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July 16, 2021


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April 1, 2021 Easter

Dear friends, 

We are in the Holy Week. We remember the life of Christ, his suffering and act of redemption, his resurrection and glory before God. 

Love of God, charity, helpfulness, humility, patience, mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness and love are the attributes that Jesus Christ brought us and teached us. Let’s believe, that all the lock downs and restrictions will be broken, just as the stone before the grave of Jesus.

We have all been under tremendous external pressure since last year. A time of inner contemplation and of becoming aware of where we are in our life is now over. We are on the threshold of a new era in life. Spring comes and life awakens to new forms and no one can suppress this vitality.

It seems to me that we are standing at the bridge to the New Earth. As if the next stage of development was just beginning. We are being led out of the old consciousness; lovingly, carefully and step by step. We are allowed to leave ancient hardship, struggle for survival and powerlessness behind us
An exciting development lies ahead of us. If we manage to leave this old path behind, then there is reason to be happy. Let us leave behind everything that is not loving and in harmony with God. Let's look ahead to the loving path with Bruno Groening and Jesus Christ.

Bruno Gröning rebuilt the bridge for us that leads to the divine path. He said, "This way, this is the new way. This is the great reversal and this is the future for all people, for all living beings on earth."
“If we want to walk on this divine path, we have to be clean, pure and freed from all evil.”Therefore, let us cast off everything unclean and bad and let us open ourselves to the pure power of God through Christ our Lord.

I wish you all a blessed EASTER-TIME and much love and light among your family and dear ones. 

Yours Petra Ruether

December 2020


We wish all friends and prospects of our website and online meetings a God blessed Christmas.May we continue to stand together and go into a new healthy and happy year 2021.With Bruno Gröning by our side, we will do everything.Good luck and blessings on all pathsYour Peter and Petra Rüther

Here are two quotes from Bruno Gröning:

"I wish you all that ... and I help a little... I help a lot by asking and praying for you too. And God hears you. Believe and tell Him your heart's desire. That's why I don't want to hear it. Not those ears, no. You have the connection to God. Speak with your open heart, pour out your little heart! He will redeem you from evil. For this purpose He sent Christ to this earth of ours - our earth, yes, that we can also call "our earth" - in order to redeem man from evil.  
(Bruno Groening, October 6th, 1958, Springe)

"Christ is always among people, He is not dead, there is no death, there is only redemption."(Bruno Gröning, October 5th, 1958)

November 2020

“So dear friends of the spirit, should we withhold our work from all those who are still seekers? Don't we have to show everyone now and then that we are there and that we are actively creating? Do we not also have to show our opponents, the open and secret adversaries, that we are working tirelessly? So that they recognize that their often so foolish and negative actions ultimately bring no fruit and no blessing.” ❤️ WAKE UP !!!!
                                                                                                           Bruno Groening

“If at any time you need help or are in pain, call me and it will happen as it has to happen. I don't forget anyone who has ever come into contact with me. "
                                                                                                           Bruno Groening

Jesus' most famous statement fits right in with this, which read: 

“You should recognize them by their fruits. Can one pick grapes from the thorns, or figs from the thistles? ” Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:20)

BG talks about world events (tape recorded on 31.12.1952)

Today, the day is the 31of December, 1952. One year before the First World War 1914 started, I had predicted when this war would begin, how it would continue, the duration of the war, and what this war would entail. Coincidentally, this all has been right. But why do I speak to the people of this earth, speak because I want WORLD PEACE, as the world-men living on this divine earth are sick. 
Everyone is sick, sick is the mind....
Destroyed is all that is natural and this becomes so strongly noticeable, that man can only live in strife. It is deeply needful to work towards peace on earth.
Already in 1927, twelve years before, I predicted the global conflagration in 1939 (by which Bruno means the second World War from 1939 to 1945), its development and its end with continuation. I will tell to all the people of this earth in advance what the future will bring to us earth-inhabitants.
Confused minds, yes, even very evil human brains have totally fallen into the trap of materialism and thus they stop at nothing. That is, by this confusion, by all this evil, which they absorbed in themselves, they then work to destroy human life, only to enjoy their ego, to enjoy profit, to enjoy the material. And for this they whip up their fellow men, who then have to fight for them. WAR. Everything is preparing for it: "And if you're not willing, then I will use force!" And even there it is not asked, whether people will lose their lives or not. In advance promises are made to the people, again and again. "If we gain the victory for ourselves, then it will happen to be this way and this way and this way.” Only the best is promised and things which the people do not possess yet are given out as the reward. They themselves want use their power, to gain the total power on earth, so that to them alone to rule over this earth. That is to say, war is the groundwork which is already done to attempt to extinguish all the divine from life. People want to rule over the world, over this planet, as they have placed themselves above God, by cutting off God, which means, to destroy God - so far. 

But one thing I can already say today: that these plans will not succeed. They destroy themselves. Whoever opposes God – will fail and fall.
What I have to say about world peace in general is that I will continually teach people how it is possible to accomplish this goal. You will hear all the time and I will tell people how to do it and what needs to be done about it. One must no longer remain unaware of these people and forces who are working to destroy human life, earthly life, which is only divine. No hour should pass in which we ............... (here the tape stops, ie, it has been overwritten by pressing the record tab…)
20 ........ (UNFORTUNATELY track 20 is completely deleted)
And this is how he became the instrument of Satan. The best proof of this is: he only works to destroy all the good and divine. Satan rages in these human bodies. Negativity has been elevated, because it was encouraged by men, nurtured by men and men did not oppose that. 

People again and again say: Yes, those upper politicians will master it or will not master it. But no one has yet dared to tell the truth to them, that they are almost completely lost on the wrong track. These are the wrong tracks from which we have to liberate them. We are called, they scream for help, but do not openly show it. They allure us, and we shall become the instrument, which frees them from this distress, from this misery, from this confusion. 

The ones, who have fallen victim to addiction of power want us to fight for them, so that they can stand above us, command us and dictate us how to live. With the intention of misleading us further away from the true divine path, so that we can then also become a tool of Satan from which we will not be able to liberate us later on. As well as from those who fall into addiction, selfishness, imperiousness.

End of the tape

September 2020

Talk by Alfred Hosp 11.02.2002
We are all spiritual resonant.  We have a spiritual inner vibration field.  And we determine the kind and way of our vibration.  You can choose to take always the negative, that you are always in doubt, you’re always in fear and always see the bad.  
By this means, your vibrations are accordingly always negative.  You can watch people, who are afraid of this and that might happen, or they might overlook a danger.   They feel delivered to an undetermined fate.  And if you feel like being delivered to an undetermined fate, you will be scared, very scared of the future.  Then you will not take notice, what the next day brings. 
By your behavior, by your belief, by your instability, you program many things, which otherwise never would arrive dear friends.  So it comes to earn some self confidence, where we can say,  I know what I want, I go my way, I will do the right thing, I want to do the right thing: I will be for other people a supporter. Then the future comes with positive vibes to us.
My dear friends, it’s all vibration. Every thought consists of vibrations; every thought is reacting back to us. And if you always have the same negative thought, you will be programmed negative. If a human always is scared, my friends, it will take shapes. And you may say: 
Goodness gracious! I’m shivering for the next day to come, if I only think about it. Yes, my friends, does it have to be like this? Why are we always scared? Why do we always fear the worst? No reply! Because they not dare to do something, and because man feels delivered. Yes, but by whom do you feel delivered?  But not by being against God? God is love. God is energy, 

God gives us all of what we are ready to incorporate, my dear friends.  But if we don’t learn the willingness, if we even don’t consider that it is possible at all, if we only prevail for our own sake, in physical, we will never ever see what spiritual help is able to do. It always comes back to living in harmony, preferably to create life in harmony.
And it always comes back to feel the experience inside, how close God is, how close the divine vibrations are really to us. And after the experience a tremendous thankfulness should come.  Man should be thankful to have a life here on earth.  And not the other way round to say, what kind of life is this?  This is like a dog’s life.  Or even to blame the parents, to live here on earth.  Dear friends, those are absurd ideas and because of those devious thoughts, real difficulties will appear.  Then one should not say: “Well, that’s exactly what I’ve expected, it will go wrong!”  And it went wrong!

But man should look at himself: what have I evoked?  What went wrong because of my own discontent?
What went wrong because of not having self- confidence? It is so essential to work out self-confidence, to reach self-confidence.  Self-confidence but at the same time it is trust in God.
We are the children of God, and we can only receive the divine, if we know we are born divine.  That is the secret.  So, it depends on us, on our attitude to life, how we master life.  And it is needful not to blame others, not to look for guilt at another, not to say he or she is guilty, that’s why I am suffering, but to concentrate on us, on our own life, on our character traits, where we ask ourselves, what do I contribute, that I could feel better.
What do I contribute, that I will be accepted just as I am.  Do not say: my God, he is such a disgusting guy.  There are disgusting gals, too. You have to be really honest with yourself.  And time after time you should look into a mirror and ask, yes you there, who are you? What are you, as you are, where are you from?  And you should learn to accept yourself.  You should learn to be content with yourself, even when you are physically not a beauty. It is easy to be content when you are pretty.  But that is only the physical side, my friends; more important is the spiritual beauty, if you have shiny eyes, if you are looking forward in the morning, when the day begins, when you can be active.  And we slowly comprehend, what BG meant by saying: every day is a gift from God. Every minute is to experience God and to radiate the divine. The divine is called harmony. The divine is called charity.  Wish to do one’s service to your next, service also for your environment, service for your fate. 

Do you see my friends, since I got to know BG, I look different at Christianity; see it in a different light,in reality. We all have learned, love your next, and love your enemies and so on. But the logic is different, it is when we think, we are logically right, when we defend ourselves.  Yes, my friends, logically.  But we should not forget, the earthly logic is emanating from brain and the divine logic is emanating from the heart.  If man wants to prevail something with violence or force something, he should listen to his body. 
7. What does the heart say to it?  Is the heart sad?  Does it feel sad?  He will say: rubbish, I have the right for fighting.  But my dear friends, fight means karma.  And if we prevail something, we create new karma, new bonds. And you only can solve bonds by your own example, in order that the other would say: “Aha, he is acting different. Why is that? Logically he should bang on the table!” 
And if we are able to stay calm, it matters, if we also stay calm inside our body and spirit. If we are strong enough within our own divine love, my dear friends, an exterior calm will come.  But you must have patience.  You should not say: “So, now I am curious, now I believe in God, now I am really curious whether it works!”
How shall it work, when you say, I am curious?  In this case, the doubt exists, because you are in doubt.  Because you doubt the success by saying, now I am curious. But doubting means doubt.  Who doubts himself, doubts the divine bond, and that means you don’t believe in God. BG had said: “Never doubt the good. Who doubts the good doubts himself and is not able to experience the good.” 
Unfortunately on earth we are educated to say, I firstly want the evidence, then I will believe. Oh, my friends, do you know what is wrong about that? Wrong is, we conduct the success by our own hand.  We are at the switch.  It is just as we switch off the light and say, now I am curious whether it will be light. Yes, we switch off and expect the so-called miracle nevertheless the healing will appear.  If we doubt the good, we are switching ourselves off from this vibration, my friends.  The good is a vibration the same as the bad!  Human has got the free will.  At every second the human has the free will, my friends, if we want the good, if we trust the good or if we yet again will be driven by the brain and let doubts arise inside.  Even if the doctor shakes his head questionably…the fear appears, then the doubt comes on.
For God’s sake, what has the doctor again found on me?  I should not speak against the doctor; it should in opposite speak against us, because in this moment we do not have the belief to trust.  Alright the body has currently this disturbance.  Currently he is out or order, but that does not say something about the future.  And alright, it is this and that has been found, ok.  I trust in God, I trust in the doctor, too, that he is going to find the right answer.

August 2020

Excerpt from
by Alfred Hosp (page 105 -107)
Every thought creates a package of energy, which becomes as stronger as often and more intensive this thought (or similar thoughts) will be thought.

Some people are really captured by their ideas and images, which they take away from reality and no worldly power, can convince them about their obviously wrong attitudes.

We should be alerted if certain images and thoughts (mostly bad ones) don’t vanish out of our mind by day and night. These ones are not only forming our character but also our FUTURE! If they couldn’t be reduced by time, they could have fatal results for several lives. 

It’s hard to believe how a human being can be influenced by himself and others by negative motivations. Luck and fortune but also misery on earth originates always from good and bad thoughts. These thoughts move a human being to action and eventually put pressure on him.

The free will becomes more and weaker and his intellectual sphere will be darkened by negative images. To be captivated in thoughts and wrong images can be worse than any pressure from outside. This matter of fact doesn’t come to the mind for the most of our citizens because they are often such involved into their illusion that they are not able to recognize the true reality of creation or to take it as possible,
Every action is a decision by our thoughts, but these are only results of former origins and their follow ups. A devils circle runs obviously which is not to break anymore. Is it without any exit or delivering solution? Or is it a curse of centuries – where we are captivated helplessly in an endless chain of past and future? 

Oh no! Just the opposite is fact! Man must eventually detect that he isn’t a crawling worm in the dust, who is hit by indefinitely beatings of fate full of pains and misery.

 Human is and REMAINS a child of God! He becomes strong and powerful, when he is getting aware of thisAnd then he will upright and brave and without any doubts walk on this path.

Don’t let us forget: every situation (even the smallest) which is coming or originated by us keeps an opportunity for a free decision in behalf of the future and therefore a parting of ways. But we have to consider the prior charges and handicaps of our self-made karma. 
With other words:  The complete freedom of choice is still blocked by the mentally and spiritually charge and we cannot escape from the continuing pressure of decision between good and bad. This is the price but at the same time our chance of the free will which is in truth a gift and an incentive of God. 
But that one who surrenders into Gods guidance and help of the Almighty will arise in the spiritual vibrancy and can escape from the chokehold of Evil. He learns to “feel” the right direction of decision at a parting of ways. When he wants good and uses the follow-ups of former mistakes for positive things, he starts to create the life path in front of him. New positive origins will lift up his destiny out of the vale of tears into never expected and never experienced life conditions. That means: A human being living in divine guidance never comes in contact of those extremely aggravating effects of life which made a living hell out of it before.

That’s the only matter of never looking back to one’s own often suffering past, when walking successful a way of recovery, help and healing. 

The apparently inevitable and threatening evil of former times never comes again, it has lost its fright because the necessary bad preconditions could be resolved. Also Jesus Christ said: “ What you are sowing you will harvest!” 

That means nothing else than that: When somebody sowed and harvested weeds over his entire life, but now he tills his field (his character) he replants and cultivates it – shortly said changes his way of life – then there is no way of growing weeds but good, delicious and digestible fruits will ripen. We don’t need, and we shouldn’t ever look back after the decision of our return and going the divine path from here. We shouldn’t project any past experiences as subliminal concerns and fears into future.  Quite the contrary! The mental and bodily charges of the past dissolve and there is no negative reputation in the light of the merciful divine power.

Dear friends, we will start again with our OM's (Online Meetings) on Wednesday, 
5th August 2020. Please look for the direct link here:

Wish you a great summertime !!

Petra Ruether

The Spring 2020 Retreat
by Maria Molina, Sevilla, SPAIN

"El Retiro", as I like to call this time that forces us all to have to stay each one in our home, I feel it as a gift from Nature, from God.

Regardless of the economic repercussions that the current situation is causing,  many families that have lost a loved one and that it has been impossible to say goodbye to them as they would have liked; loved ones who are already at the side of our beloved Father whom everyone earlier or later return. They are all in my daily prayers, along with doctors, nurses, security forces, food, transportation, etc. and in general to all the people who work every day giving their best for the love of a neighbor, contributing to carry out our mentioned Retreat without missing anything essential, thanks with all my heart to all of them.

For many years, people with conscience have prayed every day for a better world, where values ​​such as love of nature, neighbor, honesty, empathy, loyalty, the desire to help those who have not had a family, that God give them everything. Everything they have got, they have earned with effort working every day, and like those of my generation helping the family contributing with their salary to be able to get ahead each month paying, housing expenses, food, light, water, etc.

As this obligatory Retreat said, a gift from Nature, from God, it is to reconnect man with Nature (with God), we had forgotten to listen to the happy song of the little birds, the smell of plants, the beautiful rays of the Sun, to many have money left over, but they lack time to live and enjoy their family and the beautiful nature that God has not given away for a while, since everything that we rich and poor have on loan, we cannot take anything away until the day that we go to the Father's house.
It is sad that Nature is nourished and shines while the human being is locked up, since we are not able to thank, love and respect it, we are so blind that we destroy everything that feeds us and we care little, or nothing, to leave our children- It is a dark world, without trees, without water, without sun, and what is worse: without human values.

We have reached a point of destruction so high that the same animals give us an example each day of love between them, and those of us who call ourselves human, give us all the same, as long as what happens does not harm you.
Now everything that is happening hurts us all, we are all in the same car, a car that will lead us to a bottomless pit, if we are not able to go back and recover the lost values, values ​​necessary to start a new time where is Love, respect, honesty, help to those most in need, etc.

Dear friends of Bruno Gröning, we who follow the Teaching of our beloved brother, we must now more than ever be united as a pineapple, we are a great family in love and respect, we remove from our mind all reason for discord and we focus on the Love to us to others and to our Planet Earth.
Let us make our Einstellen (tuning in) asking with love, for the cleaning of our beloved Planet, for all of us and let us give an example of unity, strength and help always, as our beloved brother Bruno Gröning did.

May God our beloved Father, Jesus Christ, Bruno Gröning and the Virgin Mary take care of us, protect us and keep us united in Love, Health and Peace.


Where there is love, there is also health, joy,
peace, understanding, there is also justice, empathy
and a desire to help, always serving those most in need.

In service with Love we find the greatest Joy, the greatest satisfaction, our interior is full of well-being.

Bruno Gröning said: Every help leads man to well-being.

Let us do service with Love, let us walk together hand in hand, thus we will find meaning in life, thus we will be building a better, more human world, more united to nature and to God our Father.

Where there is love, God lives.

God is Love, we are God's Love.

Maria Molina
April 14, 2020

April 24, 2020


we invite you warmly, dear Bruno Groening friends in all existing groups all over the world, to attend our Global Meditation sessions .

We are now going back to normal Global Meditation dates all 3 weeks on Tuesdays, 
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Following dates

July 21,  2020
August 11, 2020

We have set up an internet platform for this and cordially invite you to do so. Please click on Thursdays, at 9 pm CEST on this link, write your name and click OK:

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March 23, 2020

Dear friends of Bruno Groening's teaching,

In this challenging time, the word Bruno Groening applies all the more:


As Bruno Groening said, every single friend can build the connection to the divine source. Let us not remain alone in this time, but connect in spirit:

"Being connected to God, that's all!" 12/04/1958
"The truth will prevail." (1957)

"The good breaks ground, the good will win, right? The truth breaks through!" (07/11/1958)

Community classes in public and in groups are currently not possible.
But please use our online services - such as our Online Meetings (OM) in German and English every 3 weeks: 

The next date of the OM in German language  is March 25, 2020 at 7:30 p.m CET
Motto: "The helping hand reaches everywhere!"

The next OM in English language will be announced soon here!!

We wish all Bruno Gröning friends in all groups and all people in this world HEALTH, PEACE and LOVE.

GOD is LIFE. LOVE is GOD! (handwritten)

Yours Petra and Peter Rüther

March 13, 2020

Fear, man's worst enemy

Bruno Groening also said, that fear does not only come from evil, but is evil. He advised us to replace fear with two words, trust and belief.

"Fear is man's worst enemy, and a person who is afraid is always wrong."

"If you only believe that you will experience salvation, then it will help you. Just believe! "

"Trust in the good is the basis of the divine order."

"Whoever is steadfast, who can hold true, divine faith within himself, wins."

As long our faith and trust have not yet been so strong, we can ask Bruno Groening for help. He offered to support us in faith.

"If you become weak in faith, I will still do that for you and believe for you."

"If you cannot believe today, I will do it for you until you can really believe. And if you can't ask today, you still can't pray, I want to do that for you too. "
"I don't believe in people, but for people."

Bruno Gröning

Dear friends, don't be afraid about the world's situation. Everything will change again. Please read the pages of this wonderful book by Carla Palmer 
"You can be healed": Chapter: "Away With Epidemics" 

Here is the link for the whole book in pdf-file:


Today, on January 26, 1959 at 1:46 p.m. Bruno Groening died in Paris 61 years ago.
Let us remember with love and gratitude that this person came to earth to help suffering humanity.

Bruno Gröning said:
"Man, he comes and goes like flowers, like trees, like shrubs. One is being replaced by the other. Today you are standing on this earth. From time to time you are being replaced - me too." (19.09.1950)

"All people have to die, me too. The body will be put in the ground, but I will not be dead. Who will call me, I will be there for you, and I will help. But then everyone will be out of themselves experience the help and healing.
(Date unknown) ❤️

"I can be anywhere, but not as a person, but only in the spirit, as I do the spiritual work here. But as a person, I can only be at one place. I am otherwise faster and there is no faster chassis. (19.09.1990)

"I never forget anyone who has come into contact with me." (12/15/1954, newspaper, "Man and Destiny")

The Mission of Bruno Gröning

Josette Gröning, 1959-06-07
Lecture on the occasion of a spiritualist conference, Munich-Grünwald

Already during his lifetime a perceptible dispute about Bruno Gröning very often has occurred in public. The pros and cons have left major and minor shadows in the minds of individuals, so the fewest could see who he actually was in reality. Shadows you cannot wipe out easily, not so easily be removed in the non-violent sense, because always, the pros and cons may occur. Many have Bruno Gröning known well, however, the fewest have recognized him inwardly. They just wanted to be cured, and they would have gone immediately to each x-any new healer; consequently, would have replaced the healer and given it no thoughts of heart.
That individuals hope for healing, is good, as long as they do not depend on the healers and suck life force from them. They can also go to any healer, but they should think about it with the heart, that through each healer is passing the “IT”, the divine power, the power of health, because the disease is the evil.
Bruno Gröning has repeatedly emphasized that one should not direct the thoughts to the body, but to the “IT”, to the divine power, to the health and the wealth of health. Health is indeed a priceless wealth. However, health, if it is genuine, is also the omnipotence of God, which can realize itself in all individual persons if they completely open themselves and absorb the “IT” in themselves ... Bruno Gröning was not educated in the sense of scientific perception, like a professor or a physician. He neither wanted to be it, because he would not have been able to demonstrate the real and true power of God.

Many sick individuals think themselves too much into the very diseases, they hold mentally on to their disease. As Bruno Gröning said: “They are sitting on the disease.” His work and action aimed primarily at dissuading individuals from their thoughts about the disease – that is, evil. He repeatedly emphasized to have neither anxiety nor fear, all these thoughts keep the disease – evil – fixed, and the healing divine power cannot be absorbed by the help seekers, cannot spread within them. Unconsciously, the individuals shield themselves by such thoughts against the healing current. In order to receive the same as strongly as possible, it is necessary preferably to turn off self-radiation, that is, all self-willed, selfish and disturbing thoughts. In order to be partakers of divine grace, the soul must open itself to the Divine with grateful faith.

We must become as little children, to be able to receive the divine good. Not immature and without responsibility, but without guilt, without envy, hatred, and without cupidity for worldly power, earthly possessions and pleasures. Repeatedly we find with Bruno Gröning the religious demand pronounced that mankind must switch off their EGO and forget, that only in the faithful, good and truth facing soul the divine can emerge in Revelation.
Experience has shown in numerous cases that the meek ones, who humbly and reverently left their destiny and healing to God’s ordinance, received the healing current the strongest and thus, attained the complete healing. Those, however, who proudly, self-importantly and commandingly demanded healing, prevented the inflow of the higher force through their selfish will, and were only to a very limited degree in the position to achieve their healing. In view of this importance of the state of mind, the words of Bruno Gröning are to understand, when he kept saying: “Do not require, but acquire”

Bruno Gröning definitely could not and was, of course, not allowed to say everything he knew, since he spoke to people from all circles of the population, and also to very simple individuals, and they could understand him only by means of simple language, namely by the language of the heart. He was a signpost. If he, then, brought any parables to their awareness, it could definitely occur that these images sometimes by others have been referred to as “illogical”. Most of the time it were those contemporaries who believed about themselves they were standing exalted above the knowledge of Bruno Gröning, thus, intellectually sophisticated. Those, who were filled more with the academic spirit than with the spirit of God, and who first and foremost were the obvious enemies. He had to overcome enough of this sort during his work. He had (oth friends and enemies.
Sometimes – while he had a lot to do and needed to do – individuals occurred at his side, who allegedly wanted to support him, also so called “managers”, who were dominated by organization thoughts. They were for the most part also attracted by thoughts about money and success. Thus, already during their approach they were completely on the wrong track. However, since Bruno Gröning towards no one made any violent decision, but acted nonviolently, radiated patience, he did not reject them, but over and over again tried to bring also these individuals on the correct path through his example and work. So, he walked his path, the road of his mission to help sick people. This goal always was in the foreground. Bruno Gröning also was able to expose individuals in a non-violent way, which nevertheless produced effects so that some of them turned hostile against him. Individuals consequently can endure the truth not at all or very hardly, they want to avoid the truth, they want to walk the broad way and not the narrow path of service, of any renunciation, of patience, of kindness, of mercy, of divine love, and of the everlasting will to help.

While Bruno Gröning, thus, always wanted to be there for mankind, much injustice was inflicted on him. The envy against him was immeasurable large. The newspapers published large reports against him, others wrote in favor of him. At the appearance of false reports he was silent, and also practiced no violence. His meekness was admirable. He fulfilled his mission by helping the indivi-duals until shortly before his death. He knew exactly, when his time was up. And miracles happened almost to the end, which still are no miracles.
In the press it was reported, for example, that he had died as a result of throat cancer. There was claimed still much more, but just not the right thing. In reality, it has been true as the following: Until his last hour Bruno Gröning has carried the sufferings, the diseases, the hardships and also the sins and debts of other individuals. His pathway was a pathway of earthly crucifixion. But generally he didn’t speak about that. He said to the invalids: “Give me your disease.” And thereby, he talked of seemingly irrelevant things to distract the concentration of these Individuals from him, so that he could take the disease off them.

Thus, in the genuine Christian sense, he carried a large part of the darkness, which has spread throughout the diseaseinfected world. His goiter was not a goiter in the usual sense, but rather an enrichment of strong healing powers. He has never undergone a goiter operation. He served as a healer of mankind and therefore it is wrong, when it is claimed that he died of a real cancer. What he has absorbed and carried from others, has caused a change in his organism, it produced an inward combustion. This condition even made the doctors speechless, for he had no pain, could eat, give lectures. You couldn’t sense anything at all, at a time when the doctors referred to him already as a terminally ill individual. These doctors were friends of Bruno Gröning’s since many years. And he permitted these two Parisian friends to examine him to leave to the world documentary filed items about his real condition. These documents are in my possession. Only during the last three days before his passing Bruno Gröning was bedridden, and he passed into eternity perfectly calm and peaceful. That happened exactly at that moment, where mankind obviously would have succeeded in preventing him in fulfilling his divine mandate. On January 22nd 1959, four days before his transition, the court case, vitally important for Bruno Gröning was completed in Munich. The prosecutor again demanded a sentence of imprisonment.

It is already today ascertainable, that the divine power, which he has brought in again to the earth, to which he in turn opened the door – he often said: “This force and teaching is not new, it is ancient” – and continues to work to a greater extent. This force has not become weaker, because there is a continuation of life after death. Even if Bruno Gröning no longer remains among mankind physically, so to a heightened extent, emotionally and mentally, as the servant of health, as servant of God, as a mediator for the divine healing power. It is, thus, not absolutely necessary to seeing him physically, because, if one adapts to God, to the divine healing power, then Bruno Gröning as a servant can in fact to a far greater extent continuously direct this force at the friends as well as at the foreigners!
Individuals should, therefore, adjust themselves to the divine current. They should absorb it in their hearts; Bruno Gröning will be one of the invisible helpers and mediators. From the heavenly gate, one will be permitted to perceive God’s help increasingly stronger.

The work of Bruno Gröning will of course being continued. On Whit Monday, the “Free Association Bruno Gröning”[1] was founded. It is to serve a conscientious evaluation of the experiences of Bruno Gröning, and moreover prepare other important ways. What once has been begun, now must be made accessible in new shape both in speech and writing for mankind. Bruno Gröning shall not go down in history as a charlatan, but as a spiritual healer. Anyone who wants to help with the divine teachings, which Bruno Gröning has given us and whoever wants to continuously to communicate, remain connected, or whoever wants to come, may contact the office of the “Free Association Bruno Gröning.” The work continues under the motto, which Bruno Gröning repeatedly has highlighted:
[1] The Free Association Bruno Gröning was founded on May 18th, 1959, on the initiative of Erich Bavay. The Association was to serve as an alternative to the Association for the Promotion of mental-spiritual and natural foundations of life in Germany Reg(istered) Assoc(iation). Today, the Free Association no longer exists.
Bruno Gröning Trust Archive


We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a 

Bruno Groening talks in his Christmas Speech in December 4, 1958 in Plochingen

Well, my dear friends, you won't understand the Nativity of Christ and get its comprehension before you understand your own birth, your own life on earth. I tell you once more very clearly: Not before you recognize yourself and before you know who you are in reality. Then you will prepare to Holy Christmas and to the real Saviour in order that you are worth on this day to receive the Holy Sacrament and all the benefit which God had preordained for you. Of course you must not listen to Evil; of course you must not surrender to Evil.
Dear friends, you will see, that the life of Christ was not for nothing, because God has predestinated the life of Christ, just because only this way it was possible to show the right path to human beings, the path which is pre-established by God for whole mankind. This path really guides every single human being back to God.

But, dear friends, you cannot serve two masters, not on one hand Evil and on the other hand God. And between you are a fraud, a liar and deceiver; you are not even honest to yourself. That all, my dear friends, you have to cast aside. Everything - I tell you once more – everything which you felt as bad you should cast away. You have to turn your back against evil; you have to go the other path. Herewith I call you to great turnaround. Go the path God has shown us through Christ.

What do we have to do as human beings? What a kind of teaching is the teaching of Christ? Is it enough when a person claims to be a Christ? Is that enough? Don’t we have to act like Christ said “Follow me!” But to follow him is only possible for anybody, who abandons from earthly things and who don’t cling on material things but on God and who feels attracted to that one he belongs to. Only this person, my dear friends, can follow God.

This person will become that one, God made him for through the teaching of Christ. And I warn you, my dear friends, only to make a trial, because every trial will become bad and how I have told you” You have tried a lot! And you know exactly that you’ve lapsed to Evil. I don’t make trials as well dear friends. I only remind you, like ever I do, to take everything up which is determined for you – not by me, no, which is determined by God.

And this all, dear friends, Christ told us. And He is telling us still today, but many don’t believe on it. They say He is dead! He is crucified! They don’t believe that He is between us. They don’t believe that He is on this earth. They don’t believe at all! He (the human being) put it aside because it is a long gone story, this has become a religious tale and he says, one have to believe at something; without he cannot live, he cannot exist, and he must belong to a formation, to a religion and he must belong to a nation of course. And furthermore, he has to do something in his life; he has to take up a profession etc. etc. But that’s all!!!

My dear friends now think about these terms exactly. How you have sinned against yourself and how you fell in evils hands over and over again? And how you have served the evil again? Because you dealt with evil forces and you have resigned yourself with it. It is because you felt lost, you have had no power to free yourself from it. Of course you have no power anymore because you tried all possible things, you tempted yourself and let attempt yourself from your next humans.
You have capitulated and given up the good as well, and your neighbor said: Oh I have tried everything to help him but I cannot help. Yes, my dear friends, who had sunk so deep, who has gone so far off the good divine path and who never listens to the advice of Christ, who don’t do this today, who don’t take up any thoughts of it to do it, who only thinks that all bounds to happen like that and that’s all…No my dear friends, that is nothing!! BUT IT IS JUST EVIL, THE TRIAL; THE TEMPTATION will be ever evil, from which you were agitated!
And how are you at all in life? What you have done? What have you said? Which thoughts you have taken inside? Were these always good thoughts? Didn’t you show the most and highest interest to hear something evil, something bad? Which was any sensation for you? Isn´t it only to have a reason of conversation and not to fell asleep at all? Not to get bored at all? There were so much interesting things, there were many things to listen to and many things to read; there were also many bad things to see. A big part of humankind will keep behaving this way because it is a kind of their habit. Why should I care about others? And he consoles himself with I have tried everything but nothing helped!
No, my dear friends, this way nothing can and will help! He who can’t be advised cannot be helped.

And Christ has given to us the only and best advice: This advice we should follow and the whole mankind too. And Christ gave us the true, the only and best advice. This advice we have to follow and so have to do whole mankind. And if you follow now, demanding nothing, but achieve everything, which is determined for you, you will experience good things on yourself and good things on your neighbor. Only believe! I am neither a speaker nor a teller; I am only one who tells people about my conviction. But first I have to be convinced about myself and about that one I belong to. And further I have to be convinced about that one who sent me, who gifted me with a life on earth. And I have to be conscious about my mission, my calling and I don’t have to be indifferent.

                                                                                                                     Bruno Gröning

19./20. 10.2019

CONGRESS EITORF October 19./20, 2019
Bruno Gröning: „What I have to say here will certainly affect every single person, no matter what nation or denomination he belongs to, whether he is poor or rich. Every human being is the same to me, even the color of the skin does not matter, much less the mother tongue.“ (date unknown)

"And finally dear friends, so that you too understand this little wisdom of life, I say to you: 
Love life - God! God is everywhere!

With this I have given you one of the best proofs that you can be with your body wherever you want.Even if you are in a small, modest, if dark, room, even there he will receive the divine mission because there are no limits. 
It does not have to be that you are with your body in Germany. No matter where you are on this earth with your body, because God is EVERYWHERE !! Because God is everything for us. We are nothing without him.
We belong to God! "
Bruno Gröning, 30.03.1956, Plochingen

Hello dear friends,

We were very happy to meet so many friends at this year's Congress in Eitorf. Altogether 130 persons were with our Meeting included.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces and so many new friends to welcome. Many friends, some had a very long journey, were already arrived on Friday.

This conference was the 5th conference of our Independent Bruno Groening Group and have been visited internationally by friends from all over the world: Canada, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It was a powerful conference and with many valuable contributions in word and sound and beautiful musical contributions.

 Watch the video of our congress on YouTube:


Journey to the UKRAINE to the „House of Friends“ 

I would like to share with you my impressions of an independent group, the "House of Friends", headed by Mr. Vasilij Stepanovich Kushnir and his team and their summer camp on the Black Sea in Premorskoye, near Odessa. 

This summer camp is open to all friends of Bruno Groening from May to September of each year and everyone can go there and / or go on vacation to recharge their batteries. As you know, every three weeks we send our Global Meetings (International Webinars) together with our Russian friends, who are alternately led by Mr. Vasilij Stepanovich and myself. 

This cooperation has developed over the years (since 2017) lovingly and as you know, Mr. Kushnir was with some friends from his communities already at our October sessions. This year we could make the trip, and there we were invited to a meeting on the 13th u.14th of July 2019. The plane took only 2 ½ hours from Frankfurt, Germany and even Lufthansa flies directly to Chisinau, an airport to Republic Moldavia. There we were picked up and then took a taxi across Moldavia and then crossed the border to Ukraine. For European tourists, all this is no problem; only the Russian citizens have to wait longer there and are also thoroughly inspected. Too bad that there are still limits and borders where people do not trust each other and where you have to defend everything with weapons. I have also wished removing of this border and we all ask for a borderless world in mutual trust between the countries.

Through the Ukraine we drove along roads along endless sunflower fields - just wonderful ... we saw big and small chapels with golden roofs and simple and humble people, friendly and full of faith in God and Christ. And we visited Wylkowe, the Venice of Ukraine in the Danube Delta, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, with its beautiful Lipovan church dedicated to Our Lady Mary. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the traditional atmosphere of this beautiful country, including during the conference including food, music and dance and, of course, everything in the spirit of Bruno Groening, which united our hearts. Even Bruno once said that salvation will come from Russia. I found it impressive how people profess themselves to God here, even though the Orthodox is endowed with many dogmas and rules that we in some ways can not understand. But unlike the Western attachments to material and in some ways senseless moods, so much has happened since the collapse of communism in Russia. Many songs are sung about trust and faith and that this is the only way that we humans get together again. 

Our dear friend Vasilij Stepanovich Kushnir, and for the past 16 years has looked after many friends from all over Russia, such as from St. Petersburg, Odessa, Vladimir and many other places of the vast country of Russia.

We were in Premorskoye from the 11th to the 16th of July and we returned with a deeply touched heart and full of joy and strength, which we received from the meeting which took place on the weekend together with the friends. 

We heard of many healings and wonderful accounts during this time and of course experienced Bruno Groening's protection and guidance every day. On Sunday morning, the piano (which was recently painted from black to white) was dragged to the beach and we experienced the sunrise at 5 o'clock accompanied by beautiful piano music. Everyone was able to realize themselves to play it there for a short time 

We also made a Danube trip to Point Zero, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea after 2850 km. It is certainly no coincidence that the Danube rises in Donaueschingen in the Black Forest of Germany, and then finally flows through several countries into the Black Sea, where Vasilij Stepanovich has his camp. That is another reason why we Germans are already connected with this patch of earth.


English: On YouTube you can watch the video about our meeting with Russian friends on the Black Sea:

Yours Petra Ruether


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Bruno Gröning,
 on May 30./31. 2019

Bruno Groening:

"I do not want to be glorified by a single of my fellow men. I am not God, but I'm only divine, like every one of my next humans! "(Oct. 17.1955)

"And do not idolize me, but adore God; Let us pray to Him, let us ask Him, and let us believe that He will give us the (good); I am only establishing the connection." (Oct. 05.1957)

"I want to help and heal. I do nothing myself, but I know that the power flows to me and that I can spread it to heal people." (Sept. 4.1950)

"Once I've talked to a scientist who got to know the world. And he said, "Yes, what you can do, we cannot do. We left nothing untried to research things that are located between heaven and earth, but we never got there. And so many times we thought, that we had come to a track. But then we lost the trace, and when we thought we reached the goal, it was gone. "(26.09.1950)

"Who has realised our body? Scientists - for centuries they have been researching and yet have not realised the human body. "(05.10.1958)

"I know I was misrepresented as a criminal, but with our Jesus the same happened and he was nailed on the cross, but that does not matter. I give my life so that mankind can live, and I will leave nothing untried to give mankind this to take along, that humankind can live. I feel obligated to enlighten people and leave nothing untried. And if any of you wants to say that there is no Lord God, I let myself be cut to pieces. I do not desist from my faith! " (31.08.1950)

"What you absorb, what you accept, you have. If you were only to take good things, put evil aside, you always have the good. "

"You'll be disconnected of all good if you take in only one bad thought. Then you have no connection. There you'll miss all the good, you have lost divine again. Then that disappears from the body, because then it will not stay there. Because you decide on your body. You take up the evil of that moment, and you will then feel that you, that means, your whole body, will be seized by evil and that you will no longer be a master of your body. There must first come someone, someone to hold your hand. He must be close to your body, be very close, that the current, the stream of life, which you really can call the healing current, because it leads you to salvation, that you can then absorb that. " (October 27, 1957)


Bruno Gröning: 

What you take up, what you accept, you have own. If you take up only good energy, put aside the evil, you always have got the good. "

"You will lose all the good by just accept only one evil thought. 

Then you have no more connection. You give up all the good, divine again. Then it disappears from the body, because it does not stay. Because you are in charge of your body.

 In that moment of evil thinking, your body will only then feel that you, that is, your whole body, is being seized by evil and that you will no longer be able to control your body. 

It is only then that somebody must come to impose his hand on you. He must be close to your body, very close so that to the vital power, the stream of life - which you really can call healing and divine power, because it guides you to salvation - can be absorbed by you.”  (27. Oktober 1957)

"Men will learn that they all as sick people no longer need to come to me, because it would be an absurdity. I do not want to place myself above because of that. 

But the evidence that I voluntarily showed, shows that I never need to do what people think - or even demand. I do not need to come to them; You do not need to come to me. I built the bridge. 

They do not see it, but I have shown you the spiritual path. This is the bridge that leads to the divine path. Just as your illness is mentally and spiritually fixed in your body, so is all my doing and acting immaterial; it’s spiritual. Every illness is spiritually conditioned." (15.09.1950)

Jan. 26, 2019

Bruno Groening Memory Day of this passing

He knew about his hour of death
Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach, 1960

On December 26, 1958, four weeks before Bruno Groening's death, a small circle of friends were with him.
Bruno Groening sat in his chair, and we talked. Then suddenly he said: 

"Friends, when I am no longer among you, I am with you from the spiritual world!"

We thought he was going to America now because we knew that the revision process that was going on at the same time brought him the verdict.
After some time Bruno Groening said: 

"Friends, I ask each of you now: can you give up everything from one day to the next, even your life?"

Everyone denied this to us, and he said: "I can!"

A little later he said, 

"Friends, you have to work without me for a while now."

When we wanted to leave by car, Bruno went to the car and made in front of the radiator three crosses.

Later, it occurred to us that this farewell had another reason; we suspected that he would go much further from us than America.

Frequently Bruno Groening said in his lectures: 

"Do not be afraid of death, my best friend is death - and he is also your friend. My happiest day in life is when I'm allowed to get out of this body ... "

- o -

When I once again experienced a great vulgarity around Bruno through a dirty newspaper article, I was very sad and said to Bruno: "On this earth it's so hard to live; one could only wish to get away from it as soon as possible."

Then Bruno looked at me seriously and replied: 

"I once blasphemed God, when I said, oh, God, why did you send me to this terrible earth! - But we have to do the good! "

He took my hand and said, 

"Anny, do not lose heart; Take an example from me, I have to wade through so much filth and connect people to God again. Otherwise I would have a more comfortable life, I could be the richest person - but then the poorest! "

- o -

On 16.4.1956 Bruno Gröning was at a lecture in Bad Tölz. Right at the beginning of his words, he approached a gentleman and said the following: 

"No, do not be afraid, you are not dying yet, I'm already leaving this earth before you."

This gentleman still lives today - and Bruno Groening really left this earth.

- o -

In 1954, Bruno Groening said to me: 

"In this body I am only a small healer on this earth. I'll be back - but then I'm different! "

When I asked, "How do we recognize you then?" He said: 

"Let your heart feel, and pay attention to the signs!"

Now I wanted to know if I could even witness it, but before I said this question aloud, Bruno Gröning drove his hand down from my nose to my chin, and I could not speak anymore. A sign to me that knowing this was not necessary for me.

Josette Groening (ed.): The mental-spiritual healer, (Marschalkenzimmern / Schwarzw. Over Sulz / N., 1960)
No. 1, pp. 11-12



For my beloved brother Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem 2018 years ago:

Beloved brother Jesus Christ, son of God,
my brother, our brother.

You live in my heart, in our hearts.

Your mission of Love to others as well as the mission of our
dear brother Bruno Gröning was your maxim in life.

I love you, we love you 365 days a year.

Your immense love to all humanity, you have taken to give up your life for all of us, as did our beloved brother Bruno Gröning who also lives in my heart, in our hearts.

Beloved brother Jesus Christ

Take care of me, take care of us and protect us from all evil, give me, give us Health, Inner Peace, Joy, Divine knowledge and all that is good, to grow in this spiritual path, to grow in Love for oneself and others.

Only in this way will we be able to evolve and feel satisfied, knowing how to find meaning in life, knowing that being connected to God, to the divine energy, is the greatest, because it is the pure Love of our beloved Father, of God.

Beloved brother Jesus Christ, I ask you, we ask you to live always in my heart, in our hearts 365 days a year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my brother, our brother.

María Molina


from Alfred Hosp's book "Powers of the spirit - My experiences with Bruno Gröning".
As a result of an accident occured shortly after being born, Alfred Hosp was completely paralysed and spent all his long life on a wheelchair. As mentioned in the story, Alfred Hosp's wife Liselore "Lilo" was driving the car. What is most striking about this is that she was paralyzed too but from the waist down; therefore the car had been modified, bringing the controls on the steering wheel. Dear reader, in this beautiful book full of emotion and love you can read many other wonderful stories of the experiences that Alfred Hosp lived with Bruno Gröning. The book can be ordered either in German or English edition, directly through the Bruno Gröning Trust web page.

1956 to 1957
In this last chapter of my book, I would like to describe the Christmas celebrations that we were able to experience with Bruno Gröning. It is certainly due to a remarkable spiritual guidance that I am able to write all of this down in my own peaceful and beloved home precisely at Christmas 1998, and therefore more than forty years after the events – as a gift, so to speak, dedicated to Bruno Gröning in love and gratitude, as well as to all the readers who are seeking the path to God. From the experiences that have been described in this book, one can finally recognise that this is only ever possible by way of the inner path of selfless love, as it has been taught to us for thousands of years, but which, up to now, could never fully be put into practice. 
The Christmas bells, the smell of fir trees, candles and pastries, as well as the Christmas tree that Lisl has decorated with great care and love, cause my memory to take to its wings and awaken in me once more those happy feelings that filled us whenever we were with Gröning. Back then, it was a blessed and grace-filled time that sent us those days and hours free from anxiety, cares and bitterness. One simply felt sheltered in the force-field of the good, in the consciousness of helping and healing energies and of the closeness of God, which, since that time, has no longer been a mere dream for us but an experienced reality. 
At that time the Christmas celebrations were held in Advent as great special occasions, in halls that had been specially rented for the purpose and festively decorated, where several hundred friends would always come from near and far to meet with Bruno Gröning. Nevertheless, in December 1956, we enjoyed a three-day private meeting with him in our apartment in Vienna. 
So, at the appointed time, we set off by car from Gallspach on our journey to Vienna. During the drive, we were discussing the question of how a Christmas tree could be set up there. Then, to our wide-eyed amazement, we saw a man standing before us, in the middle of nowhere, with three Christmas trees. Lilo quick-wittedly made an emergency stop and, for only forty schillings, we bought from "good value Jacob", which was how he introduced himself, a stately, impressive spruce that had grown straight and thick, and it was immediately tied to our luggage rack. 
Naturally it was also an enormous surprise for my mother when we turned up loaded like Father Christmas himself, with a Christmas tree complete with decorations. Lilo had just finished the decorating when Gröning arrived, so that we were all able to admire her finished handiwork with great satisfaction. And he remarked concerning it: 

"This tree has been meant for you for a long time and you have done it up with a great deal of love. I have only seen a few Christmas trees that radiate like this. As you know already, all objects emit their own radiation; and the more loving the thoughts that accompany the decoration, the brighter the tree's radiating power, even when no candles are burning yet It's a pity you can't see it!"
We were very happy at his remark and asked him if he would like to take a souvenir for himself from our Christmas tree. Gröning walked slowly around the tree, then took for himself a small three centimetre-doll that Lilo's friend had made herself at home, and said: "My friends would like to give me so much, but unfortunately I have no more room at home for such things. I gladly take this doll, though, for I will hang it on my own Christmas tree. I have set aside the afternoon of the 24th of December especially for decorating our Christmas tree. I always do it entirely on my own; no one can be there as I do it, since every thing that I hang on it has its own special function on the Christmas tree. It is placed at a particular point, with a corresponding charge. At the end of it all, the Christmas tree is one resonating unity and radiates out to every community and to every friend the light of divine love and redemption. It is only when my Christmas tree is finished and the candle flames are burning that the holy festival of Christ's birth begins for me."
The Konstanz family had also arranged a very impressive and harmonious celebration. After Gröning's Christmas talk, beautifully arranged fir twigs were handed out, each with a candle and a little pastry attached. We have kept this memento right up to the present day and have been able to observe the phenomenon that even now, after forty-four years, the scent of fir is still there in full strength. That is why we consider the gifts we received back then as precious jewels and take good care of them, for even today they radiate a power that we experience as being very beneficial. 
In December 1957 we were able to accompany Bruno Gröning to several Christmas celebrations. For the sake of better understanding, I should tell you about the exertions that this involved, since in Austria at that time, apart from in the neighbourhood of Salzburg, there were absolutely no motorways. And so, with our VW-Beetle we drove – as well as we could – behind Gröning's Opel-Kapitän. The first stage was again from Vienna to Klagenfurt. After the celebration there – so that's two days later, on 18 December 1957 – followed the second stretch, from Klagenfurt to Rosenheim. But in order to cross the Alps we had to be taken through the nine-kilometre tunnel between Mallnitz and Böckstein on the car train. Our departure was delayed, since friends kept on coming up to say goodbye to Gröning, quickly to ask him some more questions or to bring him their requests. Finally, at around eleven o'clock, we got under way. Our car, with its low horse-power, could soon no longer keep up. Bruno Gröning stretched his left hand out of the car window and made such rapid turning movements with his hand that they looked like a glistening and glittering ball in the sunlight. For seconds it was a fascinating sight before he put his foot down on the accelerator – and at once disappeared with his car from our sight. 
When we arrived at the station in Mallnitz, it turned out that Gröning – even with his powerful car – had also missed the train we had planned to catch and our two cars were eventually loaded at around two o'clock and could then be taken through the tunnel. It was downhill on the Salzburg side, so that we were able to drive close behind him for a while. But then came the ominous gated railway crossing. The gates began to come down – but Gröning's car darted straight over the rails. We, however, stopped in front of the barrier and for the last 170 kilometres we were completely on our own. It was already getting dark and it was beginning to snow. We therefore had to reduce our speed to 40 kph. 
We were driving along a stretch of road that was completely unknown to us, through night and fog, so to speak, and in the strictest sense of that expression. For an inexplicable reason, and without warning, I began to sneeze, and I sneezed, sneezed, sneezed! My nose turned into a leaking water pipe and my aunt desperately tried to find enough handkerchiefs, but in the end there was only my scarf as a last resort. Shaking her head my aunt said: "What should we do now? In this state you'll disturb the entire Christmas celebration!" I went on sneezing and snorting without a care, as it was still a long way to Rosenheim. Lilo steered our car with dexterity and patience along the slippery, winding road. We were nevertheless completely calm and felt that we were being sheltered in the spiritual help we could feel.
Then a road sign appeared in the beam of our headlights with the inscription: "The Lueg Pass: 18% gradient!" Lilo shifted down a gear and continued driving uphill. But as the road became ever steeper, she eventually stopped the car and put it into first gear. As she was setting off again, the wheels just spun around! Lilo now pulled off a bravura performance on a steep bend of this main road at night. She carefully allowed our car to roll backwards along the right-hand side of the road, over a road surface that was slick with ice, until we were back at the start of the ascent. She started again from the bottom in first gear – and the car climbed, purring and without juddering, over the heights of the pass. Bear in mind that this was a multiple miracle, since, while we were rolling backwards, we neither slipped into the ditch at the side of the road nor did another car come from either direction, which could have put us in danger. 
With relief we finally reached the motorway, but even there more difficulties arose. Heavy slush, as well as poor visibility due to the thick fog, meant that our onward journey was no picnic. Visibility was very low and the road markings were invisible beneath the snow, so that from time to time it seemed like a journey into the void. Then we saw in front of us the rear lights of a car that was jogging along at the same careful pace. With great relief we followed these lights as far as the exit for Rosenheim. Instead of arriving at four o'clock as we had planned, we finally reached our destination at seven o'clock. Already as I was getting out of the car, I noticed that my nose – from one minute to the next – had become completely dry, and even during the following celebration I neither had to sneeze nor needed a handkerchief. 
Bruno Gröning began his Christmas address only after we had taken our seats. Bavay told us afterwards that they had waited until we had arrived before they began. 
I would like to select just a few important points from his ninety-minute speech: "Dear friends, as you know, we celebrate today, as we do every year, the feast of love and peace. It is the custom with you that people give gifts to each other, to give each other joy. But these are only earthly gifts, for which people usually show their gratitude by giving something in return. On the other hand, hardly anyone now has any idea of the divine gift, the birth of Christ, which is what should be celebrated first and foremost at Christmas. You don't even know anymore why, for what reason, for what purpose Christ came to this earth and you therefore do not grasp the true reason for his birth. But I must tell you, dear friends, that so long as you do not understand the birth of Christ, you will not be able to comprehend the meaning of your own birth. Then again, you also do not know why you are alive and for what purpose God has given you this wonderful body. But, just as you hold valuable earthly gifts in great respect, you should have regard for this greatest divine gift, your body, and protect it from the assaults of evil. That is, you should take care never to let something that is not good come into you or casually expose your body to danger. It is truly the most valuable good that a human being possesses on earth. Do not forget this, and always be thankful that you are able to be alive here. 
If you have a wish that can be fulfilled in the good, then make it your heart's wish today; if you then have great faith, God will fulfil it for you at the given time. My wish for you is that all that is advantageous for spiritual discernment in your future life might come to fulfilment And I also wish you now a blessed and peaceful Christmas and that we will see each other again, healthy and happy in the new year 1958. Once again, all the very best!"
Gröning came up to us afterwards. When Lilo thanked him for the help during the journey, he simply said: "I know all about it, for I was there. Where you were left hanging because the road was so icy, I gave you a push. And then it was not completely without danger on the motorway, and so I had to send a car to guide you. I delayed the start of the celebration until you arrived!"We sat there speechless with gratitude and astonishment, for we had so far not had any opportunity to whisper a word about our adventure-filled journey to anyone at all. 
Gröning thought for a short time and then, to the surprise of the host, he took the angel decorations, which had been made out of gold paper and were thirty centimetres tall, and began to hand them out. First of all he gave an angel to each one of us four, then the community leaders got some and finally he even handed out the Christmas table decorations, so that in the end only the bare fir twigs were left. The friends who had been responsible for decorating the hall looked somewhat unhappy: "This is really strange. Why is he doing this precisely this year? He has never done anything like this at any other Christmas celebration. Well, a lot of work will be waiting for us next time!" Even now, so that is forty-four years later, these very angels are among our most beloved decorations and constitute a lasting memory of the blessing-filled Christmas celebrations with Bruno Gröning. 
On 19 December 1957 my father arrived from Munich. Then all five of us drove, non-stop, along the narrow old 400 kilometre-long National Road No. 1, which was in bad repair, via Salzburg to Vienna, where we spent Christmas Eve. After the holidays we finally went back home to Gallspach, where our car was put into winter storage until early 1958. But then we drove once more to Stephanskirchen, to our next meeting with Gröning – and there we had a great surprise: He showed the friends seven photographs, which he had taken at home during his own private Christmas celebration. The currents of power and spiritual energy fields had become visible on them. One could clearly make out the immaterial connections between objects that corresponded and belonged with each other, and even between people. 
For example, one of the photos was of a mother carrying her child, who was about one year old, in her arms, and it showed the normally invisible connecting currents between mother and child. In this picture one can actually see how a bundle of energy from the energy centre at the back of the mother's head passes over to the child's body and flows through it. At this point the shining of the light was so bright that the material parts of the bodies of the people concerned could only be made out as dark shadowy shapes. Bruno Gröning explained the significance of this picture in the following way: "Every child is closely bound to the body of its mother until its fourth year, since, to begin with, the life energies are only received by the mother and then passed on to her child. A child's body can only take in the divine power on its own after the age of four years. For this reason every small child should grow up in proximity to and under the protection of its mother. It will then be more balanced and calm in its future life as well.
Such pictures only come about when the photographer resonates in harmony with the divine. The energy fields of the photographer and of the subject resonate together on the light-sensitive surface of the film, which produces the same reaction as visible light, and so the photographic plate often sees more than the eyes of materialistically disposed people. When and where something like this may happen depends on many spiritual factors and on the will of God. Nevertheless the friends should also take photographs more often in the community hours, and without flash! But never expect it and remain completely calm inside, for a happening like this is always an act of grace. Always take care that when the film is being developed no film gets lost or thrown away as useless, as almost happened in my photo shop with this film. So I wish all my friends much luck in their photography. But take note: the less you wait for it, the sooner it happens. You must only want one thing, and that is ALWAYS the good!"
All photos that show spiritual energies that have become visible confirm the assumption that, with these phenomena, it can in no case be a matter of some kind of radiation from the cosmos, as I have already mentioned, since a linear propagation of energy is nowhere to be observed. Considering it from this angle, one therefore needs to make sure that, when tuning in to receive the divine power, one hands oneself over to inner harmony to such an extent that one's own armour of rigidity and coldness of soul breaks open and the energies of the good, which are in any case always present around us, can break in like a pulsing current of life in order to flow through every cell of our body, to strengthen and finally to heal. It was on account of these incontrovertible connections that our great spiritual teacher repeatedly said that, with each wonderful healing, it does not come down to him, that is, to Gröning, but ultimately to the proper mental disposition of the person seeking help. 
In December 1958 we travelled again to Vienna for the scheduled Christmas celebration, full of joyful anticipation. But this time it was only Alexander Loy-Leute, our chairman at the time, who came, along with Gröning's secretary Dorothea Ludewig. She brought a tape-recording, recorded on 4 December 1958, on which Bruno Gröning, before the speech that he had spoken onto the tape, apologised for his absence on this occasion, which was due to another task that could not be postponed. But since he emphasised that he would come again as soon as the roads were clear of ice, we gave no thought, at the time, to the background to all this and took his absence as a matter of course. When we learnt, at the end of January 1959, that Bruno Gröning had left this earth on 26 January 1959, because he had been CALLED BACK by God, I, in particular, simply could not grasp what had happened, since this was the first time I had lost a person close to me, and I felt even more abandoned, just as before, when the falling barrier at the railway crossing separated us so abruptly from Gröning's car as it drove on ahead...


20./21.October 2018 


Impressions of our Conference last weekend. We had a wonderful time together with our friends. The friends reported about help and healing they received at themselves and their relatives. The Conference was arranged with many musical contributions...

Much healing power was felt and GOD blessed the event with joy and love.

Our Motto: 

"It's the teaching of Christ, which you have to heed!" Bruno Gröning

Apps. 100 friends have come together and enjoyed the loving energy the room. 


Bruno Gröning and his quotes about Christ:
What is Christ for us? Why did God give Christ an earthly life here? Why did he give him this one - His - also wonderful body?
And why was Christ always a great role model for us in everything? What did God want with it, and what was Christ doing here?
He has given us so much of the good, the divine, so much of God!
What are we able to do if we only believe in taking up all that God has destined for us!
Yes, my dear friends, all this Christ taught us, He was with us and is with us and will always be a very great and a very good, the best role model! (04.12.1958)

"Wasn’t Christ the greatest role model for humanity?
Didn’t He do many miracles?
Did He not give the proof to people without Him wanting it? Because He simply did it.
He believed it, He knew it, because He doesn’t got the knowledge from himself, but He has got it from God.
And He did all that He had to do, all that God told Him to do.
He went where God was leading Him, not people.
And He spoke all that God had spoken to Him. And it happened.
Never, dear friends, is it a man, but it is and always will be God! "(04.12.1858)

"A real true Christian can only be the one who follows Christ, as Christ expects us to and as His teaching tells us. And so Christ was thirty-three years on this earth, that is, in the body that God has given Him for this earthly life, so that He can impart to us all that God has to say for us, for all humanity! Because otherwise people couldn’t  listen to God any longer. (04.12.1958)
“Dear friends, it should be clear to you that the earthly life of Christ was not in vain, for God has determined this, earthly life for Christ, because only this way it was most possible for God, through the teaching of Christ to lead us on the path that God has chosen for us, for all mankind ... 

And that is and remains the only path, the one that really leads every single person to God.
But, dear friends, you can not serve two masters. Not at one hand the evil and on the other hand God!
And in between you are a hypocrite, a liar, a cheater. You are not even being honest with yourself. You have to put off all this, all that, I say it again, all that you have felt to be evil in this earthly life, you must put it completely aside. You have to turn your back on the evil one. You have to go the other way. And so I call you to the great turnaround!" (04.12.1958)

"Walk the way as God has destined for you – for all of us through Christ!
What do we humans have to do?
What is this teaching, the teaching of Christ? Is that all, when man asserts of himself, saying "I am a Christian"? That's all? Don’t we have to do it when Christ says, "Follow me!"
Only those who detach themselves from all that is earthly who don’t cling to the materialistic, but cling to and feel attracted to the One to whom he belongs. Only this one can follow God.
Through the teaching of Christ, he will become that person, which God has destined for him. There is no back and forth, no pros and cons. (04.12.1958)
“Who doesn’t accept advice, that one you can’t help!
And Christ himself has given us the good, the best, the only counsel we human beings have to obey.
And if you follow right now - and that you don’t demand for anything, but really achieve all that is destined for you - then you’ll experience much good in yourself, much good in your own body, and also much good in the body of your neighbor ! Just believe! " (04.12.1958)


" Christ knew that every illness comes through sin. Therefore, he exhorted the patient after the healing: "Do not sin any more, that nothing worse will happen to you!" (handwritten)

There has been much talk about Christ Himself. He has been hurt a lot. He carried everything patiently. For whom? Because he was a coward? No, for us! So that we may come to realization, to know Him, how great and powerful God is and how just and how unjust the human beings are. (05.10.1958)
Christ is always among the people. He is not dead, there is no death. There is only Salvation. (05.10.1958)

"I know that many people did not understand the birth of Christ.
Which ways or which path did Christ show us? Did people understand him correctly? (...) Nobody starts to realize, or starts to feel or not to feel whether it's truth or can it be true?
My dear friends, man can only do this when he has understood himself, when he knows who and what he is. He who understands himself, he can understand the other one. Otherwise it is not possible.
One thing is clear to you, that almost 2,000 years ago, God has sent us His Son. He spoke to us about His son, about the body of his son. Christ is our brother! But as such, you have not recognized him yet. He is so tall. He is totally one with God. He is in God. He is everything. And here people say: “Here we can’t reach Him, but we want to believe!“
We should be ready today to put the words of Christ into action. If we put the words of Christ into action, as He told us to follow Him, then - yes, then people would be on the right path. "(21.12.1956)

"Christ has given us so much good in our life. Why did people not heed the good, why didn’t they absorb it?
Why did they never do all that, first of all, what they owe themselves?
And that's what it has hitched, and now it's important that you really, truly, and honestly go over to making up for what you've missed by doing that now, always doing what you owe yourself. And that you really pay attention to this – your - body, which is a divine gift." (04.12.1958)

"Or did you think that was my teaching, which I am telling you here? No, friends, that is the teaching of Christ.
So God has taught man through Christ. We should follow that. We should do all that we ourselves are committed to doing. We should be an order loving person, that is, to be a God-loving one. "
People just take the word God on their lips. They speak of Christ, they speak of the Savior, they speak of many of these Saints in general. But who speaks with the heart? And who does it all? Who puts this into action? Who has put it into action? Friends, these are very few. And there have already been many admonishers on this earth who have been trying to persuade man to take the divine path and stay on that path. (04.10.1958)

Back to nature!
Quotes by Bruno Gröning:

"Did not people let His (God's) work here degenerate, which He created for us?

They did not pay attention anymore. Nature tells them nothing anymore; the unnatural, the worldly, that's theirs. "(05.10.1957)

"The plants and animals absorb the natural, the divine powers, as far as they are not removed from man by nature." (Handwritten)

"And whoever believes that he can escape Nature that our LORD God has made so beautiful for us, let him go where he wants, it was believed that one could differ from the other by turning his back on Nature and climbs the stages of Culture, there lies the error, there lies everything, that is what man lacks: Nature! "

"One thing I know for you is that there is much prepared for you. (...) But you have to go back the wrong way to receive the good again, and the farther you have left the good path, the farther you must go back. " (03.10.1058)

"I'm just here to tell you the truth of how God is so well-equipped for us, for each person, and that we just have to follow Him and accept what God has chosen for us." (05.10.1958)

"I knew why I had to come, why it was necessary, I do it for you!" (19.09.1950)

"Well, my dear friends, and so it spreads more and more..."

There is much that can not be explained, but nothing that can not happen! Nothing is impossible for God!"

Only we really have to absorb the true DIVINE; we must take it to heart, and we must always stand with God, to whom we have to stand. Not that you may fall into the belief that God is there for us, that God is dependent on us - no: we are dependent on God! 

There is no life without God at all, no life without the divine blessing. And to receive this blessing, man must make preparations of his own accord; he must be worthy to go first the way that leads to God. And on the other hand, he has to stay on this path in order to receive the blessing of God here as well. "(05.06.1956)

"Groening," I introduce to you once again, this is the name of my body, which I have received for this life on earth, which has also been bestowed on me for the benefit of all people.

Now I do not have to stress that I feel obliged now to tell each one who I am. I'm not Groening, but Groening is just my body. The body is earthly, as well as the name, which has been handed over or taken over by humans from this earthly body. As far as I move with this, my body on this earth, you will also regard me as your fellow man. "(January 1958)

"I know life - the life of all people" (26.09.1950)

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