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OM Protokoll 30th August 2017

OM Protokoll English 30. August 2017
Main topics:
1.    Recognize good and evil – “You are your own destiny” Lecture by Bruno Gröning 1955
2.    Recognize the need to change certain things in your life - 
3.    Don’t judge anybody, even not those friends, who leave the Bruno path or certain groups
4.    You – everybody has a device within, a receiving station with which we can receive God’s transmissions and the reinforcement for our live
Welcome my dear friends around the world, welcome to our online meeting of souls here from Germany. It is summer and we had a wonderful day throughout. Let us think also at all the regions over the world, who hadn’t such a nice day, let u spray for Houston, USA  and the end oft he flooding – and everywhere on our Earth.
So I hope that this technical device will make it through the session. When I will be casted out – don’t worry, I come back immediately. Use this time for tuning in and please be a little patient – for I am living on the countryside, and sometimes the Internet-conncection was a bit unstable.
Now - I ask you to take in again the position recommended by BG and to pay attention to the body: What is going on, any sensations?, what do you feel, how does the divine healing force work, which Bruno Groening called “Heilstrom”?
Do not cross the arms and legs and keep the spine straight as much as it is possible. Look for the feeling that flows through your body.
Let us listen to a music that can bring us to peace and open your hearts and hands very wide so that we can prepare for the divine transmission.
Today we have a serious topic, dear friends, it is about self-knowledge and progress on the spiritual path through relentless openness and the love of truth - also against ourselves. The spiritual path goes beyond this truth and the love of ourselves and our neighbours too. 
So let us take a talk about a lecture of Bruno Gröning himself from the year 1955, when he said:
“You are your own destiny”. This was printed in a brochure, wich was called “The Occult Voice” - The Word Beyond, Braunschweig, No. 10, 1955, p. 16-17
You are your own destiny!
Bruno Groening, October 1955
Transcript (PDF)
Each man forms his own destiny, through his thinking, speaking, and acting, both in good and evil.
What is fate? Is it something, which is imposed upon us by a God who is exposed to us for inexplicable reasons? For reasons which can not be explored by us,  who are treated innocently, unfair, and not comprehensible for us?
"Why does God send me so heavy burdens?" So you ask yourself and ask others, "wasn’t  I always right?"
"If God so will, I have to bear it. HE will know why I have to carry it“, the second one resignates, the third one curses and squabbles and is angry with God and with men. As long as we are feeling well, we can deal with thoughts so far as we create our fate by ourselves. But when sickness, suffering and misery appear, then we do not seek the cause with ourselves. We look for others, at random and by God.
But it is a certainty that destiny is nothing accidental, by other people, or even by God.
Fate comes from the human being, from ourselves, whether it is a good or a bad destiny. Fate is a matter of reasons, which are living in ourselves, which come from ourselves. About those facts we want to talk now:
Behold, every man can act as he want, he can speak what he want, and he can think what he want. He is free in doing, speaking and thinking. It is entirely in his decision to do good or evil, to speak good or evil, to think of good or evil. He can do it from his earliest youth up to his old age, he can do it by day or by night, in a waking state or in a dream. He is always free, every minute of the day and of life.
These three things, doing, speaking and thinking are the ones that are the cause of our destiny, and the good or evil is why this destiny is good or evil. Like the reverberation, our deeds, our words and our thoughts come back to us and shape what we call our destiny.
It is like hanging in a chain one limb at the other, so clinging cause and effect chained together. Often there follow the echo to the call, often the cause has long since fallen into oblivion, when the effect becomes noticeable. But the cause has preceded, was there, otherwise there could be no effect.
Man lives through his life, using his freedom for good or evil, and thus creates his destiny. The good works in deeds, in words and in thoughts, and evil in deeds, in words and in thoughts. And it is not that evil is balanced by the good. Each one works for itself and has a full effect and forms the fate of man.
What I say is nothing new.
The religions say that good is rewarded and evil is punished. They speak of being a court and a retribution. This illuminates and is understandable to us. But this judgment and the retribution that take place not only after death, and not God is it who judges us.
Through our good or evil deeds, our good or evil words, our good or evil thoughts, we create the cause and create the judgment. The judgment is our destiny, is not from God, but only from ourselves. Through good deeds, words, and thoughts, we will achieve a kind fate, evil deeds, words, and thoughts will work an evil destiny.
Now many will ask: What is good, what is evil? They ask with the same rights as Pilate once asked Jesus:
What is truth?
One could implement a whole lexicon about good and evil, and it would be incomplete, not perfect, and not correct. But there is a rule that is right, always right:
Listen in silence to your conscience!
Listen – switched off -  to this conscience, disconnected from the action around you, disconnected from the words around you and disconnected from the thoughts around you. Listen to yourself, and let your conscience tell you what is good and what is evil, and this conscience will answer you. And as this answer will be, take it for  true, it is only true. For thy conscience is thy soul, and thy soul is divine, God is in thee.
It will open like the flower to the sun, if it is good, and will shut itself off when it is evil. Do this, and make sure that the flower is open, that it can see and enjoy the light. Thus a good destiny will be strengthened or a bad destiny weakened. For this practice and this worry creates the evil within us and brings the good within us, and this good, that is our health, is the grace to be healthy.
This is what everyone should remember, that we should let go of evil, the disease, that we should shut ourselves off from evil, that the good can work in us, for evil works evil, and good works good.
And when we have received the good, the health, let us remember the words which Jesus addressed to the healed woman: "Sin no longer, that you may experience not more evil."
Occult Voice - The Word Beyond, Braunschweig, No. 10, 1955, p. 16-17
YOUTUBE Video: Jesus and the adultering woman
Yes, dear friends, this lecture by Bruno Groening is so important, because he describes the fact that we are actually the perpetrators of our destiny. Thus we come to the actual theme of this evening:
Recognize the need for change
This text was sent to me yesterday by email from Gerlind, and because I consider it so important and interesting for us all, I would like to read to you this.
BG draws our attention to the fact, that the spirit is the pure divine. It speaks to us by our emotion.
If we had unlearnt to sense our spirit, it will once have to become noticeable throughout the one or the other symptom in our body.
So more we have filled up our inner voice, so more bad it will react through our body.
We often then expect the help from outside, as we thought, “he or she has to change herself, or if the situation would be different, then everything would be ok.”
But the key for the change of the situation lies in our inner self. We have to stop and learn again to sense the inner voice.
We often listened to the voice of ego and didn’t want to listen no more to the divine voice, because the divine voice would stand in our path of lower wishes.
We know the spiritual regularities und have therefore a higher responsibility, as somebody who doesn’t know them.
If we know the spiritual regularities and disregard them, then we are like sand in a gear. Instead of helping, that the matters here on earth could change, we block the development to the positive, we block the charity of God and we are no more helpful toils for God.
We all feel, the energy of light has become stronger and therefore also the shadows are stronger to feel. We undergo immediately the consequences of our thoughts in a positive and also in a negative way. And also the adjustments of the body and the mind are very obviously to feel.
By tuning in, we get the energy, which we need to master our life und the power to carry out the necessary changes. If we stick in our old, wrong and sickening thoughts and behaviour pattern, for instance in fear, sorrow, disfavour, envy, anger, grudge, resignation, despair, self-pity, untruth and so on, we are connected with the negative destroying energy, which subtract us energy and also sends us more negative thoughts.
If we then felt, we are growing worse, we often looked outside for the reason. But it is always ours, which thought and which emotion we open ourselves.
No doctor and no drug are able to lead our thoughts to the good. Even if squadrons of friends will tune in for someone, it will be effect less,
The point is that man shall move towards God throughout the good, constructive thoughts, words and deeds.
Because the constructive, building up energy from the tuning in of the friends will blow out immediately, when we go on living with the old behaviour-pattern and bring up negative thoughts
BG said, human will get out of himself the help and healing. But the condition for that is, that human have to behave to the regularies and only think good, and make use of only convenient thoughts and feed body, soul and spirit only with congenial food.
Bruno Gröning Lecture: 27.10.1957 Track 5-6
Youtube: The higher law

We ask for salvation from all evil,
The solution of all difficulties and conflicts,
For each individual the divine protection,
The divine guidance and
The divine order in our soul, body and spirit.


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