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OM Protokoll 9th August 2017

OM Protokoll 09. August  2017
Welcome, dear friends, to our OM tonight,  the of 9th August , 2017.
I greet you most sincerely and am happy to be with you together again tonight. As in the video clip we have just seen, the „Hymn to Life“ of Michel Pepe, we affirm the life of our existence, and I ask you to open your heart for the love of God, open your heart and open your hands. Please sit once again in an upright position, to take up the divine energy, which is nothing more than the divine harmony – the healing current as Bruno Gröning said. Please don’t cross arms and legs, but who can’t sit so long, may of course also lie down. Please be sure the spine is straight so that the energy can flow unimpeded through the mental centers. Let us ask for an undisturbed reception of the divine healing power during this session.
And the most important of all: let go all that is difficult, separate from all health, mental and emotional ailments, also from conflicts or problems of all kinds, we now give everything in God's hands and ask our great friend Bruno Groening for help and assistance on our path of life.
Dear friends, last week was the Global Meeting with our Russian friends, which was sent from near Odessa in the Ukraine, from the Black Sea. This meeting is held on Tuesdays every three weeks alternately from Germany and then from Russia. As you may already know, there are also free and independent communities in Russia, for example in St. Petersburg, in Moldavia and Ukraine - free communities, which have been formed over the years by the indefatigable commitment of Mr. Vasilii Stepanovich Kushnir. Two of our friends from Kassel, from Germany visited them last week. I really wanted to travel with them, but I am just in wedding preparations of my daughter and so the time was not right for me to travel. But it is very nice that the two friends have been there, where Mr. Vasilii Stepanovich Kushnir has launched a holiday camp on the Black Sea’s and resides there for many years during the summer holidays, giving accommodation and catering for Bruno friends. They are tuning in there and giving help in health issues. It is really a very interesting and praiseworthy thing that has been launched there and I would like to give you a small impression through a Youtube video from 2012 so you can get a small picture of it. Join us with our Russian friends in love and harmony.
As you can see, good fruits are grown there on fertile ground, and I admire the dedication and the strength with which our Russian friends help each other. We also have got many wonderful healing reports, of which I would like to read two for you.
Tamara Zvyagintseva, 66 years, Tiraspol, 2004
After a delivery in 1968, the sensibility of my right leg was lost from the thigh to the toes. The foot hurt me very much. It hung limply and was always cold. I could not walk. I couldn’t stand very long on my feet. There were always terrible pains. I spent one month in the hospital in Tiraspol, then spent a month in Kishinev in the traumatology department. X-ray images of my right foot were made: they diagnosed right-sided polyarthritis. (Chronic joint inflammation) The physician explained this illness as incurable and from 1968 I was sorted into the first group of the injured and within 10 years into the second group. I started running with crutches. When I put it aside, the foot was dragged while walking. There was constant pain in it.
 Then on TV I saw a program about Bruno Groening. On January 20, 1995, I tuned in for the first time on the healing current. During the exposure of the stream of life the foot was cold, I felt a tremor in the in it, I felt a tingling like needles, but a pain to bear. It seems to be another kind of pain as usually in the foot; and there was a pain in the heart.
 After that, I decided not to take any medication anymore and started to do (einstellen) to tune in regularly. In July of 1998 there were violent control pains in the right foot, similar to that of former times. Two weeks later the area from the thigh to the knee became hotter. I felt this condition one day long. According to this rule, the pain in my right foot stopped.
However, there was no pain, but it seems to feel like the foot did not belong to me, I did not feel it from the knee to the toes. It still remained cold. So I could not stand for long, or walk and sit.
In the summer of 2004, I was in our base, the summer camp, at "The House of Friends". We regularly took in the divine energy, the healing current. One morning, during the exercise, I twisted my heel, the foot swelled and became thick, and a high temperature was in it. Within 3 days the swelling decreased, the hotness also. Within a week I felt the heel and then my whole foot.  It started to come life again in it and now I can move the toes individually. Now I can sit a long time, walk and even wear shoes with high heels.
Eudoxia Sazonova, 64 years, Tiraspol, 2004
In 1966, I had a severe physical work accident and survived the status of a clinical death. The doctors tried to help me and from this intention, it was necessary to make a blood transfusion, but they could not find a vein. Therefore, it was necessary to perform a resection on the right arm. This resulted in a gangrene and as a result an amputation of some finger phalanxes. Since that time, I’ve lost the feeling for my hand, also in the arm. The hand could not be stretched out. And so I lived for 38 years!
This autumn I was attending a conference on Bruno Groening's teaching of faith in Odessa. During the conference I listened especially to Tamara Zvyagintseva's story. The thought came to me that she had a trauma as well during the work. And after so many years after a journey to our base near Odessa slowly began to feel her foot again. Tamara got a cure and I felt really happy for her!
On the morning after the conference, I washed some clothes in the bathroom and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my elbow joint as if something had broken in it. My right hand could be stretched out and I even felt the missing fingers - in those parts there was a tingling sensation that I even wanted to scratch them. Before, I had not felt the arm, even if I had scratched myself at something sharp. On this day, I visited the meeting of the group and felt strong Regelungen (healing pains) during the meeting. Friends congratulated me and asked for a lot of strength for me by tuning in together.
Now I can use my right hand again, I can control it well. The hand is warm and sensitive, I feel when healing power flows through. My hand has come to life again! Here I got such a remarkable gift after 38 years.
Yes, dear friends,  so far Eudoxia’s report. Yes, “the power of evil is broken”, as Bruno Groening often said literally. Where someone sets himself up in faith, and is able to tune in mental-spiritually, disease and evil, as Bruno Groening said, fades. (Slide) "Man must be spiritually prepared to receive the true divine..." (19.09.1950)
And he said: (Slide) “Now free yourself from all the bad, and take up the Good, which is the healing wave. It’s not a human one, but a divine one. (Slide) Deliver from all the bad, and feel what's going on inside your body. It is not my fault, if you don’t receive it, if you get not healthy, it is up to each person himself ".(31.08.1950)
Today I would like to share with you a report that has touched me very much. When I read it, I remembered of a gift from my mother presented to me as a 14-year-old-girl, before I was released into this world. It was a book titled "Who am I?" This book had 150 blank pages, which I later wrote full as a diary with all my experiences, my first drug experiences and all the suffering that I had to go through during the following 13 years and my great search for the Divine, which I then also found after many detours. As you maybe know, my book  “My path across the abyss” was published in 1993 in the Circle of Friends.
But now, dear friends, listen please to that lecture of
Alfred (Fredy) Hosp from 7 of July 2001 in Graz, Austria
Thank you dear Karin, who has translated this wonderful report into English language.
(Report in extracts)
My teacher, Bruno Gröning, who had well-posted me, and where I learned nine years with all my heart and full of verve, draw my attention to the fact, that we only can be happy and content for good, if we know, who we are, from where we are coming and what our life-task is. And we only also can be happy and content, if we are sure, that we will also go on existing as a spiritual being, after the death of the body and that we also will be as conscious as we had been on earth, one could even say, we will be even more conscious as we are now on earth.
He  (Bruno Gröning) often asked people for their age. Also even Ladies. Of course, that wasn’t very liked by them, asking Ladies for their age was very unpleasant.
But it was BG’s intention to shock them knowingly. So they spluttered embarrassed, they were about more than fifty of sixty years old.
“No”, said BG, “I don’t want to know that. I don’t want to know the age of your body”; I want to know, how old you are yourself.” Thereupon it was always a bashful silence. He then proclaimed, that people don’t know their age. (Slide) “You don’t know, that you are spiritual-beings like immemorial. This here is only the body, which has been given by the courtesy of God, to be in a position to fulfil your tasks. So less you think about it and as more you feel, and let the feeling speak, as more you will get to know, who you are really in fact, namely a spiritual being. A never-ending spiritual being. (Slide) Human has got a body for this life, to learn spiritual and mental.”
How shall we learn? (Slide) We learn from the consequences of our thoughts, the results of our deeds and from the consequences of our fears. Also our grave concerns become autonomous and afflict us negatively.
You don’t have to think I never had fear.
There had been times I even had a lot of fear, but afterwards I noticed, that it just came true, what I was afraid of and thought there would be no way out.
(Slide) One never should be afraid, that there is no way out! In this very moment, when you cut off yourself, when you think, you don’t want go on and you are not able to go on - In this very moment you will cut off yourself from life.
BG said: ”Life is God,” so, while one is having fear, one will cut off himself from God and one will drop out from divine protection. (Slide) It is all a matter of vibration and we self-determine in which vibe we live. If we have fear, we will cut off ourselves from divine energy. If we are afraid of something, we will tighten it. If we listen to bad words, we will lose the connection to the divine. Then we are getting uneasy, we will get afraid, and we are without spiritual guidance. Therefore it is so important to remain under the spiritual guidance.
If there is an essential change in our life: let us say a related person had passed away, you can’t get it by logic. That is why; so many people can’t get over a stroke of fate.
It is fair and as it should be to take care of the graves of the decedents, I always pontificate them as the foregone, and to think of them again and again.
(Slide) But it is not ok, mourning about the foregone. We have to come so far to say ourselves: human comes, resides and leaves again one day.
It is also not correct, as preachers use to say, we had been dust and ashes and we will become to dust and ashes again. By that only the body is meant, but the spirit is going on; he lasts and passes.
There is a saying from Goethe’s “Mephisto”: (Slide) “The soul of man is like water: it comes from heaven, it returns to heaven and down to earth it must go again. Forever alternating.”
As the saying at the beginning tells, the soul of man is like the water, I had let written that on the tombstone of my wife, because once it also will be my last home. If you know what the saying means, any mourning will be gone. You know, water drops from the sky are there for moisturizing the plants. Thereafter it will ascent again, for dropping down again to give life.
When a child is born, means when it wants to incarnate, a soul is starting to come down on earth from heaven, for getting (collecting) new experiences again. While you are living on earth, some years more or less, you should always remember, the real home is the spiritual home.
And we should use our feeling, our thinking, and our personality, our body as tools, to do the right, to gain certain experiences. If we watch ourselves, how much our thoughts are influencing us and our environment, we should learn the lesson.
You also shouldn’t join a group, just to look for something. It is for real. There are so many spiritual groups, and people participate, in the belief that, instead of doing it themselves, the group leader should do that for them. That is what I have heard again and again in several communities within BG’s circles. (Slide) Therefore BG often asked: ”What leads you to join us?” Then often there was an uneasy silence. Then he always stated again: People should have the guts, to say, what lead them to join in. One said, because it is so interesting, others said, because they had already heard a lot about BG and so on.
 (Slide) BG has ascertained, the most are too shy to tell the underlying reason, namely that evil has leaded them to him. BG meant behind that word, a special kind of feeling, a special kind of thoughts.
(Slide) Everything, what kicks us out of harmony: negative thoughts, feelings…that is the bad and leads human into trouble.
(Slide) On the contrary, everything, which leads to calm, to harmony and health, and makes life liveable: That is the good.
Each one should ask himself, how often he serves the good, the harmony and how often he lets himself down from thoughts, so that he becomes a picture of misery.
First man should think about, what it means, God is almighty; that the LORD can rule everything. People have been asked, why don’t they trust in God, why don’t they believe in Him, while He is almighty. The answer is often that they are so sick that even dear God can’t help them. Where there is faith?
(Slide) That is the problem, since Jesus Christ was on earth, to comprehend, all can come to order, if you connect yourself with this great, harmonic energy, which we call God.
(Slide) The body is such a wonderful thing, if you know just a little bit about its function;  you will know, all can come to order and will come to order. Not for nothing BG often told, the body is a miracle.
You tube
The healing itself isn’t a miracle; it is the grace, given by God. If human is doing the right thing and think the right; if it is possible from the karma of this human, then the healing will be given.
(Slide) It is the plane truth; no one is able to heal; only God can heal. Healing is sanctification and is working more far about than physical health.
If you watch yourself and recognize physical disorders, you should ask yourself, are you in mental-spiritual harmony? Are you are happy and content with your life?
Often people wish their life would come to an end. Why do people live this dog’s life? It all is only a matter of imagination. We always want to reach, what we imagine. Let us now compare what we once wanted to reach when we were young.
Today we have a complete different concept as back then. We are subject to change.
This is due to the aging of the body. We can draw our change of imagination with our awareness; if we accept the things, which we have to manage.
If we say, this is the situation and I will accept it, then we will have a different inner mind-set.
(Slide) Despair comes from doubt. BG said, we should not always doubt the good things.
In May 1950 I got a notice from him in a roundabout way: (Slide) “There are many things which cannot be explained, but nothing, which cannot happen.”
(Slide) If we appeal to the omnipotence of God and express, we will commit to his almightiness: “Now do with me as you like. I am trusting to what will happen now!” Then it works.
Most people pray in a wrong way. They say, please dear God, do this for me and that or send me bits and pieces, and if you do that, I will donate a candle in church. This is a real horse trade.
How often it went wrong, when someone made a pilgrimage, to find a life-mate. When the mate was found, after a time, some wants to get rid of their whish again. Therefore, be careful!!
The right way would have been to trust that God will send the right mate, or, there is nothing to do, if she or he doesn’t come.
The wish fulfilment, which someone wants to enforce, is a very serious matter-attention! This often blows up into the face, because thoughts are full of energy and powerful!
There is no immaculate imagination-there is no immaculate imagination. Or do you think, you would imagine your mate in future with all those little lacks, which sticks on him or her? Hardly likely. Therefore it is so urgent to let the wish be open ended. The question is, where remains the trust in the omnipotence of God?
What does “omnipotence” mean? Why is this or that wish not granted? Our wishes are from restricted material nature.
(Slide) That means, we wish something, but do not know, what could be the consequence from our wish. It is important, to get so far, to say, it would be fine, but THY WILL BE DONE.
Who hasn’t collywobbles by saying “Thy will be done?” oh dear, what could that be? But nevertheless one should have trust, that the thing what occurs will be the best for me for the spiritual way, for my spiritual growing.
Often you get into contact with people, chained together wrongly. Not for the reason to be unhappy by that, and it lasts often only for a short time.
You get together to learn from each other. If you approve it, day will come, hour will come, you will say: “it is fine to be with you”; but only if you accept your fate. Fate is something we have created our own.
There is no injustice (in the long run). Man feels it only as unjust because he often does not want to know if it is quite healthy when one or the other has to be in his environment; Healthy for the spiritual-spiritual development. From a spiritual point of view, life looks quite different. Why do you live? Most people do not know. Most people believe, now they are here on earth, now I have to deal with it badly or rightly.
Petra notice:
 Or there are also people of ‘atrocious’ kind (as Bruno once used to say) who say:
"Now I am here on earth. I gather everything I can get to create me a beautiful, rich, - materially rich - life. Now I live here like a little God in France, and I go over dead bodies”. No, friends, this is not the right thing, that's the bad thing! "
YOUTUBE: Christ and the Young Rich Ruler
As you see, also rich people want to grow spiritually but as long as they cling at their so called “richness”, just material things, which they never could take with them to the spiritual world. Although we may have enough to eat and to dress, and we don’t have to live in misery and poorness, but the accumulation of material goods, such as money, treasures and prosperities, more than we can use while watching poor human being suffering, as well as envy and greed, that is the disgrace and meanness of the mind!
Now let us continue with the Fredy’s lecture – I think he would be very happy while watching us referring to his lecture.
A. Hosp:
And there is one other thing: there was a time, when it was modern to talk about self-realization. What does self-realization mean?
(Slide) Does man even know, who he is, what he is doing, what he should learn to grow spiritually?
What will be, if once God destined that your life comes to an end?
Afterwards one is coming into the spiritual world and there our life film will be shown to us, with all feelings and thoughts. The interesting thing is, the spiritual being, who has ended his life, is accuser and judge in one person.
The spiritual being will not be judged by God, but by the cosmic or divine law. One can see exactly what you should have done, but you haven’t, and therefrom the consequences had arisen.
(Slide) That is why, BG said, it is so important to consider the spiritual, the inner spiritual assignment. If you do it and realize, you are living from eternity to eternity, attentively existing, you will look different at things and will learn to be above many things.
It is a nice feeling to be right, to be generally accepted, to say: ”Yes, I am the one...” But what will be left from a material feeling, from a material prosperity? Finally only remains, what we express inwardly.
Who is discontent,  after his departure will  be poorer as a dog. Why is he poor? Because he is living in a sphere – these are not my words. I wouldn’t dare to say something like this –because he is living in a sphere where he is temporary as like as he has been on earth.
The hours of death are entirely different. Some leave their body with a smile on their face. You don’t need to worry about those, they’ll go their own way.
But there are also people, who have to leave their body with a cry of despair. Don’t ask how that will go on. There is no break; it is only a change of sphere.
We believe our nature is from material nature, but we shouldn’t make this mistake of thinking that. All we think and feel, all we wish - if it comes true or not - all is energy, permanent energies. That is why, one should be careful to create such energies, to repeat such energies (through negative thoughts).
Just imagine: Human as a spiritual being is a kind of battery, which always is getting charged up. Often man asks, while he is discontent or stews in his fears, why no one understands him, why God doesn’t help him.
But God is always here. God is always ready and prepared. This is comparable with a room, which human has darkened. He is sitting in the middle of the room and cries for light. Nothing happens; he has to get active himself. He has either to rip the windows, or go to the light switch and switch on the lamp.
Our thoughts and feelings are the light switch. If somebody is on the rocks, very unhappy and dashed to the ground, then it is important to leave holding on. There is a point, from which man doesn’t care anymore, and thinks, all what can happen, may happen.
The own whish is switched off. Straight then help comes.
(Slide) As long as you dangle round something, as long as you desire something, you hold it tight.  In this very moment, when you let it go, help is coming.
(Slide) There is also a proverb:” When the need is greatest, God is nearest!” Why? Because we hand over the reins.
There is a lovely fable: a being walks through the desert. It is stormy, it is hot, he is thirsty and the path is going to get more taxing. But he is in a good heart, because beneath him are also two more footprints, which are escorting him. And he says to himself, everything is gonna be ok, cause God is convoying me.
Suddenly the other footprints are gone and he only sees one single print. “What’s next?” he said, “I have a bad time and now I am alone.”
He is scrawling on and on, until he comes to a saving oasis. He says to himself: “ I am rescued.
(Slide) But when I had my worst time…”, he talked to God, “…you had left me!” “No”, said God, I didn’t leave you, I carried you”.
To recognize and sense this support, the help, which has been given nevertheless, namely thus far, that we can learn to discern, that is fine. We just fear about the body – fear comes from the body. The first Christians had been this much faithful, they went singing into the beast’s cage, because they knew, beasts can only gorge their body, but not their spiritual being. One has to say: we have to learn, to switchover on our spiritual sphere. By doing that, we know, we are spiritual beings. We have to come up to this point, as we use our clothes: if a skirt is damaged or no more pretty, we take the next one. But the body is no dress. It’s a tool. Our body has an aim! It may last a long time, even 80 or 90 years, that doesn’t matter.
(Slide) BG said: if human absorb enough power, if he absorbs sufficient energy, if he has sufficient faith, the body could live about 150 years.
That was 50 years ago and interestingly the research now knows, how often human cells can divide, if the human is healthy.
BG said, if human throughout negative thoughts, negative feelings and throughout malnutrition diminishes his body, he can be glad getting as old as he is now.
One should never say I am too much old for it; I don’t need to do it anymore. As longer you stay active, as longer you take part spiritually, as much better it will be.
The hour of death is destined. It can be prolonged, if human learns and thereby his condition improves. In this case additional time can be given.
If human is no more teachable, if the spiritual world sees, that it’s not enough appreciated by the human soul, what will be given, then the life will be taken away from him. God’s perspective is different, as ours. It is so important, that we realize that.
Alfred Hosp
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Now, dear friends, I would like to share another experience report of a Lady, who met Bruno Gröning during his life times and those reports are really the most interesting ones.
Experiences with Bruno Groening
Hedwig Schröck, Comm. Pirmasens, undated
It was at Easter 1955 when I drove to Pirmasens for the first time, in order to experience a community hour with Bruno Groening. As a result of an error on my part, I drove on the second Easter holiday, but the community meeting with Bruno Groening had taken place on the first holiday. I had anticipated this trip to Pirmasens, because I was so curious about the meeting with Mr. Groening. It was all the more disappointing that I did not meet him. Mr. Schweitzer, whom I had learned as a dear and concerned community leader in the following period, said: "Don’t worry! That does not hurt anything, so I can still prepare you properly and familiarize yourself with the matter.
(Folie) "I had not come totally unprepared, I had read the report in the newspaper
“Das Neue Blatt" (The New Paper”) as well as the book" Bruno Gröning's Heilstrom"[Bruno Gröning’s Healing Current].
Also, my desperate health situation had brought me closer to the Lord God.
(Slide) Immediately after I had taken place in the chair, a very intensive current started to flow through me. No wonder, because I was sitting in the chair, where Mr. Groening had been sitting the day before.
Mr. Schweitzer said afterwards, "We have not experienced this before, that someone who is here for the first time is taking up the healing current to such an extent."
(Slide) When I said good bye to family Schweitzer in the evening, Mr. Schweitzer handed me a tin foil ball with greetings from Mr Groening.The next night I dreamed that Mr. Groening saluted me. He shook my hand three times and said kindly: "I'm glad you’ve come."
From then on I took my silver ball every night after prayer and reading in the bible and concentrated to my body. I always got so severe itching on my scalp that I had to scratch it with both hands and for an entire hour with short interruptions. This went on for 3 - 5 weeks, then after I always had to bow my head on the floor. I did not like that at all, because I could not bend for a long time and while doing that I was becoming terribly bad and dizzy. However, I had to bend over and over again, it was as if an invisible hand pressed my head to the ground. When I had done this for weeks, I gradually felt the comb on my head again, which was no longer the case before, and I could do some work again, which must be done in a bent position.
That was all before I met Herr Gröning personally.
When I got to know him three months later, he was exactly the same, who had appeared to me in that dream.
 (Slide) Both his appearance, as well as his gestures and his voice, perfectly coincided with my "Dream Groening".But after the experience, I wondered about nothing more. And there were other experiences in the future.
A small experience of a different kind
For a given occasion, I was worried about how a true Christian should dress. Whether it is right to be dressed up, to dye your hair, and to strive to be always chic and elegant, or whether a person who recognizes Christ as his Savior and Lord is no better off to be simple in dress and appearance - not to overstate the exterior. Such thoughts occupied me for a long time, and I would have liked to get it clear to me.
It took us several months until we had a community hour with our great friend Bruno Groening. I had no longer any thought about this question of the clothes in anticipation of my dear visit.
At the end of his remarks, Bruno Groening spoke of the need to free our soul from all dirt, and to drive out the thoughts of evil as well as the disorder in the body, such as envy, hatred, lack of love etc., in order for the good and the beautiful to move in with us. The conclusion was then as follows:
(Slide) "Who then has cleaned his inner being so thoroughly and decorated it with good thoughts, this one can add wearing a beautiful dress, if he has one."
Then I knew at once that this little post was spoken to me, that was the answer to my question. The friends around Bruno Groening have probably all experienced that they are answering unspoken questions from him and such things are nothing new to them.
(Slide) But it is good to recall these experiences again and again and tell them to those who were not lucky enough to know Bruno Gröning and experience him personally.
Hedwig Schröck
Community of Pirmasens-Waldmohr
Archives of the Institute of Psychological and Psycho-Hygiene Border Areas e. V. Freiburg i. Br., Holding: 20/16, signature: "Training letters 1974/1975"
Youtube-video-clip: Le Mains de grace – The hands of grace
Tape recording Bruno Gröning: Plochingen 27.10.1957
Bruno Gröning Talk (Track 8)
October 27, 1957: „It is truth that every human being should stand to the truth.“
Dear friends!
We are asking for Divine Protection, divine Guidance and divine order in our bodies, mind and souls, for all who are attending this OM and their families, friends and relatives.
We are praying for all Bruno Gröning friends, all circles, groups and associations. May Unity and Peace reign between all the friends with love and respect.
We are praying, sincerely, with all of our hearts, with all of our beings - 
We are asking Harmony and Divine Order in our mutual Home, in Space of all Humanity! Let Unity, Respect and Love be between all nations who inhabit our Mother-Earth!
Let it be so, as we ask!
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