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Healing and Experience Reports:
 ...I will cure on...!
Gröning said.

After Bruno Gröning's death in January 1959 the most of his friends, followers and worshippers thought: It is over now! He died, he is gone and thats sorrowful but not changeable. But then it was revealed that the healings and also help in all life states continued...up till today. Thousands and after thousands of people got help and healing through his teachings after Bruno Grönings death. So his words came true:
" All people must die - so do I - one will put my body into earth, but I don't will be dead! And who is calling me then, I will come and help and heal -  if it is the will of God! And everybody will receive help and healing through his own."
                                                                                                   Bruno Gröning
Following healing and experience-reports are printed here in kindly accordance to the originator to share them with other help-seekers.


Healing reports from the "Neue Illustrierte" of 7th of November 1965:

"I believed in him and was healthy"

1.) Carola Tepler in Wutoeschingen near Waldshut was struck by a peculiar condition at the beginning of the war, which initially caused her pain in the nerves and which completely paralyzed her within a few years. Two doctors, Dr.Erich Streit and Dr. med. Albert Fink, came independently to the following diagnosis: multiple sclerosis.
All treatments, all cures were unsuccessful. Her husband carried her, her husband took her for a walk in a wheelchair - there was no hope for recovery.
In 1949 she heard of the healings that were done on the Traberhof. "I have to go there", again and again Carola Tepler pounded this sentence. "The people helped me, on the train and on the way, that I came to the Traberhof. Thousands were gathered there. Everything was waiting for Groening. Sick people who were carried on chairs, others who were pushed in small boxes. I have never been to Lourdes. But I thought that's how it must be in Lourdes. We waited for days. But Groening did not come anymore. It started to rain, but the people stayed. It was November and very cold. Many slept outdoors. I slept on a chair in a farmer's kitchen for 3 marks.
After three weeks Carola Tepler gave up the wait. For Gröning she left a letter in which she asked for his help. For the sake of hope, she returned home. The illness was getting worse. In addition, she began to go blind. At the Eye Hospital Schaffhausen she was told: "The optic nerves are destroyed."
And then, in 1954, came the day when she finally met Bruno Groening: in a small circle of his friends in Donaueschingen. Public appearance was forbidden him then. It was almost like a conspiracy. "We were about 30 people. Groening spoke until 2 o'clock in the morning. Nobody got tired of listening to him. After that I went to him. He said, "I will give power to you. And you will take it. "
On the way home she had to vomit. It was as if she had suddenly vomited out her illness.

"It started the very next morning. An unknown warmth flowed through me. The room around me staggered. It was like swell on a ship. But it was very pleasant. Every day I could move better and I started to see again. When I first got up without help, my husband and I cried for joy. We know that we owe it to Bruno Gröning. "
Carola Tepler can walk and talk and see again today as she used to. When the NEW ILLUSTRATED visited her, she worked in the garden. "Not a day goes by," she said, "in which I do not think of Bruno Groening. He continues to give me strength and health. "

Doris Puchalka from Mannheim-Käfertal 

was a young, melancholy woman. There was no reason for her melancholy. She was pretty, happily married. She had a nice apartment, and a well-paid position in an optician's business. There was no apparent reason why she collapsed at her desk in March 1955.
All the attempts of the doctors to get behind the secret of the disease was in vain.
She did not speak anymore. She stared straight ahead. When asked, she began to cry. Headaches she had never known attacked her. She was transferred from the hospital to the mental hospital Gleisweiler. The mystery only became more puzzling when the doctors talked about depression without being able to explain it.

"I thought about putting an end to it. I was ready”. Then my husband said that Bruno Groening will soon come to a familiar family. That's how I got to know him. He was sitting in the kitchen talking to our acquaintances. He hardly looked at me. 

“Only my hands”, he told me, “would I have to keep open”. So I sat for hours. Then, as we said goodbye and I mechanically said goodbye, he smiled and asked, "Do  you ever want to see me again?"

At that very moment, I felt something changed in me. I was in the clinic when my husband brought me a letter from Bruno Groening. I cried for joy: HE thought of me ... "Do not be afraid," he wrote to me. I held the paper in my hand and saw the hand tremble. Suddenly my fear fell down like a wall. I knew he would make me healthy.

At the Christmas party in Heidelberg I saw him again in 1957. He beckoned to me secretly, although there were hundreds in the room. I went to him and he said, "Now we've met again."

Doris Puchalka and Bruno Groening became good friends. He came with his wife Josette into her apartment and went with both to lecture tours and on vacation trips. The young melancholy woman of yore was transformed. Pain or apathy did not return. If she was depressed at all, so longing for a child. "You too will have that," said Groening. 

Today Doris Puchalka is healed and happy mother of a daughter (later another daughter followed) "How old I may be, says Doris Puchalka," for me Groening remains the greatest person I've ever met. "


This letter arrived us from Gillian

Dear Petra, Patrice, Meabh, Tineke,
Thank you for tuning in for our dog Amor.  He had been doing poorly and then somehow he hurt his foot and could not step on it, there was nothing visibly wrong ... that is when i asked as many Bruno Friends to tune in with me for him. 
the next morning he could walk normally!!!! My daughter could not believe it, she  still wanted to take him to the vet as he as had re-occurring diarrhea for a long time on and off and has lost a lot of weight, so we will do the lab tests in a week.  Thank you so very much for your support, to Bruno Groening and God for the healing.
with love
Gillian, (the whole family) and Amor (of course)  


Meabh McElligott, Ireland

Healing from a "Mass" (Tumor)


A few months ago, my neighbour asked me to pray for her 12 year old son T, as a masse had been found on his pituitary gland on his brain.   The doctors scanned him a number of times and that T would have to have surgery to have the masse removed and a biopsy done to check if it was cancer.

Over the next few weeks we put T’s name on the prayer chain during the on-line meetings, I would put his name in the chat bar when the prayer requests were being done and asked for the good for T.  I left it all go to God and Bruno to look after my request.

3 weeks later T’s mother stopped me with her husband outside our house, they looked so excited and full of joy.  They had returned to the hospital on that Wednesday for more scans to decide on a date for the operation.  When the scan was done the Doctor was astonished as THERE WAS NO MASSE ON THE BRAIN.  T’s parents trust and believe in the healing stream and knew immediately that the healing was due to prayers by the friends.    The Doctor was so amazed that he showed them both sets of scans, the old one with the masse on the pituitary gland on the brain and the scan from that day with no masse, he just could not believe it.

T's parents were right to Trust and Believe that God and Bruno would heal their son.

Thank you, God and Bruno, you always listen to our prayers and they are always answered.


Terry Ryan
Bruno Groning's Friends-
Australia 2017.
Healing of Frozen Shoulder after Surgery
In 2002, I saw a tree in the garden that needed support, I
started to hammer a long wooden stake into the ground when I felt a sharp burning pain in the top front of my right shoulder,
like being stabbed with a hot poker; this pain was very sudden and very acute but only lasted for a short time. There was a slight discomfort when moving my shoulder afterwards and I thought it was muscle soreness, until one day whilst changing a light globe in the ceiling I heard a click and felt a grinding sensation in my shoulder and when I lowered it, a sharp pain shot up from my arm to that part of the shoulder again. A week later due to the continuous clicking and grinding feeling I felt when moving my right shoulder I decided to visit a doctor.
Ultra sound and X-ray tests revealed a torn supra spinatus tendon, -this is the tendon which holds the shoulder socket in place- I was then referred to a specialist who after studying the tests and examining my shoulder, recommended an operation. This surgery involved stretching the tendon back over the shoulder and stapling it back onto the bone structure.
After the operation while taking off the stitches, the specialist
informed me that he had 'filed' a small bone protrusion on the shoulder, before he stapled the tendon back on. When the  bandage  and sling were removed,  I was asked to stretch out my arm and put it down, when I did this: 'I saw the stars!', excruciating pain shot through my shoulder down to my fingertips and up my neck and head. The specialist explained that I needed to do physiotherapy so that the shoulder would not 'freeze' and to refrain from driving or lifting anything and to go back to him a month later.
I did as I was told, but after a month of treatment and certain exercises at home, I explained to the physiotherapist that I was still having difficulty lifting my hands above eye level, the shoulder was very stiff and I was getting such strong pain under my right shoulder blade that it was cutting my breath
off, he said that with continued treatment all this will go away.
That didn't happen, even after another month of physiotherapy and exercises more frequently done. Another month later, the shoulder movement was a bit easier but I still could not get my hands above eye level and the shoulder pain continued.
I consulted a different physiotherapist who after examining my back told me that the surgery had misplaced 3 rib bones and that was the reason that on lifting my arms this was putting pressure on my lungs restricting my breath, and with my wife as witness he pushed the three ribs into place and gave me a different set of exercises to do at home.
Afterwards, I had no more pain under the shoulder blades but every time I raised my hands over my eyes, I felt pain and dizziness  followed by headaches. This continued over the years and I accepted that it was something I had to live with.
I avoided doing anything that meant lifting my arms above eye level and when I couldn't help it, I used my left arm which started to ache as it was overly used to compensate for my right arm's restriction.
In 2009, I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groning
and after receiving help in another area of my body. I started to absorb Healing energy daily.
One evening in 2013, I was tuning-in with a group of Bruno's friends and whilst holding an object charged with healing energy by Bruno Groning himself, I felt a tingling sensation like an electrical current 'running from my right hand, up the right arm, across my shoulders, down my left arm and out of my left hand'. I went to bed at 10.30 that night, and around  midnight I woke up feeling unbearable pain in the shoulders and such a terrible headache that made me feel nauseous. Fearing that I was going to vomit, I stumbled out of bed and  the room started to spin and I felt dizzy, but I made it to the toilet, nothing happened there, so I went back to bed. As I lay there I asked Bruno for help, immediately the thought of regulation came to my mind and then,  strangely even with such pain, I must have dozed off for a while because the next thing I remember was waking up flat on my back, with my arms at full stretch over my head -as if someone was holding both my wrists and ankles and pulling me from both ends- like a medieval rack.  As I laid there stunned by what was happening, I noticed that all the pain and aching in my head were leaving my body,  -streaming out like running water  going out through my stretched arms and legs simultaneously.- A feeling of warmth and well being came over me then and I slept.  I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock and got out of bed, moved my shoulders, turned my neck and gingerly raised my hands above my head. No pain! no headache, no dizziness  and it was no dream! I only felt a slight muscle soreness in the area of neck and shoulders which disappeared during the day.
Since that night, I can lift my hands above my head, change light globes in the ceiling, hang pictures high on the wall  and do any home maintenance without any discomfort whatsoever.
I am very grateful for the end of eleven years of restrictions and pain and thank God and Bruno Groning for my healing.



(Meabh McElligott)
I went out for a short run with my 2 small dogs although I was tired I pushed myself to go out.  I had only walked as far as the edge of the housing estate I live in, about 500 metres, when I blacked out and woke up feeling the right side of my face dragging on the pavement.  I lay still for a few seconds assessing my body for injuries.  Apart from my hand and face I felt fine, but rang John my husband to meet me and help me home.
My face along the right side was as follows, a large lump over my right eye half the size of a golf ball, a cut on my eyebrow and swelling, my eye socket cut and double the size of normal, my cheek cuts and abrasions, my nose was cut and above my lip cuts and abrasions.  My upper lip was swollen and cut on the inside where my teeth had cut into my lip.  I knew I needed the healing stream and we had planned to log on to the Sunday community hour, so that is what we did.  I fell into a deep sleep, but still heard every word.  Then I got the strong thought to go to bed and sleep.  This is what I did, but on the way to the bed room I saw my face in a mirror and was delighted with the amazing changes.  The golf ball lump was flat, the eye socket had shrunk on top, the abrasions on my cheek had disappeared, and my lip was back to normal apart for a small cut, but on the inside there were no cuts or swellings.  I knew immediately that the power of the heilstrom during the community hour was the reason.  I never said please help, and I did not want sympathy, so the power from all the friends helped even though they were not aware I needed help.  This so fantastic to see the difference in 1 hour, and the healing is still going strong.  Within 6 days there was hardly any marks left on my face.  I broke my hand in the fall but I felt and still do not feel any pain and have no need for pain killers at all.
I have attached photos of my face 24 hours after the fall and photos 6 days later as proof of the power of the Healing stream.
Thank you God and Bruno.
Meabh McElligott

read the original text and look at the pictures here, please:                      














Healing from Osteoporosis
Rosemary Davie 
Indep. Bruno Groning’s Friends – Illawarra, Australia 
 August 2015.                                     

 In 1992 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I did take medication to help with this disease.   I have been connected to Bruno Groning since 2012 and feel, that he has been helping me in different areas of my life.   When I absorb the Divine healing energy, I always ask Bruno for my total healing, for my family and my dog  and all other animals I look after which have been mistreated or neglected until a suitable home is found for them. I have experienced help and healing through this practice over the years for all concerned.   In 2014, a test revealed normal bone density and therefore a disappearance of the osteoporosis for which I feel grateful to God and Bruno Groning. I realize that this condition normally worsens with time not just vanishes.

Healing from polyps in the bowel
Rosemary Davie
Indep. Bruno Gröning Friends - Illawara, Australia 

In the year 2010 two polyps were detected in my bowel which were surgically removed. Another polyp in the same area appeared within the following year and this one was also removed. I heard of the teachings of Bruno Groning in 2012 and have been attending the regular meetings since then and tuning-in to the Healing energy but only from 2013 it became a regular daily activity as I felt the Divine power for the first time in the group meeting. In 2013 a small polyp was again detected in the bowel and the doctor advised to wait and see if it would become larger in which case it would have to be removed also. I regularly ask Bruno for my total health. A year later in 2014 a follow up test could not detect any polyps in my bowel.

Healing from Psoriasis guttata 
B.F. Indep. Comm. Wiesbaden, Germany, 
July 2015-08-29   

In winter 2010 my 3-year-old daughter got dry spots at her thigh-outsides that disappeared for the summer. Next winter the dry patches appeared again and increased in size. We did nothing else except applying a fat cream regularly on the red, scaly patches. This continued until Dec. 2012 when we were forced to give her an antibiotic as a result of scarlet fever with streptococcus bacteria. In January 2013, the spots had so far increased that we looked for advice at the pediatrician. She said that it might be psoriasis, what was attested by a dermatologist in February 2013. Daily new small patches appeared which fortunately were not visible by an outsider, as face and neck were not affected. 

 In April my daughter got chicken pox and there was now barely a speck on the body of my daughter, that was not occupied by chickenpox or rough, red spots. After she was no longer contagious, she was allowed to go to kindergarten again. Initially, we were able to respond to questions about her skin that were the remnants of chicken pox, but by and by the remnants disappeared ; but dry, red spots remained.   

 Spring came and the red spots couldn’t be hidden under sweaters and pants. Fortunately my daughter is very confident and answered questions about their skin, that it is just dry. From January until April 2013 and after the chickenpox subsided, I creamed each morning the rough, red spots with a fat cream and was surprised that my daughter has not even complained that her clothing stuck to the skin. Her scalp was concerned as well, she was covered with a thick layer of scurf. 

 We firmly believed that all these phenomena were a kind of “Regelungen” according to the teachings of Bruno Groening. Sometimes this must be so that God can bring about a complete cure. That was not always easy. My daughter and I did Einstellen every day together, and our homeopath gave her a homeopathic remedy for support. It took until the end of the year, until the skin became very clean and the relapses that she had were over. But at least, when she came into the first class of Prime school in Summer 2013, we discovered that the mascot of the class was a stuffed animal, a bear with name "Bruno", I knew that God was all there and she would get the cure. 

 When we received the diagnose "psoriasis guttata" in February 2013, my daughter said, "I have Hakuna Matata". I thought that was funny, because it's a quote from the movie "The Lion King" and it expresses something positive. Only at the time of writing, I looked on the Internet for the exact meaning of this phrase. Hakuna (there are none) Matata (difficulties), so it means colloquially: "Everything is fine." Somehow she must have felt it, that she had to go through something which would disappear again. 

 She has often lived in anger during the whole period in which she had to do with skin rashes , mostly when something happened that she didn’t like. This pattern we have recognized and I talked about with my daughter and told her that this kind of anger has something to do with her skin, so that she must change this pattern, so that her skin would be able to recover. It took a while before she comprehend it. Meanwhile, it works very well. I thank God for this great healing and all the people who have accompanied my daughter and our family at this time, especially my community leader of the independent community of Wiesbaden, which has encouraged me repeatedly and built great believe in her healing and  encouraged her to work at her patterns.

Healing from mouth ulcers
Lyn Littley 
Bruno Groning’s friends - 
Illawarra, Australia
June 2014.                     

I can remember the year I began to notice I was getting mouth ulcers, it started in 2009. One to three ulcers appeared in different areas of my mouth, they were painful. Then they would go away for a couple of weeks always to return and this happened regularly. My husband thought this wasn’t normal for anybody to get mouth ulcers as often as I did.   I made an appointment to see a doctor regarding this problem. 

The doctor said the cause could be stress or hormonal changes in my body. I said that it couldn’t be stress or anxiety as I’m a happy person. A mouth swab test came up as negative. I made an appointment with another doctor and another mouth swab test came up negative again. This doctor also thought that the problem was due to stress. Since both doctors had the same opinion which I didn’t share I chose not  to worry about it although I applied zovirax cream,SM 33 gel as prescribed and used Listerine mouth wash as well. 

Following the doctor’s advice. I Applied zovirax cream as soon as any ulcer appeared and rinsed my mouth with Listerine often.   These ulcers were very uncomfortable and painful especially when eating, they were very annoying and hard to ignore. It was a horrible experience, they appeared on my tongue, in my gums and also in the palate, and this happened all year around, they disappeared for a few weeks only to return again. If I was lucky enough, they would disappear within a month. This went on until 2012. On that year I decided to visit my doctor again and she recommended that I should see a specialist.

I saw a specialist who lives in Sydney but sometimes visits Wollongong - the area where I live- He didn’t seem worried about my condition and said that according to him it was a hormonal imbalance and gave me a prescription for the ulcers. After this I went back to my doctor because the pharmacist I took the prescription to was unable to read it and since my own doctor couldn’t decipher the writing either, she prescribed another cream: kinalog, which I used alternatively with zovirax SM 33 gel sometimes. 

That was the condition of my mouth a year before my introduction. In March 2014, my husband and I were introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groning. We tuned-in to the Healing strean twice a day. I started asking dear God and Bruno Groning for total healing and especially for my ulcers to vanish. I did this almost every time I attended our group meetings and also when absorbing the Divine energy at home. My husband asked for me as well. 

Between April to early May I noticed a big improvement in the ulcers and then, they vanished completely. I couldn’t be happier! It’s a wonderful experience to receive a natural healing from the Divine power. I thank God and dear Bruno for this healing.  

Maria Nuria Segura 
AustraliaFebruary 2013
Bruno Gröning Friends Illawarra
Healing of Simba my dog                                           

 Blocked and Infected Anal Gland    Approximately two years ago my now 10 years old dog Simba started to drag his bottom on the ground. This happened often and I first thought that he had worms but since he took an anti-worming compound every three months I decided to take it to the Veterinarian.   

 After an examination I was told that the problem had nothing to do with worms but with his anal gland and to wait and see how it progressed.    I kept an eye on Simba and saw that he still dragged his bottom, but he ate well and was otherwise healthy, this continued until recently.   

 10 days ago he started to bleed anally as well and I took him to a different vet who confirmed the early diagnosis indicating that surgery was necessary at this stage as the bleeding meant that his anal gland was blocked and infected and had to be removed.   I was a bit short of money, however the thought of my dog suffering prompted me to get an advance on my pension payments for the necessary amount.   

 On Tuesday January 15th I booked my dog for the surgery which was to take place on the following Friday.   Since my introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning in 2009 I do Einstellen regularly and in the evenings, as soon as I position myself to take the Heilstrom my three pets come and sit near me as regular as clockwork and that night I did tuned-in for the 3 of us as usual, asking Bruno Groning especially for Simba and told my dog that Bruno was going to help him.   

 When I arrived to the Veterinarian clinic on Friday January 18th. The vet did a preliminary examination before admitting Simba for the surgery and after checking and re-checking the area she said that the gland was back to normal and surgery was no longer necessary.   

 The vet was mystified by this outcome and I was amazed by the fact that it had all vanished just before the surgery. I took my dog home feeling really happy knowing very well where the help had come from.   

 My friend Bruno has helped my dear pet and protected my finances as well.   From the bottom of my heart I thank God and Bruno Groening for this healing.           
Help with Hand Injury   
Maria Nuria Segura
Bruno-Groening-Friends Illawarra
Australia, September 2012

 At the beginning of May 2012 I was in my kitchen preparing a salad . I was using a recently sharpened knife and when trying to extract the seed out of the avocado I was holding in my left hand, the blade went through the avocado and deep into the pad of my left hand at an angle so that it pierced the forefinger and almost went through it. Immediately I started bleeding profusely and I knew I had to get medical assistance.  I wrapped my hand tightly with a cloth trying to staunch the blood and got in my car with the intention of driving to a nearby local hospital, but I couldn’t hold the car’s steering wheel as I experienced pain and numbness in the injured hand. I then asked Bruno Groning for help.    

 A neighbour of mine who was passing by, saw my bandaged hand and the painful expression on my face and after hearing what had transpired offered to drive me to the hospital himself. At the emergency department a doctor looked at my hand and injected a disinfectant fluid to different parts of the incision and gave me a tetanus injection. After the necessary bandaging he informed me that I had severed an artery and needed surgery. He then gave me a referral to a larger Public Hospital which had the necessary facilities required to carry out this type of operation.  Within two days from the accident I had surgery and several incisions were made on my hand in order to repair the severed artery which I was told connected to my cardiac muscle. Fourteen stitches were made in the shape of an M across the palm of my hand and I was told that since the nerve had been cut in the accident my hand would be numb for at least three months until it had time to re-grow again. 

 That night I tuned-in to the Healing Stream asking Bruno for a speedy healing. Fourteen days later, the stitches were removed showing a smooth scar and 20 days later - I was able to show my hand to the friends in my group and they couldn’t see anything - only my daughter who was also there and myself knew that I have had surgery.  

The best news of all was: that I also had the ability to flex my hand without any effort or pain and only felt a little numbness in the tips of my fingers when bending them.  Instead of waiting the stipulated three months minimum for normal movement and feeling to return to my injured hand, that had become possible in just 20 days. I’m convinced that my request to Bruno Groning for help has worked here as well as it has other times in the past. I Thank God and my friend Bruno for this wonderful help.

Jamie Littley
Bruno Groning’s Friends- Illawarra
Australia, March 2015
                                 Ankle Healing
When I was at school I played soccer and Rugby League, I also played Competition at weekends. Later in my career in sports, I sprained both ankles.
When I left school I did a trade as a roof plumber, a few years later I fell through a roof damaging my right ankle, -this damage came on top of the sprain sustained earlier- 
Years later, both ankles started to get worse, sometimes they will swell and I would have unbearable pain for a couple of days until the pain
eased off two days later.
At the end of February 2014 my wife and I attended
an introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groning and
started to tune-in to the Healing Stream regularly.
In February 2015 my wife and I decided to get up and go for walks in the mornings to lose some weight after the Christmas break. The first four days I felt good, then the pain and swelling came back worse than before. My wife said to me: Why don’t you go to the doctor? But I refused saying I would not go to the doctor unless I had to. Instead I tuned-in to the Healing energy for my ankles for a few days. During these time I experienced  enormous pain while I was sleeping, then; all of the sudden  the pain and swelling disappeared  and since then, I have been able to do more walking and exercising, which has helped me to lose weight.
I thank God and Bruno Groning for this healing.


Searing Spasms
 Jack D.- a report from Cheshire, UK. 19/3/2015         

The ailment that ravaged my friend Neil had started some years ago, and unfortunately grew apace, both in frequency and in severity. Attacks, or spasms of pain would grasp him at intervals causing him to clutch at his stomach and to ‘lock up’ - to become tense and rigid – as a searing ‘stomach’ pain increased to a crescendo and then gradually released him. I saw this happen many times. This process demands about a minute or so of rigidity and of immobility as Neil would have to stop whatever he was doing to focus on enduring the pain that came over him. 

You could see that these spasms were severe, and they lasted long enough, often, to cause him to cry out as the pain peaked, and then to exclaim with relief as it subsided. I could see that Neil was going through a difficult time with these attacks, as they tended to occur about every hour or so, irregularly, throughout the daytime and evening, in recent months. 

Cancer of the stomach was suspected by some people who were witness to the attacks - and the probability of a stomach ulcer, or an ‘ulcer patch’ was proposed by other concerned witnesses. As time passed, his condition did not improve, but became rather worse. Over the few years since it started, for some reason, Neil never took painkillers against the violent spasms, Eventually, however, a new factor came into play, to shift the balance of forces within the equation of struggle further into Neil’s favour. 

Neil had seen photographs of a famous healer being used as a focus, in prayer and meditation,.. He had learned that aches, pains and ailments might sometimes be relieved by simply placing a photograph of the healer over the afflicted body part whilst praying for help. Unlikely though it may sound, pain relief and healing were often said to follow. Neil had also met with apparently sane and reliable people who spoke of having had this healing experience for themselves and who could attest to the likelihood, even the probability of success.

 When, eventually, a suitably-sized picture came into his possession, in February of 2015, he decided that he had nothing to lose by placing the laminated, postcard-sized (6”x4”) photo over the painful site, at about the lowest point of his sternum, He decided to keep the photo in place indefinitely, out of sight, over his skin surface but hidden away underneath his jersey... 
As he recently told me, it took only a few days for the painful attacks to diminish in duration, in frequency and in severity. Within about three days, Neil says, the attacks completely ceased. He noticed the reduction in severity and also the shorter duration of attacks quite quickly and then, he says that after about 3 days, the greatly reduced attacks were no longer occurring at all.  

The progression of healing was rapid and reassuring and the healer – through his photograph has somehow brought full and very welcome relief to another living human, although it has been many long years since the healer was here on earth in person. The healer was Bruno Groning, and he left our earth in 1959, pledging that if somebody needed help or healing after his death, and they were to call upon him, then – if God were willing, he would continue to provide assistance.    

A vast archive of all the fully witnessed, documented and verified cases of healing attributed to Bruno’s intervention, that the many interested doctors and various medical therapists have encountered, is maintained privately in Europe.  So many people have reported about healing and assistance being received when they petition and request help from the saintly man, that I felt I should record yet another merciful result in this short but recent and true witness account of mine, from England.  
                                                                                                                                                 Jack.Dempsey. 2015                                                                                   


Robbie Robbins, 
Houston TXS, USA:

Dear Friends,  

I must tell you that Our Meeting tonight with Bruno Groening was a smash hit. The Heilstrom (God’s Healing Stream) was awesome. We had ten people attend…One of note…Ike! Ike came to our meeting about two months ago in a wheelchair…He was severely limited in his movements. 

Tonight, Ike came to the meeting walking!...Slowly, but walking! We had the meeting as usual and then we shared the Heilstrom via a hands-on healing… Talk about Power…Wow!  God’s Power was in everybody. The power took form as a big ball of energy in the hands… 

We projected the energy to those whose names are in the Healing Basket… And, We used the energy as a hands-on healing process. We also, through our intent, passed the Heilstrom (healing energy) to those in our healing basket. Wonderful meeting. 

Robbie Robbins, Houston, Texas,  USA : 001-281-705-0121    


Healing reports from Denmark  
Vienna Robyn Dannenberg 

January 2015   One of my Danish friends, who for now a year has attended the community hours of an independent circle of friends of Bruno Gröning in the area of Copenhagen, reported to me on January 21, 2015, about two healings, which are to be regarded as the direct results of positioning a photo of Bruno Gröning on a spot of burdening health condition.    

Case 1. In the case of an elderly lady, with whom my friend here in Copenhagen is friends, a cheek got swollen  very much accompanied by very painful tooth ache. The X-ray pictures revealed a condition causing the dentist to prescribe a necessary root canal treatment.

The patient had a week of waiting period until the subsequent dentist appointment, from Friday, January 2nd to Friday, January 9th, 2015. My friend told the lady the essentials of Bruno Gröning and the healing effect of the energy passing through him and placed his photo on the hurting, swollen area.
When the dentist on January 9th had made a further X-ray picture of the spot concerned, no signs of an infection were there any more and the swollen area was reduced to normal after the photograph of Bruno Gröning had been placed there. The dentist now did no longer consider a root canal treatment necessary to be carried out. Opposite to her usual way of expressing herself, this lady commented towards my friend on this happy event with the words: „I am healed.“ The lady was pleased both about her healing and the liberation from the standards high cost involved, which was connected with the root canal.

Case 2. My Danish friend herself enjoyed likewise a liberation from a burdening ailment. For two years, on her left hand her skin had altered at a spot, had been growing in size and was itching. All attempts to reduce it with medicated ointments, creams and other methods, failed. In the course of autumn of 2014 as well as in the initial weeks of January 2015, she repetitively positioned a photograph of Bruno Gröning on this spot. On January 22nd, 2015, she could state to her amazement that this skindisorder has completely disappeared.


Healing Experience: Healing of poor vision
Terry Ryan, Australia.
March 2012                        

Poor Vision   

 I first started wearing prescription glasses in my early to mid-twenties for reading. In my early thirties my long distance vision also deteriorated and I had to wear glasses all the time, after a few years of dealing with two different pairs of glasses, I opted for multi-focal lenses. Without my glasses I could not see clearly and only took them off to shower and go to sleep at night.   

 I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning in April 2009 after seeing a little add in the local paper. Since the introduction I started to tune-in to the Healing stream regularly and purchased every book in English written about Bruno Gröning. As my understanding of the teaching grew and expanded my mind, I became convinced that I was on the right path.  

 One evening, on October 24, 2010, while absorbing the Healing Stream I felt it as if a wave of energy was filling my entire body, and then I had an amazing experience. I felt that a fire-ball of white light with a golden edge, was revolving and glowing behind my eyes, and it seemed to lighten up the whole of the inside of my temple. Then I received a message, like an inner voice, emanating from this light, which said, “You are healed, do not put your glasses on again.” I was sure this message came from God.   

 When I opened my eyes the whole room glowed with light and everything was crystal clear. I then stood up, and since I normally take off my glasses while absorbing the energy; I did not put them back on as usual, but went to get a book with small print and started reading it without any problem, I felt elated as I became convinced that I had just received an extraordinary healing, I kept reading and reading from everything I put my hands on and could successfully see and read everything clearly. 

I couldn’t contain my excitement and kept saying to my wife “I can read, I can read and see perfectly.”  

 As I was very excited and overcome with emotion I found it very difficult to get to sleep that night. The healing stream seemed to be continually flowing through my body. The next morning when I got up I went directly to pick up a book, and began reading without my glasses. Perfect sight once again! We always go for a walk along the beach first thing every morning, so I borrowed a pair of my wife’s sunglasses (as mine clip onto my prescribed glasses) and once again, no problem; 

I could see perfectly. I could read all the signs in the street, number plates of cars and see people from a distance and close up walking along the beach. I looked across the ocean to the horizon and thanked God and Bruno Gröning for this wonderful event, as tears welled up in my eyes. That day I drove to and from work wearing my wife’s sunglasses and carried out my normal work duties, which consists of reading of files, computer work, filling out forms by hand and reading architectural plans, without wearing glasses. By the end of that day a great feeling of thankfulness invaded me and I felt very close to God and Bruno Gröning.   

 The following morning the Regulation process started when I was at work, with several bouts of diarrhoea and nausea, but my eye-sight was good and my spirits high. This continued for three days, but strangely enough only when I was at work, never at home. Then this stopped.   On November 2010 I was due to renew my driver license, this had previously been issued with the specific condition of (driver with glasses) and it reads on my licence as “special condition S” (‘S’ for spectacles). 

So I decided to go earlier on November 11, 2010 to see if this condition could be deleted. When called to the counter at the Motor Registry Office, I explained to the employee, that I did not complete the question regarding the wearing of glasses on the form because I have had a healing and no longer need to wear them. She looked at me for a few seconds and then said I had to do an eye test and asked me to look at the mirror on the back wall and read the third line of letters, I did this without any difficulty and I now hold a licence without any conditions or restrictions.   

 Once again I was so elated that I went to purchase a new pair of sunglasses, as I had been improvising by wearing an old pair of glasses with the lenses removed and the sunglass section clipped over.    

The next day I began to feel feverish and dizzy, with spells of blurriness, so that at times I saw double. This again, only occurred at work, when I was dealing with clients or colleagues, but only sometimes and never while alone nor at home. At some of those times I felt as if something was telling me that I have not been healed really and was urging me to put on my glasses.    

I mentally responded to this by affirming my belief in my healing. I knew that this was a negative force who was trying to rob me of my healing and that if I put my glasses back on (if only for a short time to finish what I was doing) I would lose my blessing. Then as soon as I could when this happened I would step out of the office and look at the nearby trees and sky and ask Bruno Gröning for help and immediately felt reassured that everything was in order. I would then go back into the office and continue my work without difficulty. This lasted for about three weeks then vanished and only on rare occasions did my vision become blurry.   

 The Regulations completely ceased after this period of time and since then the colour of my eyes is no longer faded but again a clear blue like when I was a young man.   An ophthalmologist did a series of tests and confirmed my vision as normal.    

 I feel deep gratitude in my heart and thank God and Bruno Gröning for this wonderful healing

Experience Report 
Maria Machuca, 
age 41,  AustraliaJune 2013.  
Under active thyroid and Hashimotos disease

 In 1996 while on the 5th month of pregnancy of one of my children, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and a little later with hashimotos disease (infected thyroid). I had a lump in my throat resting directly over my vocal cords, this was between 2.5 to 3 cms. in size, surgery was considered a risk because of it’s position.  I was put on thyroxine medication and ever since I had blood tests every six months and needle biopsies every 12 months without anaesthetic to numb the area as it was considered dangerous. I also had to go to the specialist every year. 

 After every test my medication was increased or decreased according to the results and two years ago I felt very unwell, getting all the symptoms for both under active thyroid and hashimotos.  They were as severe as waking up every morning feeling exhausted and nauseous and the symptoms became worse as the day wore on. I felt like going to bed and sleeping for a whole week knowing I would wake up still tired. I had muscle pains all over my body and no medication could ease them as they were caused by hashimotos. Other symptoms were: thinning of hair, extremely heavy menstrual cycles and flu like pain. When pain became unbearable the thought of calling an ambulance was abandoned knowing that no many doctors understand the disease. 

 The only time I felt better than usual over all those years was when I was pregnant with my fourth child - now a six year old - In the last 2 years the blood tests revealed that my vitamin D levels vere almost non existent and I was very deficient in iron as well. There was complete disorder in my thyroid glands and the tests results came up always over or under normal levels. The medication was regulated according to these results. I was always depressed and the low counts increased the depression which is one of the symptoms of hashimotos as well as memory loss. 

This continued and was still unchanged in the year before my introduction. In 2011 my mother told me about Bruno Groening and my husband and I received an Introduction to his teachings. At the beginning of 2012 I started reading about the risks of resorting to surgery as I couldn’t live like that anymore and said to my doctor that I was ready for the next step. He said that to start with, my iron and Vitamin D levels needed to increase before surgery and that this was essential, so he gave me extra Iron and Vitamin D tablets as well as my normal medication. He knew a surgeon who could operate and started to prepare the paperwork. This was going to take place within a few months if the Iron and Vitamin D levels were satisfactory. 

 On my way home I felt relieved that finally something would be done and that I will feel better afterwards, but as the days went on I started to recall the words of both my doctor and specialist when I was first diagnosed with the disease, both said that surgery would be a last resort and not safe for me. I started to look up web sites and found out that there were a small percentage of people in my condition that either - didn’t make it- or had damaged vocal cords. I was in that minority.  

After reading several books about Bruno Groening I made the decision that I was going to be the boss of my own body and didn’t need a doctor to tell me what I had to do. Shortly afterwards I started reading the book “I only want to Help and Heal” I thought that a particular sentence there was addressed to me personally it said:  “Success has often come most promptly when full of despair, the sick person grasped at the last straw” and I said: ‘Yes, that’s me.’

 I continued my research of the web sites and found out that the medication  I have been taken for so long was making some people really ill and they were losing hair as I was. I then tuned-in to the Healing Stream and asked Bruno for help, I said to him: “I will do what needs to be done, but please guide me because I will not be understood by a lot of people who will think I’m doing the wrong thing and I’m crazy. I will only listen to my body from now on and think about how good it is to be healthy and in no need of any medication.”

 I stopped all thyroxine medication on June 1. 2012. Six weeks later a blood test came back a little better than the last one. Then, I was convinced that my body was healing. I didn’t tell my doctor that I had ceased all medication. I was on a mission to get rid of my burden and wasn’t going to have anybody try to stop me. Two months later I had another blood test, my iron and vitamin D levels were within normal range and the thyroid was borderline - which means normal- The quote from my doctor was that those were the best results since my health problems started. I then told him that I had ceased taking my medication. His reaction was no good and he urged me to go back on it. I said that I would not do so as I was feeling well for the first time in 16 years and my blood tests proved I didn’t need to take anything . I said that I had been listening to my body and understood what was good for me. 

 I left my doctor thinking I was half way there as I had an appointment with the specialist as well and knew he wasn’t going to be easy to convince. He looked at the blood tests and said very pleased, that it was the first time he didn’t have to add nor delete medication as the results were perfect, then I told him I was off medication altogether. He was shocked by this revelation and asked how I felt with a horrified look in his eyes. I said I never felt better since 1996 with the exception of the months of my last pregnancy. He then urged me strongly to resume taking medication just as my doctor had done, again I refused. He became so upset that did not even wish to do the customary ultrasound. I then looked at the small photo of Bruno on the back of my mobile phone and thought that it didn’t matter to me whether or not this was done. Neither my husband nor I had been able to feel the lump in my throat anymore. I thanked him and left. There were days afterwards in which I did experience regulations while  thinking about the words of both: doctor and specialist about my behaviour and what they thought. 

As doubt crept over my mind: - within one hour I started to feel unwell and have pain - but thinking about Bruno I immediately  became reassured that I was healthy and in no need to take any medication, then... the pain disappeared. Nowadays I focus only on my wellbeing and how different my life is now. I feel like a new person as if my whole inner body has been cleansed and I feel and think differently. My advice to everybody who wants good health is: to believe in the good and stay positive, then incredible things can happen. 

You have nothing to lose except for what is making you sick inside. I thank God and Bruno Groening with all my heart for this healing.

Maria Nuria Segura, Australia 
September 2012                                                     

Help for my neighbour                                        

Cervical Pain in the Neck for 6 Years   

 One April morning I was energetically working in my garden - a chore that I really enjoy doing- when I saw my 72 years old neighbour. She greeted me in a friendly manner and commented on how lucky I was to be able to do hard work without experiencing any pain. She, on the other hand could only manage the bare minimum of house-work as she was in constant pain in the neck area. This pain, she explained; had started six years ago straight after a treatment of deep muscular massage for a sore shoulder and had never abated since. 

 I immediately thought that Bruno Groening could help my neighbour and invited her to my home where I briefly explained how to tune-in to the Healing Stream and how to give her burden away. We both sat together and I asked Bruno Groning with all my heart to help my neighbour. After a few minutes she felt a sharp pain in the neck and became alarmed.  I explained to her about the Regulation process and that it was a sign that the Divine force had started the healing process. I sent her home with the advice to tune-in again in the evening. 

 At 7pm the following day she knocked at my door asking if we could do it together again as she was not able to concentrate on her own.  I was very happy to do so and we both sat for a while listening to music. Afterwards she complained of very strong pain in the same area again and wished to leave immediately. Again I told her to believe in the Regulation. A few hours later I saw an ambulance at her door and she was taken to hospital. I became alarmed and the thought that my neighbour would be thinking perhaps that I had somehow done her harm entered my mind as she didn’t understand the Regulation process properly.  

I firmly rejected the thought and for a long time that night I asked for her protection and I repeated to myself over and over that she was well and simply experiencing the cleansing process that precedes healing.   

 The following evening she came to tell me that her husband phoned for an ambulance when she saw that she was in extreme pain in her neck and shoulders. When she arrived at the hospital, she had to wait for five hours for a doctor. By that time, all pain had vanished and after a complete examination and X-rays the doctor said to her “I don’t know why you are here, I can’t find anything wrong with you at all”  

She has been pain free since that night and cannot really understand what has happened to her but she is very happy about it. I thank God and Bruno Groening for this healing with all my heart.    


Tuning-in to the Healing Stream                          
by Jack Dempsey   2014   

 I had only been absorbing the Healing Stream – the ubiquitous nurturing and nourishing energy that boosts our wellbeing and benefits health - for about 8 years… so, I thought that I knew how to do it by now. It is so very simple, so easy and so convenient. How could I have been ‘missing the mark’ for so long, and by such a margin, I wondered recently….    

My friend N always had an ‘electrifying’ response to the Healing Stream, the first time that he encountered it, and every subsequent time. He just seemed to be a natural receiver!My friend would convulse as tingling sensations rapidly spread throughout his head, arms and torso. Sometimes he found his body gently moulding into shapes sculpted by the healing energy. He soon tingled all over his upper body and happy tears would run from his eyes.                

 “I don’t want it to stop!” was his famous cry, as frissons of energy flashed across his skin surfaces. Yes, my friend N. was very lucky, I thought, to be so profoundly and unmistakably graced with a powerful dose of the healing energy on every occasion.
 I often wished that it was also my good fortune to be so richly blessed. But I tuned-in with much less excitement and with indeterminate results on many occasions.Instead of these vivid ‘fireworks’, I felt lucky if I just had a slight sensation of warmth in my hands or feet.     

 I have Introduced the Healing Stream – the bonus healing energy that is available to all of us for 24 hours of every day, wherever we are – to well over 100 people in my area, by now. I have conducted many group sessions and I remain an avid student of the life, teachings and methods of Bruno Groening. Yet I have had very little sensation or personal evidence of the Healing Stream energy – called the Heilstrom, in German – in my own body. However, I have generally been quite satisfied with this, until I notice my friend convulsing with the orgiastic tinglings… 

Sitting upright on a hard seat requires a fine balance between rigidity and relaxation, and I had come to prefer lying down to tune-in. I often use my time in bed to absorb the healing energy each morning, as Bruno advised.    Lying down on my back, I lift and bend both my knees to straighten the spine.My open hands fall comfortably and naturally to either side of me. In that position, I am able to relax deeply and beneficially.Over the years, though, I seem to have forgotten a few things.  
Bruno said: “It is correct for a person to observe his body,                                    and not to think about his pain for some minutes:                                also his thoughts should be quiet and concentrated,                                         … and he should expect the reception of the healing wave in a quiet state.” 

My thoughts, I realised, were often anything but concentrated… in fact I had been known to drift off to sleep. I had forgotten some of the basics of the process, along the way. Bruno had simply stated that by relaxing our body and asking for the Healing Stream, that the process of absorbtion would automatically commence… Recently, I realised that I have not been observing my body and have not been remembering to ask for help, How could I have managed to forget that simple basic instruction? Soon, I tried asking for the healing energy once again, and seemed to notice a greater flow or better reception of energy in my body. That got me thinking! Recently I have learned that several of my friends have developed various burdens (acute and chronic illnesses), and one of them had requested help from someone, to tune-in for her. Initially, I felt that this person required me, or somebody, to cure her by remotely sending healing. I felt a bit nonplussed. It seemed to me that this person was misunderstanding something. Because she had evidently heard of remote healings being very successful, she would simply like one, please! This caused me to worry that she was unaware that she could receive the Healing Stream directly for herself: and that, for the best results - in my opinion – she should do that. I realised that she was very frightened by her recent diagnosis, and was clutching at any possibility, at any hope at all. I wrote and sent instructions for herself and her husband so that they might both be able to receive the healing energy for themselves. I also, of course, included her in my thoughts and prayers whenever I tuned-in.  

I remembered that at every healing meeting it is always our practice to name the burdened friends whom we would like to help, and for the whole group to briefly tune-in for each named person. We also do this on the international ‘healing hour’ meetings that are held weekly by Bruno friends on the Internet. So, I recently found myself with a list of several burdened friends, including the desperate lady, to send healing to, each and every night. For some years, I had not been doing this much, at all. I had just absorbed the healing energy mainly for myself and for my own wellbeing. I had forgotten something else, I realised! I had forgotten one of the important maxims or principles that Bruno had stated, when he was alive. Briefly, he made the point that whenever any person helps or assists any burdened person, that a part of their own burden is also removed – by God’s grace! 

Bruno demonstrated this remarkable principle on several occasions – the one that I particularly like was when he transferred the burden of Professor Dr. Homann - a member of Bruno’s Community group - to another helpseeker, a lady with existing burdens in her own body. Bruno made the transfer of symptoms, as described in Fredy Hosp’s book “Powers of the Spirit” for demonstration purposes, and then quickly reversed this, which miraculously allowed both the Professor and also the lady to have their burdens greatly reduced as a result. The principle is that – whomever helps, benefits in themselves. Having such a large, and growing, list of burdened friends, I then began to make an effort to tune-in for each person, remembering each one briefly and ‘sending’ them a warm feeling of wellbeing together with my good wishes. As I did this. I noticed that I began to feel greatly benefited within myself. My body started to feel, not only warm but also more energetic, vibrant and full of life.This was such a contrast to my usual experience that I was easily able to notice it.The difference was so marked that I think I may have understood something!Instead of it being a chore or a duty, helping others becomes a joy – and is most probably - the quickest way to help ourselves. By extension, - how might our human world, our society and our relationships progress if this wonderful principle were widely known, taught and practised?? 


Healing Tokens…  
Experiences with the photo of Bruno Gröning
Article by Jack Dempsey, U.K. 

Whilst innumerable healings have been attributed to holy places like Lourdes in France – and ancient wells like the one near to Holywell, in North Wales, I think very few people have ever considered that a picture or a photograph, might have helpful or healing properties… When I first visited that ‘Holy Well’ in North Wales, I saw hundreds of crutches left beside the swimming pool that the well waters now flow into. These crutches were abandoned by pilgrims who no longer needed them after visiting the healing waters. The mass of crutches provides a startling tribute and testimony to the power of the well waters! … But how on earth might a photograph help anyone, I wondered? … Sometimes, it seems that photographs may indeed spur help, healing or recovery, I discovered... 

A vast number of healings have been attributed to photographs of Bruno Groening (1906 – 1959), who lived in Germany and who became known as ‘the miracle healer’ during his lifetime. These contemporary healings are independently checked and documented, before being recorded in a large archive, maintained by interested physicians, vets and therapists..   I don’t think that a photograph can actually cause a healing but perhaps it provides a connection from the seeker to the energy from that great healer, who promised he would continue his healing efforts from the next life, if he was able to…Since the healings have continued right up to the present day, it appears that Bruno has been successful in this… 

Spontaneous healings often occur today when people consciously absorb the ‘healing current’ - the divine healing energy – in the way that Bruno Gröning recommended. This is an easy way to boost our own vitality and immunity at home, using the simple self-healing technique that he left us. Healings are also seen to occur through proximity to Bruno’s pictures. A Berlin physician who became very interested in the phenomenon, Dr. S. Grabowski, tested the photographs by dowsing and satisfied himself of the superlative power of Bruno pictures as healing tokens or aids They produced results and showed a power that eclipsed even the strongest of sacred springs or wells, he noted. I was fascinated to read Dr Grabowski’s writings about his experiments on this topic.*  “Die Schwingungen eines Bruno Groening Bildes" in German, by Dr. Siegfried Grabowsky, Berlin, Raum & Zeit 6/9/94  
Intrigued, I determined to try the photographs myself, to see what help or assistance I might be able to receive.  One morning, I had a severe cramp in my calf muscle. I quickly placed a suitable picture of Bruno on to the leg and felt the muscle relax instantly, as if by magic. However, an hour later, another cramp developed in my leg, so I responded in exactly the same way and held a picture on to the site. This time, there was no result for a long ten seconds or so, but then the fierce pain vanished in a moment - and did not return… Grateful, and charmed by these welcome small successes, I started keeping a photograph of Bruno close to me, in a breast pocket of my shirt… 
I recently bought a laminating machine, and tried it on some photos. These laminated photos, I realised, might be suitable for helping burdened people in a very simple way. The clear lamination plastic film is impervious to water, and even to ink…  Hence, I realised that I can write the name of any burdened friend on to the ‘Brunograph’, (my invented name) to reverently request assistance for their needs. I find the indelible felt – tip ‘permanent marker’ pens are ideal for this. When this friend is relieved or the process seems completed, you can easily rub the writing off the plastic, using a tissue moistened with alcohol e.g. - leaving it clean, fresh, and ready to use again. Nail-varnish remover could also be used to clean the ink away  For extra power, I carefully glued two pictures of Bruno together, back to back, before covering and strengthening them with the clear plastic film that makes them so waterproof and scratch-resistant. I became quite pleased with these double – sided photographic tokens and started to carry one or two with me.  By this means I keep the healing energy of the ‘Brunograph’ with me at all times. 
I also tested these laminated photos as Dr.Grabowsky did, by handing one to a sensitive person for their comments and perceptions, without telling the tester anything about the picture. In fact, I tested in a darkened area, so the images could not even be seen. My tester immediately cried out in alarm “It’s red hot! – where have you had it ?” … then after a minute or two, she said ‘ Mmmm.. It’s vibrating !!’ Then she went very quiet and spent a long time just holding the picture reverently, eventually saying, “It’s very nice, I don’t  want to give it back to you ”, twice! I was pleased to let her keep the picture that she was evidently enjoying. 
I have given many of the laminated pictures to friends to help them with their projects and with their problems. I notice that assistance – practical help – will often come about - as may relief from our bodily woes, especially if we sincerely ask for that help. Curious though it sounds, I have read, eg. of  badly contaminated carpets being refreshed by the photos, of tasks being aided, of books being balanced, of contracts gained, and even of plants, trees, pets and people being healed, relieved and assisted, according to their needs - all by means of the magical Bruno photographs…. 
The other day, a friend told me how much better his aching foot was after an overnight treatment by photograph, and more importantly, how much improved is his treatment at work since he now carries his picture-token, and briefly prays, requesting fair and decent treatment in the workplace. Another friend’s insomnia ended on the first night that she kept a Bruno photograph under her pillow, she told me. Yet another sufferer, plagued for years with night terrors gained peaceful sleep by placing several of the pictures underneath his mattress. I have started to feel that this photographic help from Bruno Groening’s healing energy is a giant step beyond penicillin, in it’s usefulness, harmlessness and helpfulness…Indeed, it is a free and simple boon that all of humanity could know about and benefit from! I have merely used some modern materials to distribute some of the assistance provided by the saintly benefactor, Bruno, who left us these photographic ‘relics’ that seem to be so full of power….  
Soon I wondered what else I might invent; how else I might make use of – and accept - his extraordinary kindness….. Something led me to start thinking about Digital Photo Frames….I had been given one of these as a present. It displays digital photographs in a slideshow  sequence, with intervals that can be varied, with changeable display times and with various transitions .. I wondered about loading a number of Bruno images into my picture - frame, and letting it run. How might it go? 
 I loaded some photos in, and tried running my picture-frame for a whole night. We are told that we should sleep in a well-darkened room to have the best quality of rest. However, I decided to run my picture-frame, like a night-light, at my bedside whilst the pictures displayed in rotation during my hours of sleep. By having the frame near to me, my face is repeatedly bathed in projected images of Bruno, which are beamed over me by the LED backlight. As the pictures changed, so I was gently exposed to many hundreds of the healing images during a single night of rest. They slowly drifted over me in the dimly-lit bedroom like the shadows of clouds passing over the fields and hillsides - yet in the morning I felt well and rested.  I wondered if this might help, eg. someone with a health issue. It occurred to me that it might be helpful to a child or even to an animal needing some assistance. Watching the endless display of brightly-lit images, I also realised that I could very easily paste any person’s photograph onto the screen so that their photo might receive the repeating stimulus, instead  … I also think this active photo-frame type of slideshow might even be useful during the daylight hours to keep near to an invalid, whether they are lying down or sitting. I believe that there may be further discoveries yet to be made about this and other methods of displaying and projecting the healing images. A prayerful attitude seems to me to be the appropriate, and respectful way to approach the use of these fantastic healing photographs. We are requesting help. We may not demand anything, Bruno reminded us, and nor should we be rigid or dogmatic about how help or healing might come about…but be grateful to the One who, Bruno reminds us. is the source of all healing. 
No human can do the things you see here - he said - only God is able to do these things…                    
 I had previously started another little project using the photographs to try to help some distant friends who were suffering various burdens, but in a different, simpler way… I have been keeping some printed Bruno pictures inside a standard photo album, which displays 3 postcard-sized photos, landscape-oriented, on each page. I started to slide postcard-sized photos of burdened friends into the album as well… I put a Bruno picture behind each ‘patient’ inside the album that I came to think of as my little ‘hospital’. I also arranged for each patient to be directly facing a powerful Bruno image. In this way each ‘patient’ becomes sandwiched between two good, healing pictures, both linking the patient to the healer and both emitting powerful energies. When the album is closed, the 3 images are pressed close together, in a simple ‘sandwich’. The entire album has  many powerful photos inside, and is ‘steeped in’ my prayers for help and healing, and – as I like to think - has probably become a little shrine of healing energy in itself. The Bruno images emit – as Dr Grabowski found - several different healing wavelengths. He was even able to demonstrate that some of the energies are already well-known and named frequencies. In my ’hospital’ a photograph of the patient, a direct and potent link to the living person, is placed in contact with the divine healing energy that most Bruno pictures emit. I don’t yet know if this treatment has actually assisted any of my patients – it is an experiment and a continuing ‘work in progress’, but, at least I know that they will neither be harmed nor inconvenienced in any way by this simple healing effort.    
A note on photographic images ….     
It seems that a photograph retains a ‘flavour’ of the state of being of the subject - at the time when the photo is taken. For that reason I use photographs of Bruno taken at the peak of his healing abilities… I avoid using any photos taken when he was being troubled by the police or during procedures with lawyers, or in court, etc. These setbacks were a sad feature of the life of a saintly man who freely gave endless help and healing to countless burdened people, and who was, in return, banned, vilified and persecuted for his kindness. I also ensured that images are not kept in any place or pocket near to or containing money, as he has commented on the negative energies surrounding and emitted by money.     
Bruno had a swollen throat condition that seemed to resemble a‘goitre’. His neck became enlarged and reddened when he performed major healing works, and yet he always said that he felt very well, and even felt most energised while his neck was enlarged. The swollenneck glands are a special adaptation, a well-known feature of some healers gifted with immense powers, a fact understood by people in some parts of this globe. His voice passed across the vastly enlarged glands as he spoke, effecting many healings in his audience - and so it happened that headlines appeared in the newspapers about the man whose ‘voice banishes illness

While Bruno said – “The divine power and God’s help are always available to every person who trusts and has faith”         
 “ Trust and Have Faith - The Divine Power Helps and Heals”  -  Bruno Groening    
Bruno stated that all illness is curable – but that not all people can be helped… for various reasons. We need to be receptive, optimistic, grateful and free of malice - to gain the most benefit from this ‘divine’ healing… Sometimes these conditions may not quite be met and …then, various blocks to healing might remain in place. The blocks can be removed, but some conscious reform of our thoughts, our habits and our feelings would be needed. Notions that illness might just be ‘random’ or even be sent by God are unhelpful to us! Often there may be an unwillingness to release an illness – but it is essential togive it up, to give it no further thoughtto release it, not to retain it, never to feel that we ‘own’any illness. 
It will also greatly help us if we learn the technique for absorbing the energy, at a proper ‘Introduction’ so that we can ‘tune-in’ to the healing energy for ourselves – each and every day, whether we are at home or in a group. Bruno said that ‘the divine energy is always around you… All you need is to know how to "tune in" to it. So just take the good power for yourself, whenever you have any need of it,    
Illness does not belong to humans, and should be rejected, said Bruno. 
He was also very clear about the cause of most illness - being certain types of energies – that he would always strive to banish and remove.                                                                                                                       We may speak or think about OUR arthritis or OUR rheumatism, to our severe detriment - because if we think, strongly believe and even say that we own an illness, then it may become our approved resident lodger, and remain with us indefinitely.Bruno offered to take illness away from us – but only if we ask him. He cannot take it otherwise. He stated that he cannot ‘steal it’ - as that would be unethical or dishonest….However, if we ask, if we make a request – then we may receive help and can be healed. It seems that the tokens, the photographs, work best in conjunction with the wishes of a conscious human being - so, our ‘asking’ may be a necessary interaction with the healing energy streaming out from the Bruno photographs, I have heard of people who have petitioned most persistently for help and assistance, (successfully) but I also hear that much repetition may not be necessary … I prefer to request help only once or twice for each suffering person and to repeat a plea only occasionally.      
 Bruno’s powers are almost incomprehensible to us, but he was ever benign, always helping people and ever willing to do so. Our human existence is wonderfully enriched by the shining example of his saintly life, and by the amazing photographs that he consciously provided for us to use, as tokens of the inexhaustible divine healing power.               
 -  I am everywhere and at all times…By this, I do not mean to say that I am God - No - but just a little helper’                                                                                                                        Bruno Gröning                                                                  

Jack Dempsey  2014


M-F. V. 
Help and healing after intestinal obstruction and peritonitis : 
January 22, 2014, Montreal Canada 

For a long time I was told that my intestine was too long and I had to watch closely my diet, not to be constipated to avoid cramps. Usually these cramps manifested themselves when I was very stressed with either worries or unspoken disagreements. Keeping disagreements within, I knew, was my weakness.

In October 2013 I went to Spain for a spiritual gathering with Bruno Groening. While in Spain, I developed unbearable pain after severe constipation, comparable to contractions before delivery! I did not pay too much attention to the pain, thinking it was the onset of a strong “Regelungen” (regulation process). I waited in that state five days praying to God and asking Bruno, the group also prayed for me and I hung on without abandoning. On the plane, I could hardly breathe and I thought I was going to  have a heart attack . All along I prayed Bruno, Gisèle prayed too and Bruno was with us. Upon arrival in Montreal I got admitted to Emergency and I was operated the same day.
 I am a rebel and I have been very cautious towards traditional medicine for many years.  At the emergency room I let go my apprehensions and felt safe. I decided to put my trust in the entire hospital staff, I was no longer afraid. As if to comfort me in my decision, I felt the strong presence of Bruno and saw him standing by my stretcher, dressed in a plaid brown jacket.
Just before surgery, my friend Christina quickly slipped a photo of Bruno in my socks. Thanks Christina!   Under anesthesia, during the entire operation, I saw a magnificent spectacle. I saw a 180 ° panorama of golden colored sky, with golden earth, full of golden flowers. It was breathtaking! I was in a state of divine grace, serenity and ecstasy. A feeling of total happiness pervaded me, I felt like a child discovering a new toy. Infinite beauty appeared before my eyes!

My healing after the operation was not straight forward as I expected. After surgery, my healing was delayed considerably due to complications in clearing out internal infection in my abdomen. As the complications compounded, I was beginning to doubt profoundly my convictions. Did Bruno abandon me after all this? What was the purpose of all this? At one point, I was so discouraged, that I was ready to abandon everything with spirituality. But then again, I reasoned to myself, what did I have to lose? After much reflection, I concluded this was a test.  So, I continued to pray, meditate, listen to inspiring music and always held the picture of Bruno in my hand. I felt supported by so many communities, friends and family here and abroad and I held on! I held on to Bruno, as if he was my ramp, while I fell in a steep bottomless vacuum. And the collateral help continued to grow. Despite my difficulties, I came across wonderful people: the nurses, the attendants, technicians performing CT scans and ultrasound, the doctors, and patients in my room. This is when I realised that I was still being helped by Bruno.       

 Again, I thought I would heal faster than everyone. Alas it was not to be! After the operation, I could not breathe too well. An abscess was discovered under the diaphragm and they had to insert a drain. To ease the breathing, they had to remove 1.5 liters of water from around my left lung. The drain was removed and I was discharged. The oral antibiotic was not working and the abscess grew back.  10 days after I was hospitalized again to place a second drain! The universe was testing me! Over the Christmas holidays I was discharged with a drain, a half healed surgical wound and a pick line to administer a super strong antibiotics three times a day! This had to happen to me! I, who never believed in drugs! Finally the healing came on January 22 2014.   


 My husband has completely changed. All his life he has been a workaholic. He now is very much in the moment, participating actively cooking, cleaning, very caring and he is more present in his relationship with me. Since we sold our property in France, my relationship with my sister was quite strained and we never spoke spontaneously on the phone in the last ten years. She called me on her own at the hospital and the relationship has now been healed.  I believe she was afraid to loose me. A close friend, who never spoke to me in the last five years after her husband's passing away, is back to mend our friendship. A guide and a good friend, who initiated us to the Teaching of Bruno, came back to see me at the hospital. Our relationship was strained due to a difference of opinions.   


 I had my doubts before, but this is certainly a “Regelungen”. Over the last 10 years I had problems with constipation due to a mechanical problem in my large intestine. Almost half of its length was not attached to the abdominal walls.  I did not know this. Through the surgical intervention the mechanical problem has been solved once for all. Bruno held my hand and brought me to the surgical solution, which I would have otherwise resisted, I am certain!   I am now aware that one must consult a doctor when in doubt. Bruno's unconditional help is always there for support. I now take care of my emotions and I do not hold them within.  I express them when it's time while maintaining my positive spirit.  


 Throughout this experience, I realise, I was surrounded by love and prayers of my family, my close friends and kind souls from different groups of meditation in Canada and abroad. I was carried by each one of you, through your prayers and love to pass this test.   Thank you Bruno to have taken care of me, guiding me to the operation and bringing me back to life. I have learnt to let go my control! I have confidence in this life, my guides, Bruno and God! 


Just got this Email from friends (names does not matter)

Good afternoon, Petra,

So grateful to you for having this web page . From this  web page my   husband  got his healing , also "Dove" the bird which was born not able   to walk after listening to Bruno's  voice  from your web page , while  sitting in Einstellen for her with her in my lap, she was healed and   started walking . 

She was healed in  one day, she started walking  first time the next day.. 2 years did passed from my husband healing   and 1 year from the day the Dove was healed. So you understand how   both my husband and I, we  are very grateful that you are there and doing this.


Experience Report

  A moment in time on the way to healing, 
 from Steve , USA 

 From the first day of being introduced to Bruno Gröning at my introduction of September 9 2012 I have slept with the book  "I Give You a Little Wisdom of Life" , volume 3 , and have found my dreams to be very specific. They have been very clear and vivid about my life and the demons that haunt me. Some of the emotions have centered around fear, fear of the medical word and there systems when dealing with insurance and proper payments etc.. Authority vs the people. Bruno had been in my life for months before this via YouTube . I have been doing Einstellen every day , twice a day and also listening to the introduction CD that I was given. 

Whenever a thought comes to me of pain or stiffness or discomfort and limitation I have a chat with Bruno about taking the burden from me that I have carried for so long. Sometimes I feel a sense of an answer coming back to me , a feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of warmth of being lifted. A week after my introduction I went to my second community meeting and was given the 2012 special edition of the success reports. Since that time I read and read. Today I finished reading all the reports and realized something. Many things. Most important among the new awareness was a deeper tangible sense of goodness and evil. In spending my life so far in service and being aware to the phrase in the bible , " get thee behind me  Satan " a new experience and more powerful way was being reviled to me in choosing good vs evil. 

 What is evil ? How subtle is evil ? Is evil more invasive then I thought ?  THANK YOU BRUNO GROENING FOR THIS. 

 In reading the reports or listening to the CD I knew that Heilstrom was being given but until I finished the report on the car accident in Italy that hurt a golden retriever at his ankle joint I did not realize how much I was receiving. I cried upon feeling the beauty.                The feeling of God watching and His desire to heal us from our burdens.   

 One of the things I realized was that I had just read story after story about the difficult conditions that many people live with. Comparing them to mine at times, looking for an answer at times, handing it to Bruno  as I went along. I was aware at times they did feel uncomfortable but what I was aware of more then that was a feeling of heart and love for the human condition. 

The uncomfortable turned into grace and the awareness of the Heilstrom and a sense of wholeness I felt from each story.  All people became one , the outward appearance was just that what we see and perceive  from our perspective. Goodness and evil effect all equally. The choice is ours and the  free will is our tool to build or destroy. Bruno's acceptance of all people and all states of health was something as a trained energetic healer that I so appreciated . Only Jesus the unconditional love and acceptance of all health conditions that  I saw at the hands of Bruno Groening. There are others that have walked among man but Jesus is the man I have studied , so know of him more.  Thank you all the other masters that have brought god and healing. 

 I can not turn my wrists out, a condition I have had for as long as I can remember. Something that you need to do during Einstellen. It hurts when I try. My Chriopractor says that the muscles in my arm are tight stoping this range of motion. Others have said to me that I am guarding myself. What is my body telling me ? I do not know when my wrists will open up I just know I am aware of something in my body that is calling me to open , something that is held tightly. I cried when reading of the golden retriever and felt a deep sadness for the next few hours I was aware of a deep feeling of feeling unsafe. I do not no where it comes from exactly , I have my story but the story does not matter. The feeling got worse and all I felt was lost in it, all I did was look into Bruno's eyes and breathed. 

 During this time I started to do Einstellen again and was thinking of Emotional Regelungen or as I call it now ER. Then laughed at the title of the TV show. That I have felt tingles and pain in my body and I am aware of the evil that was in my body as well as the present limitations but also aware of some ability for new movements although stiff and not full of the ease I once had , new movement. The ER has come and gone a few times lasting a few hours at the most and then passing with a new feeing. Good and evil I have discovered are not just concepts but subtle feelings in the body. Listen and feel them , know the sensation of them , be able to hand over the evil to bruno and embrace the goodness , this is what I tell myself. A sense of tightness or a grace of fullness, a yuck or a joy , a gift or a burden.              

 " My body can not heal till I put evil into proper perspective and become the goodness."               

Quote by me.   I wonder if I will ever have a Physical Regelungen PR in the future but in the moment it does not matter. I feel the Heilstrom like a sponge that is soaking up energy. Sometimes I had to stop reading as I felt I could not take in anymore and sometimes I felt thirsty and could not get enough. It is enough to know that ER is working in me. I in and of myself with all my wisdom of 58 years know nothing and thank Bruno for his goodness and love. 

Steve, U S A



Healing Report of Andreas R., Germany

Adreas R., my 49 year old brother in law, suffered from a stroke in September 2012. One morning, his supervisor found him (who for his (entire) life (time) is being thalidomide-disabled, in that his arms are very short, the legs normally developed) in a completely desolate state with disorientation and lying on the floor. She immediately called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital in the same place. Because of his disability, however, there was not much they could do for him there, and a short time later, he was flown by helicopter to a specialist clinic in Lippstadt. The way it looked, he could not speak, not move, and the doctors said that we would probably not see him again the way as we knew him. A three by three centimeters wide area in the brain was considered to being affected by a blood clot and one would have to expect the worst. We friends in our meditation group started off a (phone)call action, and all of us adjusted us firmly in favor of him, prayed very intensely to God for Andreas and asked Bruno Gröning for mediation during the night.

We visited Andreas in Lippstadt 5 days later. He was able to walk again without obstruction, yes even run. And he could speak again, even if he was searching one word or the other, when it did not occur to him right away.
This however, has likewise disappeared completely after a few weeks. He is fully recovered. The physicians are mystified. He told us that on the night after the attack, as we all prayed for him, the feeling in the limbs came back and everything in his head returned to normal. This is inexplicable from a medical point of view. Today, he functions again completely normal in all his movements, and in speech and comprehension during communication.

Andreas himself did not know anything about Bruno Gröning or his teaching and is not very interested in spiritual things, but he is very helpful with others. For that, we thank God from the core of our hearts and Bruno Gröning for help. THANK YOU!

Petra Ruether (the Admin.)


Healing with the photo of Bruno Gröning

Chi Chen Y., Taiwan 

(wrote per E-Mail following report:)

1. Healing of my son's ear

My six-year-old son Eric suffered from the swelling of Preauricular fistula of his right ear about at late March. 

First, I took him to see a doctor. The doctor gave the medicine "Antibiotic" to my son and said if he didn't recover, he needed small surgery. He took the medicine about two weeks and then I stop him from taking the medicine because the swelling area was just became smaller and didn't vanish. From the beginning of his suffering, I put the small pictures of Bruno on his ill part and in his pillow. 

Petra, her friends and I do the pray for my son(passing the energy to him). Tell all of you the truth, I sometime felt uneasy in this period of time. But I saw the photo of Bruno and asked myself to come back to be positive again. The swelling part was becoming bigger in this area. At the one night of middle April, my son was jumping on the bed. Suddenly, much Pus came out from his ill area. There were several times for Pus to come out in the following days. 

At 5/3, I took him to see a doctor. He said my son's ear was healthy. 

Dear friends, the energy of photo is real. The meditation is also important. When you are feel helpless for some trouble and you really need help but there is nobody near you, you can watch the photo and ask Bruno for help. I write this report because I really got help by this way. And I don't give you any advice for any trouble because It depends on you(your will). But when you spend some time understanding the method of absorbing the divine energy, you can open your heart and try to do it. The photo will make the meditation more strong and stable. Thank Bruno. Thank God."

2. Healing from lung problems of my father in law:

My father in law got the lung problem at about March and was sent to hospital. He lived there about four days.

I gave the photo (of Bruno Gröning)  to him and had told something about Bruno to him about two weeks ago. I told him to put it in the pillow or took it with him. 

Last Saturday, he suffered from fever and lung problems and was sent to hospital again. At first, doctor let him X-ray the lung. After the photo of X-ray came out, the doctor said my father in law was not worse. After two hours, he took some medicine and went home. Last Sunday, he totally recovered. I asked him if he used the photo always. He said "yes". 

It is really magical for this case. So I tell him to go on using it. Share it with you and Thank Bruno, Thank God.

3. Healing from Asthma attacks of my daughter

My 3 year old daughter often catch a cold last year. I and My wife had to take good care of her when she got a cold because Asthma attack would happen in the following of cold. When it really occurred, we just could take her to the doctor and doctor would give her Steroid. When I knew that the picture had energy, I always put it near the chest or back when she fell asleep. It is so magical that from then on, she almost gets no cold. Even sometimes she coughs and seems to get a cold. Then I will put the photo on her. Next day, no cough happens. So it is not just a psychological effect. It is real in my family. 

When you really want to try the photo, just keep somethings in mind. (1) open your heart (2) ask Bruno for help (3) Let Bruno to do the work (4) be patient.  Good Luck and Love
Healing from “grief after son’s death” and
“broken tendons on both shoulders”
Nouria S.
N.S.W.   63 years old                   July 2010
In August 2004 my son lost his life instantly in a car accident  and I was unable to accept this loss, I was consumed by grief and it did not get better with time, at times I thought it will be better if I was dead also and became prone to depressive moods and once I even contemplated suicide. My faith in God which I have always had didn’t help me in this instance, and nothing I did or experienced over the following 5 years could ever erase my deep suffering. 
The same year of my son’s death I had a fall and broke the tendons in my right shoulder, in 2007 I broke the tendons in my left shoulder also This left me with restricted movement and pain after any kind of lifting or raising the arms. 
In 2009, I was persuaded by a friend and went to an introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groening. I sat at the front row with my friend and as soon as I fixed my eyes on the picture of Bruno Groening I felt a strange feeling of warmth, this feeling intensified with time, I then became convinced that something was happening in my body and I asked Bruno Groening to release me from the grief over my son’s death, afterwards I started to sweat intensely until I was completely wet from top to bottom. 
That night, I kissed my son’s photo as usual before going to bed, and for the first time in 5 years I didn’t feel deep heartache when looking at his dear face, I felt happy and free from the burden and I couldn’t comprehend it. Since then, I have been able to experience joy in life. 
 In October 2009, I felt deep pain on my left shoulder while doing “einstellen” (absorbing the healing stream) in another session and since then I regained movement on that shoulder and the pain vanished, and in December of the same year my right shoulder became healed also.  I had never asked for the physical healings and yet those were granted to me as well.  I thank God for these blessings and for His son Bruno Groening who mediated for me, he; Bruno has became my life-saver and my friend forever, THANK YOU DEAR GOD!

Healing from Heroin-Addiction, Hepatitis A, B,C
Petra Ruether, GERMANY
I started to smoke Hashish and Marijuana at the age of 15. Later I experimented with everything else theat was available /pills and trips) and, after about a year, I started to inject heroin. Soon all my time was devoted to acquiring the drugs. In 1976 I was in hospital for three month  with jaundice (Serum-hepatitis B) and very often had pressure in my right upper stomach and was continally tired. As soon as I was discharged I began injecting myself again. By 1977 I only weighed 48 kg and made up my mind to stop. Twice 

I underwent long term therapy, but each time I broke away before the treatment was completed and by 1979 I had relapsed again. In 1983 I switched to Hashish and Captagon, a strong stimulant, taking Heroin only when I had plenty of money. I could not stand life without any drugs and had depressions. Life seemed hopeless and without joy, always without money...

I joined Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in October 1985. Two month later I experienced the healing energy very intensely during hearing to a tape with Bruno Grönings original voice. Next day started an intensive general cleansing with vomiting, diarrhoea, aching limbs, pressure in the area of my liver, tiredness and depressions.

3 days later I was better and full of the joy of life. I never injected Heroin again, never took Captagon or other tablets since then. All afflictions and discomforts have disappeared. 1987 it was established that my liver values were completely in order. I have never touched drugs again. I completed a vocational training in the profession of Management Assistant in Office Communication and worked regularly until 2008 in a public office in Germany.
A great THANKYOU to Bruno Gröning but also to my beloved teacher Mrs. Grete Häusler, who cared for me during a time of doubts and who never lost hope to get through with her strong faith. May this Lady be honoured by me in this way .
Healing from Back Pains
In 1991 I came in contact with the teaching of Bruno Gröning in Hamburg, Germany. I went to an Introduction Session and one explained me the techniques how to absorb the Divine Energy, which Bruno Gröning called “Healing Stream”.
During that time I was in an apprenticeship of a Naturopath and I was also interested in other spiritual methods of healing.
At the beginning when the session starts I asked myself if this is really something for me because I found it too simple; and I didn’t feel anything. But the atmosphere was very peaceful and relaxing and so I stayed until the introduction was finished. One hour later the real Healing Session started and the room was filled up with ca. 50 people. I placed myself into the last line in the back.
The Session started with a nice classical music, but unfortunately this music didn’t belong to my favorite, because I was a fan of Rock Music. In that time I also suffered from strong back-pains. When I listened to the music, I started to feel a certain stream like an electrical current flowing through my body. It was very relaxing and refreshing but at the same time almost doping me like in a rush.
Suddenly I noticed a very strong stabbing in my back. It was a feeling like somebody screws me a sharp metal item into my spine next to the place where ever I felt the back pains before. This was so painful and strong that I jumped on my chair every time.
Simultaniously a lot of energy flushed in showers through my body – this was really a phenomenal experience and I was very amazed!!
The Session was finished after 2 hours with continuously stabbing and streaming of divine power. I was so occupied with myself that I didn’t notice what was spoken in the front.
When I left the room all pains were gone, and I felt refreshed and verymoved.
From that day on I “tuned in” to the divine stream every day twice at home and sometimes I felt the same pain in my back during meditating.
Almost 8 weeks later the back pains had vanished completely and many small other problems at my body as well. But the most important thing was that I had the feeling of coming home and a wonderful feeling of love, protection and divine guidance which I never experienced before in such intensivity. The back pains never came back until today.
I thank Bruno Gröning in the bottom of my heart that he healed me and that he connected me again with the divine source and is further helping me in all my concerns.
Healing from chronic insomnia
E. R., Warilla, NSW, AUSTRALIA
For thirtyfive years I suffered from chronic insomnia. It all started in my mid-twenties and a doctor started prescribing sleeping tablets. Soon I was taking double doses of pills as my metabolism became accustomed to the drugs. After two years of feeling groggy in the morning, I decided to step down from medication, but it was too late, I was addicted and couldn't sleep without it.
I, then tried, Hypnotherapy, and that worked for the first night only, after realising that I couldn't afford to be hypnotised every two days, I went to another doctor and asked his help. He then described sedatives, milder then the sleeping pills, but I had to take twice the dose to sleep at least six hours. Soon I gave up trying to clean up and resigned myself to be on medication forever. Of course, the quality of sleep on drugs it's not the same as a natural way of switching off at night.
Twenty-five years later due to drug abuse, the medical profession was forbidden to prescribe addictive drugs unless absolutely necessary. Then my nightmare started, as I was refused help from doctors, and I had to lie shamesly about dying relatives to inspire pity and get 20 pills of mild sedatives, but as patients went into a central computer I was then labelled and addict and firmly refused medication.
I started on natural alternatives and it was quite useless, so for another ten years I was functioning on three or four hours sleep, and my health deteriorated rapidly. I became prone to infection, colds and allergies and my energy levels were on the ground.
I went to a session of Healing with Bruno Gröning and that same night I slept seven peaceful hours, as I continued with the sessions at home and in a group, the quality of rest at night improved daily. That was only five month ago. I now sleep normally and I hae energy and joy of life. Gone are the headaches and mental confusion.
I thank God for putting in my path Bruno Gröning and his teachings.
Ely R.
Healing from pains in Broken Leg
At Easter 2007 I fell off a ladder, actually the ladder collapsed while I was at the top, the result being I broke my right leg in 2 places. The tibia required 2 pins and the fibula required a plate and 4 pins inserted.
After several month of physio, acupuncture and remedial massage I was still experiencing a lot of pain, swelling, restricted movement and discomfort (a lot of heat in the ankle) in bed. I actually had to sleep with my leg hanging over the side of the bed without bed clothing over it. I walked with a limp and found my whole body becoming unbalanced due to the restricted movement. I only had about 40 % to 45 % ankle movement.
When I went back to the surgeon he explained that I should get about 80 % to 90 % movement back in time and there will always be little discomfort, restricted movement and swelling due to the amount of metal inserted. A way to overcome this is could be to have the pins and plate removed, but there would be no guarantee and although the bones have knitted successfully they could re-brake!
So away I went a little disconcerted and continued doing the physio exercises at home and having remedial massages once a month. This continued for the next 2 years with very little improvement, not so much pain, and movement in the ankle to maybe 60 % on a good day and less swelling and heat at night.
Then I went to a Bruno Gröning Spiritual Healing and Meditation Session at Oak Flats on the 19/04/09. During this session, although i felt very relaxed, carefree and invigorated, I can`t say that the improvement in my leg was immediate, but I did feel a different kind of heat in the ankle, as if a small electric current was running through it. At the third or fourth session I started to get small muscle spasms and tingling heat, like the heat from dry ice, down my right thigh, leg, ankle and foot. When meditating at home this continued and still does on occasions.
Now 5 months later the pain has diminished to a slight discomfort, the swelling is almost non-existent, the movement in the ankle is up to about 95 % and the heat at night has all but gone. My body balance is almost back to normal and I can do almost all normal things that I was not able to do 5 month ago e.g.: Jog on the beach, bend down or squat down to do gardening or clean the car.
Pretty basic stuff I know, but when you have been unable to do them for a while it feels very good. Because of this improvement my general health has also improved and I don`t get as tired or fatigued as before.
Therefore, as I continue to receive the divine power from God through the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I feel that my health can only get better. I bless the day my wife saw the ad in the local paper and we went to Oak Flats and met Peter and Petra who introduced us to this simple but effective teaching.
An Unexpected Healing from Tooth-pain
Recently I had a healing that was rather a surprise to me...
I developed a toothache during a weekend when no dentists were open. I don't like to take painkillers if I can avoid it - and so I keep and take a small amount ofpropolis (a natural tree-resin gum) - which gives some relief if retained in the mouth; however the relief is rather slow and variable.
I was feeling 'twingy' and very fed-up on the Monday morning after about 30 hours of intermittent pain. When I got up and tried to sit for meditation, I found that I could not concentrate due to the tooth pain, and returned to lie down in bed after only ten minutes.
Lying on my back in bed, I realised that even if I could do nothing else, here I was able to open my hands and tune-in to the healing energy as I have been shown.
For some reason, I felt comfortable and relaxed doing this, and was able to concentrate
and to ask for the healing energy to enter me. My awareness drifted away rather quickly, and I was apparently asleep for a couple of minutes.
When I returned, after a very short time, I slowly became aware that there was now no
pain in the mouth, and that I felt rather well.
After this pleasant surprise, I rested for a while, hardly daring to believe in my good fortune. After I arose, I touched my face around the area that had been painful and found only a slight numbness there; a feeling like a mild version of the dentist’s anaesthetic.
I was able to eat a normal breakfast of toast and honey with a cup of tea, that morning, and later to eat lunch after 1pm - all without any pain.
I feel most privileged and grateful for this rapid miracle healing, which occurred almost immediately when I opened my hands to receive the healing energy, and asked Bruno Groening to intercede for my help and healing.
Jack.D, Chester, UK
DISTURBANCE DURING SLEEP                                                                 
For the last five years or more, I have been woken from my sleep on many nights, aware that something was happening to me. However, I wouldn’t know exactly what caused me to be suddenly awake. I would wonder about it, and usually move to change my position slightly.
On starting to move, my internal body energies would seem to “boil” - especially in the legs and lower torso. It was as if some large energy field was leaving me in a hurry…
I began to suspect vampiric activity, or some form of energy intrusion from a discarnate, when this happened night after night, after night. I got frightened - at times rather much so - and wondered what was really happening to me. I prayed sincerely to God, to Jesus, to other teachers and - since my Introduction in March 06, - to Bruno Groening. My friend, - sleeping in a different room in the same house, was unaffected and remained completely unaware of my nightly struggles.
I sought advice and help from experts in several different countries, at different times, and had some help to reduce these intrusions. Invariably they re-started after a time. The lady who gave me the best and clearest information was also able to strengthen my own boundaries, (aura) which succeeded in keeping “him” out for some months. I heard from her the story about the soul of a man who had passed away in an agitated mental state and who still frequented the building, (a block of four small houses joined together). I learned the history of this man, his disposition, his fixed ideas, and the circumstances of his death (a suicide).
I had the house ‘cleared’ twice by different professionals, and special prayers and other measures were used. However, he remained present, moving around within the dwellings, and was able to enter my sleeping body at will, which would wake me up, sooner or later, with the familiar sensations. I would also pick up his anxieties and thought patterns - which added to the unpleasantness of these episodes. Eventually, my terror changed to indignation, and I would chase him out, threatening all sorts of dire consequences to make sure he went. However, I was powerless to prevent the nightly intrusions, and I worried about it, wondering what on earth he was doing getting inside me?
In the Autumn of 2007, I was running out of countermeasures, and went to order a ‘black light’ bulb to keep on all night, as I had heard that ghosts avoid this special light frequency. That night, before retiring, I remembered some CD’s of Bruno Groening speaking, which I had converted to mp3’s, loaded into my mp3 player – but had, as yet, never played. I took the player to bed with me, and - whilst tuning into the healing energy - for an hour or more listened with interest to the voice of Bruno. It was like being in the same room as him. I must have fallen asleep at some point, for I later woke up. The voice tape I’d been listening to was finished or the batteries had emptied by now; instead I heard a voice speaking in English.
Drowsy, I caught only the last four words “...has been taken away”.
Bruno, of course, speaks only in German.
I lay there for a while, wondering if I had imagined it, and whether anything had been taken away…but soon went back off to sleep again, when I was sure that I was not being “attacked”.
The intrusions ceased from that night onwards, and have not recurred. I sense that the dwelling is now free from this disturbed being, and I believe that I received help from Bruno and his assistants, because I prayed to him, asking for relief.  I am very grateful for my now undisturbed sleep and my peaceful nights. I’m sure that this other soul is - or will eventually be - very glad that he was helped, too.                  
  Jack D. Chester. UK.

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