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Bruno Gröning's Teaching
Between 1949 and 1959 Bruno Gröning held many several lectures and speeches, which are saved in written form or were partially recorded on tapes.
Without exception they are all in German language and have to be translated into English.
We are grateful for every translation and also for giving notice of any mistake made or for suggestions ofappropriate corrections.
The teaching of Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning didn’t record his teaching in writing, but he gave mainly freely spoken lectures, which have partially been recorded on tape recorders or have been written down in shorthand. Moreover, there exist conversations with him which were also preserved in this manner to future generations as well as some handwritten notes.  Whoever is involved in his teaching closer, will find a big variety of subjects which go far out from the aspect of healing.He did not scoop his knowledge as it is usual nowadays, by the mind. His way for recognising the truth led him first and foremost into nature. 

Already as a child he felt attracted to the forests. 

„Here I experienced God: in every shrub, in every tree, in every animal, even in the stones. Everywhere I could stand for hours and reflect. There was, actually, no concept of time -, and always it was to me, as if my whole internal life widened to infinity.“ (From one of his curricula vitae)

 „I am not a studied person, I am neither literate nor have I accepted human advices. I have gone my own ways (...) and I will go like this further. I accept no human instructions.“ (9/24/1949)

Bruno Gröning assisted just elementary school up to the fifth class. This was later interpreted very negatively by a part of the scholars of this days and age. They designated his simple and easily understandable words as primitive and they stamped him as an uneducated, even silly person. 

In China they have this interesting worldly wisdom: „A noble person who has found the right way must not carry the national costume of the scholars at all neither; nor anyone knows about those which carry the national costume of the scholars, whether they have really found the right way. "(Dschang Dse,)" Words, which move mountains - Wisdom of the Chinese“, I, 198)

The teaching of Bruno Gröning really has no intellectual demand or even scientific aspirations, but he scooped from a spring which was always the most important to him: God and His creation! He also emphasized that e weren’t telling something new, but he still felt obliged to point out many things to people with today’s words, and wake them up in a certain manner. 

  • „I feel obliged to clear up the person.“ (9/22/1950) 

  • „I teach people everything which leads everybody to God by the teaching of Christ; and this we have to put into action.“ (date unknown) 

  • „This is about the truth, and about presenting the truth to people; to let people know what is truth and how God has determined life (...) for the person.“ (1/18/1959) 

  • „Its very necessary to tell you only the truth over and over again, and tell you only that which you can find out is truth in yourselves. But now you have to go and convince yourselves of it.“ (12/4/1958) 

  • „I don’t push anybody, I let everybody free in everything and just advise them again to persuade themselves of all.“ (12/26/1958) 

  • „Please, please don’t be gullible! (...) you don’t need to believe what I say. (...) but is a duty which you have: to convince yourselves about it!“ (10/5/1958)

Frankly, always simply, sometimes even pretty loudly, Bruno Gröning spoke to people. 

  • „Did you believe, I am here only to pet you everybody individually, (...) to caress you, to embrace you? I believe, (...), it is better, that I tell openly the truth about people having wastde their life here. (10/5/1958) 
  • „I have repeated so often (...), and again I can only emphasize: it is necessary, friends! (...) I say it to you year in, year out, as long as I may be here, until everybody has grasped it, until the person obeys this what he has to obey and until he follows Him whom we must all follow sooner or later,“ (10/3/1958) 
  • „When will the need and the misery stop once and for all? When will the illness army be reduced? (...)surely never, dear friends, as long as human beings continue to go like this. (...) They must turn around, they must really become this…and also do everything what God has determined them for, not differently, they must become God-connected. They must come to the divine guidance, without which there is no life.“ (10/5/1958)

God, the father of all people

Bruno Gröning expressed big love and reverence for God and his creation. He said: 

  • „God is our Father, creator of our earth!“ (8/31/1950); „God is life. Love is God.“ (by hand) And he made clear: 

  • „We are all dependent on God. Without God there is no life, because God is Life himself!“ (10/5/1958); 

  • „God is everything for us, and what are we without Him? I say truthfully: nothing!“ (12/4/1958)In all his talks he spoke over again of how important it to achieve self-knowledge. All people regardless of religion or nation, he called children of God. And he explained that everybody has to recognise urgently the laws of creation and act according to them. 

  • „Our real host is God on this earth (...) and we have to follow our host.“ (10/3/1958) „Every living being belongs to God and God has one, i.e. His law. Who does not know this, and does not take it to heart, who does not obey, that one never achieves success.“  (date unknown) 

He admonished humanity to a big reversal with warning words. He was convinced that because of non-observance of the wise laws of God, so much misery, need and grief on earth has originated.

  • „God never deprives any of his creatures of his own will.“ (10/5/1958), he further explained. However, he also said: 
  • „God's will is determined. God wants that a human being is helped, and that he recognizes himself of being degraded by evil. God helps, God leads and God also forgives.“ he finished (10/5/1958) many of his talks with the words: 
  • „Love Llife - God! God is everywhere.“ (12/4/1958)

Article by Thomas Busse on

Here you see a video - from Youtube - with the original voice of Bruno Gröning with the topic: 

"Niemandem böse sein" in English: "Never getting angry at someone"
(translation you`ll find below)
Never getting angry at someone
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Bruno Gröning Never be angry to someone" Original Lecture in German
Dear People, what actually did Bruno Gröning want? What is this topic about? As most people think it was not important for Bruno Gröning to heal, but to guide back human beings to the true Divine path...

Never Getting Angry At Anyone
How good it is, dear friends and how good it would be also for you if you would never be angry with any other human being who gives to you unpleasants words, sights, and feelings. 
I know that you are quick to hate and jealousy and get involved in a struggles and fights with others.  If you wish to do this to me, my dear friends, you are all welcome to do these things to me.  Try to upset me and I will only laugh.  Why?  Because these things are rediculous.  So, what do you now wish to do?  You will not be able to apply your anger here, but if you still wish to do so, please give it to me.  You can say anything, the nastiest of words.
As I told you before, when people are in a hurry, they are doing this.  So, I am very happy when they expose their negativity and anger.  I then ask calmly, "I hope that you are done now?"  If you have anymore to release, let more of it out, let it all out of yourself.   Give it all to Gröning.  It doesn't stay within him, it just passes right through him.
I don't take it upon myself and after the person notices that I haven't become angry and he or she will ask me, "Don't my harsh words make you angry?  And, then they become even more angry and I look at them and answer, "I'm so happy that you have released all that evil and how do you now feel?"  "Yes, now I feel relief, because I have told you the truth."    "Oh, you think that this is truth?"  "The truth is that you had much negativity and evil within you and it was urgent that you release it."
I ask you friends:  You are often amongst people like me too and you have directed much negativity of emotion against another fellow human being.  You say, "Oh, I will tell him the truth!"  This will prepare him because he doesn't know the power of what will hit him!"
This was before when you were obsessed and came upon your negativity of emotion over and over again when you met someone strong who you couldn't aggrevate or irritate.  In this case the stronng one must aggrevate you first as a stragety to bring your anger up to the surface so that it can be release and I my friends am very good at doing this.  Then, you are safe to release it and this is always good for am human being like you to let go of all that darkness that you have accumulated over the years.
So up to now, it has always been like that with me, My enemies have transformed and turned into being my friends.
(to be continued)
Only accept and take in what is good.
Excerpt of a lecture Community Pirmasens 1957. This tape is known also under the name” The Evangelist”
please look at his sign at his forhead...We cannot negotiate about this. I cannot do anything but tell you the truth. So don’t say to me: “It’s a good thing that Gröning isn’t here in person, otherwise I would say to him: ‘That’s all very well, Gröning, but I must think about negativity and disorder because I am in pain, and I really cannot move my joints yet. I don’t feel any life in this part of my body – will it really get better?  Dare I hope for this?”  And so on…and so on…
No, my friends!  You must all know by now that I do not allow anyone to describe to me how exactly trouble has taken hold of them.  How often have people come up to me, believing that they had to tell me everything about their illness!  They wanted to talk to me about it and have me treat it. No, friends, this is wrong, quite wrong.
This is the force of habit, which has dictated your way of life.  You are so used to talking about what’s wrong, about negativity, that you still want it to be addressed, to be treated!  But you know very well that I don’t want to hear about it, because I have nothing at all to do with it and nothing in common with it. 
This will already have occurred to you if you have noticed for yourselves: “He doesn’t want to hear about my sickness, the negativity as he calls it, so I mustn’t talk about it.”  But this then raises the big question: “How then am I going to get rid of it?”  My friends, I don’t even like to say the word “sickness”, but you have constantly used the word and keep on doing so today! Please stop it, friends!  It is harmful and does no good at all.  Harm will never lead to good, only to more harm and evil, which will degrade you.
Now, how do I differ from other people?  I have nothing in common with negativity, and I don’t deal with nor treat negativity. Here too you will say: ”Why does he keep talking about negativity?” But you use the word “sickness”, you call negativity “sickness”.  Now, I have nothing in common with negativity, and have no wish to have anything in common with it.  And I now ask you to do as I do: Part company once and for all with negativity and don’t keep trying to deal with it.
Read the whole lecture: Documents /Community Pirmasens 1957. This tape is known also under the name” The Evangelist”
About a 'small' Animal (Part 1)
Source: From the tape "The Ant" , Bruno Gröning lecture in Karlsruhe, 5th of October 1957
I know it’s very hard, very hard for today’s people to understand me. I know that you live your life today but have no knowledge about it and no use for it either. I know that you have been pulled into a worldly existence and you have forgotten yourself, you feel lost because you not longer know how to manage yourselves.
To understand me, means that every human being, will have to understand himself, that he knows who he is and why he possesses a body and why he has received – this body – for a life time here on earth.
I know that the average man, as I have to call him, knows nothing anymore. He has to be honest to himself and admit: I know, that I know nothing!
But he fancies himself and this fact indicates that he is conceited and arrogant. So he cannot believe what he is actually - in reality and truth!
I know that he doesn’t understand himself anymore – he does know nothing, he cannot believe. And he thinks, all this divine proceeding is false and “hocus pocus”. And he tells himself and others: Who on earth can believe that? These are things, which never happened in the past and will never happen in the future.
But now, my dear friends, do you think that I’m surrounded by people who exclaim “I’m your friend?”
No, I go to people who have not become my friends yet. Because I have to be direct with people and tell them straight what they actually are in reality and what God’s plan is for every human being. But there are many conceited and arrogant beings who think they are somebody because they possess many worldly things and big properties which they call their own. And often they feel like the saying goes: He lives the life of Riley (in German: He lives like a little God in France).
About a 'small' Animal (Part 2)
Source: From the tape "The Ant" , Bruno Gröning lecture in Karlsruhe, 5th of October 1957
Bruno Gröning on the balcony at Yes, my dear friends, to understand yourselves, to get knowledge about yourselves, that require more. I cannot tolerate human beings who make jokes about other people’s suffering. I have just one task: to restore the lost divine goodness to people and guide them back on the path they once abandoned and away from the wrong one they are in.  But they no longer know which is the right path, the one which God has destined for every human being, for every living creature.
If a human being really understood how many forces he can command and how he could use these powers, the divine forces, for himself, then he would truly say: “Now I’m able to tear out whole trees with the strength I possess in my body.”
But I know, my dear friends, that a human being is self-important, and he believes to be, a superior living being, but alas, he only has a very small and narrow mind. Of course we have got our own body, which means we received our bodies, which we received from God for a life-time, and it is much larger than that of other living creatures. I refer to those ones which are notably smaller than us.
How strong  is this little animal?Now, my dear friends compare yourselves once to an Ant.
The Ant is conscious about its own strength; and it concentrates on it in a very dedicated manner, so that it can carry loads which are 5 times heavier than its own body weight. Put yourselves in this little creature’s place and carry a weight 5 times heavier than your own body. From the beginning you would say: “That’s impossible. This load I cannot carry, it is much heavier as my body. That’s impossible!”
And now consider the Ant, how tiny it is and how quickly it carries a load. When you imagine how little this creature is and how big we are, I mean, our bodies. And all the many mountains the little ant is climbing, it breaks through any obstacles. It makes it and it conquers everything, that means it conveys any load without ever getting tired. If you put a heavy load on your back you would walk slowly and slowly until you run out of breath at least; but the Ant doesn’t, it is still running. Have you ever observed this small creature? Whoever has studied it really will know how fast and busy this little animal is.
And how does a human being compare? How far down has he sunk? What does a man know here about divine forces?
Human beings are the children of GodHe doesn’t believe at all that he himself is divine. He doesn’t believe that God has created him, that he is indeed a work of God.
And he doesn’t believe at all the things that belong to Gods order, to God Himself. He conducts trials and experiments. But the Ant doesn’t do any trials; it simply does what is necessary. Man makes trials, even though he also has a mind.
But it is common belief that an Ant doesn’t have a brain. It is believed that a much smaller creature as an Ant is, doesn’t have a mind on its own.
About Pride and Arrogance
Yes, my dear friends, pride and arrogance comes always before a fall, therefore a human being puts himself into danger. He is arrogant, he thinks he is somebody. But he is the only one priding himself of course.
But in this case, he thinks to be more than his neighbour. I have shown you examples previously about how a man acts regarding another human being, this other one, who has a weak constitution, whose body is diminished. He sees only from the outside, he doesn’t believe that he himself has disturbances in his own body, that his body shouts with pain. He doesn’t see the pains.
Bruno Gröning consoles a healing seeking lady...(in Herford)His neighbour doesn’t see or feel them either. He sees nothing and therefore he cannot believe. He doesn’t believe hat he can help his neighbour either. He puts him aside and merely says: “Try this remedy orthat, you have many options and possibilities. Go to see this man, he will help you “, and so this helpless man tries everything to no avail. He feels lost, he doesn’t feel that his neighbour is capable of helping him after all and so he feels truly lost!.
Yes my dear friends, if people only knew the duties which every single person is given in order to help each other, and how we can experience salvation on our own. A man reaps what he sows.
Source: From the tape "The Ant" , Bruno Gröning lecture in Karlsruhe, 5th of October 1957
About a 'small' Animal (Part 3)
Source: From the tape "The Ant" , Bruno Gröning lecture in Karlsruhe, 5th of October 1957
Well, if you’ve sewn a bad seed, you have taken negative forces, and that which you’ve taken up you impart to others and returns to you. Who hasn’t experienced something like that? Well, whoever has not, that one is coming closer…
It shouldn’t be like that. Man has to know why he is here on this earth for a life-time, and why God has given him the gift of his body. Ants will help each other; they will do whatever is necessary to help bring their kind out of danger, especially when they are injured. But you will rarely find, that an ant gets injured all by itself. You can try to stamp over it, when you follow this tiny animal’s body, and you can do it. These animals often live on grass, where they have the right ground; you can easy walk over them, and you will not be able to kill it, unless on a solid man-made ground, let’s say: concrete, and when the ant is running over it, then you can kill it. But that ground is created by human beings. God did not create such solid soil. It should be loose. Well, of course, it’s a fact hat people create for themselves solid paths to walk on and they think that is the right one, but its only the worldly path which has nothing to do with the Divine one.
But when an ant resides where it is destined for, you will not be able to kill this tiny animal with your big body. You can stamp as hard as you want, and you won’t be able to kill. Have you become aware of something? Yes, everything that God has created has been arranged so that we cannot easily kill each other.
And so, if a human being becomes aware of these forces and takes them up once, and is totally dedicated to God, what do you think, my dear friends, he could do with this his own power? I even warn you against evil things. I even warn you against taking up a single bad thought. I warn you to close your ears to people, who speak evil, because then you will take it up and transmit it to others afterwards. I cannot be more specific, it’s not possible to do so in the short time we have in the moment. But we have still some time on this earth. My life as well doesn’t end from one day to another - that means, my being here is predestined as it is also predetermined the hour, when I will go off the stage; and yours as well.
But leaving this topic, I know some people believe they can be saved from death, they could be rescued from that in reality. And that is the most important indication to me that human beings know little or nothing about themselves and life itself.
Now take this person for instance, he has sufferings in his body, he is aware of disturbances, and he has tried everything to get rid of them; but to experiment with God Himself? Mhm, mhm! What does he know about God? What does he, this man, know about himself? Nothing at all! He believes he is here on earth for making all possibly trials. Now, my dear friends, haven’t you already done enough trials? Whoever is not yet fed up with them can try further until he has learned the lesson that those trials have brought only disaster.
That means, he has experimented himself, he has led himself and his body into the temptation that brought the disaster in the first place.
Instead, he should recognize that he is a divine being that God has created him and destined him for a certain time on this, His earth. That’s the reason He lent us a body. I have got a body also, exactly like you.  I use my body to get the connection with God so that He will use my body too. He will use your own body also when you live within His will.
But I know that people do know nothing about this little word “life”: What is life? Is that life? This is a pigs life!”
Or yet another says: “This is a good life. I don’t want to leave this earth; I have everything now and can live like a King.” And another again says: “Things can’t continue this way. I suffer greatly; I cannot do anything with my body!”
Source: Article series by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal," ("Man and Destiny")1954, part 6
In October, 1954 Bruno Gröning had visited the publisher of the magazine "Mensch und Schicksal" ("Man and Destiny"), after which the magazine published a three-part series on Gröning's visit to Graz. Here is another excerpt. Bruno Gröning was asked about the attitude in Germany toward him and his healing activity.
No-one can test me scientifically
Bruno Gröning said:
"It is understandable that only a small number (of people) can understand me. Those in worldly positions are entirely against me. But you can't hold that against the people, because they live in their individual "ego" and that's why they oppose me. I have proven things to doctors which perhaps were never seen before. Even disabilities that existed from birth have been healed. I take the view, anyway, that all illnesses can be healed, but not with all people! There are many reasons for that.
 I made myself available to a clinic for several days and proved many things there. But actually no-one can test me scientifically. An entire villa was put at my disposal. The doctors asked me how I do it. I said that it is difficult to answer that, because for healing I don't actually need any remedies or instruments. I do it entirely differently. There is simply something existing in me that I can transfer to others.
For example, once I was with a group of sick people. I instructed them as to how they should sit. I looked down for a while at the first four. When I got to the fifth I stepped back to the first one and asked her, "And how are you feeling now?" You see, I had suddenly felt a special contact with the first one - the power was brimming over. I received the answer, "My God, I feel completely well!" The doctors had long treated this woman without success. She had never said to a doctor, "I feel well". And I had actually done nothing. I then described the condition of the woman's body; that is, I gave a diagnosis.
The leading physician banged his fist on the table and yelled, "There must be some other connection here - someone must have told you!" There was indeed a connection, namely one about which science neither knows, nor wants to know, anything about. But no one had told me anything about this woman, whom I had just seen for the first time. I recommended that they put me under strict surveillance."
Gröning describes in detail how a series of numbers were assigned to sick people and entered on a list. They would give him a number by telephone. Without knowing the name of the patient, and without seeing the person, Gröning would give an exact diagnosis based on the number alone. One can see here that the contact and recognition were not physical, but somehow internal in nature.
What I said was recorded on tape. I gave nine exact diagnoses...Gröning continued, "What I said was recorded on tape. I gave nine exact diagnoses to the clinic. What I said agreed with theirs. But in one case the leading physician said, 'There is something wrong here!' I answered, 'You are still awaiting an x-ray. You simply have to wait for that!' It concerned something in the head. The findings were soon provided and I was right. In one case the doctor mentioned a finding. I said, 'That is number so and so!' I don't remember the number now, but it was correct. The doctor said back then, 'You're bewitched!" Yes, my friends, there are wonderful things! Even a street cleaner could achieve such things - not through known medicine, but through special gifts (that) most people don't have.
Several doctors told me privately that the way would surely be made free for me. I answered, 'It won't be made free for me! And so it is. They have prohibited everything for me! '
Source: Article series by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal," ("Man and Destiny")1954, part 6
And when I now refer to a letter from South Africa
Source: From the tape "The Ant" , Bruno Gröning lecture in Karlsruhe, 5th of October 1957
9. Bruno Gröning speaks:
And when I now refer to a letter from South Africa, well, and have I ever been there, I mean, in this body? No! And yet those people have written full of trust and faith asking for help. I’m thinking about a special letter in which a woman wrote: “Dear Gröning, I’ve read “The New Page” which is also available here, and I believe that you can release me too from all the sufferings afflicting my body. I have so much pain! My practitioner, that means, more than one has tried everything to help me, but the pains grew bigger and bigger, so that I cannot bear them anymore. Please, please help me!”
I don`t need to open the letters...Of course, I didn’t open this letter when it first arrived. It’s impossible to open all the letters which arrived here by the last post; there are countless, thousands of calls for help, and I mean only those who came to me by mail.
And now, a few days ago, I’ve found another letter, this one was still sealed and came from the same destination; the same surname, just a different Christian name on it; and this was the daughter, who wrote: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My mother is completely free through her call for help, because she wrote to you and explained all her suffering, pain and sickness to you.
 I know, a human being would react to this: “Now, lets travel to South Africa immediately,” and you would also say: “lets go there quickly!”
 Friends, what did happen there, in a time before this, and what I had to solve there, you will find unbelievable.
But I am not here today to talk about that, I am only here to tell the truth; how God has arranged everything for us, and we only have to follow Him and take up that which He has predestined for us.
And now I could ask you still more questions, about how is it possible all this, that people become free? 
I am now thinking about a lady who is helping me to answer all those letters. Whenever somebody says that he has no time, I will like to explain to him about a human being, who has no time either, who has to work very hard all day. Farmers work! A woman who works from sunrise to sunset and later she sits down and answers every letter I leave with her, and she does this, day in and day out. She doesn’t get into her bed before two in the morning and always a bit later than that. At five, she has to get up again and so she only gets 3 hours of rest from her work, her hard daily work.
But she simply does it. WHY? She just does good deeds; not only for herself but for her fellow human beings, and therefore she gets the power. This lady spoke to me on the phone recently, that she already had answered all the letters. It was a really hard work but she has done it with joy and she is so happy and feels so fortunate about the answers she has already got from those friends; and she has started to create a big file of healing evidence, from the many people who asked me for help, who have been  healed in fact already. They feel healthy. Many of them wrote to state very clearly, that a miracle has happened in their lives.
She only had this one wish, and this wish was a divine one.
Among all those people, there was a lady who was totally given up – by human beings. But she had one simple wish left: to write a letter, a begging letter to Gröning – well, she was a small little person. This lady finished the letter stating her last wish on paper and left it lying sealed on a table. And then she related that the following happened:
First she had a very strange sensation in her body. A very extraordinary feeling came over her, which affected her whole body and she became free, free from all those evil things she suffered for years; and she had tried everything to achieve this. Now she is completely free and among the healthiest human beings today. Of course this poses a big riddle to all those health practitioners, relatives and acquaintances of her. How can this be possible? She hasn’t seen Gröning ever, nor even listened to him, she simply read something about him, and then, a thought came to her head: “ I believe that this man can help me and he will help me indeed!”
This is self-confidence! This is faith, my dear friends. Yes, and even you will ask: “How is that possible? It happened so quickly to her.” Yes, she only had this one wish, and this wish was a divine one.
This human being had the desire to achieve total divine order in her body, and at once she had given a promise to God. You would say: “She had taken a “vow”, because she had promised God to be always a good person.
If she maintains her promise, it will keep. But if she listens to evil again or takes up bad thoughts, once again, she will loose her goodness step by step.
Everybody and everything has its radiation!
Source: From the tape "The Ant", Bruno Gröning Lecture in Karlsruhe, October 5th 1957
Small tinfoil ball of Bruno GröningBruno Gröning speaks:
I don’t know much, I only do know what people still don’t know today.
No more.
But if I call one or two to order – Please then, follow!
I don’t command you, I also don’t force you – I only appeal to you to change now, to be different now – to be naturally artless.
And it is a weakness when you are sitting there and using the back of the chair. If you received it, then you can slouch – but not just now.
How can you take up the energy when you are still blocking everything in your body?  And fold your hands too? How can you receive in this posture?
Well, some days ago a woman said:
I`ve seen the tinfoil ball that some people have, I want to have one too!
(Bruno Gröning often distributed smaller or bigger balls of tinfoil to helpseekers. These balls contained concentrated healing powers inside, which he formed with his own hands, but he gave it only to people as a gift, and no one could demand it)
And I said: What do you have here? She said: It`s is my handbag!
I said: Yes, this is different, right?
And suddenly she said:  What are you doing now??
Who? I?  Nothing! Sorry, I`ve touched your handbag, excuse me, but I`ve washed my hands, they are clean, you’ll not find a spot on it. But what do you feel now? Ask yourself now!
And then she felt a great power flowing through her body. And later she said: I am free, I feel like a newborn baby, I have power, I can stand up freely, I can do everything!
Yes, that’s right. How come?
Oh, you thought you have the right to get a tinfoil ball from me? No, this cannot be, it could be. If you have got one you don’t need the handbag. This I know well – but I said to you always:
 Love life – God – God is everywhere.
This, human beings have to know. The nuclear physics will get it one day – nuclear – it’s a foreign word, isn’t it? They will get it when they find out, that all things have a radiation.
And you too, everybody has it, what you`ve got inside of yourself, that radiates at once! If you have just one negative thought - it emanates at once.
Bruno Gröning says in one of his lectures:
Imagine that you were lightbulbs!
Source: Transcription of the stenographic record of a talk by Bruno Gröning on 12.10.1950 at the Wagnerbräu, Lilienstrasse, Munich, Germany
I am not just giving you an image. But do imagine something for yourselves. And here I was going to ask you to imagine that you were lightbulbs! A lightbulb, as such, fails to fulfill its purpose when it does not receive any current, that is, when the power supply to this lightbulb is interrupted in some way.
Sometimes you, as human beings, are in a position to interrupt this current that is traveling to the lightbulb – with a switch which is also called a circuit breaker – and at other times it can happen that the power supply to this light – to this lightbulb – can be interrupted by human hands that have never been able to do something good and from which nothing good can be expected, since they are bad people.
 I call these bad people satanic.
But in this matter I am a really good technician and I know how to trace and restore the connection that has been interrupted by satanic hands, so that the lightbulb receives its current and the bulb therefore fulfills its purpose, which is to say that it only then has a right to exist. Otherwise it would be worthless. And so I am standing before you now as a little repairman, who knows how to restore this connection for you. And on the other hand I am standing before you like a transformer which, in this case, receives the current here from the divine power station which then, on the other side, gets passed on from the power station to the individual electrical sockets via the transformer. Is this understood?
Shining lightbulb
And so I am conducting the current now to the individual power sockets. You are not unaware that there are several such transformers through which the current is brought back to the power station. Women too are not unaware of this; they will have seen the substations that house such transformers often enough. They either stand in the open or are built into shelters. Thus we have found here the correct way to show this lightbulb how it has its right to exist. Things are just the same with human beings.
Michelangelo`s God and AdamFor thousands of years, human beings have more and more lost their connection with this great divine power station and it is this connection that I want to put in place again.
In the course of the years human beings have continually departed more and more from the true, divine faith and have consequently lost every connection to this divine power station. be continued...........
Source: Transcription of the stenographic record of a talk by Bruno Gröning on 12.10.1950 at the Wagnerbräu, Lilienstrasse, Munich, Germany
Constantly the „Heilstrom“ (healing current) flows...
-ud 1960
Shortly after the return of Bruno Gröning into the kingdom of light, where he once had come from we visited Mrs. Josette Gröning in her home (which no longer exists anymore today)
Painting of Bruno GröningAt the entrance of the hallway, a true-to-life portrait of the deceased looked at us – and immediately we felt a powerful emanation around the entire room; a vibration so strong that rendered us speechless – but opened up everything in our beings, which was not visible.
So much we felt!
Blessed is he, ho can see – with his inner eyes!
But one must not speak about these things. Wrong gossiping could once again arise; the greedy head of the Medusa of the press might swallow new food which in her throat could turn into poisoned components...But we were allowed to feel the powerful vibration.
And we felt more in those rooms than anywhere else, much more!
There we stood in front of his armchair. Everything was left as it was during his life time. Almost casually a blue jacket of Gröning was hanging over the back of the chair, his glasses were placed on the small table beneath, his watch and a golden chain with a small cross, which he had worn always.
A tiny cross it was – unlike the invisible huge cross he had carried on his shoulders – the heavy cross of countless human diseases, and hanging from its beams, the heavy loads of persecution, ridicule and vilification through a controlled press, and the spiteful manipulations of his medical opponents and his enemies of many kinds.
Bruno Gröning sitting on his armchairA black ribbon was stretched over the armchair by Mrs. Josette Gröning. It was a sign of mourning, so that nobody would sit on that armchair.
In the room you could see flowers in many vases – they were not withered, and had not rotted for many many weeks! They maintained the majority of their colours and hues, their petals had not fallen, they looked almost like straw-flowers after the drying process – but yet they expressed a lively splash of colour! The water, containing the flowers was totally clear and without smell.
A new miracle!
But it was no miracle – it was only the clear evidence of the constant influence of divine radiation.
We experienced this kind of evidence afterwards countless times as we often visited Mrs. Gröning. We always brought flowers and before our eyes this kept happening; also later on when Mrs. Gröning was not longer living in her former home in Plochingen- Stumpenhof.
A pretty example for all those who proclaimed, that Bruno Gröning didn’t exist anymore, so that they would say: how can we contact him any longer? But all they needed to do was to “tune in” to the healing power personally, to that wonderful “it”, so that they could once again come directly in contact with that good helper again.
It depends always on the inner attitude of a person, and to a conduct free of dogma and fanaticism to take up the divine currents of God in a loving position. He, who opens up himself in such a way will always find the way to the “friend and helper beyond”. It will become true the saying: Your belief has helped you.
There could be more miracles with that armchair which is “charged” with divine forces. The healing of many sick people could happen.
But Bruno Gröning doesn’t wish to attract any more attention to him. He has shown people the way in which human beings can “tune in” on God without his physical presence also. This report is true evidence of it.
Later, this armchair will stand in  a Bruno-Gröning-Memorial with other personal items, which will be erected at a later time.
Paracelsus has pointed out in his writings among other things, that we should call such places of radiation “pure places”, because the water of life, the spiritual radiation, will flog as a healing power from above constantly, and endlessly into eternity.
Josette Gröning (Publ.) The Spiritual Healer (Denkendorf at Plochingen/Neckar 1960) Nr. 4, Pg. 53-54
„This is no game here!"
Source: Tape Legacy: Bruno Gröning, Plochingen, 26.12.1958
Bruno Gröning before court.....its difficult to understand me...
This is no idle talk, but it has to be done what must be done.
So I call everybody to reflection and I give everybody this one
- my hand –
to guide you really. And I Know, that I won’t guide you wrong how you already recognized to some extent by now.
I only guide you to goodness, only to God!
And now you don’t need to doubt, you don’t need to despair, you don’t need to complain.
Stand for truth always, but first I please you to convince about the word “truth”, what truth means. That is the most important."
Source: Tape Legacy: Bruno Gröning, Plochingen, 26.12.1958
"I know that human beings know nothing about themselves"
Source: From the tape "The Evangelist" Bruno Gröning Lecture 1957
"I know that human beings know nothing about themselves.  People these days continue to speak about body, soul and spirit, but there are always people who don’t really believe in a soul or spirit, and yet they speak of emotional and spiritual suffering.
And how does this show itself, dear friends? 
You ought to know this, as well as I do.  But you are not aware of it, because you have not concerned yourselves with this matter, and have not done what you should have done, which is to pay attention to your own selves, and to search for the truth within yourselves.  Because of what you are feeling in your bodies here and now, you will say: “This is an unfamiliar sensation, a really funny feeling.”
But afterwards you will soon switch back to negativity again.  And then you will do a test and see whether you have a twinge someplace, or whether you can make this or that movement again. This is the proof you give me, dear friends, that you are really in a state of expectancy.
No friends, this is too much! It cannot be like this! 
All you have to do is prepare yourself to receive, or rather to achieve, the true, divine transmission from God.  You will see how you can attain it.  But I must keep repeating that this will happen only when you really do pay attention to your bodies, and to what is going on in them – not around them but in them – in your own bodies.  As you distance yourself from your surroundings, you simply close your eyes.
Don’t expect that any particular feeling will make itself felt. No friends, this is not the way!  When you pay attention to your body, don’t concentrate on what you are supposed to feel, but on what you actually feel.  And this is what you really have to accept, to take to heart, and, as I said, it will make you say: “This is an unfamiliar sensation, a really funny feeling.”
Source: From the tape "The Evangelist" 1957
They called me "Miracle healer"...
Source: From the Legacy tape in Plochingen 26.12.1958
They called me "Miracle healer"...
...who can do miracles?
 This, my dear friends, you will get to know, who can do these miracles.
That`s not me - but GOD- who can do it!
I am nothing else than a tool. And so I tell you always that I only listen to God, never listen to humans. 
Me, who am I, and what am I destined for, this I want to tell you, my dear friends, that you recognize it and pass it on to other human beings, to all those human beings, who will come later to this earth and will get a life as a gift from God; and that they also get the knowledge about this teaching and learn and recognize their destinies for their earthly lives.
And who really follows will be convinced about everything. At first he will be convinced about himself, and he will come to the knowledge of why God has created him and has given him a life on earth here. Then he will become conscious about his own life and he will keep on following, everybody has to follow in the end.
Eventually everybody will follow – as far as they aren`t yet completely dedicated to Evil; as far as they are not yet totally in the claws of Evil; as far as they haven’t become already servants of Evil.
But all those who are living between good and bad, they still have the chance. This chance you should take. How often have I mentioned, that this happens always then, when a human being steps into calmness. This is what he has to do at first, to shake off his trouble, and not to take up uneasiness and disturbance at all. Take up only calmness and peace and come to rest and then you will achieve not only a favorable feeling but you will also take up the good thoughts out of the good and divine source of thoughts. You should know it, because you’ve already become familiar with Evil, you’ve tasted it, haven’t you?  You realized it in your own body, you were aware of it in your surrounding, so you can already differentiate today very well what is good and what is bad.
Source: From the Legacy tape in Plochingen 26.12.1958
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