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Pjesë nga një Fjalim i Alfred Hosp mbajtur më 27.10.2001 në Judenburg

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Sobre la experiencia del 24 de abril de 1959

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NEW ENGLISH document about a lecture by Bruno Gröning translated:
Bruno Gröning: we write the 3rd October 1958..."
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Bruno Gröning: "...hoy estamos a 3 de Octubre de 1958"

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Hilde Riedinger, experience-report: 

 Let me tell you something out of the abundance of experiences and encounters with Bruno Gröning: 

 The first time we met him in the house of a former colleage of my husband. The son of this colleage suffered from muscle dystrophy. He had been together with his mother at Bruno Gröning in Munich, Germany. Bruno Gröning had promised to come to Karlsruhe, Germany, as soon as a greater number of help-seekers would be waiting there. 

 When we arrived in the house of the colleage Bruno Gröning was out for a stroll with the son. When he returned to the house – he had not even entered the room – it startet to stream through my body very strongly, and it became very much stronger, wenn he stepped into the room. First and foremost he stood there in silence – then he talked briefly to us. 

He asked me: „What kind of news do you feel in your body?“ 

 I told him about the strong streaming in my body and I mentioned that I had felt it also just before he entered the room.

His answer was: „I don’t need to be here!“ 

Then he put a small platelet on my head and asked me to watch my body carefully to every news going up inside. I got a headache. Then he sequently asked the other attendants for their new feelings in their bodies and reaching my husband he got the answer as followed: 

„To be honest – absolutely nothing!“ 

 „You should be honest“, Mr. Gröning replied, „and you are always in mind with the needs of your wife - that disturbs the waves!“ 

This was really true because my husband was very concerned about me and therefore not able to take up the energies for himself. At this first meeting anything kept mystifying for us, but it was going to change very soon in the course of time. 

At the second visit of Bruno Gröning in Karlsruhe, Germany, the hosts asked us to stay there after the lecture. The objective of conversation was a crucifix , which Bruno Gröning had got as a gift from an old woman. I sat beside him and he asked me now the question: 

„Considering this crucifix - what do you think about?“ 

At first I was at a loss for an answer, because attitudes towards such things could be very different. But then I confessed my understanding of Christ: 

"Jesus Christ was a man sent by God with a mission to lead human beings back into Divine order and to their Salvation." 

San Bernadette Soubirous, visionaire in Lourdes FranceFollowing I told him about the „Bernadette“-movie (meant is probably the movie "The Song of Bernadette" from 1943 with Jennifer Jones- The Admini.) which I just had seen one day before, and how I understood the experiences of Bernadette like that: 

She had been in a great need of health – she had a lung desease – and because of that she must be very prepared and receptive to take up healing energies.  

Suddenly Bruno Gröning asked me to interrupt my narration for he would like to talk to us. We should listen very attentively and should not disrupt him anyway. 

Then he spoke to us and his words – although they were simply and plain - worked so intensely and mightful to us, that I can hardly describe. At the end of his lecture he facepalmed and tears stood in his eyes:

 „Don’t be afraid of death,“ he said „I will be happy when I may go home into the Glory of God!“ 

Then he invited us to write down his words on paper, but although this lecture was a great experience for us we were not able to keep it in mind and write it down on paper. 

 This was the second time when I met Bruno Gröning. It was the 16th of March 1952. 

 At the next morning we drove again to the hosts family to see Bruno Gröning and thank him heartly. I had awful backpains and could keep myself hardly upright. Undoubtfully  - this was a reaction to the last evening 

 We met Bruno Gröning at the breakfast table. He offered his breakfast (boiled) egg to me. First I refused because I already had breakfast. 

So he broke the egg at my head.

 However, this seems to be important to me, and I took and ate it. 

Thereupon it seems to me as if an invisible hand would remove the pains from my back. I started to cry for joy and tears appeared in the eyes of Bruno Gröning as well. 

He presented a picture to me with a dedication „in gratitude!“, but the gratitude should had been on my own for him alone. Later I got to know that his gratefullness was because of my story about Bernadette, which I narrated the evening before. When he passed the picture to me he mentioned:

„This I had never written to anybody before!“ 

 During the following time we used every opportunity to meet Bruno Gröning. Not only in Karlsruhe but also at every other places when he spoke around the South-West of the German area. We experienced alot this way, which deepened our knowledge about teaching, working and nature of Bruno Gröning.

Precondition to every success on this path is a doubtless and unconditional belief that we are able to realize our good thoughts of healing and make them true without compromises.   


Hilde Riedinger


About My Public Work - Part 2

Bruno Gröning speaks about his "mass-healings" and "distant healings in 1949" 

This procedure is not much different with the so-called „mass-healings“. When there were hundreds and thousands people waiting for me during my absence, I never forgot to point out a task to one of my closest assistants: He should inform the waiting crowd, that I will perform mass-healings from time to time during I am absent. The point of time to start with these distant healings I transferred into the body of my assistant so he could feel when the time has come to speak to the waiting crowd and the mass-healings will be conducted. 

 Especially from „Traberhof“ in Rosenheim, Germany, many of such healing-reports during my absence are present, where lamed, blind, deaf and dumbly people got back their health. Herewith I want to point out that it isn’t nescessary to bring sick or ill people to me in person but it is possible for them to receive their healing everywhere and also at home.


 I also implemented many healings per phone, without speaking personally with the sick one. The same thing happened – if I had a little time available – when I took a letter from any helpseeker in my hand and „blessed“ this person (the German word "ansprechen" is difficult to translate - the meaning of 'blessing' is nearest - the Administrator)spoken in my own words).  Later it became apparent that exactly at time of the „letter-blessing“ the person got healed.

 I also want to state that the healing wave  (as well as the radio wave) is invisible for every human eye. As a sender I never allow people to demand something from me. I am sending the healing wave and the ill person is able to  receive it without knowing what and how I am sending. 

Most people are making the big and unforgiveable mistake to concentrate too much on their illness  and their physically pain at moment of the healing time. They cannot detach only one minute, when I asked them, to listen within  and to receive the healing wave. Then it is not always possible  for me to free those people from their suffering. 

 It is right, if somebody observes his body, let go his suffering for a few minutes and waits silently to the receipt of healing  with a calmly and concentrated mind. Further he doesn’t need to think about coming to me in person anymore.


FREIE ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT BRUNO GRÖNING (Hrsg.): Das Tor zum Weg (Stephanskirchen bei Rosenheim 1970) Nr. 06/07, S. 9-11

Translation into English language will take some time, thank you for your patience....
This is an interview with Bruno Gröning and a journalist of a German Newspaper in the Fifties. You can see Bruno Gröning in one of his rare live actions. Bruno Gröning here had to answer on stupid and ignorant questions of a very prejudiced journalist. If you look into Bruno Grönings eyes you will notice the sadness and the seriousness about human nescience and ignorance.
Look at this amazing sculpture...our compliments to the unknown artist!!!
Soul of Christ
St.Patrick Boys
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Bruno Groening sculpture

Translation of the Aid Service Passport of Bruno Gröning:
for expelled Germans from Böhmen, and Mähren-Schlesien
The Owner of this passport
Mr./Mrs.      Gröning  Bruno
born at:      31/05/1906
in           Danzig
is commissioned with ministry to German expellers from the East living within
         District Circle of Dill  
in context  to AID SERVICE, approved by US Military Government at 22/06/1946.
All departments, authorities, and organisations as well as political parties are required to support the named above in his unselfish work. 
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from the book "Powers of the Spirit" by Alfred Hosp
When asked about the problem of atomic energy, Bruno Gröning made the following grave statements in the circle of his closest friends:
“The element uranium, which is required for the use of atomic energy and is present in the earth in a very tiny amount, controls, by means of its very weak natural radioactive emanation, the fertility of ALL living beings on earth. As soon as this metal is taken out of the earth, the biological balance is disturbed and, as time goes on, the fertility both of human beings and of animals becomes increasingly impaired. On the other hand, as you yourselves know from many official reports, great quantities of highly enriched uranium are needed in the power stations – more than seven hundred tonnes per reactor – to initiate and maintain the atomic fission process. This concentration of uranium that has been produced by human beings is never found in living nature. It produces, in the course of the fission process, countless atomic nuclei, highly radioactive, of elements that had previously not existed. Many of these often require several thousands of years to be finally turned back into harmless substances. In this way human beings – and they will go on doing it in the future, and to an even greater degree – are producing poisonous substances in monstrous, unimaginable amounts that cannot be destroyed again by anything, absolutely anything. In their arrogance the so-called experts think that they can master this technology that is so inimical to life – and they are not aware that they are mere lackeys of evil, which, by means of this technology, is planning a general assault on the divine creation, in order to destroy it. I ask you friends: What group of human beings can then actually take on itself, over such great stretches of time, the responsibility for the complete unleashing of radioactive materials and for the wretched future conditions of life on this our earth? Here too the saying is true: Pride comes before a fall!
Eventually, in the course of an experiment, an atomic reactor will run out of control. Great quantities of deadly, lethal substances will then be released into the atmosphere and damage and render radioactive wide tracts of land for decades to come. This event will be allowed to happen by God, so that human beings will eventually become aware of the dangers of this absolutely devilish technology. In this connection I must nevertheless point out to you that this dangerous occurrence will be one of the last warnings that God will allow to occur for the people in positions of responsibility for this world. If human beings should not come to their senses even then, and turn around on their path of arrogance and hubris, then God’s grace and forbearance will come to an end. And it is the experimenters who will carry the full responsibility for the consequences that will then follow. They will have to experience and even discharge them in their own bodies.”
After these words a gloomy silence prevailed in the room. None of us had imagined that our situation on earth was so grim or what an enormous responsibility each individual has for the space in which they live. Furthermore, from today’s perspective, it is also amazing with what exactitude these predictions came true. (to be continued)
x  x  x
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 "Powers of the Spirit"
We are happy to present you this wonderful book of a witness of Bruno Gröning in English Language:
"...when you have received healing, be continually thankful for it.  Help always comes from God Himself, never from me."
"...the divine power and God's help are always available to every person who truly trusts and has faith!"
                                                                    Bruno Gröning
Alfred Hosp, extremely disabled shortly after birth, was given a very poor prognosis.  Now, many decades later, he lives on to share with the reader the deep joy and healings he received and witnessed during extensive time spent with spiritual teacher and healer, Bruno Gröning. Mr Gröning was thrown into the media spotlight in 1950s Germany, where his powerful gift and spiritual knowledge were unprecedented. Up to 30,000 people a day flocked to listen to him and receive healing.  In 'Powers of the Spirit', the author depicts his own special relationship with Bruno Gröning, communicates his profound message and helps keep it alive.
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I was in deepest night of death
but you became my SUN
Our Father - Vater Unser
Younity - The indep. Bruno Gröning Singers
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Excerpt of a statement of Mrs. Josette Gröning
in Munich-Grünwald on June 7th 1959:
Today you can already ascertain, that the Divine Power continues to work more and more strongly. He (Bruno Gröning) carried in again this Divine Powe to Earth and opened once more the door for it - he often said: This Power and this teaching is not new, but it is ancient!
This Power didn`t get weaker, because there is a further living after death. Bruno Gröning is not among people with his body anymore, but he is alot stronger in a mental and spiritual way as a servant of health, as a servant of God, as a transmitter of the Divine Healing Power. Because of that it is not necessary to see him bodily, but if you "tune in " to God and the Divine healing power, Bruno Gröning as a servant can continue transmitting this power to friends and unknown people more strongly.
Of course, the work of Bruno Gröning will be continued. On Whitsun Monday the "free working group" was grounded. It should serve a faithful evaluation of experiences with Bruno Gröning, and should also prepare further important ways.
This, what has once begun, have to be transferred as words and in writing to humankind in a new form.
Bruno Gröning should not enter the history books as a charlatan but as a spiritual Healer.
                                                                     Josette Gröning
(Josette Gröning 1959)
Since the death of Bruno Gröning much has been written about his illness, unfortunately without recognition of the facts. Much has been distorted. It has even been claimed; he died under the knife of the surgeon during an operation.
I, as his wife, would like to clarify to the public the real course of his illness and passing.
“I know what is going on with me, nobody can help me!”
I withheld from him, however, what Dr. Grobon had informed me of, the danger of his condition. He then commented afterwards
“Do you believe, I didn’t know, what is going on with me? I have cancer and have had it for a long time! There is nothing that can be done.”
I myself was in a desperate situation and mood and broke out in tears. Dr. Grobon explained to my husband that he had to be operated on straight away. It was a matter of days, maybe even hours and perhaps was even too late already. In total calmness and ease my husband explained:
At the moment that will not work by any means. Many are waiting on me in Germany and abroad, whom I want to speak to at the Christmas celebration. In January 1959 I will come back to Paris.
Dr. Grobon became quite agitated and then asked my husband quite pleadingly that he let himself be operated on immediately. “It is not possible,” he said, “that you in your current condition can go on trips. If you were my father, I would have you operated on already today!”
He revealed to him the danger of the illness: “A person in your condition must undertake a very strict diet, live in complete quite without any excitement and avoid all tiredness. It is not possible for you to undertake such long trips in the winter, and on top of that operate your vehicle by yourself.”
Bruno answered:
„ I eat what I like eating, without vomiting. I still feel fresh and strong enough to continue working and hold my already planned lectures. However, to please you I will come back to Paris in eight days. I still have to take care of a few things at home  change up my travel plans.”
 On the following day we then drove back to Plochingen.
On the way home we visited friends in Karlsruhe. During dinner Bruno conversed with other guests in his usual and lively way. None of his listeners, besides me, anticipated that this ingenious, life loving guest, according to a precise doctors diagnosis found himself in a life threatening, fatal situation. He ate four pieces of cake and drank a lot of coffee to the joy of the housewife with a very great appetite without taking consideration for his terrible illness.
In Paris Dr. Grobon had asked him specifically to stop drinking coffee.
Not until after midnight did we drive on to Plochingen. My husband did not show the slightest sign of exhaustion or emotional dejectedness. His character was completely unchanged. As always he was in a lively, good mood.
During our stay in Plochingen he recorded many tapes. These recordings were place in place of the originally planned personal lectures at the Christmas celebrations in the circles of Gröning Communities in Kiel, Springe, Essen, Karlsruhe, and Augsburg and also in some cities abroad.
After Dr. Bellanger had examined the x rays, he said to me in French, which Bruno did not understand:
 „The operation will be very hard, I am not at all sure, if we can operate. According to the x rays this case is almost desperate. I will open to the stomach holes, if something can be done without danger, I will do it. Otherwise I will simply close up the holes again.”
I did not withhold the seriousness of the situation from my husband.
He smiled and said: “I don’t mind, cut me open from top to bottom, I am not afraid. I have to experience after all in my own body how one feels after such an intense operation.”
Dr. Bellangers eyes became big, as I translated these words to him and expressed, that a big piece of the stomach would have to perhaps be taken out. Bruno said:
“I don’t mind, take the entire stomach out, but I know that you will leave him in!”
As we withdrew to our room in the clinic, Bruno said to me smiling:
„When they open me up, they will be amazed about what they will get to see. It is much worse than the X rays show.”
On the following day, the operation took place in the presence of Dr. Grobon. Before it was over, he came into my room and told me “I must inform you of something terrible. It is much worse than we imagined. The stomach is completely torn apart, in a while it will not be operable anymore. There is already metastasis visible on the liver and colon. His days are numbered. It was a terrible surprise for both doctors, they were deeply shocked, and as the surgeon saw that nothing more could be done, he close the wound. They could not comprehend how Bruno’s outward appearance revealed so little about his inner suffering, that he was able to breathe still, his metabolism had functioned perfectly in the last couple of weeks and his blood count was excellent. Usually in such a condition one must repeatedly vomit when taking in just the slightest amount of food and such a patient has to slowly starve.
This was not the case with Bruno. In the meantime Dr. Bellanger had sewed up the surgery wound and Bruno was brought to our room. He was still under anesthesia. The nurse and I were amazed at his rosy skin color and fresh appearance. After some hours he awoke.  
 In the following days the doctors and nurses became more and more perplexed over the behavior of the patient Bruno Gröning. He ate with a great appetite. He ate a lot of honey. The night nurses were extremely amazed, when he would ask for a sandwich every night around 10:00 p.m. From this evening on he received at this hour the desired bread. They were sure that he would have to vomit, but nothing like this happened. None of the usual symptoms were apparent. Some days later at a visit from Dr. Bellanger, Bruno stood up from his bed, did some gymnastics and stretches and clapped himself on the stomach. The doctor held his hands before his face and yelled horrified, “Stop, I am afraid! The wounds could burst; I cannot bear to look at that anymore.” He left the room in a rush.
Bruno laughed heart fully and didn’t understand how this man could be so frightened.
“I could go walking for hours like this.”
 In the meantime there was much tension in the clinic, as everyone was worrying about the very strange patient. Dr. Bellanger came to visit and was standing in the empty room. For the hundredth time he said “It is terrible!”
We lived in the third floor. My husband did not often use the elevator, but instead went by foot up the stairs. On the evening before our departure, I made several recordings of my husband with Dr. Bellanger and Dr.Grobon. On the twelfth day, there was a small argument between Dr. Grobon and Bruno before our departure. He, Bruno, absolutely wanted to drive our car himself. When the doctor strictly forbids this, he replied smilingly
“If human beings could just get away from their constant fear, they would have more success in life!”
At our departure, which took shape very nicely, both doctors said: „All of our good wishes accompany you, Bruno, if God wants it, then we will see you healthy again!” They passed over two certificates to me, saying they were completely aware of the seriousness of Bruno’s condition. These contained the precise responsibility regulations for the sick patient. The trip to Plochingen occurred without any incidents. Bruno was cheerful and talkative as always.
Christmas was around the corner; Bruno decorated the Christmas tree happily. Between Christmas and New Year’s we received many visits. None of his friends noticed that their friend was sick with such an awful illness. His urge to help others always overrode him. Only his leanness and paleness were apparent to many.
On our trip at the end of December to Rhöndorf on the Rhein, he drove the entire way. He spoke to his followers until 2:00 a.m., without their being any sign of him being tired. On the trip back he drove the car once again himself.
At the beginning of January we took many walks in Plochingen in various forests and my husband was happy to be alive. It was planned to employ a new secretary on the 1st of February. On the 6th of January my husband surprised me with his explanation that he would not be hiring a secretary.
 “In this night”, he expressed, “I received a stop. We will soon travel back to Paris, but I do not know the exact time”.
He no doubt knew that he would have to soon leave this earth and by no means would he be staying in Germany, where he had been pursued the last ten years. The doctors especially had become his most bitter enemies. I did not understand, however, why he wanted to wait so long, while his condition worsened by the day.
On the 10th of January we had to drive to an important meeting once again in Rhöndorf. Since there was quite a bit of snow on this day which made it impossible to use the car, we went by train. Despite having to wait several times for the delayed train for many hours due to the amounts of snow, Bruno got through this winter trip, which others in such a condition would not have been able to withstand, which I can only explain through an incomprehensible, uncomplaining mastery of his physical condition. My husband was even able to get through the trip back to Plochingen amazingly well on the following day, despite the same tough circumstances.
If you want to understand the behavior of my husband in the last weeks before his going home, you must at least try to some extent to have an image of what his mentality was like. Before making important decisions, Bruno did not bother as it is usually understood, with longwinded, dry considerations about the practicality or usefulness of the steps to take. He relied on the super conscious and unconscious intuition, of which he was in grace of higher powers, first and foremost when he restored the health of suffering people, whom had searched for healing in vain for years, or even for decades.Often he expressed:
“The happiest hour of my life will be when I am allowed to leave my body.”
He knew that he would not be allowed to stay in Germany. However, he waited for instructions to come to him regarding the period of his departure. Over the course of the last weeks before our departure, he received a visit from his brother Kurt, whom he took long hikes with. Just two days before our departure, two coworkers visited him, whom he had long and intense conversations with, without letting himself in any way be disturbed by his health condition.
On Monday the 19th of January he instructed his secretary, to book two flight tickets to Paris on for Wednesday. Despite my urging, to go already on Monday, he stuck by his decision.
On Wednesday, the 21st of January, we flew to Paris.  
My husband was in a good mood, but you could tell that he was not doing well. Because of a cloter an operation was necessary. On 22nd January 1959 it took place. Dr. Bellanger, who led the operation said to me: “The destruction in Bruno’s body is terrible, it is a complete inner combustion, and how he was able to live so long without tolerating the horrific pains is a mystery to me. The end is, however, near.
In a letter on 26th February 1959 Dr. Bellanger reported “It required a very rare willpower, to endure such a suffering. I have always admired his courage, his clear calmness which can only be explained by a strong Christian faith.
Dr. Grobon wrote on 28th February 1959 “My efforts about Bruno were more than natural – and I would say that I`ve got a tremendous support from his courage, his willpower and his significant personality at all. It was so strong that one can say: He did not suffer! His friends should know exactly that, and this is a real comfortable factor. He was on the path of Christ!”
The following natural occurrence is also strange. On 22nd January 1959 while my husband was under anesthesia, a strong storm suddenly broke out with thunder and lightning strikes which swept over the skies of Paris. 
It became so dark, that one had to light a candle in the middle of the day. The nurses were very astonished about the intensity of the storm. 
During the following days after the operation Bruno’s temperature, blood pressure, and pulse were completely normal. He even stood up twice and sat down in an armchair. Only on the night of Sunday, 25th January 1959 to Monday did the signs of his approaching death became visible.
On Monday January 26th, 1959 at 1:45 pm he went peacefully and quietly into eternity.
Palace of Justice in the trial came to an end. The files were closed because Bruno Gröning died on 26th of January 1959.This happened right in the moment, when the people would have succeeded him in preventing him from fulfilling his divine mission.On 22nd January, the day of the operation, the trial which was vital for Bruno Gröning, came to an end in Munich. The district attorney demanded once again a prison sentence.
Bruno Gröning, who was the last hope for thousands of sufferers, was no longer.
I, as the wife of the deceased, feel it necessary to shortly report about the compassion of his doctors.
As I spoke with Dr. Bellanger shortly after Bruno’s passing, this doctor who was so used to suffering wiped away many tears, which flowed down his cheeks. He said:
“These divinely gifted people have a hard path on earth. Their tragedy is that they are not able to help themselves after they help thousands of people.
Bruno Gröning was a superman!”
Source: Gertrud Elisabeth Weidner (Hrsg.): Lichthort, Zeitschrift für universale Gotteserfahrung, dualistische Geisteserkenntnisse und esoterisch-ganzheitliches Weisheitsgut (Verlag für Esoterische Wissenschaften, Marschalkenzimmern, Schwarzwald, 1959) Nr. 33/34, S. 1385-1390
Transcript (of the stenographic record) of a lecturegiven by Bruno Gröning on 12 October 1950, at the Wagnerbräu, Lilienstrasse, Munich
It has been difficult to accomplish the purpose I have had, until now!
I am not departing from my intentions… I am leaving nothing untried so as to clear the way for you all. Sadly it is again the case, today, that I have been banned from healing people. This is not unknown to you. But I can certainly speak to you, since you all wish this, and as I do too. I would like to leave nothing untried so as to give you more guidance about how it is possible to help people who have been caught up in a distressing situation, who have been gripped by an illness and cannot get rid of it. And that is why I am standing before you here, because I want to show you the way. That means that I am ready to help you. But every person who is seeking healing should know what is actually happening here.
For this reason, I am not being timid. Last year I made it clear that I have put myself at the disposal of science, of medicine, in order to show them the way in which they can help people in an easy way; that is, to heal them. For each one of them, as I was showing him the way, I was something of a role model.
Today, you have come here as people seeking healing, to be free of your suffering.
As to how this is possible, I want to stand before you like a signpost and show you the way.
I am not just giving you an image. But do try and imagine something for yourselves. And here I would have asked you to imagine that you were light-bulbs!! A light-bulb fails to fulfil its purpose when it does not receive any current, that is, when the power supply to this light bulb is interrupted in some way…
Sometimes you, as human beings, are in a position to interrupt this current that is travelling to the light bulb, with a switch, which is also called a circuit-breaker, and at other times it may happen that the power supply for this light - for this light bulb - may be interrupted by human hands that have never been able to do anything good and from which nothing good can be expected, since they are bad people. I call these bad people satanic.
But in this matter I am a really good technician, and I know how to trace and restore the connection that has been interrupted by satanic hands, so that the light bulb receives it’s current and the bulb then fulfils it’s purpose; otherwise it would be worthless. And so I am standing before you now as a little repairman, who knows how to restore this connection for you.
And so I am now ‘feeding the current to the individual power sockets’. You are not unaware that there are many such transformers through which the (mains) current is brought from the power station. Women are also aware of this; they have often seen the substations that house such transformers. They either stand in the open or are housed in buildings. And so, here we have found the correct way to show this ‘light-bulb’ the reason for its existence.
It is just the same with human beings. For thousands of years, human beings have increasingly lost their connection to this great ‘divine power station’ - and it is this connection that I want to put in place again. Over the years human beings continued to depart more and more from the true, divine faith and have consequently lost all connection to the divine power station.
So that you understand me better: - as I have already said, bad people have existed before now. These bad people, from whom nothing good can be expected, who have completely fallen prey to Satan, can only do what is bad, and so we cannot expect anything good from these people. They have managed to lead human beings away from the true divine path. Today human beings are on the wrong path.
They no longer know what is in front of them and what is behind them. They no longer know what is good and what is bad.
Everyone now has their ownideas, that is to say, at this time you are living in, you believe, or at least you used to believe, that it was right and proper for you to be this way!!.
You are satisfied if there are places of worship here and there, which you visit once a day or once a week or whenever, and you are satisfied that you are fulfilling your purpose if you just go there once in a while and rattle off your little prayer with the rest of the folks.
For everyone believes that they already have the proper connection to the divine power station. But that is not so… With all my heart I wish that people may become human beings that really have faith in God, that they will carry the true divine faith within them and will show this - not with words but with deeds.
People today are in the habit of saying, ‘I believe in this’, ‘I believe in that’.
Here no one needs to believe in Gröning. It is enough for me that I am on the path and that I cannot depart from this path, the path of helping human beings. The proof of this has been there for a long time, not just since yesterday or today. No! it has been the case for years that people who were seriously ill have become well again; and indeed most of you are not here out of curiosity but to get well again, to gain health here.
And this does not just depend on me, but on each person, himself or herself.
I have said it before and I'll say it again: Do not promise anything to me; show it with your deeds, not with words!
And here I may certainly and with all justice make this claim for myself, if I say that I am a role model for all human beings: because I demonstrate with my deeds that I am ‘on the divine path’ and that it is my wish to guide all people onto this path. And so I am a signpost here, because I leave nothing untried in order to guide human beings back onto the true, divine path.
The bridge that led to this divine path had been destroyed, and therefore it was not possible for any human being to get onto this path again. Today the bridge is there again. Today you can walk over this bridge, and the bridge has been there since that day when I was dragged into the glare of worldwide publicity. I have restored, for the people of this earth, the bridge that had previously been destroyed, and now they can walk over this bridge.
You cannot show that you have faith in God only with words, as you have been used to doing up to now. No, show it with deeds!
If I only give you one piece of advice: Love your neighbour more than yourself!
That says a great deal. I don't want to bore you here with a long speech or force too much into your poor heads. No, I will make it short and hope that you understand me. For, looking at it figuratively, it seems that human beings - as I said just now - are on the wrong path.
Years ago - many, many years ago - they were led astray from the divine path, and the possibility of turning back onto this path was no longer available to them, because the bridge had been demolished behind them. And today human beings are just wandering around here because they no longer know - as I've said already - what is false and what is true. This is how it is here! I only want to call people back as they stand before the abyss and say to them, that they must not go any further, they are in imminent danger, and that they may walk on the divine path again, and that this is the connection to the divine power station…
For I am not unaware that people; many, many people - and especially here in Bavaria - are very religious, but have never enshrined the true, divine faith in their hearts by showing what they believe, their creed, their faith in God, with deeds, just as they have previously done with mere words and promises.
I have spoken briefly with several clergymen. We came straight to the point when I said to them: "Reverend, you can't preach every day in the same peaceful and straightforward way. No, it always depends on the people you've got in front of you, the decisive thing being whether they are good or bad." These clergymen could only agree with me, for they said: "Yes, that's right; it's not the same every day. There are many days on which I clam up and can hardly get a word out of my mouth."
And then I said that it simply depends on the people he has in front of him and the kind of thoughts or intentions they bring with them when they come to this place of worship. And there are days - as these clergymen also said - when they could speak so calmly and easily. Yes, on those occasions they definitely had good people in front of them, people who had faith in God…
 I can only ask you, as a human being, to put the true, divine faith into practice. For someone may quickly give their word for anything at all, and just as quickly take it back again. Just as you are well aware that there are also people who have promised many things to you in the course of their lives, but have mostly not kept their promises.
And that is why I go on saying: If one or other of you wants to be a good and helpful human being, they should let their deeds speak for them. They should just get on with it and not say: "I would like to help my fellow human beings, they are in such a bad way." They say this every day; not just once but countless times, to whomever they happen to meet. But they never get round to actually helping their poor fellow humans, even though it would not be any bother to them to ‘take their poor fellow human being by the arm’...
So, as far as human beings are concerned, the word - when someone ‘gives their word’ - is nothing. Indeed, these days they have to have safeguards and say, "Come on, give it to me in writing!" And even then they don't always get what was promised them in this bit of writing, and then they usually let it get as far as taking legal action and bicker with each other about it, so, instead of being helped, the poor people end up being thrown into even more misfortune. Human beings really should have done everything they could to put a stop to this, and much more besides…
Original German text - translated in Ireland, revised in UK
Das Tor zum Weg (the Doorway to the Path)
(Stephanskirchen bei Rosenheim 1969)
Nr. Januar; Ostern; Pfingsten
update: 21.12.2008.
revision 19 Dec ‘09
Bruno Gröning Lecture in KRAILING, GERMANY
(recorded in short hand writing) 
As definite proof that my work is real and works I refer to the distant mass healings which were effected in Hamburg, Herford and lately at the ”Traberhof “and other places, although I was somewhere else when those healings took place.  I will indicate how this happens, so that you don’t misunderstand me, please hear this:
I connect to a certain human being; and any other person who happens to be  nearby and therefore shares this person range of frequency receives the healing wave, as long as they are not reluctant nor opposed to it.
However, it’s absolutely necessary for them to be willing to accept it.  They need to know clearly why they have come here for; and when they get back home, they can tune- in by themselves. But don’t dwell about your sufferings, simply concentrate on your heart’s desire: to become completely healthy.
In the past human beings used to think along these lines: “If I had plenty of money, I could afford house calls from the doctor” or: “I could afford to go on holidays for several weeks”. But friends it has been proved more than 1000 times that this is not the way to solve health problems.  Nobody is able to purchase health, you cannot buy it. Myself, I don’t want even a cent from you, I wish absolutely nothing, except to be a signpost, a beacon to the true divine path and only when you are on this true path you will receive the healing stream, because then you will be worthy of it.
Last year at Herford somebody said to me: “I believe you, but what else can I do?”
In the same way, I cannot help the effect of the radiation that issues from my person.
And now, please take these brief words of advice into your hearts, the ones that I repeat often: Do not have anything more to do with negativity! With any form of suffering. Listen with your inner voice! And you will feel exactly what’s going on in your own body!
I don’t want to talk about healing today.  I only wisht to point out to you the true path. This is your new path. It represents  the new reversal and future for everybody, for every living being on this earth.
It’s quite normal for you to handle appliances, instruments and inventions made by human hands, but one day you will become aware of the natural way.
It is true when I state that: in the future man will be his own physician. It’s my wish that everybody becomes good, that Evil is confined and that Goodness is visible everywhere.
The same applies where: as a human being you can disturb your fellow man’s receiving station with your radio device if you interfere with his reception. Through continually influencing your fellow human being who is in the right frame of mind to receive the healing wave, you can upset his healing; you can disturb him with your thoughts in a certain circuit.
You can influence others, your fellow men, and disturb the healing wave.
When you try to influence others, whether it is in a good way or in a bad one, even if it’s the latter, the evil one, you must do so in their faces. Do the same when you wish something good for others. Be honest, and don’t speak behind other people’s back. But do not disturb the reception of the healing wave and allow others to do what they have chosen to do without interfering or trying to influence them in any way.
The question has always been:
Whatcan Groning heal?  That’s the wrong question!
Who can Groning heal?
That means, it is not me who heals – I am only a small transformer, who transmits the current to you. The decision to accept and allow it is up to the individual himself.  As you make your bed so you must lie on it. You have the option.  The Government holds “elections “also, where you can make your own selection of a politician. But nobody takes time to think about the exact meaning of the Divine! I don’t wish to be exalted by anybody: Only “He” God should be, NOT Groening!
You have the option when you decide about your own healing. You can also reject it afterwards. Here is a practical example:
Due to human behaviour you are always looking for something new and when you find it , you discard the old easily. Imagine for a minute that you have got something really visible as a gift. This is more difficult because it is invisible! You cannot see the wave, but you can receive it. And that is the biggest gift!. You can always say about the New: This is much more beautiful than the Old. But please, don’t give the old to others; put it in the rubbish bin.
For now, I think that I have given you enough to go on your path and it is my wish for you to enjoy the very best for the rest of your lives and that is your health!"
After his speech, Mr Groning was asked to look after some ill people individually. But he answered:
“This should not happen this way! Do not demand – just achieve! The CURRENT goes through everything you have, even through your canes. If you could only FEEL once what is happening to them! But if I empower them one at the time, then Mr. Gröning will have to gather all of them –imbue them with power continuously- but if you remain steadfast with your good intentions, all these items, chairs etc. will become “imbued”.
Lighhouse in KIAMA, N.S.W. as a synonym...Just don’t make a business out of it, I mean a business in the usual meaning of the word. You can tell anybody who comes here using canes: Listen to your inner voice, “because I declare that you were not born with them”.  And I don’t come here often, and when I do come, afterwards you can say. He has healed here! This activity of mine, my work, and my radiation cannot be forbidden.
Please write to me and state what illness has left your body, and how it happened.  Do not concern yourselves with sickness, do the opposite, keep your concentration on the Divine true path, for which I am the lighthouse.
                                                           The End
A little poem from an unknown poet:
Come back, come back, you who`ve been lost
bend down your knees you rueful child
and give to the Lord all your plight!
How you are - so you may come
full of grace you will be welcome.
Look, the LORD, He comes to You
and HIS Holy word he promises
Forgiveness, Grace and blessing You
so dont wait long come back to HIM
Bruno Groning
KRAILING  SPEECH October 5th 1950
 (recorded in short hand writing)
Today I have the honour again of being allowed to address sick people again. Another healing ban has been imposed on me, only because a few people do not wish me to be able to heal those who need it. It should not be possible for them to prohibit me to carry on this work. Thank God I know who are responsible and why.
I wish to state very clearly that I’ve never thought I had to fight against human beings, as a few medical practitioners  are doing, to stop my work. But I won’t allow them to disturb me from reaching human beings who need my help, nor consider their prohibition as valid.
Last year in Herford, I said –upon receiving a healing ban in writing- that there is no human law which can put a stop to my activity. For me, there is only one law to be taken into consideration and that one, is the Divine law, and this one does not prohibit me. I have also stated that: “if anybody puts me into a rain barrel and buries me under the earth ;” whatever must happen will indeed happen inevitably”.
Belief needs to be expressed not just in words but by actions, actions  are  what makes belief evident indeed.
So, love your enemies more than you love yourselves.
Do not be conceited; because it will spoil you. Those who elevate themselves can be humbled instantly, and it does happen indeed: man is then brought down to earth . Man has no possibility then of receiving help because he has distanced himself from divine faith. Man believes  that when he prays to our Lord God, everything will be all right; he expects to receive divine help this way. No my dear help seekers, it is not so, -that is a delusion- . Because human beings abandoned creation and created deformation, they have left the divine true path. And trough that delusion they abandoned their divinity and stepped on the satanic path.  In the past, thousands of years ago some human beings existed who had sank so deeply into Satan’s claws and were degraded by him in such a way that their mission was to try everything possible to hinder others from the divine path.
Man was tempted and deluded. I’m going to give you proof of this. Human beings became enticed by wealth. They thought, if I have money, I will have everything!
That is the reason why I stand in front of the poor and sick, as a guidepost for them which is guiding these human beings back on their true divine path again. I have rebuilt the bridge which leads to that true divine path. So, walk over it now!. I am not looking for worshipers and I don’t want anybody to depend on me. When you say: “I trust you, I believe.” That’s good, of course – trust must be there - .But I don’t wish dependent people around me. This will become a habit then. I will show you a new path and that will be –the great reversal!
I have come to rebuild the connection  to true divine belief. Let us take this example:  A light bulb has to be connected to a power station in order for the current to flow through it and fulfil its purpose and right to exist. In this case it’s  an Electric Power Station. And from wrong handling this light bulb becomes damaged  and no longer works  so  the light bulb has no longer any purpose. When there is no possibility for this light bulb to admit any power and therefore becomes useless, it has no right to exist, and then you can discard it. Compare yourself with this light bulb.
I distribute it to human beings so that they recover their purpose and right to exist:  because they wish truly to re-establish the connection to the Source of power and function exactly like light bulbs do when working properly. There are many other examples like it.
And now ,I wish to repeat in a few words what I always say, and that is :human skill has come to a stand-still, it has reached its limit. The possibility also exists, for setting up my activity in an artificial way. Naturally it could never be 100% accurate, human skill is not that far advanced. But Satan knows very well how to arrange it in such manner that good and bad, wrong and right look very similar. And it was Satan who has given human beings the inspiration to create artificial and unnatural things. Human science has been busy studying and exploring things between heaven and earth for thousands of years but not the natural way. Human beings have been happy as children when they discovered  or created anything  new, nowadays they are bent on destroying everything on earth. Satan continues his ruining activity endlessly. I will utter just one word: “Nuclear!” that is both; human invention and Satanic Power.  – I fight against both! I find Satan in many human bodies and he is determined to destroy any goodness in men.
How is it possible now to heal human beings? As long as they are ripe they can become well. We have only one Divine Father, and this Father is both: Physician and Helper in need.  So it’s not right for human beings to demand that He shows Himself to them so that they can then believe.
He doesn’t punish His children, on the contrary He has given them so much!
But they have gone their own way and lost the connection  with God. To whoever  is worthy of it, I can transmit the Divine Help. But you must not demand it and think: I must feel something. No, it’s in the way that a human being “tunes in”. Not demanding but acquiring it. Some people go as far as to say that illness is a punishment of God, and this wrong belief has taken root into the minds of many human beings. I have to say to those who say that God sends them to hell, that it’s a false accusation to their Creator. God does not concern Himself  punishing His children.
Beware of bad people. I’m sure that you don’t enjoy inviting someone nasty in your home. You don’t like his conversation or company, so you turn away from him or her. But when you are with someone good or do a good deed you feel well. Sometimes I have to deal with people who are still bad to build up something good. My doing and working here, my presence, serves to guide people back to their divinity, to the right  path. I could either take human beings into a garden  which yields   lots of fruit and vegetables or into another one much more beautiful but fruitless  and barren so that it cannot sustain anybody. People are so easily tempted by beauty.  I refer as an example to little Fritz who desired the gold nuts instead of the natural ones. Or the one about little children who when looking for mushrooms they gather instead the red fly agarics, because they are prettier, or in the case when a man falls in love with a woman who is more beautifully dressed than another one who dresses plainly. I need to use these examples so that you can understand me better. The hidden core in a human being, that is the most valuable and precious of his assets. That is why you have found your way here today, and many more will follow. And that is the reason why I am here today  explaining the usual healing method by which way healings can take place.
Then it will be said: GRÖNING has contacted Kuhlmann, or whatever is your name, who is allowed to heal. be continued....
New translated Healing Report from 1951 in Augsburg, Germany
Irmgard Schwenger
Geb. 10.12.1909
Augsburg. Perzheimstraße 30, Germany
In the past, and for a long period of time, I was always sickly and unwell. In 1941 in addition I was suffering from severe abdominal pains, together with intense nausea, all this led me to a state of feeling totally exhausted on a daily basis, As time went on, I very often had to wait between 3 to 4 weeks to achieve a bowel motion, all this took a toll on my health and as it deteriorated further I could hardly manage my small family of 3. My husband engaged part-time domestic help and later on, we came to need it  on a full-time basis.
Naturally, we sought help from several medical practitioners and physicians and they helped me a bit with teas and tablets. But the feeling of exhaustion remained with me. After years of this chronic illness I went for a full physical investigation together with X-rays to Dr. Demler in Augsburg. His diagnosis was bowel disease and pernicious anaemia. The reason for the problem in the bowels could not be found even through the X-ray investigation. I had to follow a strict diet and take prescription medicine for stool modulation. The doctors were not able to do anything to counteract this disease. My body weight plummeted to just 80 pounds (40 kg). From 1940 to 1950 we lived in Harburg. I used to pray to our Lord always “Dear God Please let me become healthy again for my family’s shake.
Then by coincidence I read about the work of Bruno Gröning in a newspaper. My first thought was: “This man can help me!” I tried to
reach Mr. Gröning, but how to achieve this?  I was too weak to get to Augsburg from Harburg. But then suddenly we moved to Augsburg. My
first thought was: Now I can meet Mr. Gröning. The whole moving procedure was not hard for me at all, because the thought of Mr. Gröning
gave me strength in a miraculous way.
In the spring of 1951 the time arrived when I was able to travel to a speech of Mr. Gröning in Gräfelfing. During the talk Mr. Gröning
asked me suddenly “And what do you feel?”
I answered: “I have such a disturbance in my belly”. “Good” said Mr. Gröning. After listening to the mentioned speech Mr Gröning said addressing me especially with the words: “What doesn’t belong in the body must go out! Be mindful of what is going to show up and remember the time when it happens.
Highly delighted I drove home. On the next day – at 2.30 pm – I felt terribly nauseated. I had a sudden bowel motion and vomited also. After seven bowel motions and equal times vomiting I said to myself, there cannot be anything remaining in my stomach or intestines, but I had to run again for another bowel motion and suddenly I noticed how something very slippery left my body. When I looked at it I saw a worm, 20 cm long and thick as my little finger, but very alive. In its middle it had 3 identical black rings. After this intense cleansing I fell into a deep and refreshing sleep; and afterwards I had a good appetite at once and I recovered my health in a very short time.
Some time later I thanked Bruno Gröning during one of his speeches for the wonderful help that I have received and I reported to him about the worm, which had left my body through the intestine. Mr. Gröning interrupted me and said: “and this worm had 3 black rings in the middle!” I said then, “Yes, Mr. Gröning, in my opinion I had this evil lodged in my body certainly for 10 years.”
Mr. Gröning answered: “until it was fully grown! I said that I had the feeling this worm had settled at the outlet of my stomach, and Mr. Gröning answered: “…and it wasn’t passive, because the bowel was already eroded from inside through the worm.
It is understandable that from then on I managed by whatever means to participate in Mr Gröning’s talks and later on I also joined the communities.
I would also like to point out, that my mother got help also from severe migraines merely by attending a single talk by Mr. Gröning in Gräfelfing. Those headaches of my mother were so severe that no medication of any kind was of any help anymore. After that single talk they vanished forever. My mother is very grateful about her healing to Mr. Gröning. I also would like to thank Mr. Gröning for his help in this instance again from the bottom of my heart.
Augsburg, March 1951
Signed : Irmgard Schwenger
Everywhere the same...
"Around 7 pm  thousands of people stood in the Sonnenstraße. They were still standing there at 10.30 pm.  I had seen alot during 5 years of war, but I was never more shaken than in the four hours during which I sat opposite Bruno Gröning and experienced a horrible  parade of misery and suffering. Epileptics, the blind and the lame on crutches struggled towards him. Mothers held up their lame children to him. People fainted, screams were heard, supplicating cries for help, prayers, wishes...
Sick people on stretchers, the lame, the blind, the dumb, everywhere the same. The poorest of the poor came to him, the sick, who have been given up, the hopeless, those who did´nt stand a chance anymore and who could no longer be helped by anyone. He took them on, enlightened them, telling them, that God is the supreme physician, that God could still help where people no longer could. Then a miracoluos thing happened: Sick people took in some hope, some faith, some power of faith, and many of them became healthy again. The sick stood up from their stretchers, the lame could walk again, the blind could see , the deaf could hear and the dumb could speak again."
A healing report from 1949
Antje J. in Wangerooge, Germany, 1949:
Antje J. was only five years old when she met Bruno Gröning on the German island Wangerooge. Her mother had brought her because little Antje suffered from very bad skin ezcema, scratching her arms bloody and barely able to sleep. A talk with Bruno Gröning had been announced at the local cinema that evening. Many people came. Antje J. remembers:
"The hall was full of people, tightly packed, with some people  in wheelchairs as well, and some who had limped in on crutches. We sat on folding chairs and waited, but Bruno Gröning did not come. I fell asleep between my mothers knees.
Mr. Gröning finally came after midnight. He said that the handicapped should join him on the stage, which they did, although you had to go up steps to get there. They laid aside thier crutches and formed a circle around him.
My mother was disappointed that she had not been called up onto the stage and simply went up with me. Everybody was horrified. I was ashamed and found it embarassing when my mother pulled up my sleeves in front of Bruno Gröning, showing him my arms. No child would touch me then, it was so bad.
         "You are healthy"
To my mother he said: "go home and let your doctor confirm that in 14 days."
We went home then and I slept a whole day and night without scratching once. Today only the scars are still visible and I have been healthy to this day. There were some other healings. I heard from a boy in the childrens home. He had previously been on crutches. Bruno Gröning had calles from his window, "Come on up to me!" But I can`t with my crutches", the boy answered. But Bruno Gröning had called: "Then throw them away!" The boy had thrown them away and walked through the corridor, through the hall and up the stairs to him."
New Translation:
New translated excerpt from the lecture of Community Pirmasens 1957. This tape is known also under the name” The Evangelist”
So now, my friends, please really free yourselves, right now, from negativity and pay attention to your bodies.  Only accept and take in what is good.  Take this goodness to heart, but this can only happen when you stop thinking that you are unworthy, that you don’t deserve it. Consider yourselves worthy and be determined to accept only that which is good.  Make a promise to yourself and keep it as you say now: “I want to have nothing more to do with negativity!”
Dear Friends of Bruno Groening
You all own photos of Bruno Groening. How do you use them? Do you use them only to remind you of our helper, to tune in to the healing power, or do you use them to greater effect? What is it that gives the positive power and healing effect as you put this photo on a wound? Why does the wound heal so much faster than usual? Is there a real energy transmission? If so, what could this be? What power is it, that brings this healing effect to mankind, plants, animals and even to apparently lifeless minerals? Recently I offered a young and sensitive lady a small photo of Bruno Groening (she knew neither of Bruno Groening, nor of his teachings). I asked her to tell me if she could feel anything. Spontaneously - and very surprised - she said: “I am getting so warm, this can’t be possible ... but I am not imagining this.” The feeling of warmth persisted even as she put the photo aside.
When I take this photo in my hand, I feel a very comfortable itching and tingling in my hands as if thousands of ants were running around. These observations encouraged me to look into this mystery. I measured the vibrations of the photo with a divining rod – a “Lechner” Antenna, (developed and patented by R. Schneider.) I examined many healing waters, healing springs, miracle sites, grace fountains etc. - so I knew exactly what to look for - which vibrational frequencies are detectable, their polarisation (the direction of turning, or rotation) and how far the effect of the radiation reaches.
The photo of Bruno Groening (I used the small one, 15x18mm) contains all the seven holy frequencies (waves) which you also find in very good healing and miracle sites. All those waves turn right, i.e. clockwise - which means that they are healing waves. One of the seven waves is called “Life-power”. The life-power wave of the small photograph is so intense, that I could still measure it at a distance of 1.8 metres (or about 5 feet). We call this distance the “reaction distance”, a measure of the strength and power coming from the information in the wave. Such a long-range effect of the Life-power wave I had never yet found at any of the other healing sites or springs. If known holy sites are already causing healing and give cause for appearances and testimonies of grace, how much stronger must be the effect of the photo of Bruno Groening?
If you put the photo of Bruno Groening on the wall of your room, or if you place it on an aching part of your body, or if you just carry it with you, you will always be in the sphere of influence of this strengthening and healing wave. This healing radiation has an effect on you, is taken-in and ingested by your organism, and the healing information will be established in your cellular fluids!
I tried a little experiment. I transmitted the waves of the photo from Bruno Groening onto a little tube filled with water. I put the photo and the tube together into a box for two days and two nights. Initially, the water was normal tap-water with a life-power frequency of 20 cm; after the two days with the photo in the box, the life-power frequency was 60 cm. (The normal tap-water of Berlin has a range of 10 cm.) It is well worth keeping a water bottle for your daily drinks on top of a photo of Bruno Groening, so that it can absorb the healing power.
The healing power which comes into the organism by means of this healing water - or the photograph - does not disappear by dilution or bodily processes, because the photo has an ‘infectious’ frequency. This means that as soon as I transmit the wave from the water or from the photo to my organism by drinking it or carrying it with me, this life-power frequency is still measurable even when the photo is removed and the water is metabolised. The healing wave remains within the organism and has a lasting effect. After a certain time, the healing wave reduces because of the superimposition of negative and positive waves, which fight, and the winner is the stronger wave. The clearer my organism is, the more strongly the healing waves can work.
The photo of Bruno Groening also contains waves or frequencies which are able to fight against bad spirits. These waves are energy-charging and have the three frequencies of the healing waves and of the global grid network (the geological zones of the earth’s surface). I would like to say once more how exceptional and extremely high the life-power radiation from the photo of Bruno Groening is. We know that photos of dead humans usually don’t have any positive radiation at all, with the exception of photos from holy people and relics, but with much lesser distances.
So, by means of this transmission, Bruno Groening is really with us and offers us his help anytime if we open our hearts, and don’t block the good energy with bad and toxic thoughts. Dear friends, the healing power of the photo of Bruno Groening is a reality and is unbelievably strong. Take advantage; experiment and carry it with you. Eventually the healing waves will have overcome all of the negative in you, and you will be able to receive the grace of God, the divine healing power, as Bruno Groening called it. This healing power will help you to your own best outcome, if you let it happen.
Orignal “Die Schwingungen eines Bruno Groening Bildes"
 in German by Dr. Siegfried Grabowsky,
Berlin, Raum & Zeit 69/94
translation: Linda Reichel
Translated witness report:
A day at the „TRABERHOF“ studfarm,
When Bruno Gröning was allowed to heal...
It was in 1949, on a rainy day at the end of summer, when I had the chance to meet Bruno Gröning.
In the late afternoon, after some rain, there was murmuring among the crowd: It announced: “Bruno Gröning was coming back”. Suddenly the evening sun shone through the clouds. People started to run. At the forest edge, Mr. Gröning`s car appeared. He was seated in a Yogaseat on the roof of the car. Everybody was jubilant as the car drove slowly through the masses towards the pub.
I felt a wonderful tingling sensation in my entire body, I felt so light and free!
 In close vicinity to me I saw a war veteran who had regained his eye sight. He was reading the newspaper in a loud voice. The nurse who looked after him, confirmed the former complete blindness of this man.
And I became the witness of another great experience. Near me a young mother had stood her disabled girl (talipes equines) on the ground and the child was walking normally.
And again people’s voices were rising with the hymn of praise:
"Oh Great Lord we praise thou Name, Lord we praise your Power”.
Late in the night we made our way back home and the following day we heard that the night before had been the night of “the great healings”. Heavily disabled invalids had experienced salvation!
Great Lord we praise Thou!
K.M. Rosenheim
Source: Free work community Bruno Gröning: The Gate to the Path (Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim 1969) Nr. Easter, Pg. 13-14
that you have come to humanity, bringing help and healing to us.
Thank you for your life which you completely dedicated to us human beings. Here some more informations...
New article series from 1954. look here:
Source: A series of articles by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal" [Man and Destiny] Part 5, 1954
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