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Trust and believe
it helps-it heals the Divine Power
Bruno Gröning

20./21.October 2018 


Impressions of our Conference last weekend. We had a wonderful time together with our friends. The friends reported about help and healing they received at themselves and their relatives. The Conference was arranged with many musical contributions...

Much healing power was felt and GOD blessed the event with joy and love.

Our Motto: 

"It's the teaching of Christ, which you have to heed!" Bruno Gröning

Apps. 100 friends have come together and enjoyed the loving energy the room. 


Bruno Gröning and his quotes about Christ:
What is Christ for us? Why did God give Christ an earthly life here? Why did he give him this one - His - also wonderful body?
And why was Christ always a great role model for us in everything? What did God want with it, and what was Christ doing here?
He has given us so much of the good, the divine, so much of God!
What are we able to do if we only believe in taking up all that God has destined for us!
Yes, my dear friends, all this Christ taught us, He was with us and is with us and will always be a very great and a very good, the best role model! (04.12.1958)

"Wasn’t Christ the greatest role model for humanity?
Didn’t He do many miracles?
Did He not give the proof to people without Him wanting it? Because He simply did it.
He believed it, He knew it, because He doesn’t got the knowledge from himself, but He has got it from God.
And He did all that He had to do, all that God told Him to do.
He went where God was leading Him, not people.
And He spoke all that God had spoken to Him. And it happened.
Never, dear friends, is it a man, but it is and always will be God! "(04.12.1858)

"A real true Christian can only be the one who follows Christ, as Christ expects us to and as His teaching tells us. And so Christ was thirty-three years on this earth, that is, in the body that God has given Him for this earthly life, so that He can impart to us all that God has to say for us, for all humanity! Because otherwise people couldn’t  listen to God any longer. (04.12.1958)
“Dear friends, it should be clear to you that the earthly life of Christ was not in vain, for God has determined this, earthly life for Christ, because only this way it was most possible for God, through the teaching of Christ to lead us on the path that God has chosen for us, for all mankind ... 

And that is and remains the only path, the one that really leads every single person to God.
But, dear friends, you can not serve two masters. Not at one hand the evil and on the other hand God!
And in between you are a hypocrite, a liar, a cheater. You are not even being honest with yourself. You have to put off all this, all that, I say it again, all that you have felt to be evil in this earthly life, you must put it completely aside. You have to turn your back on the evil one. You have to go the other way. And so I call you to the great turnaround!" (04.12.1958)

"Walk the way as God has destined for you – for all of us through Christ!
What do we humans have to do?
What is this teaching, the teaching of Christ? Is that all, when man asserts of himself, saying "I am a Christian"? That's all? Don’t we have to do it when Christ says, "Follow me!"
Only those who detach themselves from all that is earthly who don’t cling to the materialistic, but cling to and feel attracted to the One to whom he belongs. Only this one can follow God.
Through the teaching of Christ, he will become that person, which God has destined for him. There is no back and forth, no pros and cons. (04.12.1958)
“Who doesn’t accept advice, that one you can’t help!
And Christ himself has given us the good, the best, the only counsel we human beings have to obey.
And if you follow right now - and that you don’t demand for anything, but really achieve all that is destined for you - then you’ll experience much good in yourself, much good in your own body, and also much good in the body of your neighbor ! Just believe! " (04.12.1958)


" Christ knew that every illness comes through sin. Therefore, he exhorted the patient after the healing: "Do not sin any more, that nothing worse will happen to you!" (handwritten)

There has been much talk about Christ Himself. He has been hurt a lot. He carried everything patiently. For whom? Because he was a coward? No, for us! So that we may come to realization, to know Him, how great and powerful God is and how just and how unjust the human beings are. (05.10.1958)
Christ is always among the people. He is not dead, there is no death. There is only Salvation. (05.10.1958)

"I know that many people did not understand the birth of Christ.
Which ways or which path did Christ show us? Did people understand him correctly? (...) Nobody starts to realize, or starts to feel or not to feel whether it's truth or can it be true?
My dear friends, man can only do this when he has understood himself, when he knows who and what he is. He who understands himself, he can understand the other one. Otherwise it is not possible.
One thing is clear to you, that almost 2,000 years ago, God has sent us His Son. He spoke to us about His son, about the body of his son. Christ is our brother! But as such, you have not recognized him yet. He is so tall. He is totally one with God. He is in God. He is everything. And here people say: “Here we can’t reach Him, but we want to believe!“
We should be ready today to put the words of Christ into action. If we put the words of Christ into action, as He told us to follow Him, then - yes, then people would be on the right path. "(21.12.1956)

"Christ has given us so much good in our life. Why did people not heed the good, why didn’t they absorb it?
Why did they never do all that, first of all, what they owe themselves?
And that's what it has hitched, and now it's important that you really, truly, and honestly go over to making up for what you've missed by doing that now, always doing what you owe yourself. And that you really pay attention to this – your - body, which is a divine gift." (04.12.1958)

"Or did you think that was my teaching, which I am telling you here? No, friends, that is the teaching of Christ.
So God has taught man through Christ. We should follow that. We should do all that we ourselves are committed to doing. We should be an order loving person, that is, to be a God-loving one. "
People just take the word God on their lips. They speak of Christ, they speak of the Savior, they speak of many of these Saints in general. But who speaks with the heart? And who does it all? Who puts this into action? Who has put it into action? Friends, these are very few. And there have already been many admonishers on this earth who have been trying to persuade man to take the divine path and stay on that path. (04.10.1958)

Back to nature!
Quotes by Bruno Gröning:

"Did not people let His (God's) work here degenerate, which He created for us?

They did not pay attention anymore. Nature tells them nothing anymore; the unnatural, the worldly, that's theirs. "(05.10.1957)

"The plants and animals absorb the natural, the divine powers, as far as they are not removed from man by nature." (Handwritten)

"And whoever believes that he can escape Nature that our LORD God has made so beautiful for us, let him go where he wants, it was believed that one could differ from the other by turning his back on Nature and climbs the stages of Culture, there lies the error, there lies everything, that is what man lacks: Nature! "

"One thing I know for you is that there is much prepared for you. (...) But you have to go back the wrong way to receive the good again, and the farther you have left the good path, the farther you must go back. " (03.10.1058)

"I'm just here to tell you the truth of how God is so well-equipped for us, for each person, and that we just have to follow Him and accept what God has chosen for us." (05.10.1958)

"I knew why I had to come, why it was necessary, I do it for you!" (19.09.1950)

"Well, my dear friends, and so it spreads more and more..."

There is much that can not be explained, but nothing that can not happen! Nothing is impossible for God!"

Only we really have to absorb the true DIVINE; we must take it to heart, and we must always stand with God, to whom we have to stand. Not that you may fall into the belief that God is there for us, that God is dependent on us - no: we are dependent on God! 

There is no life without God at all, no life without the divine blessing. And to receive this blessing, man must make preparations of his own accord; he must be worthy to go first the way that leads to God. And on the other hand, he has to stay on this path in order to receive the blessing of God here as well. "(05.06.1956)

"Groening," I introduce to you once again, this is the name of my body, which I have received for this life on earth, which has also been bestowed on me for the benefit of all people.

Now I do not have to stress that I feel obliged now to tell each one who I am. I'm not Groening, but Groening is just my body. The body is earthly, as well as the name, which has been handed over or taken over by humans from this earthly body. As far as I move with this, my body on this earth, you will also regard me as your fellow man. "(January 1958)

"I know life - the life of all people" (26.09.1950)

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