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Bruno Gröning Friends (Independent)

We are a German couple who experienced help and healing in our bodies, minds and feelings through the teachings of Bruno Gröning. By means of these extensive and positive experiences we have been working in sessions with individuals and groups since 1993 in Germany.     

It is a pleasant duty for us guiding help seekers in getting access to this knowledge and at best, instantly to experience help and healing on their own. We are doing this voluntarily and without any profit-oriented attitudes. Our matter is sharing this knowledge with help seekers and people interested in inner growth.    
We are wholeheartedly interested in working together with all Bruno Grinning Friends around the world, all groups and circles, associations and 

This was Bruno Gröning's  desire and we sincerely want to follow his advice. We do not reject the original BG Circle of Friends established during his life time, neither do we reject any other group of Bruno Gröning the contrary...ALL of us are interested in coming together again and in connecting with everybody (who wants this too) in love  and peace!


Petra and Peter Rüther
"All my groups should agree with each other. 
Splinter groups dispersing us.
When they are all united, they will be a UNITED POWER,
in which I can work!"
Bruno Gröning in Graz, Austria, 2/10/1954

Donations are welcome and appreciated and serve most and only to maintain our websites, online sessions and further charity purposes:

Account:    LICHTQUELLE Vellmar e.V.
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Phone: 0049-5673-9957740
If you are interested in more information about help and healing, please give us a call, write us an email or fill out this application. We come back to you ASAP. Thank you 
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