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Erika Bonnet, Frankfurt/Main, 6th June 1957 
Healing report

I am a  professional dancer who started dancing  from childhood.  I completed the University of Performing Arts in Frankfurt/Main successfully and worked afterwards in various theatres. After War I leaded my very own dance group already.      

When I was 20 years old, in the summer of 1948, I came down with rheumatoid arthritis. Within a few days my whole body got stiff and I was compelled to stay in bed for an entire year. Under excruciating pain I was transported from one hospital to another, where a number of medical specialists looked after me. Due to the treatment my pain partly subsided. As further treatment I got 7 mill. units of  Penicillin, that helped my arms to get slowly moveable again whilst my my legs and ankles however, remained stiff. Unfortunately the future projection for my mobility was seen hopeless. After that I decided to drive to Groening.     

 During my hospital stay I read in several newspapers about Groening`s healing successes and learnt on this occasion about his address. I wrote him straight away and got the reply that I shall come with the reference “T17” to Nicolaiplatz in Muenich”.  With walking sticks and support I hit the road under horrible pain. It was in the year 1950 when the rush of the sick was very big.       

 Many help seeking people gathered in front of the house. Through the positive answer in my letter I was allowed to enter. All the sick and invalid were crowded together in one room. Every one of them received a tin-foil ball that each one of us shall concentrate on. Groening told everyone that one shall not think of their disease any longer, but that they should convert completely to believe in God and to trust HIM. His words emitted such a soothing serenity that it was totally relaxed to listen to his speech.   

 Through the ball that I held in my hand I already felt after a few minutes a strange sense of heat. I felt a warm flush in the body which I found mainly pleasant at the affected joints. This reaction remained particularly strong in the back of my head. This pulling feeling radiated up to my cervical vertreba.   

 When he observed my disturbance, Mr. Groening came straight away to me. He assured me that I would absorb his stream wonderfully and that it would be particularly good when the back of the head would get heavy. He gave me his hand whereupon I retracted mine straight away, as it hit me in that moment like an electric strike. It is not easy to describe what happened in my body.   

 After he ended his speech to the sick he invited me for an audience with him, due to the strong reactions I had. With my walking sticks and on Groening`s arm we went to a secondary room where several men and women sat with shorthand pads. I was allowed to sit in Groening`s high armchair. Even his armchair was quirky. The moment I sat in it, my entire body started itching. Now Groening started to concentrate on me intensively.   The feeling like being under constant electrical stream became more and more strong. My left foot ankle got boiling hot and Groening asked me then to try making slow foot circles. In this moment I screamed because I was still not able to realise that the pain released completely from that foot that was stiff before.   

 I realised that there were secret powers working  and my nervosity remained. Meanhwile Groening remained to take care of my poor knee joint and explained to me that he would give me a thought injection. For me those “injections” were completely unknown. He closed his eyes and took my right hand whilst his left hand touched my right stiff knee joint. What happened then was so strange that I was only able to compare my feeling in form of an example. It was like someone poored soda into the invalid joint and it would fizz upto the kneecap.     

 Groening smiled about this droll explanation. He said a reflex of this kind can only be beneficial. He held my arms and for the first time I attempted to walk. Of course with his support, but without walking sticks. I tried for the first time – with his support of course, but without walking sticks. By sudden impulse, I put one foot before the other and I was able to walk faster through the room bit by bit. After that and to the surprise of all attendees I even balanced alone. Groening told me that from now on I could throw away my walking sticks and that I got cured. When I asked what I would owe him for this he answered me: “Don`t be thankful towards me, but be thankful to God!”.    

At the same time he asked me to put the tin-foil ball under my pillow over night as the subconscious mind would absorb the power even more whereas the tin-foil balll itself would never loose its power. My walking sticks I took with me as a souvenir. Groening further asked me when going to bed at my friends place in Munich to concentrate on him at  11 pm as this is the time he would concentrate on my remote healing. Exactly at this time the predicted reaction in my body started.
For some more days I stayed in Munich and again visited Mr. Groening before my return to Frankfurt, as he wanted to try on me a new healing method, using a lunchbox shaped basket, brimmed with tin-foil balls. He was interested in finding out whether other diseased people would respond to the healing stream with this healing method more quickly.      

 I was asked to hold the box (that I still own today) in my hands whilst Groening left the room.  Due to the many tin-foil balls in it, the box emitted such a strong power that it almost pulled me to the ground. Not mentioning the tingling sensations, itches and heat. After a few minutes he asked how I was feeling. On this occasion he told me that he would give his sick visitors this box into their hands instead of only one tin-foil ball. He thought that I was particularly suitable as a medium. I am convinced that many people received help through this box.

   One piece of advice he gave me by saying “Never stay in circles of faithless people because this hinders the healing process!”.   Furthermore I received a book “The great conversion” from Dr. Kurt Trampler who I was able to talk to during my stay in Munich. He confirmed to me that Groening also helped him with his healings. My return to Frankfurt/Main (Moerfelden) created ripples. Even my general practitioner shook his head in astonishment when he saw me walking without walking sticks.   In 1955 I visited Groening on the Stumpenhof in Plochingen to show him that I didn`t have a recidivism in five years at which he laughed and explained me: “ There is no regression when one has deep faith. One shall not CLAIM but GAIN.

   He gave me a horse shoe formed out of tinfoil that I should put on my knee over night so that the power could move through the poles directly into the joint line to promote the moveability. I have shown him the tinfoil ball I received from him five years ago and he was happy that I carried it always with me. He gave me another tinfoil ball, however this time with a metal shell, that was provided with a cross and his head. It is my constant companion as a so-called talisman ever since.   I can not really tell people how lucky I am that Groening gave me the power through God to be able to walk painfree and without walking sticks.


MRS. T. AND THE DIVINE EGG (an amazing experience report)
Mrs. T. in H. tells about her connection to Bruno Gröning              
 T., H., 1963 Copy PDF  
 In the year of 19..., I was very sick and in the care of physicians. I was an in-patient in a clinic in B. I had been suffering from symptoms of severe rheuma, from a weakened heart muscle, and low blood pressure. Not one doctor nor countless injections were able to help me or offer relief. The opposite was true. The condition became worse and the pain became increasingly unbearable.           
 Just as I was giving up all hope, I received a visit from a female acquaintance who showed interest in my condition. After I related my various unsuccessful visits to doctors and specialists, she asked me, "What do you think of Bruno Gröning?" I responded, "Not much!"         
 My husband, who had followed the conversation, interrupted and said, "Is it not possible to meet the man? Could we not give him a try  since we already have tried so many other things? Spiritual powers do exist. Let's see whether he has such spiritual powers!"   Right then, the woman gave me a small ball of foil and said, "Gröning has just deposited me at your door. He was in B. with an acquaintance When I told him that you were so sick, he took this little ball of foil and gave it to me for you with his best wishes for health."    I was filled with consternation and said, "What am I supposed to do with this little ball?"   The woman said, "Take it with you to bed tonight and concentrate on Gröning."               
 She gave me hope, and I felt a sense of excitement. As I lay in bed, holding the little ball in my hand, I felt an inner assurance that Gröning would help me. I felt a calm relaxation, and the usual physical attacks remained absent. I felt something like an electrical current going through my left leg. That repeated itself several times. I pondered what the cause for it might be but could come up with no explanation.          

 I now had only one wish, namely, for Gröning to pay us a personal visit.  Two days later, this wish was granted. Bruno Gröning came to us, accompanied by another man. I met him at his car parked in front of my door.   He greeted me with the words, "Well, we know each other already."      
 I responded, "No, we've never seen each other before!"    He answered, "I greeted you in the garden, and you are better, aren't you?"   At first, I didn't understand what he meant. But then I remembered that I had rested earlier in the garden with the little ball. I also felt better. I was calm and had slept through the whole night. It was something that I hadn't done in a long while.  
Suddenly an electrical current hit me
 Our conversations continued until 5 a.m., and I felt no tiredness. In addition, I was totally free of pain. Because my physical body had been depleted of nutrients, Bruno Gröning gave me examples of how to conquer those effects  through use of spiritual principles. We all finally rested until 8 a.m. When we gathered for breakfast, Gröning was very quiet. He ate nothing, just as he had not eaten anything the previous evening. He put the breakfast egg into the pocket of his trousers.   At five minutes before eleven, Gröning took me by the hand and placed me right into the outlines of his footprints with the words, "Stand real still and only speak to me when you feel something in your body, something that you have never felt before."   I kept real still and paid attention to what was going on inside of me. About 20 minutes later, an electrial current hit me. It rose from the legs and travelled throught my whole body. I remained rooted in place, unable to lift a leg. I felt as though a strong magnet kept me in place. Excitedly I asked, "What is this? What are you doing to me?"   Gröning responded quietly, "Remain very still and let 'It'  do the work."  
 After  this wave-like electrical current had made several passes, Gröning waved his hand upwards - and I was suddenly free. I (my whole body) felt loose and supple, whereas before, I had been unable to turn my head. A brand new feeling came over me, and I felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted.    
 The experience affected me in such a way that I, from that moment on, felt a change in my inner being, and thereby became a totally different person!     Gröning told me, "This power, which you have just experienced, is accessible to you any time you wish. You can ask it to come to you. Only, you must be real calm on the inside. You will experience a strong reaction, a re-balancing that will last about three weeks. Because your body has been so depleted, it needs time to re-build itself. The power needs to rebuild everything within you!"           

The mystical egg

 As he took leave, Bruno Gröning gave me the breakfast egg, which he had placed in his pocket, and said these words, "Eat this egg five minutes before two o'clock sharp, and watch what will happen. Wherever in your body  something makes itself known felt, Evil resides."    
 With that, he once again drove away.   I ate the egg at the exact minute I was told to eat and proceeded with taking a walk with a female acquaintance. About an hour later, I suddenly came down with a terrible colic-like pain in my abdomen. I couldn't continue with the walk and had to lie down in the grass.          
 I thought that this was the end of me. But after approximately ten minutes, the pain suddenly stopped, just as it had come. I arrived at the house totally exhausted. I lay down; and once again, electrical currents ran through me. Taking the advice of Bruno Gröning, I withdrew from all human contact so that I would not be affected by my surroundings.               
 Soon after, I once again took a walk with the lady who also had contact with Bruno Gröning and who had been impressed by his effective healing works.   Suddenly the old nerve pains returned with a vengeance and took hold of certain areas in the body, especially the abdomen and the breasts. The feet swelled and were not only blood-red but also stiff. They seemed to double in size and swell up over my shoes. I sat down on a small retaining wall and waited approximately 15 minutes until everything stopped and I was able to walk again. For three weeks after, I had severe nerve pain, even in the places I did not have pain before.             

After this event, Bruno Gröning suddenly appeared at our door without having been called. He said, "I knew that you needed me urgently one more time."   
 We talked about everything again, and he gave me strength to endure all of it and not to lose faith.   "It will only go on for a few more days. It must be so,"  he finally said.       
 The third night following that I felt my whole body go stiff. My face became twisted, and I felt fear. I thought, "A stroke!"    Suddenly I felt a slight breeze - and saw Bruno Gröning's head before me. At the same time, I heard his voice very clearly, 
"Don't be afraid. Endure. It must be!"       
 Right then, every bit of of tension left my body. My hand began to move back and forth. When I tried to hold it still with the other, it, too, began to move back and forth. Then my legs began to kick. Finally, my whole body thrashed about and caused the whole bed to shake violently. I began to sweat, which totally soaked me to the bone. Soon after, everything stopped.          
 I was freed from all pain, could move every one of my limbs, and was like a new-born person.  My husband was very pleased. He believed in everything he saw but did not feel anything himself. He said that he, too, wanted to feel something. I should share a small piece of my  experience with him.         
 Six weeks later, Bruno Gröning came to us once again to see how I was doing.  On that occasion - and in the presence of some guests - my husband left the room to climb the stairs. Suddenly he was unable to lift his legs. It felt as though some power was holding him rooted down. He returned pale and distaught to us.       
 Bruno Gröning asked, "Well, how was it out there. What happened? How are you doing   right now?"   My husband related his experience and remained quiet and withdrawn the whole evening. He was digesting what had happened to him. He had felt the power. He was convinced.  
 Source: Gertrud Elisabeth Weidner (Hrsg.): Lichthort, Journal of  Universal God-Experience, dualistic Spirit-Realization and Esoteric Wisdom-Knowledge  (Publisher for Esoteric Sciences, Markschalkenzimmern, Schwarzwald, 1960) Number 4, Page 154-156                                

Hilde Riedinger, 
time witness and experience report: 

 Let me tell you something out of the abundance of experiences and encounters with Bruno Gröning: 
 The first time we met him in the house of a former colleage of my husband. The son of this colleage suffered from muscle dystrophy. He had been together with his mother at Bruno Gröning in Munich, Germany. Bruno Gröning had promised to come to Karlsruhe, Germany, as soon as a greater number of help-seekers would be waiting there. 

 When we arrived in the house of the colleage Bruno Gröning was out for a stroll with the son. When he returned to the house – he had not even entered the room – it startet to stream through my body very strongly, and it became very much stronger, wenn he stepped into the room. First and foremost he stood there in silence – then he talked briefly to us. 

He asked me: „What kind of news do you feel in your body?“ 
 I told him about a strong streaming current in my body and mentioned that I had felt it also just before he entered the room.
His answer was: „I don’t need to be here!“
Then he put a small platelet on my head and asked me to watch my body carefully to every news going up inside. I got a headache. Then he sequently asked the other attendants for their new feelings in their bodies and reaching my husband he got the answer as followed: 
„To be honest – absolutely nothing!“ 
 „You should be honest“, Mr. Gröning replied, „and you are always in mind with the needs of your wife - that disturbs the waves!“ 
This was really true because my husband was very concerned about me and therefore not able to take up the energies for himself. At this first meeting anything kept mystifying for us, but it was going to change very soon in the course of time. 
At the second visit of Bruno Gröning in Karlsruhe, Germany, the hosts asked us to stay there after the lecture. The objective of conversation was a crucifix , which Bruno Gröning had got as a gift from an old woman. I sat beside him and he asked me now the question: 
„Considering this crucifix - what do you think about?“ 
At first I was at a loss for an answer, because attitudes towards such things could be very different. But then I confessed my understanding of Christ: 
"Jesus Christ was a man sent by God with a mission to lead human beings back into Divine order and to their Salvation." 

San Bernadette Soubirous, visionaire in Lourdes France

Following I told him about the „Bernadette“-movie (meant is probably the movie "The Song of Bernadette" from 1943 with Jennifer Jones- The Admini.) which I just had seen one day before, and how I understood the experiences of Bernadette like that: 

She had been in a great need of health – she had a lung desease – and because of that she must be very prepared and receptive to take up healing energies.  
Suddenly Bruno Gröning asked me to interrupt my narration for he would like to talk to us. We should listen very attentively and should not disrupt him anyway. 

Then he spoke to us and his words – although they were simply and plain - worked so intensely and mightful to us, that I can hardly describe. At the end of his lecture he facepalmed and tears stood in his eyes:
 „Don’t be afraid of death,“ he said „I will be happy when I may go home into the Glory of God!“ 
Then he invited us to write down his words on paper, but although this lecture was a great experience for us we were not able to keep it in mind and write it down on paper. 
 This was the second time when I met Bruno Gröning. It was the 16th of March 1952. 
 At the next morning we drove again to the hosts family to see Bruno Gröning and thank him heartly. I had awful backpains and could keep myself hardly upright. Undoubtfully  - this was a reaction to the last evening 
 We met Bruno Gröning at the breakfast table. He offered his breakfast (boiled) egg to me. First I refused because I already had breakfast. 

So he broke the egg at my head.
 However, this seems to be important to me, and I took and ate it. 
Thereupon it seems to me as if an invisible hand would remove the pains from my back. I started to cry for joy and tears appeared in the eyes of Bruno Gröning as well. 
He presented a picture to me with a dedication „in gratitude!“, but the gratitude should had been on my own for him alone. Later I got to know that his gratefullness was because of my story about Bernadette, which I narrated the evening before. When he passed the picture to me he mentioned:
„This I had never written to anybody before!“ 
 During the following time we used every opportunity to meet Bruno Gröning. Not only in Karlsruhe but also at every other places when he spoke around the South-West of the German area. We experienced alot this way, which deepened our knowledge about teaching, working and nature of Bruno Gröning.
Precondition to every success on this path is a doubtless and unconditional belief that we are able to realize our good thoughts of healing and make them true without compromises.   


Hilde Riedinger, Part 2: 

 Another experience I had as we met Bruno Gröning at the home of a managing Director Mr. Weisser in Stuttgart, Germany. For long years his wife Mrs. Weisser was lamed. She had consulted many physicians but no one could help her. Finally she found healing through Bruno Gröning.

 When we had been there for a visit, two other men gathered seeking help together with a 16 years old boy. They stayed at the neighbor room. I asked Bruno Gröning to come along with him when he stepped into the room. He allowed it and spoke at first to the 3 men. He said: 
You know exactly why you have come. You want to help and this is very good, but you have to believe and have faith!“ 
One man was very enchanted and said

„Yes Mr. Gröning, I believe, I believe, I believe...“ 
Bruno Gröning replied strictly: 

„Don’t speak so much about belief – but DO IT!“ 
 This „DO IT“ kept always in my memory, and I recognized how important this „DO IT“ is for every success.


People had come to a community near Heilbronn in Germany, to meet Bruno Gröning. They waited in a school for his arrival. Mr. Gröning was just in a house closed by and had healed the owner of this house. We had been there too. 
 Suddenly a missioner who had just returned from Korea arrived. He was very ill, could hardly walk and wore dark glasses. He asked Mr. Gröning: 
Korean soldier-kids„ Tell me, Mr. Gröning, what shall come around? What I have experienced down there (in Korea) what they are doing there and how they prepare the smallest children for action – if I would imagine this all...and how I suffered there and what they are still doing else with human beings – it is terrible! I cannot explain it at all“ 

Initially Mr. Gröning remained silent. 
The Missioneer asked then: „Why doesn’t God change this?“ 
Bruno Gröning replied: „Something must be!“ 
Then he encouraged the Missioner to put down his dark glasses. Then he should jump and move his arms up and down. Before this procedure the Missioner could hardly move himself and he had a very bad sight as well. After that he asked how he feels now, he shut 
Mr. Gröning, I feel wonderful free!“ 
Bruno Gröning with Inge Thiede and other friends in Bremervörde Afterwards we went over to the school hall and Bruno Gröning spoke to all the persons present. Quite a number of people lost their health problems and discomforts too as they told us later. So we did experience many successes in every community and we had learned from how simple it sounds: „Have faith and believe“ and how difficult it is, to put it into action – especially when you are suffering from great health problems on your own.
 Often I had experienced something like that on my own.

Hilde Riedinger, Part 3:

I had many pains arisen from some slipped disks on my back. After a lecture with Bruno Gröning they increased up to an unbearable limit – I could hardly walk, sit or lay down anymore. This was undoubtedly the reaction of the lecture of Bruno Gröning. I laid down, wiped and started to quarrel with myself: „Why am I not able to  understand yet to detach from my pains?“ 

Suddenly a thought flashed through my mind – and this was the decisive factor: „If you would get up now and walk as if you have never afflictions at all....if you would have faith and believe, you could jump away, switch off now and according to a car simply engage another healthy gear...!“ 

 Those were my thoughts and I did it. Spontanious I jumped off the cot and ran around the room. All pains were gone and I understood that one is able to escape trouble only this way. My husband stared at me with big eyes. It became clear to me again, how vital for healing the words are : „Do it!“ I had kept sitting on my illness before, and only through my quick and resolute thinking and acting I was released. „Have faith and believe, it helps – it heals the Divine Force“ this way Bruno Gröning teached us. 

 Another time I had an extremely strong reaction after a lecture with Bruno Gröning. At first I got a flu and afterwards high respiratory distress increasing more and more during the evening. I was alone at home because my husband was absent for business. Therefore I asked my sister to stay with me overnight, but invited her to leave me to my own devices. She knew that she shouldn’t disturb me on my path of spiritual healing which was shown up by Bruno Gröning. 

 Now I sat alone in the chamber. In my needful pain I clasped on all the many healing reports which I’ve learned. This way I became stronger in belief that I also would be helped. After several hours of breathlessness an idea afflicted me with very strong power: „Drink something hot!“ The bubbling tea-kettle on the stove supported this idea. I filled up my glass with some red wine, which was provided by my husband, and shlepped myself to the stove with the last of my strength. I poured on the wine with some hot water and sipped slowly the warm mixture. I felt how the breathlessness vanished noticeably and how I could breathe freely again.

 I went to bed and was flowed through very strongly and slept in soon. When I woke up next morning I was totally free and a happy one. I had realized during this case that help bringing ideas are just coming through faithful belief. Shortly afterwards I had to learn a bitter but instructively experience: An aquaintance of my husband visited us together with his friend who suffered from a lung disease. This friend wanted to know about the way I lost my afflictions during Bruno Gröning’s lectures. I reported extensively about. He listened to me attentively but couldn’t make a decision to come to Bruno Gröning. This decision just remains free to everybody. After the men were gone, the same breathelessness attacked me again but not as strong as before. In those days I hadn’t realized that I had fetched again the old afflictions with telling my story of ailments. 

At his next visit the reproof was granted by Bruno Gröning himself with the following comparison: He said to me: „ Your husband doesn’t like your old dress, so he buys you a new one. 
Why do you wear the new dress sometimes over the old one, and then again the old upon the new dress? However, wear the new dress still alone! Do you understand me? "
Suddenly I realized that I had called back the old afflictions through reporting about my former ailments. Such as quickly evil can move into the body again,“ 
Bruno Gröning said.:

„So, let us always keep pointed our thoughts towards the good!“   
 „Who thinks at illness has forgotten God, who has owned it, has forsaken God,  To be rich means to be healthy!“   
this Bruno Gröning teached us.   

Hilde Riedinger


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