live life properly and not to waste it.
Two such statements are:
“Life is God”
“People  who wants the good, are basically/for the most part divine. They are not God, but godly.
People have forgotten to  maintain  a connection with God. They have been allured and mislead during the past centuries and have thereby lost a connection to God.”
What does this mean ?
To help us understand this better, I would like to read a very interesting and helpful extract from a lecture by Freddy Hosp given in Judenburg on 27 October 2001. .
A.Hosp: "I met Bruno Groening 51 years ago (1950) and in these 51 years I have always tried to maintain the connection with God. That's not always easy. God is the great HARMONY. We can receive the Divine only when we ourselves are in harmony, when we are in equilibrium, and when we ourselves have inner peace. Bruno Groening emphasized that it is so important to live in inner peace, in inner balance and inner satisfaction. Only in this way can we come into contact with the high vibration of God and absorb power/energy. An energy which regulates and heals all things in the body, and also in the mind and soul. Bruno Groening said Healing comes from salvation, from holiness,.

Moreover, I would like to say in advance, that i always, only report, only talk about, that which I personally heard from Bruno Groening. I would like to say almost after every sentence: "Bruno Groening said ..." However, friends already know, that I only report what BG said and what I have recognized as the truth. Now, after fifty years, I can say with a clear conscience that Bruno Groening was always right, that every word he said had its correctness, as he said: "You need not believe me, convince yourself of it , It is the pure truth! "
What does it mean: "Life is God"? This means that we humans, only live corectly, act correctly, think and feel correctly, if we want Harmony, live in harmony, and we really strive to always remain calm.
Another statement by Bruno Groening reads: "Do not linger for a moment in a bad thought!" This is, of course, very difficult, because there is a great deal that comes our way, that  disturbs our peace, and we become impatient or annoyed. Really annoyed. Afterwards, we realize that the whole trouble was unnecessary, because we then get help, and everything is brought in order.
It is so important that we learn to have confidence, that we learn to trust in Divine help even in  difficult situations. I notice more and more how important it is to have confidence in all situations. When we lose our calm, , it is only a situation, (an opportunity) from which we learn how (if) trust was present. Bruno said. "Trust and believe" this  is the prerequisite; "Trust and believe, Divine Power, it helps, it heals !"
It is not enough to try to practise trust and faith once, to see if it had an effect.  Every question in the spiritual, every doubt, interrupts the connection with the Divine Current, with Divine Help, with Divine Guidance!.
I remember that during Bruno Groening’s lifetime, people were never allowed to ask anything . Of course, in the spiritual world one could ask a question from time to time, which was answered sooner or later in Bruno Groening's speeches and lectures in a miraculous way. (Note from Petra)But doubt, dear friends, destroys everything!
Very often we have failed to connectto God, because we are people who sometimes doubt, or perhaps who doubt more often and say again and again:
„Please, please, dear God, help me, hopefully I will become healthy!”
Bruno Groening said he did not want to hear the word" hopefully" because it meant doubt.  Similarly the word "Maybe", because it also means there is doubt
One must not overlook the inconsistent nature of man. On the one hand, he believes in the omnipotence of God; on the other hand, he doubts this omnipotence.  With doubt,we also experience sometimes that we do not really get any help. But it is not because of the lack of the higher power , but only because there is doubt about  this superordinate spiritual power , thereby losing harmony  with the Divine Power.
Buno Groening often said that a great turnaround is necessary. The return  to the spiritual, a return to a sentient (?) life, the return to  conviction and  faith. If we look at the world situation today, we must not ask why our dear God allows this to happen. For even such a question is an error, a human error. People always believe God must intervene. Man was given free will by God! This free will is respected also when difficulties arise as presently seen in the world. But we should be convinced that ultimately the good is victorious, that ultimately the human being realizes that nothing can be accomplished with violence and hatred .
I once asked the spiritual, how can the good prevail when so much evil destroys the good. One should not say, "For God's sake, what state is the world in?" This is not our business. Our work is to believe, to trust, to have a strong conviction that ultimately the little plantlets of the Good spreads and everything else is eliminated. For example, when we plant a garden, we will not make the mistake of planting hundreds of plants and say now I have planted my garden well. After a few years, the garden will be so overcrowded that you can hardly walk in it.

 What does this teach us? Life is strong, life is stronger. If we plant a tree or a shrub, we can imagine how tall this tree or how broad this shrub will grow.  And so we need to consider in advance how much space the tree or the shrub will need and make provisions for this.  What I mean by this is: Nature teaches us the power of life.
From a tiny seed we first see a very small plant with about two leaves. The seed has thus sprouted. OK, then we just have to wait.  If the plant gets enough light and if we give the plant enough water, sooner or later this tiny plant will grow into a magnificant tree or a healthy flowering shrub.  This shows that the good has once again triumphed.

So it is with us. We plant a garden in ourselves.  Also the Bible tells us that Christ said, "I am the vine, you are the vines. Be careful not to lose contact with the vine, or the vines will wither."
With this I want to explain that the Good starts with very few people. Here one, there another, and again one more. It is not the power that is important here, but rather the quality. What is important is whether this person really stands for good. First of all, stand for good for himself /herself yourself. First of all, creating a transmission station for God.

In times of technical issues, these transmission stations are very important, but they only work when they are adjusted /tuned, to receive the pulse or the wave. It is sometimes painful when a favorite broadcast has just begun and suddenly the radio  begins to crackle.
What happened? Often it is only a small thing and the transmitter fails temporarily and it can no longer broadcast the program because it is cut off from this transmission wave. There is a technical disturbance, for example. A power failure and the transmitter is no longer able to broadcast the program. We friends of Bruno Groening, who want the Good, are basically transmission stations.
If we do one thing, it should be to ensure that we always live in harmony and remain with good vibration.
Consider this: If we are annoyed, if we are sad, if we are afraid, then the program is lost… (transmission is lost).
Let us imagine a television that does not have a clear/good reception when the screen looks like it is snowing… no picture or sound but like a “snow fall”.  When we consider ourselves such a transmission station and we say: "Oops, I do not want to be a distorted transmitter, I want to be ready to receive and give"
This is so important:     to be as much as possible in harmony, to develop a lot of confidence (but could mean also trust) and to progress as much as possible so that small disturbances do not knock us of balance.
It is very important: stay as much as possible in harmony, as much as possible develop trust and as much as possible develop enhancement, so that little disturbances are not bringing us away from our balance.
Now, something else, which is always being asked and also is very urgent: Shall we tune in for other friends, too? Here BG has said something very interesting:” Imagine a staying triangle.” Like a pyramid, he meant. “The energy is coming from above, above is God, and on the left side is the one, who is praying for another and on the right is the one, who is searching for help. Now, we should not make the mistake, to tune in directly for the help searching, because the crosslink of this is dangerous, which means, it is possible to absorb the disturbance from another.
So, please no crosslinks, but: when you get to know, that someone needs help, send ” up” a radio-signal. In the age of satellites a radio-signal will be sent up and the satellite will reflect it to the place, where it is needed. Well, In spiritual sphere is it God.
When we tune in for someone, we don’t have to tune in for hours, not even ten minutes, not even one minute: we send up the signal for example: I am praying for peace in the world,” and this signal switches on the help of God. This help is going, where it is needed, providing that he is prepared to accept the help.
We know the Lord is almighty! God is omniscient. So why then do we have to pray for something? Because humans have the free will.

The force field of God is there, just as the current is there, but it needs a human, who gets active. If we want light, we just press the button, switch it on and light is there.

Alfred Hosp



Bruno Gröning's MEMORIAL DAY: 
26th January 1959

Bruno Groening himself said, that it will be for him the most beautiful day when he must leave this earth again. For the people it was a disaster, however, because they suddenly did not longer believe in him. Although he had said that they should not cling to him, but to learn to self-absorb the Divine force; they should learn to realize that they can receive the divine power even when they vibrate in harmony with the Divine. (...)

Alfred Hosp

Bruno Groening prophesied: 
"Everyone has to die, so do I, but I will not be dead. And when someone calls me, I will come and continue to help, if it is God`s will!
Then mankind will have come to so far, that each person will be able to experience help and healing from within himself."
On his gravestone around the granite globe the words are conceived: 
"Have faith and believe, it helps, it heals the Divine Energy"
Today still the "healing current" to which Bruno Groening referred is effective. Thousands of healing reports speak for themselves. As incredible as it sounds: By listening and paying attention to his words, to his teachings, people, animals and plants were healed and restored to health. This is still the case today. 
In addition to help and healing, a positive attitude to life in general and the way it is lived are also to be observed. This is confirmed by many people who speak about having found their way to a positive development of personality.

Portico d'Ottavia
Jesus Christ You Are My Life
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Dear friends around the world,

we send HAPPY NEW YEAR greetings to you and wish you all the very best in the new year 2017, much love, light, health, success and most of all
JOY in your life.

Peter and Petra Ruether

Love flows on....
O. Shanti
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Blessing of Bruno Gröning for Christmas and the New Year(1954/55):

It‘s a matter of heart for me to say THANK YOU

  • to all of my dear friends,
  • to all of my tireless co-workers
  • and to the big crowd of bravely confessing members of Bruno Gröning friends.
  • Out of my deepest soul I thank you for your trust and faith during the passed year and for the many times proven sacrificially devotion.
  • ...and your constant fidelity.

After the last heavy years which I had gone through, your fortitude and active assistence you have done well to me –
And you‘ve been the best benefit to the 

W O R K,
which to built up has become a purpose in my life.

Originalhandschrift Bruno Grönings:

„Sich lieben heißt Gott lieben. Wer Gott liebt, hilft den Menschen“
„To love yourself means to love God. Who loves God, helps people.“
Bruno Gröning: 2nd July1956    

Sono risorto
Family of Mary
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Bruno Gröning:
"You won't understand die Birth of Christ not before you understand your own birth on Earth..."

Bruno Gröning always pointed to Christ. The teaching of Jesus Christ was the core of Bruno Gröning's teaching. He spoke on several tape recordings about Jesus Christ as the Savior of Humanity.

1. Christ is our brother
2. God has sent us one, His son...
3. What is the meaning of Christ for you?

are the titles of three of his tapes. We cannot deny the Christian aspect of his teachings. 
You cannot remove the core of it, you would get just a hollow shallow.

You may order those 3 tapes at www.bruno-groening-stiftung.com 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends of all nations and countries.

PEACE on EARTH and in every single heart of each human being....


May this Christmas Season bring you joy and love, and great success on your spiritual path...



BG has placed little angels on the spiral of the fur tree, coming down from Heaven to Earth

Look at a handwriting of Bruno Gröning:

“Der Weg vom Himmel zur Erde ist im Werden!” (Bruno Gröning)

“The path from Heaven to Earth is coming-into-being!” 
Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning:

"Preparing for the Holy Christmas means: 
You must be festive! You must get rid of all evil. You must be ready to recipient - so that you can receive - that the divine order in your body comes back again! "

"We should remember the birth of Christ. And we are supposed to do what he gave us in his later years, to take along for our lives. We should reflect on what Christ means to us. We are to go the way that he determined for us, which he showed us. We are supposed to bring all this into practice.

Alle Jahre wieder
German Christmas Carol
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Translation of this Song: As each happy Christmas 

As each happy Christmas 
Dawns on earth again 
Comes the holy Christ child 
To the hearts of men. 

Enters with His blessing
Into ev'ry home
Guides and guards our footsteps 

As we go and come. 
Unknown and quiet beside me He will ever stand
And will safely lead me
With His beloved hand. 

You are your own destiny!
Bruno Groening, October 1955
Each man forms his own destiny, through his thinking, speaking, and acting, both in good and evil.   What is fate? Is it something, which is imposed upon us by a God who is exposed to us for inexplicable reasons, for reasons which can not be investigated by us, whose consequences we have to bear, innocently, unfair, and in an unintelligible way?     
 "Why does God send me such heavy burdens?" So you ask yourself and ask others, "Didn't I always act rightly?”    
 One person says:"If God so wills it, I have to bear it. HE will know why I have to endure this burden” the second one resigns to his fate, the third one curses and fights against it and is angry with God and with men. As long as we are feeling well, we can deal with thoughts and accept that we create our own destiny.  But when sickness, suffering and misery appear, then we do not seek the cause  within ourselves. We look to put the blame on others around us and on God.       

 But it is a fact that our destiny is not merely accidental not caused by other people nor indeed by God.   Fate is created by the human being, by ourselves, whether it is a good or a bad outcome. Fate manifests by a number of reasons, all  of which are living in ourselves and coming from ourselves. About those facts we want to talk now:     Behold, every man can act as he wishes, he can speak about anything he wants, and he can think what he chooses. He is free in  his doing, speaking and thinking. It is entirely  his decision to do good or evil, to speak good or evil, to think of good or evil. He can do this from his earliest years up to his old age, he can do it by day or by night, in a waking state or in a dream. He is always free, every minute of the day and of his life.     

 These three things, doing, speaking and thinking are the ones that are the cause of our destiny, and the good or evil is why this destiny is good or evil. Like an echo, our deeds, our words and our thoughts come back to us and shape what we call our destiny.       

 It is like the linking of  a chain one link follows the other clinging tightly, so cause and effect also follow each other and are chained together. Often there follows the echo to the call, often the cause has long since fallen into oblivion when the effect becomes noticeable. But the cause has always preceded, it was there;otherwise there could have be no effect.   Man lives through his life, using his freedom for good or evil, and thus creates his destiny. The good works in deeds, in words and in thoughts, and evil in deeds, in words and in thoughts. And it is not that evil is balanced by the good. Each one works for itself and has  his own effect and forms the fate of man.     

 What I say is nothing new.   The religions say that good is rewarded and evil is punished. They speak of crime and retribution. This makes sense and is understandable to us. But this judgement to and the retribution that takes place does not come only after death, and it is  not God who judges us.     Through our good or evil deeds, our good or evil words, our good or evil thoughts, we create the cause and create the judgement. The judgement is our destiny and it does not come from God, only from ourselves. Through good deeds, words, and thoughts, we will receive a kind fate, evil deeds, words, and thoughts will produce an evil destiny.     

 Now many will ask: What is good, what is evil? They ask with the same right as Pilate once asked Jesus:   What is truth?   One could write a whole book about good and evil, and it would be incomplete, not perfect, and not correct. But there is a rule that is right, always right:   Listen in silence to your conscience!   Listen – in stillness - to this conscience which is disconnected from the actions around you, disconnected from the words around you and disconnected from the thoughts around you. Listen to yourself, and let your conscience tell you what is good and what is evil, and this conscience will answer you. And whatever is the answer, accept is as the truth and the only truth.  

For thy conscience is thy soul, and thy soul is divine, God is in thee.   

 It will open like the flower to the sun, if it is good, and will shut itself off when it is evil. Do this, and make sure that the flower is open, that it can see and enjoy the light. Thus a good destiny will be strengthened or a bad destiny weakened. For this practice and this worry creates the evil within us and brings the good within us, and this good, that is our health, is the grace to be healthy.     

 This is what everyone should remember, that we should let go of evil, the disease, that we should disconnect ourselves from evil so that the good can work within us, for evil works evil, and good works good.   And when we have received the good, the health, let us remember the words which Jesus addressed to the healed woman: "Sin no longer, that you may experience not more evil."   

Occult Voice - The Other World, Braunschweig, No. 10, 1955, p. 16-17

Bruno Groening often stated that he came to help everybody, regardless of their language, nationality, race or religion, and his intention was to transmit the healing energy to everyone on earth. He derived his teaching from that of Christ and therefore used the language of Christianity. However, this was in no way intended to exclude people of other faiths, who can transfer his teaching to the context of their own religions. 

Original Christmas Tape of Bruno Gröning: 
"God sent us a son, His son...!" (Excerpt)

12. But there is also the lovely, wonderful song which goes: “Every year the Christchild comes down again onto earth where we humans are.” Who has really thought about this? Who has really taken this seriously? Who has really been able to believe that this is true? I don’t believe anyone has. It was simply something self- evident for people, and they dismissed it with one word: “It’s only a song. Yes, well, and we always have the same celebration every year; it keeps coming round.” 

13: My dear friends, just consider the gift that God is giving us here. Because human beings never listen to what’s inside them, because human beings have come away from true divine guidance, they pay no attention to themselves or to their bodies. They did not listen to what was inside them and also did not follow their feeling and also did not live in the will, the will of God. 

14: And so they came completely away from this true divine guidance and then they only lived in their beliefs: “It’s quite satisfactory, the way our parents, our forbears celebrated these festivals – fixed so hard and fast,” without really giving it a thought, without even becoming at all conscious of it. Nothing, not a trace of any of that. They simply lived in their belief, and I’Il say it once again: “It just had to be like that. My parents celebrated the festival this way, we celebrate it this way, and my children celebrate it this way too.” 

15: My dear friends, that means, in short, that everything goes down the drain. There is nothing left at all that can still be called life. There is nothing left at all of everything that God has decreed for us, God has decided for us, and nothing at all remains of what the Saviour means for us. There is no longer anything true, no longer anything credible amongst human beings. 

16: They took it only like this, and that was that once upon a time, Christ was here once, and they don’t believe that he is always with us. And they also don’t believe that he can dwell in us, that we can actually be guided by him, that is, that God through His son leads us to where we belong, to Whom we belong. I know that people brush all this aside with a certain carelessness; briefly put, they simply cannot have faith anymore. 

Peace be with you
Shaina Noll - Songs for the inner child
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How to preserve the right attitude, by Alfred Hosp
Dear friends,
We have now heard how important it is to tune in to the divine energy, and I would like to add, that life of a human being will become like his attitude is. We are not just children of our surroundings, but we create, through our thoughts, the sphere around us. We are living in this sphere, and from everything, which is coming to us from outside, we build our attitude and imagination. And it is like this; if you are tuned to the negative, you will never get positive results. If you are tuned to positive, suddenly the whole environment is changing. And therefore it is so important to correct the inner attitude and to realize it.
The most important thing that torments people, is fear. Fear is lack of trust. A human who feels being left alone, often has great fear. A human, who has to fight physical problems, shows mostly as the first reaction: being scared - having fear. And this fear drives the human, pushes the human away from divine energy, cuts off the connection to life’s energy, And therefore it is so important to learn how to get over the fear.
You can only get over fear if you learn to trust the great power, which has created us, to trust our Creator. Humans are often tuned in to negative, they no longer even remember where it comes from. For man always believes; that he was born, and that everything goes as it can, and that is how life is:  between birth and death is now once this life, and you live it, more wrong than right. But what about to ask; what was before, and what will be after? Because of this materialistic consciousness, man is separated from the divine, from his original destination, from the meaning of life.
If we have no relation to spiritual reality, we have no relation to ourselves. Then we only see the body with its several functions and several piloting, and the person says: God does not exist, neither spirituality. He denies his own divinity. It is strange that people prefer to believe in all this rubbish, that they always think they are random products, that they hardly think about why they live, and why they have got a body.
And they do not even know, many of them can't even think of anything right to do with their body. They often use their body to do damage, and to do nonsense out of pure boredom. Often people, young people, haven’t thought about it, when they, out of arrogance or out of pure curiosity, think that to do harm with computer technology is no big deal. He is offered millions of euro's to work as a computer expert, because of his cleverness and because he is able to mess up the computer, and because nowadays the bad is being rewarded, and the positive is subsided.
This is only a small example, my friends.
Another example is that people are made to implement the negative, to make it happen. It makes you think; where is humanity, where is the humanity, how can they not know that others are humans too? It’s an old story. How easy is it to wish something negative to somebody else. But how long does it take to realize that this is also a human being, this is my brother, and this is my sister. How long does it take? And it is so sad that the society still is programmed to the negative and when something negative is published, people believe it. (...)
Man always believes the negative first. This must have an end now. In those days, I often thought, BG has judged too hard, when he said:” That what is living today are not yet humans!”
But when I see now the development, what is happening on earth, I must sadly say, he was right. Because of what people are doing, and what is caused by them, one cannot say that it is human. You could rather call it lowest gear, impacts of lowest gear. Of course many are not able to help it, but we have to realize how urgent a spiritual attitude is. Therefore we must not longer bear it. We could say, «we do not have anything to do with that, neither imaginary nor emotionally. This is not our problem».


Let us pray for peace!!


Dear friends, 

I had the great luck to receive an old edition of the book "THE GREAT TURNAROUND - Questions around Bruno Gröning" from the year 1950 and there is an attachment too with printed original writing of Bruno Gröning
There we can read the letters of Bruno Grönings handwriting next to his image: 
I show it here for you on the screen:

I am nothing, the LORD is everything.
I want neither money nor gold,
What I want and what I’m able to:
To help and heal all human beings.
Who denies the Lord, is not worth to be helped.
The greatest physician of all humans
Is and remains our LORD GOD.

Gräfelfing, 8 December 1949

In August 1949 Bruno Groening  arrived in Bavaria. His reputation had preceded him that he was able to heal the sick and those who  had been abandoned by the Medical doctors  and pronounced incurable. Groening’s stay was initially kept secret. It was assumed rightly that the number of  desperate and needy people would be incalculable in Bavaria as well as elsewhere. The news that had at the time come to the public about him  were full of contradictions. A medical board had slandered  him with a totally unsuitable case (one which goes back to purely surgical causes – a lockjaw), which he had not healed. But straight after, on the open road he had  risen a paralysed person  out of his wheelchair. Wherever Groening had appeared, soon afterwards the news of  strange cures  followed him. An invalid of the First World War, who had been dumb for a quarter of a century - as a result of wounds  -  recovered his speech  overnight – this happened merely by  just  writing a pleading  letter  to Bruno Groening  (without having seen him at all). Was all this real? Was it a myth? Was fiction and truth mixed? Whoever sought the truth, could only wish one thing: a personal encounter with Groening himself.
In the late afternoon of August 27, I was informed that I will find the opportunity for a meeting with Groening during the night at the Stud Farm, Traberhof. On the trip to Rosenheim  I recalled mentally again everything credible and incredible remembering what I have already heard and read about his work. I had prepared a series of questions that I wanted him to address  - not realizing that the events, which I would  be witnessing on  that night, would speak infinitely more clearly than words could ever do. My wife, who accompanied me as  a reporter, once more checked her equipment before we went to the Traberhof near the urban edge of Rosenheim. It was nightfall, when we arrived there. The headlights of the movie company, which had started the documentary film about his healings, proyected their light on a memorable scene from the darkness:
Bruno Groening stood on the balcony and spoke to a large crowd, which, as we later learned, had been waiting patiently for him for hours. An infinite calm emanates from this man who looks down and   speaks in a low urgent voice to the many people seeking help at his feet. It's so quiet that his every word is understood by even the last row of people behind the wide circle. For the first time we were deeply shaken by  the excess of human suffering affecting those who gather in front of Groening continually, the man in whose work they see the last chance of healing and salvation, they are a  haggard lot, their faces drawn by pain raised upwards, with their eyes resting on him full of trust and faith.
We have just left behind the hustle and bustle of the big city and yet we  are immediately under the spell of the strange solemn mood that has spread to all those present - calm, patience, confidence. It is as if for the circle, reaching  the words of Gröning, the materialistic 20th century has gone and another age is emerging  under  different laws to those which our world consider as the  normal and accepted norm.
Groening forgoes any rhetoric in his speech.  Each of his simple, content-rich words is essential to his audience's understanding. For the first time we hear his urgent plea to them to believe in God -  and that this is the first condition to receive healing. Then he instructs us to disconnect from all  thoughts of  illness, to close our eyes and to observe closely  what we were feeling in our bodies. He repeats this instruction several times, because he knows well how difficult it is for sick people to comply with this. At this very moment we feel a slight tingling in our hands, similar to a weak electrical current.  After a fairly long period during which he silently surveys the suffering masses with a look of deep concentration,  Groening says that he has given them all  he could give. Now they should allow the force to work on them and believe in their health even though not all of them will see its effects at once.
A child cries out: "I now see a light!" In some places a sudden  movement is taking place in the crowd. Cries of spontaneous healings are heard.  We hear Groening asking some sufferers (including the blind child) to come up to him.

My first impression is: This man believes strongly what he says and actually has unusual powers.

read more on our OM Script from 05.10.2016 (scroll down to the OM Protocol).


Dear friends, let us now go back to the year 1949, and indeed to a certain date, exactly 67 years ago today, September 1949. "The Traberhof" (a stud farm with restaurant) near Rosenheim was Bruno Groening’s outstanding workplace. Fortunately, we have many documents pertaining to that time in picture and sound as well as in the book: "The Great Turnaround"  by Dr. Kurt Trampler, who wrote down some of  his experiences in very vivid form. Unfortunately this book is not yet translated into English, but we are working on...

Please read page 21 of this book:

THE GREAT TURNAROUND (translated excerpt in English)
by Dr. Kurt Trampler

"A few days later. Groening had embarked on a multi-day trip to Northern Germany.  In front of the “Traberhof  Stud Farm” a large number of help-seekers congregated with no regard as to  how long they would have to wait for Bruno Groening's return. Before his departure he had decided to address these help seekers by distant healing. I was just curious as well as sceptical, whether this would work, or have any effect without Groening’s personal presence.
It was a sunny afternoon on September 7th, 1949, it may have been at 3 pm - I felt (without having expected it) the same sensations as in the treatment by Groening. My injured foot, which was not yet totally healed, suddenly started to ache unbearably. This pain lasted for about half an hour and then stopped abruptly and completely again. The mobility of my foot was subsequently felt as considerably easier. Almost at the same time, to which I made these observations about myself, surprising healings were also reported from the square in front of the Traberhof.
At 18:20 pm. a second healing wave was felt. I recorded the exact time. The wave was reflected in a warm tingle appearing first in my  right hand and  then on the  soles of my feet. It rose to a reinforcement of the blood circulation up to my head and I felt  something like ringing sounds in my ears - similar as when raising to large heights  in a cable car or when boarding  an aircraft - (Anm.Petra: we see here very clearly the whole vibration force field raising, in which the cures were made  possible) - and finally,  all this brought about the disappearance of any fatigue I felt.  About a quarter of an hour later some sick people declared again, they felt cured. The sensations in the force field of Groening from September 7 to the  8 was so present in the course of the night  that several times one of his assistants shouted out loudly codes of behaviour to the waiting crowd, stating  that Gröning was “targeting” the area and working out mass healings. The result was a substantial number of cures, especially the elimination of acute pains of any kind happened that night: Healings  of asthma, nerve complaints, cramps and  also paralysis, speech disorders, etc. Some of these healing reports were taken up in writing and recorded by Groening's assistants and  the help of some doctors present.
For example a doctor brought a blind man into the house with the  exciting observation that the blind one had just regained his sight back in the square in front of the Traberhof. The man provided a certificate from the University Eye Hospital in Munich dated 1949, which reads as follows: The disability of the  patient Karl Sch. born 08/24/1914 consists of  nystagmus, corneal scars of the right eye and congenital scarring. His eyesight is 1/20. The left eye is missing. The patient is therefore practically blind. The disability rates as 125%. Mr Sch. requires a constant companion. Signed - Dr. Med. Walser, senior physician.
Dr. Kurt Trampler reads in his book This blind person stood in the square on which Groening - at that time probably from the region of Bremen - sent his healing waves. He then described with great emotional gestures how he had a sudden feeling that something in his right eye changed and how he had then seen the horse's head in blue neon light, - which is the sign on the roof of the Traberhof's Guesthouse - and  afterwards the whole area had become illuminated from the previous gloom he had perceived , until he had seen everything clearly. A first medical examination by Dr. Zetti (also present on the site) confirmed his statements. The next day, I took Mr. Sch. in the car to Munich. He described to me while travelling along, which vehicles were visible at a distance of  hundreds of  meters away. He told me what could be seen left and right of the highway - from the approaching steeple up to the far away  mountains. To prevent any transmission of thought, I looked in the opposite direction and controlled mentally what I was seeing waiting  until after he described to me what he was seeing. Each of his descriptions matched my own. They were right every time, whether it was something close or very distant things. When I asked what he had done to receive the healing, he said that he had just prayed and waited.
Such unexplained changes where taking place at the same time during the absence of Groening in large numbers: a man from Linz, Austria, Mr. Frederick M. had crossed back  the Austrian border after witnessing many healings., Of those he reported in an Austrian newspaper. We read here, among others:
 "Tired of waiting I sat down at the public room (inside the Traberhof) on a bench. Next to me a man was sitting by the stove, who appear  to be a war veteran returning home, he still wore the regular army  clay brown coat. Two crutches  were leaning next to him against  the table, on which he had placed his head down between his arms. "He suffers from terrible headaches," said someone sitting quietly nearby. "For he has been shot in the head  and wears a prosthetic leg. He has been sitting here for three days now, waiting for Groening. A gentleman who assists and  monitors for Groening gave him yesterday a Tinfoil Ball and he now holds it firmly in his right hand  while thinking about his recovery. Terrible how they have battered him in the war, he can hardly move.!"
I observed  this poor man for a long time deep in thought. All motionless he sits there, a picture of misery. Suddenly he stirs suddenly. An arm rises abruptly upwards, as if to chase a fly away. But no! he grasps the table and with a jolt his whole frame rises and he stands up. The crutches fall to the ground with a clatter. Standing tall  the man stays on the spot.  Another jerk and with heavy steps he stomps in my direction. Everything around us seems to be  frozen as if holding its breath. It's so silent, you could hear a pin drop. "Man," he shouts at me "I can walk again" A grin running across his face. "it’s all gone, I feel like a god!"
Under spontaneous cheers erupting all around he goes outside the public room, he walks and walks and proclaims to all who are outside whether  sitting  or standing: "I can walk again!"
Inside the dining room his crutches lay under the table.
Specific reports of such changes in the condition of patients, who have participated in these mass healings successfully have been  recorded  in this book.
It is in very rare cases  that any person who participated in this assembly  failed to feel the healing wave. Many lost their acute pain immediately while being in the area. For others the force worked afterwards gradually as they kept their faith. And  in the cases of  very long-term organic diseases. In many cases immediate healing effects happened which are known because they were witnessed in a visible form by bystanders who were in the area  also.  Almost at every mass healing were many who felt  influenced by witnessing many others  who were paralysed and who felt the intensity of the the power which made them rise from their wheelchairs or those who were lame and were able to throw away their crutches. In some cases even the blind ones recovered suddenly their eyesight. Those spontaneous healings were therefore of the utmost importance and impacted those other ones  seeking their own healing, for which the reaction worked at a slower pace. Their  faith in  finding and accepting help was thus established and strengthened against all temptations and  unbelieving sceptics.
Mrs. L., the wife of a colleague - in the media profession learned to understand  what is important – she  gave me a very lively account: Her right arm was paralysed.  For almost half a year she was in clinical treatment for "plexus neuritis brachialis left. Periarthirits climax“ with stiffening of the left shoulder joint"  neither  baths, injections or radiation therapy have helped her.
Amidst the gathering of ill people she was  so much under the spell of the amazing spontaneous healing of a paralysed child, which took place in her  immediate vicinity, that she no longer paid  attention to her own suffering. Suddenly she was then hit by a joyful  feeling, the perception that the disturbing heaviness was gone in her paralysed arm. Still hesitating, she tried to raise her arm. She succeeded without pain or effort. A few minutes later she could move it as freely as before the illness - and it has lasted without changing back afterwards.

Later I was able to gain new unknown success stories of the mass healings very often. There was a farmer who had been cured of liver swelling and who had seen a blind child recover his eyesight; a farmer whose hearing improved suddenly; a mechanic whose constant pain was decreasing gradually and which existed  as a consequence of polio; an asthmatic who could suddenly take a deep breath and now is free of all symptoms weeks after.  Many people who had been plagued by all kinds of neuroses, neuralgias and rheumatism, have seen their suffering vanish.  It's amazing how many healings occurred on those days as you listen only to the people concerned.



Recording of a lecture in Graz from Alfred Hosp on 16/10/2004

Bruno Groening has been incarnated on earth to show people the spiritual path. Show that man lives between birth and death, although a physical body is said to be just a tool, namely the instrument of the immortal spirit.
The embodied soul or the embodied spiritual has been asked before the incarnation: "Look, that would be your fate, that would be your task. Do you want it?“ This objective is built on the past, because a spirit doesn’t come for the first time to the world, but has many incarnations behind, in which guilt was established, as well as skills were given.
We have seen a television program yesterday with the famous violinist Andre Rieu. He is a very good violinist and has a large orchestra. This Rieu has presented a three year old boy who was a perfect violinist.
Question: How is it possible, that keep coming up so-called "miracle kids", who have the skills that they have not learned? Bruno Groening has explained that they bring with them those abilities from earlier, from their previous lives and remember. The little fellow has played the violin with the Big Ones and has not come out of the clock. That was great.
Thus man should realize that he is a spiritual being, which has already existed before the incarnation.
This being, what is expecting to be a child, will be shown his fate awaiting him in broad outlines, and then will be asked if he wants to fulfill this task. It indeed has a free will. Because most souls have a more or less bad consciousness because they know exactly what they've done before, they say, "Yes, of course, I’ll do everything. I just want a body again, so I can amend, make it good everything again!"
When Bruno Groening visited Klagenfurt he always was a guest at a  particular family’s house. The lady of the house was indeed rich but unhappy because her husband "had affairs" from time to time. Once she was very depressed and mentioned to Bruno Groening, that she would be happy if she could leave and have life already behind her. "Well, well," Bruno Groening said ... "and you were the one who cried the most of being born again." That’s it. We should regard our life positively and as our task too, so that we put down negative attributs deliberately and , that we are free when we leave this body.
For example: it is not okay when Bruno Groening is presented only as a healer. The people hope that they will be healed by the divine power mediated by him. But this is only a very small part of their duties in this earthly life. The other part is that we move forward so that we break down the various flaws and mistakes to leave at the end freely.
Then a question came up, why we should be healed physically, when once we have to leave the body anyway. There Bruno Groening has stated something very interesting:

"Man should be free of burdens, when leaving the body, because then he's free at the other side too."
But when he leaves the body charged and quarrels with God, then he takes all the dirt to the other side and must be reborn in that state after a certain time, in which he has left the body. Then you may consider whether this is the reason why today so many loaded children come into the world? Is it perhaps why they took their loads in past lives and have gone over in despair?
Healing is a very large complex. Some persons become healthy and carry on their mistakes, i.e they do not value their health. If one has been healed, has become healthy, one should be grateful and ensure that one continue to learn on the basis of physical health, to become more free from all defects and flaws. Now comes the hammer, so to speak! Bruno Groening has said that this is the greatest sanctification ,when man walks over to the other side unburdened, when he leaves the body, when he dies. But most people on the other hand complain and whine,  that he, who died, was not helped, because he's dead. In reality, it is like that. He is liberated, when he is able to let go, when he surrenders his fate entirely to God, which can be the greatest cure for these people as spiritual beings.

Petra with a help seeking drug addicted womanNote of Admin. Petra Ruether:
Here I want to share an experience with you, I've witnessed, when we had built up the communities for drug addicts. We had been also in my hometown Berlin and before the community hour began, we always walked about two hours on the drug scene in order to address the addicts and then take them with us to our room. We wanted to help them by the teachings of Bruno Groening and to do “EInstellen” together with them and pray for them. One day we met a 30 year old woman, her name was Helga, who was in a very bad condition, with withdrawal symptoms, shivering and extremely aggressive she sat on the steps of a house entrance and I showed her my book and asked her if she wants to be free and told her in a few words what had happened to me through Bruno and God’s help, since I was also healed. At first she just laughed cynically and made fun of me. She said, that even I would probably not believe those things, what I told her there. That I became free from drugs though prayer and the Divine power. As I already turned away from her to move on, she called after me: "Wait, I'm coming with you!" And she crudely braced up herself and limped after me. I saw that she was really in a very bad health condition. We walked slowly together and passed a small kiosk. There she stopped and bought a small flask with brandy Schnaps and poured this down to Ex, without that I could stop her.
A community hour with drug addicts in Bremen....We finally arrived at our community room and she felt so weak that she lay down on a floor mat prepared by us for heavy cases. We started with the introduction and as the music started, she demanded to hand over her a bucket. She vomited profusely and long and was followed afterwards our lecture at least half an hour quietly and peacefully on her mat. We continued with our community hour and finally she said that’s enough - too much for her - would go too much to the substance, she thanked us and stood up. She seemed visibly strengthened and monitored, said goodbye and left. We never saw her again, but a few months later we met a friend of her, who told us that she had made a complete withdrawal cure after the introduction, that she had become completely free from all addictions and that she had then died peacefully of natural causes. 

At first we were all shocked. But by her friend and Bruno’s statement about such events, we knew, that she had experienced a great liberation spiritually, and possibly could go over freely into a better world. So perhaps she could achieve a new healthy body into her next life on earth. Only God knows ...
Bruno Groening himself said, that it will be for him the most beautiful day when he must leave this earth again. For the people it was a disaster, however, because they suddenly did not longer believe in him. Although he had said that they should not cling to him, but learn to self-absorb the Divine force; they shouldlearn to realize that they can receive the divine power when they vibrate in harmony with the Divine. 

When the river joins the ocean
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About "tuning in" properly and 
how to absorb the Divine Energy
by Alfred Hosp, from a talk on a CD

Dear friends,
Welcome from the bottom of my heart. Today I’ve got a very special and interesting topic to share – I would like to speak about the Divine Energy, which Bruno Groening transmitted to us. Bruno Gröning told us that we have to absorb more Divine energy - every day - …. so I will start at the beginning: 

We’re living on this Earth not only in a biosphere, nor just in an atmosphere, - but also in a sphere of Divine Energy. This sphere of Divine Energy does not come along only with a certain vibration but the absorption of a vibration depends also by a field force.  Bruno Groening says that we, all of us, need to absorb the vibration in a strong field force of divine energy, to live permanently in harmony within our bodies, mind and souls. Human beings need the proper energy vibration and strength for their life, to maintain bodily health and harmony. This can be gained by a very simple practice that Bruno showed us: by sitting correctly and being prepared to receive (absorb) the Divine energy, and then asking with open hearts and hands - as I’ll describe below.

Now I will tell you a little about experiences we have had being with Bruno Groening. When Bruno stood before his friends, he spoke to each individual about harmony with God. As he spoke, energy streamed from his whole body, from his mouth, from the words he spoke, from everywhere - sending energy, powerful energy to the friends. He described himself as a transformer of divine energy, delivering energy and power to each person according to his needs. Groening asked the friends to sit-up straight, preferably keeping away from the back of the chair with palms open on thighs, with legs uncrossed and their body relaxed. His instructions on how to sit were very precise; "Yes, whoever leans against the back of their chair is lazy", said Bruno. Then he asked the friends to notice and feel what happens inside of their bodies, as their energies are transformed.

Nowadays things are a little different, because the transformer (Bruno) is no longer physically in front of us. Now we must become our own transformers, and Bruno Groening stated that in future the friends would be able to switch on the Divine energy-field and take-up this power - the divine energy - by their own efforts.
There will be soon a reprint of the book entitled "The Great Turnaround", in which Bruno mentions that a time will come when everyone will be able to help himself, to heal himself. That’s the point so far I will guide the people, he said.

The original book "The Great Turnaround" ('Die Grosse Umkehr', written by Dr. Kurt Trampler) tells us of the great miracles occurred in 1949 with huge crowds that gathered around Bruno at the "Traberhof", a large country property at Rosenheim, near Munich. I am able to offer copies of extracts from this book as I own a signed copy of the original. This is a keepsake from that time when I knew him.
"Yes, my dear friends, we need to release everything now - and this is not so easy for us, as we need to sense and feel within our bodies, inside, and so get aware of all our inner sensations. We should create an image before our inner eyes to calm down our thoughts. Everyone is able to do it his own way.  

One may imagine a wonderful flower, or a beautiful landscape or something pleasant from your memory, something that made and still makes you happy. Mostly is may be that we imagine the Divine Power as a bright light within us. Bruno said that one may feel the power in a variety of different ways: e.g. by smelling a flowery fragrance or there are friends who could see it as a clear bright light. So it depends on your own how to achieve the inner calmness and harmony. Don’t try it but just do it by going into retreat. Don’t let come up with any sorrows. It is most important to be highly confident, to build up confidence in our LORD GOD, as Bruno told us.

In a written dedication of Bruno Gröning he mentioned:, "Whoever does not honor God, is not worthy of life". So he wants to move the people into a deep faith, into a deep trust, into a deep confidence and he basically encourages us to EXERCISE. Constant exercising is ALWAYS the most important thing when we want to achieve the mastership of something. Look at the sportsmen or look at the musicians, who have to exercise many hours daily. It doesn’t come from alone.
Man was given a free will. ‘As the will as the thought is’,  Bruno said. So let’s exercise the thoughts of harmony, dear friends. Let’s exercise this way not to be set into restlessness or agitation anymore…come what may come. We are just able to maintain calmness when we are in deep confidence, which was built up beyond any difficulties. We have to recognize ourselves, we have to learn to accept ourselves just as we are. And we have to learn, that in truth we are Divine beings. And as divine beings we have got the task to put good deeds into action.

There is a mark in a book, I will publish for you: “Powers of the Spirit”, and there is a mark in it where God speaks to the people. And He said: “You should have been preservers of Creation!” But what have you done? You have become desecrators!! So think about your true mission on earth: Think good and radiate the divine. Further He said: Thoughts are forces you take up. As more often you think about one thought as more you give him strength. So be attentive. Take care of your thoughts, your wishes. And be mindful about the castles in the air, you have built, if they are good or whether they serve other people to find the right path. As often we think a certain thought as more power we spend to it. So it happens often, that man becomes a servant of his own perceptions. Sometimes people think: I can’t give up this idea, I don’t want to give up that what has hunted me, tormented me in reality. Often it’s a matter of fact that we are not ready to forgive another person. What are we praying the Lords Prayer 100 times or 1000 times on and on: “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors“. But honestly asked: Are we able to forgive really those who have offended us and insulted us? How often do you say: No, this I can’t forget, I will never forget that what this person has done to me...and yet you are involved with negative feelings, negative thoughts, NEGATIVE ENERGIES have caught you and yet you have burdened yourself with it. Finally it is all about to recognize ourselves and to discover the ways in which we may need to change.


Gift of dreams
Daniel Kobialka
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”Be a God’s listener” 
Talk by Alfred Hosp 11.02.2002

We are all spiritual resonant. We have a spiritual inner vibration field. And we determine the kind and way of our vibration. You can choose to take always the negative, that you are always in doubt, you’re always in fear and always see the bad.
By this means, your vibrations are accordingly always negative. You can watch people, who are afraid of this and that might happen, or if they might overlook a danger. They feel delivered to an undetermined fate. And if you feel like being delivered to an undetermined fate, you will be scared, very scared of the future. Then you will not take notice, what the next day brings.

05.By your behavior, by your belief, by your instability, you program many things, which otherwise never would arrive, dear friends. So it comes to earn some self confidence, where we can say,I know what I want, I go my way, I will do the right thing, I want to do the right thing, I will be for other people a supporter

Then the future comes with positive vibes to us.My dear friends, it’s all vibration. Every thought consists of vibrations; every thought is reacting back to us. And if you always have the same negative thought, you will be programmed negative. If a human always is scared, my friends, it will take shapes. And you may say:
Goodness gracious! I’m shivering for the next day to come, if I only think about it. 

Yes, my friends, does it have to be like this? Why are we always scared? Why do we always fear the worst? No reply! Because they not dare to do something, and because man feels delivered. Yes, but by whom do you feel delivered? But not by being against God? God is love. God is energy, God gives us all of what we are ready to incorporate, my dear friends. But if we don’t learn the willingness, if we even don’t consider that it is possible at all, if we only prevail for our own sake, in physical, we will never ever see what spiritual help is able to do. It always comes back to living in harmony, preferably to create life in harmony.

And it always comes back to feel the experience inside, how close God is, how close to us the divine vibrations really are. And after the experience a tremendous thankfulness should come. Man should be thankful to have a life here on earth. And not the other way round to say, what kind of life is this? This is like a dog’s life. Or even to blame the parents for life here on earth. Dear friends, those are absurd ideas and because of those devious thoughts, real difficulties will appear. Then one should not say: “Well, that’s exactly what I’ve expected, it will go wrong!” And it went wrong!

But man should look at himself: what have I evoked? What went wrong because of my own discontent?

What went wrong because of not having self- confidence? It is so essential to work out self-confidence, to reach self-confidence. Self-confidence is to trust in God.
We are the children of God, and we can only receive the divine, if we know we are born divine. That is the secret. So, it depends on us, on our attitude to life, how we master life. And it is needful not to blame others, not to look for guilt at another, not to say he or she is guilty, that’s why I am suffering, but to concentrate on oneself, on our own life, on our character traits, where we ask ourselves, what do I contribute, that I could feel better.

06. What do I contribute, that I will be accepted just as I am. Do not say: my God, he is such a disgusting guy. There are disgusting gals, too. You have to be really honest with yourself. And time after time you should look into a mirror and ask, yes you there, who are you? What are you, as you are, where are you from? And you should learn to accept yourself. You should learn to be content with yourself, even when you are physically not a beauty. It is easy to be content when you are pretty. But that is only the physical side, my friends; more important is the spiritual beauty, if you have shiny eyes, if you are looking forward in the morning, when the day begins, when you can be active. And we slowly comprehend, what BG meant by saying: every day is a gift from God. Every minute is to experience God and to radiate the divine. The divine is called harmony. The divine is called charity. Wish to do one's service to your next, service also for your environment, service for your fate.

Do you see my friends, since I got to know BG, I look different at Christianity; see it in a different light, in reality. We all have learned, love your next, and love your enemies and so on. But the logic is different, it is when we think, we are logically right, when we defend ourselves. Yes, my friends, logically. But we should not forget, the earthly logic is emanating from brain and the divine logic is emanating from the heart. If man wants to prevail something with violence or force something, he should listen to his body.

7. What does the heart say to it? Is the heart sad? Does it feel sad? He will say: rubbish, I have the right to fight. But my dear friends, fight means karma. And if we prevail something, we create new karma, new bonds. And you can only solve bonds by your own example, in order that the other would say: “Aha, he is acting different. Why is that? Logically he should bang on the table!”
And if we are able to stay calm, it matters, when we also stay calm inside our body and spirit. If we are strong enough within our own divine love, my dear friends, an exterior calm will come. But you must have patience. You should not say: “So, now I am curious, now I believe in God, now I am really curious whether it works!”
How shall it work, when you say, I am curious? In this case, the doubt exists, because you are in doubt. Because you doubt the success by saying, now I am curious. But doubting means doubt. Who doubts himself, doubts the divine bond, and that means you don’t believe in God. BG had said: “Never doubt the good. Who doubts the good doubts himself and is not able to experience the good.”
Unfortunately on earth we are educated to say, I firstly want the evidence, then I will believe. Oh, my friends, do you know what is wrong about that? Wrong is, we conduct the success by our own hand. We are at the switch. It is just as we switch off the light and say, now I am curious whether it will be light. Yes, we switch off and expect that the so-called miracle, the healing, nevertheless will appear. If we doubt the good, we are switching ourselves off from this vibration, my friends. The good is a vibration the same as the bad! Human always has the free will. Every second the human has the free will, my friends, if we want the good, if we trust the good or if we yet again will be driven by the brain and let doubts arise inside. When the doctor shakes his head questionably…the fear appears, then the doubt comes on.

For God’s sake, what has the doctor again found on me? I should not speak against the doctor; it should in opposite speak against us, because in this moment we do not have the belief to trust. Alright the body has currently this disturbance. Currently he is out of order, but that does not say something about the future. And alright, it is this and that has been found, ok. I trust in God, I trust in the doctor, too, that he is going to find the right answer.

Filled with Love
Daniel Kobialka
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Warm heartedness – Cold heartedness
Talk by Alfred Hosp on 26.02.1986

Unfortunately, we have to realize that for many people the "Heart Winter" has dawned, from which they often can’t escape. Mental and spiritual ice age is more common than we think and it is to blame for the world conditions. Therefore, we have a big job - to radiate - namely to make us free from the constrictions of the environment.

The ice is around us and becomes any dangerous to who gets to feel it. Just as a ship will be crushed when it is included in the growing ice. The ice of the people, this ice of their hearts and feelings, creates anxiety or depressed moods within us. There only one thing helps: namely the connection to God: Absorbing of power, faith, peace and confidence. Then we feel better. People can pick up so much power, they can save so much love and confidence in themselves so that the ice does not come around up to them. An ice-free space around the human being remains when it radiates goodness. There he may be in his sphere glad and happily ever after, even if it looks very different around him.
 When we practice, take in the good, the divine, so we can look forward, without there being an external occasion for it. Suddenly joy occurs in us, and actually we do not know why. This has nothing to do with imagination, but it is a joy of the soul and no joy of logic. This joy of the soul proves to us that we have an inner connection that is built beyond the earthly events in us.

Man has made a mistake - he was educated this way - that he let his brain always be programmed from outside. At school we have to learn certain substances. Through education and in dealing with people, we are motivated, attacked or concentrated from the outside. We must respond again and again to things that come from the outside. So we have forgotten how to recognize from the inside out.

The inner wire, the path from heart to brain is the secret, that’s the connection to God. Usually it is the other way around, so that the path is going from brain to heart. We are experiencing a shock and have the feeling that our heart is getting cold as ice, as if it were standing still.
Or our heart begins frantically knocking. Oppressions that we have are going from the head to the heart. If we learn to consciously switch off, to let go, we feel at once the reverse path, the path from the heart to the brain. Because something is activated at once, which is suddenly there. Since feelings are awake, the thoughts are bright, happy and confident. This is the inner conduit, the conduit of God to man. This is the only chance to finally kick off narrow restrictions and the limitations of our physical life.
The feeling of being guided by a great physical force, which sends us strength and love, when we need it, is our spiritual support. It doesn’t need not be proved anything, it doesn’t need to be logically proven. There is a limit, which is to everyone to comply. An area where we need to use the brain to cope with life. But there is also a limit where we will push back our logical thinking. Who can, who can eliminate the dominance of the brain, which has the ability to connect with the divine.

So it must be understood that Christ said: 
"Unless you become as little children, you will not see the kingdom of heaven".

There is much that we have to do and like to do, but does it depend on the logic? Does it depend on the fact that we say: If I get this -  I'll do this and that? If you think like that, is it good for the people or do you burden yourself with it? 

Despite similarity there is a big difference between computers and humans. Although the technical unit has reached an incredible perfection, it remains cold, it remains dependent on specific commands and responds to a certain situation always the same. Just as it has been programmed. Just as a person reacts, who knows only logical thinking only logical action and logical response. He is then a machine, impersonal and facing only the matter.

Do we need more? Do we need logical interpretation and exegesis, which divides us again, instead of connecting us? There are so many Christian splinter groups, there are so many confessions and sects and what is dividing the people? Not the word of Christ, but the interpretation of the words. They are to blame for the separation for the splintering and for the dispute talk. Logic and not heart.

Would people let their heart speak and their feelings, unite in silence and each record the Christian thought for itself and realize it, there would not be a reason for dispute talks.
 Each human follows a (more or less) spiritual path and has personal experiences. Each has a God concept, which he has earned and which he has also varied during the course of his life. So every being has a personal idea of God. (Even when you don’t believe in God, it is an idea, even so it is negative).

The next hour or the next day concept could be different as currently. Whichever the human experienced what he feels and what he suddenly realizes. But should that be the reason to say one is right and the other is wrong? With that the misery and the ruin start, when someone argues, only his opinion is the right thing. If man is disputing on what he thinks, what he has experienced, the destruction of the words will begin the dogmatization, the constriction, and disagreement.
The human should finally learn, to talk less, to dissect less, must not persuade all. Man should rather learn to be quiet in harmony with the good, to serve the divine, the powerful.

Open the door
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Alfred Hosp lecture 19.07.2003
Where Man stands today

Bruno Groening said:
"Man acts according to his will, as the will, so the thought is."
Yes, my friends, but there are different thoughts. There are thoughts of constructive nature which makes us happy,  joyful,  which let us become strong. On the other side there are a lots of thoughts of the negative kind. But I have learned and also read somewhere in a book, where it was said that Man thinks 60,000 times per day, and it would be nice if some thoughts would be of a positive nature.
How „modest“ people are today.
Yes but how did that happen that it’s so difficult for us to think positively, to plan positively. And since BG has said something that we have not known before. Namely: Man can not think, he only takes up thoughts. And that is strictly logical, because everything which comes into our mind, is already existing in creation, so it is already there and we just need to take it.
Now it ‘s like that all thoughts are certain forms, mental forms, which have got a certain vibrational energy within. Clairvoyants can see good thoughts as bright light and other clairvoyants compare uneasy thoughts with dark colours. And therefore are different areas in the spiritual world as well as on earthly level, just as we have areas on earth. Some of them are nice, where everything is green, where everything is harmonious. And there are also areas of ice, and there are also areas of desert or wasteland, where nothing grows any longer. And there are spiritual regions where negative thoughts are located. And of course those areas are also animated. And whether we believe it or not, they are animated by uneasy spirits who Bruno has also called evil.
Let us start now on this area, because we are always confronted with evil things repeatedly. Actually, we don’t like it but we are careless and suddenly an idea shoots us in the head, which makes us uneasy, that wants us to remind, how dangerous life is, that everything will go wrong, etc. And at that moment, when we start to deal with these negative energies or vibrations, but low-energy vibrations, at the instant man becomes degraded, man becomes weak, he falls in despair, etc. However, it depends on us whether we really delve into these negative energies. That means, they are negative because they have got a lower vibration than our own natural vibration. And therefore they withdraw power from us. The power of thought, the power of word, this only limits us. And we should get off those negative energies Bruno called evil. While we pray instead, while we are calm and while focusing on positive things, when we are going to ask for the positive.
So man acts according to his will. If he permits negative, the will is negative, and if he seeks positive, his will always be positive. So it depends on the person which wave he receives. There are these two transmissions, dear friends, even though there are many philosophies proclaiming that there is no devil, there is nothing evil, that's just fantasy of people. But Bruno said: man receive thoughts, he is a receiver and no sending station. That means, he can’t create new, he only picks up what he receives. Of course, he will then forward it to others.  At one hand he could pass evil, on the other hand the good. 

Further on Bruno said: "The thought is moving man to action,!" that means, that what we think, what we imagine, that we want to put into action. But here is something very interesting. If we always want the equally good, then it’s fine. But if we always have an equally negative thought, i.e. when man thinks in circles, then this thought always becomes stronger. And then comes the time when man is driven by his idea and he is no longer free, and he must repeatedly do what he imagines. This could lead to murder, my friends. This way murder can appear, most of murders neither are devised nor pre-planned. But it comes about in affect, when the energy steams off, because the opportunity is there. Then the one bitterly regrets: I don’t know why I did that, I did not want to. That is one side: Man acts according to his will. As the will so the thought is. The thought moves man to action. So we must all think first before we do it.

So mind control is so important, my friends, to be careful what we think, to be careful what we feel, that we don’t let us be drifted. After all, who let drive himself, always comes back into the vortex of unfavourable feelings. And since it is so important that we consciously recognize the old teaching of Christ: Love your enemies! As long as we still have anger inside on anybody, we are very weak, we are very worried, we will never experience tranquillity as it is written in Spaldings book. (No man may be applicable currently, but when he is able to rest inside completely, as I read it). Again and again the same thought, again we get distracted from ourselves.
Just as Bruno said: "Now be quiet please, do not always think at the excruciating headache, don’t hold your handbag so tightly, let it go!", he said: "Let it go and take up the goodness. Don’t always doubt the good."

Yes, that was 50 years ago and it is still like that today, that man rather doubt than trust. If you say, „Trust and believe, it will be all right. Everything will become well!“ And what do you often get as a reply? „Hopefully“, hopefully you're right!!
But the word "hope" is already a kind of doubt. One doubts the good. And in the word "Maybe - maybe I have success tomorrow" thus you doubted as well ... you yourself dares to nothing. Then I'll try it once. But what can you try? One should just do it. It is about doing, at least, it's about doing, to achieve the inner peace. And then it comes to the confidence that we are born in God, in the great divine God we are born. And if we recognize that, my dear friends, that we are born as divine beings, and suddenly our heart opens for God's power. Because we determine if we can receive that what is available.
We must say yes to it, we have got the full freedom of God, to say yes or to say no, to believe or not to believe. But what we do with that freedom that is then the result. Everything we do, all we think, has consequences. And if we do not trust to experience something, then the person experiences negative effects and then he says: Yes, well, I did indeed know immediately that it goes wrong. Because he did not know it, because he has not trusted and because he has expected and assumed it.
He assumed, that it goes wrong, and it went wrong. Just as the thought, the man acts. The thought moves man to action. If the idea is positive, the fact is positive. When our thought is negative, we have to bear the negative consequences. This is the great mystery why we live. And all affects the body.
The good affects us just like the bad does, and one can only warn, to deal with negative things. For example, in the family or in the narrow circle often rules strife and discord and heaven only knows what.  Then we should be so strong that we say this is not our problem, this they have to rule among themselves. Sometimes that’s not easy, for example, when family ties are calling. Or if it is, when the mother says, my God, I love my children, I just want to help them. So we must not forget that even in the Bible stands, the children leave their parents and go their own way. It is like that, and there is no difference ..... and if we assume that and says: Well, I know it and I let go, then comes the healing.

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He is exalted
Family of Mary
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dear Bruno Gröning

"Trust and believe, it helps, it heals the divine power!"
Bruno Gröning


Marco Frisina
Laudatio si mi Signore
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Bruno Gröning at a media press conference -
Newspaper report: Munich City Gazette, 
2nd Sept. 1949:

The entire press has gathered on Wednesday afternoon on the "Traberhof" near Rosenheim in order to witness the first organized media conference by the miracle doctor Bruno Gröning. In the great hall of the gambling room the roulette tables were removed. In the lounge chairs journalists were in great expectation. The cameramen built up their sound- and movie equipment at all corners and ends, spotlights bathes the room in bright magnesium light. In front of the building the thousand-headed crowd was waiting again, blind, lame, deaf and other sick and aside from quite a few curious ones.
The message, told that Groening had flown to Berlin, has been proven wrong. He had been in Heidelberg and has just right now returned. At three o'clock in the afternoon it was announced that the conference would begin until five o'clock. A minister wouldn’t have permit that himself, but Groening could afford it. None of the journalists have left.
Groening appeared then at least on time at five o'clock in the usual outfit: Blue polo shirt, without a jacket, with a shade lighter self-bound tie. His long, wavy back hair gave him something Gypsy. With a confidently look he overviewed the assembled press and satisfied assessed, that his name was enough to elicit the whole Yellow Press in the Upper Bavarian mountain village.
Mr. Hülsmann from Herford initially introduced the conference by  asking decisively the persons present to stop smoking. Obediently we ruled out all our pipes and cigarettes, not even to disturb the magical powers of the miracle doctor. But when we found out, that precisely Bruno Groening steamed one cigarette after another, also brought us our cigarette cases again.
Report of a journalist and a doctor
At first, the Munich journalist Dr. Trampler piped up. He came to Gröning a few days ago as a reporter and was healed by him. He previously could move only painfully with a stick due to an air war injury, and easily since running around without a cane. Because of his miraculous healing Dr. Trampler announced, that he has had a meeting with the Secretary of State Dr. Schwalber at the Bavarian Interior Ministry, which has assured that a way could be found to enable Groening to open up a healing practice under certain conditions.
Next a physician reported that Groening had healed a number of his patients without having them ever seen. "I have convinced myself as a doctor from the fact that Groening has healed cases, which have been impossible to be cured by us. Therefore I couldn’t understand that Groening was challenged to join a course in clinics in order to be allowed to heal at all. What are we doctors able to teach Groening to learn more? We can learn from him rather more."
The well-known Munich lawyer Dr. Roedel stated that there was no right to prohibit Groening’s healing activity. No law can forbid, to help another person.
"I give you to know..."
Under great excitement of all present Groening took then the word to an address. His way of expressing himself, perhaps sometimes seemed to be primitive. He himself admits that he is not "sophisticated" in the ordinary sense. Yes, he says, rather, that he is no way "literate or studied". He was a simple man, a nerd, who didn’t want to accept something from others. "I give you to know" - he explained, "that it is not a human, but a divine power that let me heal people. I have no intention to let me checked by the science or medicine even once.  I am no man, who wants to make money this way and I don’t want to compete with physicians. If one clears the way for me to help people and to heal them as well, then I'll stay for now in Germany, if not, then I'm gone in the fastest way.
I'm no physician, nor miracle doctor. I’m the little Groening and wants to keep it like that. If I make a diagnosis, I don’t need see patients before my eyes. It does not matter where one is located.
I can even tell you about the past, present and future, I can also specify from people who are already dead for centuries, what they died from. I am able to tell you now what happens tomorrow and after tomorrow."
There's not to underrate that this confident Announcements by Groening among journalists provoked scepticism. But what follows is either the greatest hoax of the twentieth century or something really inexplicable.
A blind man received sight
A recently still blind man speaks now to the press conference as evidence of his healing by Groening. From his wristwatch he reads the minutes and seconds and let circulate simultaneously his previous pension certificate. It continues that a very serious looking older gentleman performs, who reported that since 15 years his wife has had an ear trouble. She could barely hear and had become tired of life through constant painful tinnitus. The first expert in the hospitals of Vienna, Berlin and other cities had declared that this suffering was incurable. He went to Hamburg to reach Groening, and when he learned that he has already left, he followed him throughout Germany, but also in Herford he was too late. But he got permission from the housekeeper in Herford, that his wife was allowed to sit for a few seconds in the previously used armchair of Groening. From that moment his wife has been cured of tinnitus she entirely ceased and has gained back her hearing ability.
One after the other witness showed up, sometimes they reported with tears in their eyes, of the miracle cures by Groening. However, most striking was, as a well-known Munich journalist spoke up and declared: "I came here today as reporter and have not spoken a word with Groening. I have lost one kidney in the war, the other caused me most pain, and I was no minute free of it. Suddenly, as Groening came in, my pain was blown away, and this state already now holds on over an hour. I can’t feel my painful kidney anymore. "
A lady gave a shout and said that she had met a woman far from Rosenheim, who had been with Groening. The woman told her that she had been healed by Groening. "When I expressed my regret that I previously couldn’t even go to Groening in order to heal my paralyzed arm, the woman said that it was quite unnecessary, and that I should just take her a hand, because she comes from Groening recently, and the force that overflowed from him to her, must work on other people as well. And when the woman gave me her hand, I could suddenly move my for many years paralyzed arm again."
And as a sign that she told the truth, the spokeswoman waved her arm in all directions. "Only the hand is not quite mobile, but I hope that Groening will heal me of this disability too."
Not only the voltage but also the heat in the room by Jupiter lights of the film people increased more and more. A great atmosphere arose among all those miracles. Not only the journalists put their hands on their head, whether they are still normal. Is it mass hysteria or what extraordinary operations are going on here?
As Gröning now is going to distribute his famous "silver bullets (tin-foil balls)" to press reporters, photographers and film people all pushing forward to Groening to catch one of these mysterious "magic balls" that are well known on the Black market and sold in imitations already to expensive prices. The silver balls made of tinfoil of the American cigarette packets. Groening crumples them together in his hand and spread them to the persons present.
"But I ask you not to take the beads in your left hand, but only in the right! If you have come with the desire not only to write about me in the papers but to help you with a suffering, so take this opportunity and you will be helped! The ball may not be touched of a stranger. If  you take the ball into your own hands, don’t think of your suffering, but just watch yourself what is going on, you will feel the power that will heal you. "

“I will help and heal everyone, but prove…"
As a press representative presents the suggestion to Gröning to convince the journalists by his miraculous power in that he now performs a cure before them,  Groening explained very determined: "I do not feel obliged to give you some prove here, and that I am able to accomplish healings. Go and trace the healings that actually occurred, check the cases. People do not have authorization to demand evidence from me when you’ve got already so much evidence. I help and heal everyone, but I won’t give you prove. "
Even three hours lasted this press conference. Outside now thousands of people had gathered. A voice calls through the window: "Mr. Groening, come out to us sick ones! The press is not so important!" Groening comforts the caller:" Be patient! I heal thousand at once more easy than a single. "
At the end Groening agrees to answer inquiries from members of the press, but reserved the right to decide which questions he would answer. When asked whether it was right, that some have been healed and got back their old disease after a short time,  Groening said, yes that has actually occurred in some cases.  Here the press is to blame. If one should read in spiteful articles in the newspapers, Groening would be a fraud and a charlatan, then subsequently each must ask, what villain am I since fallen prey. The patient will get suspicious and fall back into his old sufferings.
Chants of the outside waiting, calling for Groening finally let end the press conference, which had been recorded by the sound film from beginning to end. From all sides people still flow into the late evening hour, the people brought and wait patiently until Gröning shows up on the balcony of the house. They all expect healing from sickness and pain.

Munich City Gazette - 2nd September 1949

Bruno Gröning Lecture 4th of October 1958, 
Book "VORTRÄGE Bruno Gröning" only in German language available: 
Page 421, Line 26.


“And now dear friends, I would like to let you listen to a small clip, how people received the grace of God, and how one human being, who lived in France and belonged to the poorest of the poor, how this human being didn’t just saw the Mother of God, but also received some orders by her, some tasks, to lead human beings to the good path and to talk to the people, that they go to action.
That happened although at those times they hardly believed her and attacked her from the hand of authorities and wanted to put her into the madhouse. They did everything possible with this girl: An interrogation after another. Today people went to action, that means, not only today, but for a very long time – and today they start to believe, but they still are doing trials and that is still bad.
Many people achieve salvation, coming to this cave in Lourdes at that place, where the Mother of God appeared to Bernadette, and still appears today to those who come well prepared and drink the holy water or get bathed with. They are standing in front of the cave and receive the grace of God and they experience salvation.

During the many years I 'd convinced myself again then and there, when I showed up to a certain time at this location.

It's too much, when I think to speak about that all: how and who of those people have ever experienced salvation, only those who didn’t come unprepared, but who had prepared themselves, and arrived also with the belief:  “When I'll be there, I don’t just imagine, then I know I'm healthy”. But mostly it is like that, most of which have arrived unprepared must go back home as they came, even sadder than they arrived. Because nothing has happened! They searched the miracle around and not within themselves. They didn’t know, they have to detach from evil to become worthy and to receive the good, the Divine. If not, even the Lourdes water is useless. This all is useless, also the coming, the whole pilgrimage. A person is unworthy when he don’t like to do something, that means, when he don’t like to work at himself. It serve no purposes. He is just an awful drag here.

If you say yes to the good and as you should already know - you are going to prepare for the next session, the next event when I may be here again. Please prepare yourself, because I may be here again at the 6 of December to prepare you of the meaning of Christ and his birth, for the meaning of your own birth. Get clear, dear friends! I prepare you right now today. Do something now! I am doing something too. Look, you need your 8, your 10, 12 hours sleep, you need your meals and drinks. You thought too, you need peace but didn’t find it, but you think that has to be like that. I don’t want that all. I don’t only have to do more, but I can do more for you as you all together could do. When you are asleep, I’m awake, I’m praying, because then you receipt the best. But what do you know about? I don’t have to tell you, but I have to do one thing: DO IT!! And always the question comes up: What does any single person for himself?

How stupid this sounds sometimes when people come and ask: “Come on, Gröning, give an evidence, give me some proof, then I will believe!” Yes, you – for you I believe – but that you’re asking such stupid questions, talk so crazy – I have to give you proof.  I haven’t to put up with it. I have got it already. But you really need it and I should give you proof? No, that’s weird, it’s stupid. I don’t like to use this word: is idiotically, is idiotic, no, but it sounds weird. What human beings demand? Yes, you live in your requirements. This little word require, not acquire, that makes much work for you. “Acquire – yes, but how? No I better require!” Other way round I would come to you and say: “I require now – not to get personally – I require now to give me your suit, your dress, come on, give me this and that…I require now that you should leave your apartment, that’s mine now. Hu, what would you say then? That is requirement. But you request much more from God. You demand it, most of you, almost everybody is demanding. Yes, but you should acquire all that what God has destined for you, but you know nothing about and it would be too much work too.

Divine Misericordia
Family of Mary
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A. Hosp, lecture: 
Detect the path to yourself:
Dear friends, I welcome you all warmly and would like to serve you a memory of Bruno Groening:

First, he has asked: "Must it always be the evil that works for good?" He asked that, because people always have come to him, tormented by evil, by diseases and by many other problems. So they came to Bruno Groening and have believed or hoped that he can deliver them from suffer and pain. Indeed, he did. But in reality it’s also true, that Bruno and all other great masters can only show the way, the path to themselves.
Eucharia Colomba
Hildegard of Bingen
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When a person recognizes the divine within and feels it, gets involved with the Divine, then he receive the strength to overcome all difficulties, to provide and see all that is necessary in order to make his life meaningful. And it is always a matter of recognizing the meaning of life. Namely, that we have been given a body by God, not to do nonsense with it, not to move away from God, not uphold to unbelief, but we have got the body by God to use it as an instrument for knowledge.
So what does this mean: instrument for knowledge? That’s very simple. If we do something wrong, then we’ll get to feel it in our bodies. If we think something wrong, when we feel something wrong, we charge up the body with uneasiness and sooner or later we have to realize that the body no longer cooperates, as we would like to. However, you have to imagine so, that the body is a very tough matter. Indeed, Man can make daily wrong actions on his body without becoming sick episodes later.
We must know that we - every one of us - brought with us a certain kind of Karma. It need not to be a fault, it can also be something positive. In Karma both the positives and the negatives actions will be stored. And a human being at his birth always is given that kind of body in resonance to his Karma, and he gets the surrounding and those human souls around to dissolve the stored. It's always about the resolving part what oppresses us.
That, what causes us difficulties, that should not to be fight, my dear friends - fight always generates counter fight, violence generates violence - but one is supposed to reduce this by a lot of patience and especially through our daily meditation practice or Einstellen. Reducing means, we should dissolve it by knowledge, by humility, by confidence and faith
This is the most important of our tasks. And so we come in life along with situations that are not always well, which are not always pleasant. We get partners with whom there are frictions. And since I want the following to say: When people come together for some reason, need to work together, need to live together, or even are allowed to live together, so they have the task of improving their mutual karma. A way to walk together, I think, is a very nice job, especially when we know that ALL THAT is not in vain, what we can do or have to endure. If we say yes, when we keep serenity about the difficulties we might have, so we have a great opportunity to overcome and to be free of them.
Now my dear friends, there is not only a single Karma, there is also a family karma, there is also a country Karma and there is also an enfolding Karma for our entire world. And I must say, there are signs of change today. People have got the opportunity to work together to try the good and work together to realize the good.
BG: "Then comes a world government"
Yes, it’s do or die now: It's the fight in the world. Evil against good, and if we all stand together, we will succeed. And another thing reminded me of the story Bruno said. At the moment when all the most friends declared their solidarity, I remembered a sentence of Bruno Groening, when he said: "Yes, yes, first there is a united Europe, and then comes a world government, as he said literally, will come a world government, where the task forces, a joint task force, as Bruno said, will ensure that peace will be established over the whole world. Hmmm…this he told us at that time, 40 years ago, incredible. Until now, I thought, well, a united Europe is already in progress, but a world Government? Unimaginable. So now, so to speak, violence has struck and has shook up all people of goodwill. You have to imagine this. Also, all the different religions are shocked and pull on the same string. So mankind always has the choice between good and evil. Everyone has a choice. You can use a situation for the better and you can use a situation for evil.
“As the will so the thought is” Bruno Groening explained to us.
And if you have seen, what follows by evil thoughts, evil ideas, where it has been thought that is impossible, what do we learn from this? We learn that good thoughts and good ideas, that trust and faith is stronger than everything.
 We will only go so far, that we take this as a sign for the opportunity for Mankind to hold together tightly. And we should do something more, dear friends. We should be convinced that Mankind could make it! We should be convinced that God guides us so that violence does not win. Let us believe, that nonviolence will prevail. It is also up to us - to us little souls, it's up to us to pacify the world.
How can we understand that? We are children of God. And if we want the best, then we are with God, with the Divine, in connection with the divine energy. And when we connect with this energy, in deep faith, in deep conviction, in deep humility, then this belief is a trigger for the force of a strong Divine power field. The divine field is so strong – you can hardly believe how strong the divine field is. But it also needs people who believe that goodness in the world is happening.
We are just tools in this way, instruments of God, if we say yes to it and if we are firmly convinced if we have no doubt, if we don’t let put ourselves into fear and terror by false images. When we say, aha, and now we want more and more people who really want the good, really want the big reversal, as Bruno Groening said. Unfortunately it's mostly been the case that persons, who follow the divine path, have got immense difficulties. Hmm (laughs) and Goethe (the German poet and philosopher) let the “Mephistopheles” speak already in his tragic play “Faust”:
"I'm always a part of this kind of might, which always wants evil, but yet creates light!"
He, the evil one knows very well that he will ultimately lose, but he is trying again and again with temptation to test the free will of people and put them into trial.
God needs strong people in goodness, God needs people convinced in good. 

This must be borne in mind. And then Jesus said to the people: "Oh, but if you only were hot or cold! But because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out!” That means, with half-hearted people you can’t do anything with! And why should one be hot or cold? Because we know, the worst enemy could become the most convincing advocate. Just don’t forget, the Apostle Paul was a great persecutor of Jesus Christ: And then suddenly the light appeared to him, a very bright light. And Jesus has spoken out from this light: "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" And the great reversal happened to him. He was temporarily blind by the light, and then he took stock of himself, looked inside and asked himself: Yes, why do I persecute those, who want the good? And then he converted. And Saul has become Paul. And then he stood up for the good as before he fought for evil. When he would have been tepid, he’d only said: What do I care? I am neither advocate nor follower. And therefore it's important that you realize that by being lukewarm you burden yourself with guilt, because you don’t do what you’ve promised before birth.
Bruno once said that anyone has promised something before birth. And when a baby is born, it grow up, the brain will be programmed externally from the outside world, from external impressions and then also from inside. And the inner guidance, the quiet inner voice knocking softly at the door of the heart will be pushed away. ”Oh, stupid imagination!” you will think then, “nothing than stupid daydreams!”  And so some people miss their goal, many people don’t recognize the meaning and sense of their lives. Bruno Gröning said: they’ve spent their lives with senseless stuff, they didn’t experience anything. And when the time has passed, when they’ll lose that body which is called their own, at that moment standing at the threshold from here to beyond, there will be the judgement day for them, for everybody.

Man will not be judged by God, but he will be judged by his own memory. My dear friends, he will see his life running without the mask of materialism, without the veil of oblivion. And then he says: My God, he says, what would I have been able to do? And what have I done? And just as Faust says: "Now I stand here as a fool and I am not wiser, even more poor" that happens, when you’ve wasted your life.
But it's going much further, dear friends. When we are grateful for the body, which is a gift of God, so that we recognize the body at all, that we’ve got it to distinguish between good and evil. The body is the instrument that teaches us to discern. Without a body everyone is enclosed in its own sphere, where all are of the same mind. After death, we come together with like-minded people. And here on Earth, we have the chance, to meet the entire circumference of life, the entire spectrum of human kindness but also human meanness.

And there is the grace of God. Just imagine, that Bruno said to me, already in 1950: "Even y o u r body is a gift from God" then I thought: “oh my gosh!” But it's true! And I was able to use the gift. And we all should make use of this gift, all friends, all people are supposed to pay attention to their bodies and be grateful for every day. Let us listen into our inner voice, such as: what is my job, what is my task here? What can I do for me now so that my karma will be cleared?
When is Karma deleted?
And now there arises a question: When and how could Karma be cleared? What is Karma dissolving and what is producing new Karma? And if you think exactly about it and if you listen deep within, you will look sooner or later behind that all: Karma could only be dissolved by the higher divine and selfless love.
Everything else that we're doing, what we think, what we plan to do, even if we want to do good things, and even if we want to lesson or rebuke our partners, creates Karma, dear friends. One can only learn voluntarily and if we want to have a good marriage and explain everything, but with the necessary pressure behind it, we create Karma again.
So you can also build negative Karma in good faith, in the moment when we do not help others on a voluntary basis. Bruno said: to show the way, but not push or to pitchfork him with your foot onto the path. We must learn not to use violence. Man has already done so much violence and burdened himself with so much violence. Let us remember the Christianization: What did this Christianization created for negative karma? What kind of bonds has built the Christianization, which has been carried out by violence?
And the people, the reincarnated humans,  still today nibble at their Karma, without knowing why they are feeling so bad, my friends?

One can only resolve his fate (Karma) by the will to do good!

Alfred Hosp

Anima Christi
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30th March 2016: 
Today Online Meeting of souls
at 8:30 pm CEST

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Divine Misericordia
Family of Mary
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Today I would like to tell you again some wisdom from Bruno Gröning, auspicious for our daily life and for our soul and body as well. 

When he said: „if you would like to receive the good, healing from illness or what ever, you have to detach from evil, you have to let go all uneasy thoughts, all thoughts of illness, problems and everything in life, that made you uncomfortable. Don’t waste one single thought for negativity.  Take up instead thoughts of joy and devotion, or pray to God, thank HIM for your life and feel like an asking child before it’s Father. “
Please open up for love now, open up for the healing current, the Divine Energy. Open your hands as well, with palms open put them on your thighs and breathe slowly in and out. RELAX. Let go all thoughts and just RECEIVE…and believe that you will receive the Divine Power now during the next 2 hours. Believe that you will be healed at body and soul and that things are going better in every aspect of your life. Have faith, hope and love and that God will guide you the best way and that you will fulfill your destination.

Bruno is our guidance. He was a tool with a certain order and commandment by GOD: to help us human beings. Because he knew how hard it is on earth sometimes, he is willing to help us always. He has undergone every possible hardship here during his life as a human being. He experienced the cruelty of WAR, he lost his home, was in war captivity and how I think the greatest and most painful hardship: he lost his kids, his beloved boys, both at age of 9 years. Don’t you think that he knows how you feel sometimes? He has suffered a lot and nevertheless he always helped us and knew about his task here on Earth. He promised us to help us further, also if he isn’t present here with his physical body. But his spirit is still there and he helps us.
Of course we have to do something ourselves also. We have to stop dealing with evil, dear friends. Stop with all the hatred, jealousy, envy, gossip, grief and fear and also with feelings of guilty. Forgive, dear friends, forgive at first yourselves, then others, forgive, because we are all in the same boat. Don’t judge anyone. You never walk into his or her shoes. Don’t judge for that you won’t be judged …
Let us detach from all those attributes of evil.

And let us be happy, full of joy about our life. It its always our state of devotion and the real true belief which makes the difference.

Petra Rüther

Two will not appeal
W. Sch., 1960
Translation of German Copy (PDF) www.bruno-groening-stiftung.org

In 19 .. I was at Christmas in Thuringia in X (East Germany) ... to visit my hometown. Just previously I had experienced Bruno Groening in a lecture. In a circle of friends, I told them now and of the miraculous healings. They had not heard of Bruno Groening before and listened open to my reports. I the Eastern zone they were all so hungry for spiritual food. In addition, many of them were sick and there was a great shortage of doctors. So some friends asked me if I wouldn’t act for them as a mediator at Bruno Groening for help. In my story, they’ve learned that it was not necessary to be physically present, that healing happened even across the ocean, so-called distant healing. So I made a list of seventeen names and asked them, to tell me if they should perceive any changes at their bodies in the near future.
Having returned at the 9th of January, I had the luck for instance, to meet Bruno Gröning in a private circle, and was allowed to be with him after the lecture, and put forward my request.
He took the folded list out of my hand, put it on the table and placed his hand on it, just before I stated to him the individual names. After about five minutes of silence and concentration he said: "Two of them are unresponsive. Remember the time!" Then he put his signature on the back of the sheet with the date and time. It was the 9 January 19 .. 1:00 35. He gave me seventeen silver tinfoil balls which I sent immediately to the petitioners, together with his greetings and best wishes.
Nearly a week later the letters arrived. In addition to reports of sudden cures for heart and nervous symptoms a particularly serious case of an eleven year old boy was among them. He suffered from bone tuberculosis of the leg. On 9.1.19 .., during the noticed hour, he suddenly had a kind of scarlet attack with a high fever, which disappeared after three days and the leg healed too. He was perfectly healthy, although he was taken any hope by the doctors and wanted to amputate the leg. Another lady had always severe headaches. Then a strong nosebleed came and the headache disappeared forever.
At the next opportunity I reported the letters to Bruno Groening. He asked to hand them out to him for his archives as evidence and confirmation.
 And it was true that two persons gave me of no response or report ...
(Sgd.) W. Sch. in T., ... st. 33

Josette Groening (eds.). The mental and spiritual healer (Denkendorf bei Plochingen / Neckar 1960) No. 9, pp 139-140

Now let us listen to another wonderful experience report of a lady who was very close to Bruno Gröning. It was the nurse of Alfred, called Fredy Hosp, who wrote the book “Powers of the spirit”.

Lisl, Fredy’s nurse - and her experiences with Bruno Groening

The old Aunty and I cooked a big pot of good, strong soup - there was a lot to do, and people were arriving early. I prepared the food, the room, the chairs, etc. for them to sit down. I also picked up some extra chairs from the neighbor's. Freddy's father worked at this time in the Consulate in Munich and he was there, too. I sent him and Aunty into the room to save our seats. Many invalids and sick people arrived. Many burdened people with asthma and other severe illnesses attended. An old lady called from downstairs: "Help me, please help me - I can't walk up these steps, and my dog has asthma, he can’t walk up".

"I am OK, she panted - I only came for my dog". I told her "That is fine", and I managed to get her into the last available seat. I had really been rushed, to get all the people upstairs, to deal with them, to sit them all down - and by this time Bruno was already standing in the room. There were two big rooms joined as one for the meeting. I asked him to wait for me as I wanted to tidy myself and do my hair, and he did so.

As Bruno began to speak, I felt all the tiredness from the day's preparations leaving me, and I felt very present in the moment. I 'switched-off' from everything else, and was sitting-up straight. "Thank you Bruno for waiting for me, so I didn't miss anything", I thought, and at that moment it all went away, the tiredness, the hurry, everything. I was just sitting there calmly, and then Bruno started to speak. He said: "There is a lady here with us, she has been working all day long, she has helped many people. But she has come in here, has given it all away, is calm and concentrated, has opened her hands and feet, like she was taught: and she is completely present, just here." Bruno commented on exactly how I felt, and noticed that I was fully concentrated in the moment and that I had released all tensions, "If only all people could achieve this..." Suddenly I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Later, the Community Hour meeting finished. The old lady went off downstairs and I thought about her - panting and breathless - when I had helped to bring her up. The little dog was now jumping down the stairs. I said to her, "How do you feel?" "Well,...Yes, I really feel very well. Mister Groening spoke so well and so clearly". "And now you are healed", I said to her. "When you came in here you could hardly walk, and also your dog is better, now". "Oh indeed", she said, "I have had a healing". At first she didn't realise that her little dog was jumping down the stairs. I said, "I wish you a long and happy life with your charming little dog". "Yes", she said, "The dog is very important to me". She came for the dog and now both were healed. Such nice and beautiful experiences I had. Aren't they tremendous? Thank you, Lisl.
(From a tape during a lecture with Fredy Hosp)


So, the first thing is to control our thoughts, yes, we should start by getting aware about WHAT WE ARE THINKING. Mostly the thoughts are coming and going and we don’t feel or even don’t sense it anyway, what kind of thoughts are going through our mind and soul. So, a very good exercise would be: To start with small steps. You may start by controlling your thoughts only for 10 minutes a day. Then you improve it by half and hour, then an hour and so on…you will be astonished, how unaware we still are, and how unconsciously the thoughts are  sometimes flowing…..

Alfred Hosp wrote in his book 
„Spirit rules over matter“

Bruno Gröning, Alfred Hosp and Lilo his wife..."Because only in a trusting attitude, it is possible to vibrate in resonance with the Divine, through which an absorption of the divine current can be affected. It was first through Bruno Gröning that we became aware of, how important a certain thought-control is for our lives, as previously, the formerly widespread but erroneous opinion prevailed: "Thoughts are duty-free!" That is correct towards our fellow men, however, not with regard to our own responsibility, because every thought and the feelings accompanying it, activate powers, which inevitably retro-act to us and impact respectively alter our characters.
Let us never become unsettled by unsteady, gloomy thoughts or distracted from trust in God, because all mental disorders originate from that broadcasting center, Bruno Gröning so incisively called "the evil".       
The tempter starts on people with his work of destruction always at the root, namely the manipulation of their will. Due to the temptations that always consist of only a pretense of false facts, the free will is to be tarnished and directed into other channels or at dazzling role models who stand at the gates of perdition. Evil, namely, can neither switch off nor suppress the free will, but only distract it by delusions from the divine, so that the individual can no longer recognize one’s true destiny and chases mirages, which one deems desirable and indispensable.
Because we have so far paid too little attention to the power of our will, it is usually weak, stunted and untrained in its dominance. Therefore, Man is a plaything of one’s passions, an individual driven to the negative influences. One compares to a ship without a captain and helmsman, which is helplessly exposed to the elements of the raging sea. Man, who was created by God as a free spiritual being, has fallen in the bondage of matter by the ignorance of one’s true destiny and has, therefore, lost one’s paradise home."

(Partially replay of a lecture by Alfred Hosp at 30th Ocotber 2004) 

Bruno Groening sometimes gazed at people pervasively and asked them, what they really want, why they are here. Since there have always been embarrassed faces. What does they want then? To be healthy! Most people have come to him because they had physical problems. So he said: "So, you want the good? Well, if you want the good, you must also take up the good. You must stand by good! "

"Don't do it this time!"

I must always think of a story that Bruno Groening told: A man wanted to commit suicide because he was completely at a loss and couldn’t imagine how to go on. As he stood there so sad, he met a friend who accosted him and asked what the matter was with him. He has been always so cheerful, why now sad and unhappy?

Finally he passed the man and said to him, "Don’t do it this time". The addressed one wondered why Gröning knew about what he intended to do. He repeated the words: "Don’t do it this time!" very insistently and added: "I wish you well!"

We can not see what is hidden behind the concept and behind the condition of "Life"; this is meant in spiritual. Bruno Groening has said that God has given us this body and that we should be grateful that we’ve got him.
At that time I was a young man of 25 years, but most seriously burdened. Today I’m not anymore to this extent. At that time I couldn’t give lectures. No way! I couldn’t speak properly and I couldn’t move at all. But Bruno Groening has said to me that I should thank God for this body, because with it I would be able to mature spiritually. When I didn’t get this burdened and limited body, I would never walk the spiritual path. You have the need to imagine this! That’s why I carried it with joy, and I am happy that I can help to pass on the knowledge to interested people, namely that what Bruno Groening really said.

Bruno Gröning with friends unknown. In the middle the book Bruno Groening was not a healer (in the usual way); He was a spiritual helper to show people the way. We had learned what’s in the Bible, about healing by faith and the love of Jesus. But who would have believed that such things really existed? Some have meant that much has been exaggerated. Others thought, it’s a myth or at least an embellishment of certain ideas. Then Bruno Groening came. He made (note .: outwardly visible) just a gesture with his hand and the people were healthy, couldn’t see and hear again.

If someone, for example, says he knows for sure, that he will get cancer, then he will get it, because he guides his body into disorder. So, dear friends, be careful with thoughts and fears! Beware also the occurrence of pains. If someone gets pain, one shouldn’t immediately fear or suspect the worst. You should probably see a doctor to clarify anything. But if you are always afraid of illnesses you will burden the body. With confidence you create harmony and the body passes this harmony to bring the body back on track.
The body has the ability to regenerate. The immune system makes sure that invading bacteria are kept in check. How well the immune system works depends i.a. of the mood of the person.

The regenerative capacity is dependent of the inner mindset.

That was another example of the importance and effect of a right attitude. It’s important to gain the right attitude and belief in every situation. Especially the will to live, courage and vitality.
The doctors have told my mother that I would reach only the 17 year of life, not more than 18 years. Not more. Now I am 70 years old. But this was only possible through the help of Bruno Groening. I came to him in a terrible condition.

But, other way round, if one don’t believes that even God can help anymore, then it was decided. God doesn’t force you. Imagine: We are in free nature, surrounded by a beautiful fresh air that we breathe deeply in and out. A present person says that he couldn’t dare to do that because he suffers from asthma. Well, so he does not dare - stop. So is the fact. It always depends on ourselves what we are doing or not; whether we realize it or not.

Bruno Groening walked upon a lady during a lecture in Rosenheim and has asked her to stand up. She replied, that Bruno Gröning must know that she is paralyzed and can’t get up. He then replies that she just remains paralyzed when she believes that. 

Then he came to me. I just thought to myself: “Oh dear, oh dear, what will happen now?” Bruno Groening asked me to stand up. I wanted to gain time, had leaned me over and said: " Just a moment Mr. Groening, I have to step on the gas first", all had a good laugh. You have to know that Bruno Groening was also very humorous. He said to me when I laugh, then he would be very happy too.

Once we drove to Germany in the car together with our first chairman Alexander Loy. Bruno Gröning was at the wheel. Suddenly Mr. Loy says. "Be careful, Mr. Groening, now a bend comes at the next corner" Bruno Groening stopped. When asked by Mr Loy, why he didn’t drive on, he replied: "I'll wait until the bend comes." Haha…
Bruno Groening wanted that we know, what we talk and express ourselves accurately. The fact, that we know what has been said and not talking along, without thinking. He wanted to educate us to become conscious people and lead us to conscious faith. He wanted us to grow us to people, who know that they have the protection of God when they take up this protection. So, it's all about us!
The wife of Mr. Loy worked for an accountant. It was so that she worked a day there and in the evening the friends came to Bruno Groening when he was in Klagenfurt, and has stayed there. Often then it went until 2 am at early morning. The later it has become, the more interesting Bruno Groening spoke. He always said, the later it is, the more people sleep, and the fewer distracting thoughts would be there. Then Ms. Loy has quickly slept until 6 am, made breakfast and then went to the office. She then said to Bruno Groening that she was very tired and he had to give her strength now. The answer was that the power indeed is there and Mrs Loy just needs to take it up. So she went to the office, has done her daily work and returned at home fresh, cheerful and well rested in the evening. Again she cared for the friends who came to Bruno Groening. So she has switched.

It was on a warm summer day and in the room were about 50 people. Many have sweated a lot. Bruno Groening said then, that a cooling will be switched on now and it didn’t take long, that all have started to shiver with cold. That was Bruno Groening in his pure essence.

l.t.r.: Lisl, Lilo and Freddy in the middle.He once said that I’ve built-in a memory in my brain that acts like a tape. All I hear from him is recorded and I'll write down what I have learned from him. At that time I just thought that Bruno Groening has exaggerated, because I couldn’t. That was in 1957. 40 years later on, i.e. 1997 it has been made possible for me to write on a laptop myself. Everything has come true, even it has sounded so fantastic. I was in a language disability. Before I came to Bruno Groening, you barely could understand me. For example, when a visitor has come, I hardly brought out a word. My aunt took me in a wheelchair to a shop because I wanted to buy something. But when I was in the shop, I couldn’t say anything and I was drenched in sweat, until I had what I wanted to buy.
At another time Bruno Groening once - as others present also - held the microphone at my mouth and I should say a few words into it. I had only wished that he would pass me. No chance, he hasn’t passed me and I stammered a few words. It did not work very well, but Bruno Groening said that I’ll once hold lectures. That also came true.
To thank this great man to whom I owe everything, I’ll pass this on to show, what man is capable of, when he is really connected to God. Everything is possible when we are connected to God. It’s unbelievable, what all comes there.

From my book "Spirit rules over matter" I once had only a few copies. I wanted it to be reprinted when I heard the inner voice that I should study it again. I have done this and there are 45 pages a new addition. I am glad that I did it, because now the teachings of Bruno Groening is displayed more compulsory.

Then it happened, that I had to write a letter. After I succeeded, I knew that the other would go as well. If one says, "I can’t do", then you can burrow yourself at once. But if you would simply speak without thinking about: "I’ll do it," then it works. This applies to all tasks. If someone offers anything to anyone and this one says that it is too much work, you will never have a sense of achievement. Man has resources, without knowing.

If I had believed, what the doctor said, that I would be unable to work one hundred percent, it would not have happened. But I have said - as my father did: I'll give you the proof!” Now I am glad that I did it and have given proof that Bruno Groening was and still is right in all things. But the most important is the mental and spiritual development. The physical order then comes by itself as a gift of God.

Peter and Petra Ruether and all friends, who are joining us....

Oh Jesus
Familie Martens
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Groening's passing

1958 there was a court judgment, which caused, that Bruno Groening became impossible to conduct any healer activity throughout Germany. In the end of January 1959, it came to an appeal hearing. Groening did notwas not present personally, but traveled to Paris accompanied by his second wife, the French girl Josette Dufossé, where he died in a hospital at noon (1:46 pm) of January 26, exactly on that day, as in Germany, the judgment should be pronounced.
 The sentence was then no longer read because of the "death of the accused," but considering the powers that were active, it could only be a confirmation or even tightening of the ban.

„And those that passed him slandering, wagging their heads and said, "You, who destroy the temple of God and wanted to rebuild it in three days, yet save yourself! Are you the Son of God, come down from the cross."
Likewise also the chief priests mocked, along with the scribes and elders, they said," He saved others, and himself he can not save. [...] 
Bruno Groening went to die in a hospital, in order to show once again that he sought cooperation with physicians, and allowed an autopsy. He had said that he was "burning up inside", because he no longer was allowed to heal. The doctors commented after the autopsy that they had never seen anything like that, and that a man had to endure the worst pain in this inner state, not to mention normal ability to work and traveling around. 
However, Bruno Groening was active until his death and passed away peacefully and without visible pain. Shortly before his departure he said: "What my opponents had to do, they have done completely and are therefore at the end. Likewise, I did what I had to do - but this is just the beginning "
The divine healing power
Bruno Groening was not concerned about his own person. He always emphasized that he was only a mediator and "transformer". This was evident even when he was hampered by ever more far-reaching prohibitions  in his public ministry. He did not react with anger or resignation, but with an even greater vision. He said something that thousands of people were healed by him as an individual, but if people learned to heal themselves, millions of people, indeed the whole of humanity would be healed. 
And so he focused on teaching self-healing by the divine healing power. Famous in this context is his testimony: "It’s inexorable!. Throughout the world, the healing will take place. "(Such statements were  designed to him as „megalomania".)
As sensational Bruno Groening’s healing activity was, as easy was his explanation: Originally a human being is living in a vital unit connected to God, but when a man falls out of this connection, he separates himself from the divine source and adopt its evil price, leading to inner emptiness, futility and wickedness, with all resulting consequences, including health. But God's unlimited power remains as a pervasive effect, and it has as "healing stream" an unlimited healing power. Who opens again for this force, can receive healing and other forms of assistance.
Bruno Groening worked as a transformer, which forwarded the divine healing power to the people. 
Such energy performance presented also in a physical constitute an unique feature and was, according to Groening's own words, the reason why his neck increased significantly in certain phases on both sides to scale. As with his healings and his death, so was Bruno Groening  a mystery with this anatomical peculiarity to the doctors.
Bruno Gröning sat on a chair and we talked together. Suddenly he said: „Friends, when I won’t be with you anymore, so I will be with you in spirit!“
Everybody said no but he said then: „I can!“
Later a thought came to us that the reason for this farewell had another reason; we anticipated that he would leave us to a place much more far away than America.
„Don’t be afraid of death, death is my best friend – and he is your friend as well. My most beautiful day in life will be, when I may leave off from this body.
When I experiences a big shamefulness about Bruno Gröning through a dirty newspaper article, I was very sad and said to Bruno: „It’s so hard to live on this earth; on could have the only wish to leave it as soon as possible.“
This Gentleman is living still today – and Bruno Gröning really has left this earth already.
In the year 1954 Bruno Gröning said to me: „As a healer I’m only short in this body on Earth. But I come back – but then I’m different!“


Holy Holy Holy
Family of Mary
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That was the real Bruno Gröning 

l.to r.: Mrs Gröning, Mrs. Pelz, Bruno Gröning, Mrs. Anny E-v-E., Mr. Bavay
 I witnessed boundless more and could draw up long reports about; but one thing seems to be as considerably spezial: Namely how Bruno Gröning devoted his time with great patience to those who obviously didn’t react to his forces. He displayed them the path to order in their thoughts and to enlignment of goodness; over and over again he called them up to let go evil , and to get detached from Satanic influences, to get freed off for to reach out fort hem.   Bruno Gröning spoke always in parables like wise men and teachers do. Those were adjusted always to the status of education of his listeners. So he trained the attendees to attentive concentration and everybody could feel: This concerns me!    
 Through many years I listened to almost one hundred lectures, and everyone was different. They all came out of his inner   inspiration and were not mentally compiled before. So he was able to speak directly to everybody’s heart. What a joy he had when he could help somebody! Not even once I witnessed him taking money for a healing, not even at the richest; yes, often he let give some money from any attendee to a poor one. When somebody came and wanted healing for money, Bruno Gröning rejected that person strictly with brusque words: “ I don’t sell divine energy!”   
 At those opportunities – and when people told some untruth – were the only moments that I watched him to become strictly, otherwise he was goodness himself, always friendly and kind; but mostly serious. Even in his humor there was always a certain kind of seriousness.   
Bruno Gröning (left) and Egon Arthur Schmidt (right) who became BG's enemy.
 As you see those experiences looked completely different to some certain newspaper reports. Here I must mention, that there have been individuals around him, who initially offered their help and support for his work – but then suddenly started to derive a benefit from for their own interest. So in many cases friends became enemies. How easy he would have punished his wrong friends of disposition with the greatest of ease, and I have to be honest, we true friends have wished this when we discovered, how his enemies degenerated in meanness and defamations. But also then we have heard out of his own mouth: „I love my enemies too! Evil will be caught up in it’s own nets. I just feel worry fort hem!“ However, sometimes I watched myself, how enemies turned into friends – mostly in the year 1949, when Bruno Gröning started his work as a spiritual healer in Herford – and I watched also, how they finally admitted to act against Gröning out of ignorance or influences from outside.  Some relapses into the old disease arose from those attitudes; but ruefully recognized the order in their bodies and their spiritual insights would recovered soon again through his help.   Always one had to ask Bruno Gröning for help out of an own desire, and he let everybody decide himself to accept his help or not. 
So it was a totally wrong assumption that he worked with hypnosis or suggestion. His teaching and his acting have been built up from the teaching of Christ. The commandment of the great Nazarene was his commandment as well: “Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself!” It was wonderful, when he guided his friends through his deep knowledge and ability more and more closer to God’s consciousness. He always hit the core because he ever regarded everything out of a higher position. So in his conversation he always was predominant against Scientists, Professors, artist and clergymen. He often led them at solving problems with his simple  pithily words.   
 Through his quiet and humble nature he never made any fuzz of his knowledge and that was the matter too, why he was often estimated as crude or uneducated by fluffy and worldly people. In reality Bruno Gröning have been equipped with a knowledge that recognized far ahead into future and that extended into the deepest grounds of the human soul. That’s why some single leader from ethno-religious or philosophical sects came to his lectures and looked for connection to him. Therefore an understanding article appeared here and there at least about Bruno Gröning; but that was - taken as a whole – of course just a little drop on a hot stone by regarding the many defacing and fraudulent publications.    
 His joy was great when honest people supported him truly in his call to help the suffering, because his path was very heavy in this technical and material culture. The spiritual goal of Bruno Gröning was not “only” the cure of ill bodies, but arose from a highest idealism to guide back humankind to a true life with and within GOD. Out of this matter he appeared alone through his existence “thrilling” and “hostile” to those, who are living from disorder i.e. remoteness of God and who drew their income.   
 So he was unpleasant and inconvenient for evil and negative people; he was a thorn in the eye for evil, and thereon the only matter of the big, dirty and united spiteful fight against him. This fight was spiked with untruths, malices etc. and envy.    

 “The man Bruno Gröning was small in his physique, but the traversing DIVINE flowing through him was overly powerful within him and connected him with an inner knowledge full of wisdom; he was a God-surrendered being with inner assurance and ability, but remained a humble and Christian personality.” 
 In deeply gratitude and devotion I stay connected with Bruno Gröning ; my life have become so rich through being allowed close to him and to do any good to others. Furthermore I was guided through him into realization of the true life, not with words but with deeds of love and serving.

Unless you become like little children...

In critical situations, where one has to fight against fear and doubt, because simply too many Ifs and Buts do emerge out of the restless intellect and threaten to flood our despondent mind, one should never permit getting entangled in an undertow of energy-consuming thought chains
It is impossible to plan ahead in great detail what is coming and avert all risks through one's own precaution. Also, it is nonsensical to make firmly established plans and to fight for their achievement with dogged determination, without thinking whether that which one would like, is useful and meaningful at all for our spiritual development. Who, therefore, decides to lay one‘s fate in the hands of God and gets through this, better be prepared for many a blessed surprise.
Now, how is the hint: "Unless you become like little children...." really to be understood? It could not possibly be that a naive, gullible attitude were required from us, by which we were relegated to submissive receivers of command, who were just waiting for super-sensory instructions. In the relationship between God and Man in truth something quite differently is involved, it is namely about strengthening one's own faith in our Creator to the extent that it will be possible for us to permit no emergence of doubt in critical, muddled and unclear situations. The same faithful relationship is necessary as it is a matter of course in the earthly realm. 
Or would you for instance use a car, if you were not convinced, that your mechanic has done everything humanly possible to ensure the safety of your car? If we reflect critically, we will soon realize that we can sleep well only if we know that everything    running normal in our environment. 
 However, one thing is certain: God never abandons us. Only we are the ones who interrupt the connection to the Omnipotence mainly out of ignorance or also out of disbelief, and sometimes out of carelessness - by listening to negative mental insinuations.
            It was this natural turning towards (God) with pure faithful thoughts, without anxious reservations or vague fears, which Jesus meant, when he referred to the children. Our experiences with the discontinuity and the dishonesty of others have brought it about that it turns out very difficult for us only in thought to feel positive and confident, when we think of the generally veiled future. It is namely an incontestable fact that all logic and deduction skills must fail with respect to securing the future, since it is impossible to survey in advance the relationships and coincidences which leave their marks on our destiny. 
Alfred Hosp from "Spirit rules over Matter"


by Alfred Hosp, January 1961 

 We should never forget Bruno Grönigs work on earth and keep remembering as much as possible the eventful hours we spent in his presence. Mostly we should remember his words, which, as he so pointedly said, were to accompany us on our path. No one had an inkling during one of his last speeches how long the way would be and how long his words would have to remain in our memories so that they could serve as a secure anchor and a light in the darkness of today's confusion of the soul, a light that allows us without fail to recognize the abyss that threatens us. 

As so often, all of it weighs heavily on each of them. The muscles in his sun-burned face seem to move; yet, despite the high concentration, his body appeared relaxed and calm. Then he begins to speak, and what he says in the course of his presentation gives credence to the fact that he, indeed, during the initial moments of stillness explored the innermost heart of each person. In his flowing remarks, he gives answers to all unspoken questions. They were so skillfully woven into the presentation that only the person concerned knew why Bruno Gröning chose to mention that particular problem. 
So I was able to experience at the end of a particular presentation that many people said in amazement, "For a long time, I've been quietly wondering exactly about that what Mr. Gröning explained today. And now I have  received the correct answer. How did he know that?"  Almost everyone in the group made this observation; and I, too, realized that there were no secrets that Bruno Gröning did not know about. He usually spoke for several hours. 
Although every word, every sentence was of importance, I will note here the most important points: He began, 
 I am pleased that I have been given the opportunity again today to talk to you. I know that many of you wish to hear and see me more often. But you must understand that other Friends are also waiting for me in other places. Therefore I have to manage my time so that I can share it with everyone else. Don't take my physical presence as so important but take my words and advice to heart and practice them in your day-to-day lives. We are experiencing here only one hour of instruction, but it is necessary to practice what is learned. That is why I am asking you now: Did you do whatever I have told you at our last meeting? Did you adhere to the Good daily, or has Evil still kept the upper hand? Who of you can say that he has taken my admonishments to heart and paid attention to them every second of the day in every situation?" 
 With these words, Bruno gazed intensely at the gathering but received no answer. And so he continued, 

You see, this is the case with you and me. I must speak quite frankly about this: You must not cling so tightly to me. You must not only wait for my return but follow my advice as you live your daily life, because I am unimportant. You are the important ones! That which you address as Bruno Gröning is only my body, a tool, that enables me to make myself understood. Though it is created by God, and therefore Divine, just as your own body is, I have to take care of it just like everyone else. The body is, and will remain, the tool of the Spirit. And because of this, my body, am I able to confer on you what God has to say to people. It is time for you to sense for yourselves what is Good and what is Evil. Don't always doubt the Good and don't let Evil into your body. 

You see, dear Friends, you must continue to stand up for Good, even when this, my body, is no more...Did you understand me? 

The time has come when people have to make a decision to follow their inner calling. Dear Friends, what you are experiencing today is not even the beginning of what is to come, because the thoughts that people have been exposed to and taken in throughout the course of generations are eager to be acted out!
 I must say in all seriousness that Evil is prevalent today and that people are simply accepting it. They consider the unnatural to be natural and don't have the courage to say, ´I want to follow God's way because I have heard and recognized the truth. I don't feel comfortable where there's fighting or where someone is slandered, where hate, avarice and greed rule, where impatience and discontent rob our God-ordained Good and health.´ 


I said from the beginning: A person must be aware of his body every second and step away from Evil. Let us think of the consequences that an unjust word can have, which can hurt an innocent person, or of a mindless action, which cannot be undone. 
Is it so difficult for people to show each other love and understanding? Why do even those who want to be good make these mistakes? It's only because they forget themselves momentarily. Evil, then, quickly takes hold, and they act with anger and excitement. They then believe that they have a right to indignation and accusation. If truth be told, they would make better decisions through use of calm and clear thought processes and would experience a better outcome. In the stillness and calm reflection of one´s Being, a person will always remain under the precious guidance of God. But even in the course of daily life one will achieve balance only through intake of Divine energy. Because to be nervous is to lose energy; and that, which one has achieved during several months by use of good intentions can be lost in one second." 
 While Bruno Gröning is slowly pacing back and forth, he continues his teachings: 
"I would like to draw your attention now to an example of inattentiveness. Let's say you are not paying attention while you cross the street. Your body steps automatically off the curb, just as a car is passing in front of you. And suddenly you are in an accident. Even that is a work of Evil. 
 Dear Friends, I am convinced that you have understood me today and that you will judge your lives differently from now on. And I reiterate once again: You are important! You are allowed to be egotistical in this respect. If you use your ego for Good and for Order, you will be able to help your fellow beings later on. Don't take the little Gröning so important. He only shows you the way. But one day you must be able to walk this way securely and consciously without him..." 
 Alfred Hosp 
 Source: Archive of the Instituts f r Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (Border areas of psychology and psychohygene) e.v. Freiburg i. Br., Vol. 20/16.

03/10/1958 in Springe:

Bruno Gröning: 
It is true indeed, as a physician once said – I am not going to tell you from which country – but who said to his sister: “Give me the disease you have in your body, I know a Man by the name Gröning. I bring him the evil, I bring him the disease, and he gives me in turn your health back, that is, I receive it and bring it to you.” 
This woman is married, has four children, is in an evil position. Her husband is one of the richest of the rich, is richer than the king himself. By the way, this man also was in my house with his wife. His brother in law he didn’t let attend. The sister had to neglect it, she says: “My husband doesn’t allow it.” 
And thus the husband came himself with his wife, who has carried out any attempts, to purchase health to his wife. Thousands of Dollars even millions he has paid for that purpose. Always by plane he sent her from one country to the next to the greatest capacities of professional physicians. Nobody could help.   To me he comes, sits down at a table, pulls out his chequebook and says: 

”What do you require from me, provided you give my wife health?” He had two interpreters with him. I had one. My reply to this was hereupon: “Confidence and faith!” I have to add in advance, that he says:”It doesn’t matter with a couple of millions. Just mention a figure, how much you want. I am ready to pay any amount.” And my answer was: “Confidence and faith!” Then, he jumped up, that he couldn’t comprehend. He was almost raging in my flat. Something like this had not happened ever in his life, something like this had not happened yet to him. So far he would  have been able to do anything with money, and he comes here and says: 
“Confidence and faith!”
Mentioning by the way, he said: “Bigger idiots, a bigger idiot such as somebody as in this case like Gröning you never find again.” 

Bruno Gröning heals lame, blind, dumb people ... 

One of the greatest phenomena of our century! – that is the unanimous opinion of many experts about the “case Gröning”. Bruno Gröning, a native of Danzig, has been talked about for about two months because of his miraculous healings. For a day and two nights, a reporter of „Süddeutsche Sonntagspost“ had the opportunity to stay in front of the house of the “Miracle Physician” in Herford and to monitor this man at work. 

Willi Horstmann from Schlangen, completely blind on his left eye, can suddenly distinguish light and dark, shortly afterwards he sees completely normal. 6 a.m.: In the meantime, approximately 500 people have gathered in front of the house. I am admitted into the entrance hall. A friendly elderly gentleman comes to meet me. He was “a kind of assistant to Mr. Gröning”, he says. In the past, when he still lived in Schmiedeberg (Sudetenland), he had been the owner of one of the largest fish canneries in Europe. How did he come to provide emergency service here, I ask. Mr. Steffan tells: “My wife and my little daughter were severely ill. Since 1919, my wife suffered from neuralgia and muscular rheumatism. My little Luitgard had se- vere spasms every couple of hours. Only reluctantly, I came here with both of them from Bad Salzuflen. We stood in the courtyard in the back of the crowd. Gröning came to the window. Then, my little one tore herself off and ran over there. My wife suddenly got swollen hands. When we had returned home, both of were completely healthy. There were no more relapses. A few days later I went again to Herford to Mr. Groening to express my gratitude. When I spoke with him, I suddenly felt, that I became completely calm again, because I had been very nervously previously. Pointing at my glasses, Gröning said: “Take off this satanic thing; I want to get to the eyes!” He looked at me for a minute. Since then, I can see perfectly again even with- out glasses. I decided then to help Mr. Gröning with all my strength. I reassure those waiting, do the mail and write protocols.” Gröning has further two helpers: Kurt. H., a former editor of the Bielefeld “Freie Presse”, who has given up his profession, out of the imperious urge to help Gröning and Paul Raff from Gelsenkirchen, a bright lad, the blind brother of whom Gröning has cured completely four weeks ago. 
9 a.m.: A telegram arrives from Bonn. The West German health insurance companies, who have gathered here for a conference, will provide their unconditional sup- port to Gröning. Great joy in the “headquarters”. Finally, an official support.  

10:00 a.m.: A young woman comes in with her little three-year-old daughter. The little Erika Fischer from Minden nervously flinches all the time and lets out shrill cries. I show her a portrait image of “uncle Gröning”. The child stares at the picture, pulls it on her face, kisses and caresses it. A genuine childlike rejoicing comes from her throat. Her eyes have lost their dead expression. A blissful glow is now on the face of the girl. A little boy comes jumping down the stairs. People explain to me: This is Dieter Hülsmann, the first patient in Herford, Gröning has healed. This was three months ago. Up to that day, Dieter, who was ill with progressive muscular dystrophy, could neither stand nor sit. Mrs. Hülsmann sent a telegram to Gröning, who at the time still lived his life in Dortmund completely unknown, only healing on rare occasions. In gratitude for the miraculous healing of the boy the family Hülsmann took on the "mir- acle doctor" in their house at Wilhelmplatz 7. 

1 p.m.: Phone call from Gütersloh that Gröning would arrive in two hours. The news spread like wildfire among the waiting crowd – However, he doesn’t come two hours later. 

5 p.m.: Rumor spreads about Gröning being held back by the police. Allegedly efforts are being made to enforcedly preventing him treating “his” sick. On my request, mayor Wörmann ensures, that nothing bad would happen to Gröning, provided he keeps the laws and the administrative orders. On the question, what the city administration would do, if Gröning came here and healed nevertheless, Wörmann replies: “If I am able to prove his transgression of the prohibition, I will take the strictest measurements in cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office.” 

7:40 p.m.: Gröning arrives. The people push their way to him, attempt to press his hand or at least touch his clothes. It takes him some effort getting into the entrance hall. Calm and serene he stands there, a slender, muscular man with a very distinc- tive profile and black wavy hair. He wears a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a bright tie. Instinctively, he reminds me of the drummer in a jazz band. He gives everyone the hand. Mrs. Hülsmann, the lady of the house, tells him about a seriously ill man waiting outside, who is in grave mortal danger. Gröning says:”I know. I have already targeted everything” After a short time – Gröning has meanwhile taken care of the patient – mayor Wörmann comes. “The case is developing beyond my control”, he remarks to me. “As an exception, I will allow him to speak to the people today.” From the neighbouring Ennigerloh a young physician, Dr. M., comes with three pa- tients. “To me this is actually more interesting than an entire term of psychology and medical studies”, he says. He is skeptical, of course. 

As the number of cases with healing increases in the entrance hall, he is speechless. “This is no longer suggestion and hypnosis alone”, he utters. Also the mayor states: „My mind is halted!“ 

11:00 p.m.: Gröning enters the balcony. Meanwhile the crowd has increased to 600 – 700 persons, is hanging on his face as if spellbound.  In peace Gröning completes smoking his cigarette.

Then, he speaks very accentuated, but without pathos: “My dear healing seekers! Your imploring and begging to the Lord God was not in vain. The chief executive of the town has granted me permission to heal as a special exception. I want to draw your attention to the fact that this healing only is to the benefit of those, who carry within them the faith in our Lord God or who are prepared to receive the faith within. I hereby proclaim you healthy in the name of God. I draw your attention to the fact, that one or the other still feels slight pains.”

These are pains of regulation, which will disappear very soon, provided you continue with believing firmly in the healing. I also know that at this moment many people have become healthy in other areas. Who is here on behalf of an ill relative, can go home confidently. The healing takes place even without my presence. My desire is aiming at being in the position to helping all individuals to recovery. I do not ask about religion. I do not ask about the nation.”

After a break of seconds he continues: “I now ask you: Who feels still pains?” – Approximately 20 persons raise their arms. Gröning’s gaze encircles the crowd. Then he says: “Now, I ask you once more: Who has still pains now?” – A young man raises his hand. Gröning: ”That is not the true pain!” – “No.” –  “Don’t worry. I have spoken to you. Your area of suffering is already infected by healing.”

In the meantime a murmur passes through the crowd and a stretching. “In fact – I am healthy! Thank to God! My leg gets slowly looser – I see again” and similar outcries I hear coming up. However, only very few (individuals) speak. That surprises me.

Gröning continues speaking: “I now ask you not to carp, because who doubts healing, doubts the Lord God. The thanks for this healing, please do not direct at me. The thanks belong to our Lord God alone. I request no remuneration of anybody. However, I expect, that you will pray to God all your life. The life without God is no life. A Man is only worth being called this, if he believes in the Lord God. Who(ever) denies Him has not the right to be healed. Thus, the evil ones will distinguish themselves from the good ones. For those are the doomed ones.”

02:00 a.m.: Slowly the crowd has dispersed. Gröning has visited the sick in the cars, who cannot yet be transported and then gone to his flat – which by the way is very modern equipped. Between a cup of coffee and constant phone calls – among other things from the English District Commander – he finds a few minutes to answer a couple of my questions:

“How do you explain your healing art yourself? Do you have medical knowledge?” “I possess no pre-knowledge as a healing expert, neither have I ever read any medical textbook. I accept no teachings from people and only read books and newspapers on rare occasions. My gift has been entrusted to me by God. My mission leads me only to good people. Those who act evil again as healed individuals, will lose the gift of health they received after some time again.”

Emphatically, he rejects the claim that you have to believe in him. He considers himself just a poor man. In God you have to believe. The question, whether he uses any secret means of bespeaking, he neglects definitely. He declares that even in his thoughts he has no magic spell.

He claims, also being able to perform remote healing. A piece of paper suffices, written by the sick individual, with words such as: “I request healing.” The diagnosis of the physicians, report of disease and the name wouldn’t be necessary. He then targets the individual and – if God gives him the order – he carries out remote healing.

To dogmatic question Gröning doesn’t respond at all: “I am neither interested in ideas nor in philosophy as such.”

“Do you receive material means for your tasks as remuneration?”

“I have never accepted money yet. If some income would come later, I would like to build churches and abodes. Until further notice, I live of the hospitality of the family Hülsmann.”
“What is your comment on the prohibition?” –
“One can forbid me nothing! Even if I they lock me into a rain barrel, the people will come, and I will heal them.”
Finally, he reveals to me, that he already has taken measurements with the Social Ministries of the British Sector to have the prohibition annulled, which is based on the healing practitioner law of 1939.

Gröning’s brother Karl tells me afterwards about the past (of Bruno Gröning). When Bruno was born on May 30, 1906 in Danzig, (his entire body) was covered with hair. The father, a foreman bricklayer then said, partially jokingly:  “Now, the Satan has been born.”

The first three years of his life, Bruno couldn’t speak at all. Then he developed normally. His physique was very strong. He could climb like a monkey. When Karl or Maria, his sister, had a tooth ache once in a while, he just placed his hand on her cheek – and the pain vanished. The siblings called him teasingly “the dimwit”. 

The year 1939, after a year of apprenticeship as a carpenter, he was recruited by the armed Forces. The war he mainly attended in Russia as an anti-aircraft gun artillery man. Shortly before the break down, he ended up as a prisoner of war. 

During his time in the camp, he supposedly has already healed ill comrades. After his release, he first lived in Dortmund, until the Family Hülsman invited him to Herford.

Bruno Gröning leads by no means a regular life. He barely sleeps, eats little, smokes much and drinks much coffee and tea. The more he works, the more he becomes charged up. Only, if he feels that somebody is not kindly disposed towards him, he somehow feels confined. Then, his hair – as I could convince myself – suddenly gets a gray shimmer and his curls tighten. He is unusual strong. Often he breaks crutches into pieces on his naked upper arm.

The physicians are very reluctant with their judgment. In Herford, nobody gives information about the “case Gröning” on principle. After a brief research about two weeks ago, a physician’s commission delivered the following declaration: “Due to the judgment of the medical experts, exceed the current success results not yet the framework of the ever more recognized psychological impact on diseases.”

A gentleman, Dr. M., who had attended the night scene at the house of Gröning, afterwards tried to give me a brief explanation:
The materialism of the 19 century has also deeply penetrated the medical (profession). Thus, the medical science has forgotten that every disease not only is a physical-organic case, but also has a psychological component. Precicely the latter (may) be easily influenced by suggestion to a very high degree. It would be nothing miraculous to remove the pains of a cancer patient by suggestion. However, the cancer would continue to grow until an operation would no longer be a successful option. Gröning were supposed to deliver the proof, that he not only can heal hysterical people, but as well an organically ill individual. 

Throughout the new time history there have been individuals, who were regarded “miracle men”. I only mention the names of Mesmer, Schäfer Ast (Shepherd by profession. translator’s comment), Zeileis, Ramon Wings. Certainly, these people were phenomenal manifestations. Gröning too, is such a phenomenon. But to worship him therefore seriously as a “miracle performer” or even as “new messiah” would be ridiculous. Science on the other hand, shouldn’t be reluctant to declare their confession ‘nescio’ – ‘I don’t know.’ Because there is still much research to do, and precisely the relationship between medicine and psychology is far from being clarified yet. Perhaps the “case Gröning” can help us with that. We shouldn’t dismiss it as ‘charlatanism’. 

The dean of the Herford parish, the Head of the Protestant Association, Kunst, declares: “The fact is that individuals I know have received relief of their ailments and a new sense of life. In the case of others the disease has returned after a couple of days or weeks.”

“How then, do you explain the powers of Mr. Gröning?”
“In Ravensburger Land “miracle performers” have appeared frequently. Several of them I have asked the essential question: Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? All these individuals questioned then became embarrassed and couldn’t come up with an unambiguous reply. From this the conclusion has to be, that they somehow were connected to forces of evil. I also asked Mr. Gröning this question. His clear reply to me was: ‘Yes, I believe, that Christ is the son of God’. This has impressed me very much. According to the New Testament a further point of view with the special Gifts of God is that they are devoted to the service in the parish. I have no reason to doubt, that this is the case with Mr. Gröning.” Dean Kunst then refers to a quote in the Holy Scripture (1 Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthian, 12 chapter, verse 7 – 10), were it says: “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom, . . . to another the gifts of healing . . .

 “We ministers of Herford have told all members of our parishes, who asked us for advice, that we hadn’t had a final judgment. We haven’t advised anyone against going to Gröning. However, everyone should turn to the Lord prior (to going there), that He may protect them against a healing through low powers. Mr. Gröning knows of this advice, and he has ensured me, that he understands our concern very well.”  

Süddeutsche Sonntagspost, 25.6.1949, pp. 22-25

Love flows on..
O. Shanti
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A totally new feeling about life arises when we look for and find the connection to God from deep conviction. "The great reversal" about which Bruno Gröning spoke repeatedly, does not begin somewhere outside and fall as finished, free consumable "thing" into our lap, but emerges from the root of our mind, thus, the location of the free will! There is no way of avoiding ourselves! We alone are the ones driving, but also the ones driven! In and around us always come old and new causes for the effect. 

 However, at the steering wheel of our life boat our will for good or for evil sits, just as we decide in each second the design of our lives, with all the apparent coincidences, happy or unhappy coincidences and all else there is and the like in the life of an individual.   It is often very hard and exhausting in the face of malice of others even to preserve the peace of mind when one is deliberately wrongly inflicted. 
Only in the deep, fervent prayer, it is then possible to also weather or to survive such storms. In any case, the desire and will to hearing God always can be of great advantage, because only in this way we will be spared many painful disappointments, annoyances and misunderstandings. 
Let's neither take the pointed remarks, nor the so-called "well-intentioned" pieces of advice of our fellow human beings too seriously; by no means let’s put any of their words blurted out on the balance pan, but let’s always aspire, that all our thoughts, words and deeds, as well as plans can withstand before the righteousness of God and his rules.  
A. Hosp "Spirit rules over matter" 

Anima Christi
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Following quotes Bruno Gröning gave to the world: 
"One has spoken alot about Christ. One has done much evil to him. He has carried everything patiently. For whom? Because he was a coward??No, for us! So that we come to realize, so that we recognize HIM, how great and powerful God is and how fair, and how unfair human beings are." (05.10.1958) 

"It will be clear for you, that the earthly life of Christ was not for nothing here, because God has destined this earthlife for Christ for a reason - that it was possible for God to help us this way most likely, that means to lead the humankind on the path through the teaching of Christ, on that path which God has destined for the whole humankind! And this is and keeps alone the path, that leads every single person really to GOD. But dear friends, you cannot serve two masters. Not on the one side Evil and on the other side God! And in between you are a pretender, a lier and a fraud. You are not even honest to yourself. This all you have to take off - everything of that - and I repeat it once again, that you have to put aside all that, what you've sensed yet as evil in your life. You have to turn your back to evil. You have to walk the other path! Thus, I call you to the great return! Walk the path as God - through Christ - as God has destined for you!  " (04.12.1958)
"The cross is the sin of the world. Yes, the greatest friend of human kind was murdered with it!" (date unknown) 

"Christ is still among the people. He is not dead, there is NO DEATH, THERE IS JUST A SALVATION!" (05.10.1958) 

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